Current Character Sheet for Drick

Captain Drick

Journeyman, Unaffiliated
Male Zabrak, Loyalist, Hunter
Height: 1.98 m / 6'6" - Weight: 108.5 kg / 239 lbs
Age: 24 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Drick's jet black skin covers his highly defined musculature. Although completely bald, Dricks's head is encircled with a ring of seven black horns that are jagged and sharp at their tips. The Zabrak's face is patterned with an amber yellow tattoo encircles both eyes before flaring out into a lightning pattern in a semi-circular down through his cheeks before the four jagged lines on either side coalesce into a solid area that fully covers his thing lips and pronounced chin, like a goatee would if it were hair. Additionally, his emerald green eyes are set above his snub nose.

Loadout: Combat
Bantha In A Ceramics Shop (General Aspect)

Anyone who has met Drick knows to keep anything fragile way from the Trandoshan. Drick seems to have almost no spatial awareness as it relates to inanimate objects. He is frequently knocking items off of shelves and running full force into tables, chairs and anything else in his path.

No Come Back, I Want To Be Your Friend (General Aspect)

Despite the horns, hulking size, creepy skin coloration and oddly colored eyes, Drick is a big softie at heart. He desires nothing more than to get to make friends and learn more about his fellow sentient beings. However because of the physical traits that are considered scary by many others, few give Drick the chance to show off his softer side. Drick finds that most beings puts themselves on immediate guard as soon as he walk in a room and this inability to fulfill his social desires has lead to clinical depression.

Extreme Centrism (Personality Aspect)

Drick is a believer in the adage "the answer lies in the middle." The problem is that Drick has taken this to the extreme and lacks the ability to take a stand on issues of importance. Whether it is Sith versus Jedi, Empire versus the Rebellion or even a simple local city council election, Drick goes jumps through an almost endless amount of hoops to show the merits, and faults, of both sides. While Drick's intentions are good, this usually only serves to anger both sides of whatever debate he has found himself in the middle of.

Big For No Reason (Personality Aspect)

Despite the fact that Drick is considered large, even for his own species, he is not one to use his size to his advantage and prefers to do what he can to mask it, as if ashamed of his ample proportions. This can take the form of hunching over while he walks, remaining in a seated position or avoiding heavy lifting.

Service Focused (Combat Aspect)

In battle, Drick's focus is first and foremost the safety and well-being of his allies. Drick will disengage from a fight or leave an important objective if he believes he can use his abilities to save the life of someone on his team. This makes Drick fantastic supporting team member but a terrible choice to handle an important task on a mission.

I'm Invincible! (Combat Aspect)

Drick shows an almost careless attitude towards the status of his general well being. Well aware of the fact that his species has two hearts and a high tolerance for pain, Drick takes little care to protect himself from harm. Rare is the fight that Drick walks, or drags, himself away from where he doesn't need medical attention and frequently needs to follow up with a stint in the bacta tank.

Skill Feats
On The Trail I Cry No More Assess The Situation Sociopath Poison Weapons Tools Of The Trade I Beast Of Burden
Force Feats
General Feats
The Force is With Me Order Feat: Loyalist Zabrak: Didn't Hurt! Zabrak: I Always Know Better
  • Basic
  • Zabraki
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Wrruushi
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None