Competition: Terror Event: OW Cluster Race

Terror Event: OW Cluster Race


Echo aka Ragdoll for the event wants you to help gather as many clusters as you can. Maybe she wants to make more ragdolls with them or who knows. I'm not going to question it for she looks a little dangerous not to. Also keep in mind any victories will count towards your weekly challenge to unlock that certain skin.

For this competition it's just an old fashion cluster race.

  • Any PVE\PVO or PvP supported submissions are allowed.

  • CF \ CE have Equal Value for this competition.

  • Must be grouped with a fellow member within the DJB

  • Must follow the RoC Rules at all times.

The leaderboard is hidden until end of the competition.

Go out there and earn those clusters!

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Halloween Terror 2020: Overwatch Series
Organized by
Augur Junazee
Running time
2020-10-14 until 2020-11-04 (22 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Third Level Crescents
7 subscribers, of which 7 have participated.
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