Archived Character Sheet for Yeet Yolo

Adept Yeet Yolo

Elder, Unaffiliated
Unknown Gungan, Sith, Marauder
Height: 1.9 m / 6'3" - Weight: 65.0 kg / 143 lbs
Age: 26 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Yeet is tall, with mottled brown and yellowish skin to match their yellowed, Sith inflicted eyes. Heavily scarred, Yeet is covered from nearly toe to eyestalk in burn marks, saber and blade scars, and obvious slug and blaster scars. They're missing two fingers on their left hand, and their left leg is simply gone just above the knee, replaced with a cybernetic. Half of their left ear is simply gone, leaving a stunted growth offset by the length flap that is their right.

Gungan Without a Past (General Aspect)

The training Yeet Yolo received as a wee Gungan scarred both their mind and body to the point of it being unrecognizable. They remember nothing, not their parents, their home, or any morals or ethics they may have once held. Yeet cannot even recall what gender they were born with, their body so scarred and rebuilt.

Mesa Power, Is MAXIMUM (General Aspect)

Yeet cares little for the mundane. Food is fuel. Water is required. Clothes are necessary for the purpose of making it through civilized areas without being stopped every five feet by fools. Yeet only cares for that which can grow their power, be it artifact or ritual, or the life of another being. This makes Yeet a cold and callous individual, willing to kill at the drop of a hat.

Pizza Cutter (Personality Aspect)

When one encounters the being known as Yeet, it becomes clear that as a product of their broken past, the Gungan lacks any kind of defining character traits beyond anger, darkness, and power-hungry greed. They lack any social graces beyond threats and fulfilling of threats, though they may speak grandiosely of plans and the required sacrifices of other beings to fulfill them. This can lead to some Gunganese monologing.

Darkest of the Darkitty Dark Souls (Personality Aspect)

Yeet is short with their words, short with their temper, and incapable of relating to other sentients. They would be accused of being cold if not for the anger constantly raging under the surface. This attitude has lead Yeet to be sorely lacking in allies, friends, acquaintances, or anything vaguely resembling not hostile relations. Yeet will be the first to admit that their soul is the darkness.

When Yousa Was Partying, Mesa Was Studying The Blade (Combat Aspect)

Yeet is not a person of social graces, having spent much of their upbringing in combat trials and being beaten within an inch of their life. This has taught Yeet the value of focusing on their weapon training and mental discipline. While Yeet will fight to stay alive, they're more concerned with landing a killing, or preferably, maiming blow then avoiding non-lethal injuries upon their already mutilated body. This has lead to Yeet gaining a reputation for being somehow both precise, and reckless.

When Mesa Wave, Yousa Go Bye Bye (Combat Aspect)

Yeet has a fascination with the more direct, applicable uses of the Force. As such, they will work Telekinetic applications into their saber play. This can lead to some issues for Yeet, as this tends to leave a hand free for the gesturing associated with telekinesis, leaving them with a possibly weakened grip. It can also cause them to overanalyze, or wait for openings so as to throw, pound, or cause grievous injury, drawing out a fight longer than need be.

Skill Feats
Force Feats
Disjunction Force Drain Debilitating Fear Double Fisting Telekinetic Strike Saber Throw Battlefield Awareness III Battle Haste III Aura Of Fear
General Feats
Order Feat: Sith Steel Curtain Gungan: These Legs Were Made For Walkin’ Gungan: A Pet In Need
  • Basic
  • Gungan
  • Ancient Sith Rituals
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Corellian Kickboxing
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form II (Makashi)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form III (Soresu)