KX-series Security Droid

KX-series Security Droid
Type: Droid
Category: Combat Droid

Droid Combat Modification: Advanced Targeting Systems

Droid Personality: Predatory Inclination

Droid Modification: Automated Repair

Droid Cosmetic: Black As Night

Weapon: Empty


Owned by: The Collective

Prototype: KX-series Security Droid

The KX-series Security droid, also known as an enforcer droid, is a security droid designed for use by the Galactic Empire. It comes fitted with a comm package, recharge port and computer interface arm that allows them to connect to communication frequencies in respective areas they were assigned across the galaxy. It has a tall and versatile humanoid bipedal design that gives it great versatility and provides the ability to operate a multitude of vehicles or assist in a wide range of tasks designed for humanoids.

Advanced Targeting Systems (Droid Combat Modification)

KX-series Security Droid has been equipped with advanced targeting systems, enabling it to acquire targets with greater accuracy than factory a factory default KX-series Security Droid. As a result, KX-series Security Droid has a reduced rate of fire.

Predatory Inclination (Droid Personality)

KX-series Security Droid has developed a predatory nature similar to those often associated with assassin droids. As a result, KX-series Security Droid will often approach a situation with the mind set of a hunter, and convey their findings as such. This can be disconcerting to others who are unaccustomed to KX-series Security Droid.

Automated Repair (Droid Modification)

KX-series Security Droid has received advanced automated repair programming based on the original KX-series Security Droid schematics, giving it an ability to perform or assist in the performance of self-diagnosis and self-repair of its mechanical systems. This system engages automatically upon damage, and can render the droid temporarily unavaialble while it assesses any necessary repairs before further action can be taken.

Black As Night (Droid Cosmetic)

KX-series Security Droid has had every external component painted black as night, with attempts to minimize the brightness of external lights and features. This allows this KX-series Security Droid to more easily blend into the shadows and darkness unseen.

Weapon (0/2)

This slot is empty

Item History
Date Event
Sep 1, 2017 Sold to Utilis Innovations
Sep 7, 2017 Sold to Vosiri Lightscrest by Utilis Innovations
Aug 8, 2018 Sold to Utilis Innovations by Vosiri Lightscrest
Aug 8, 2018 Sold to Unknown by Utilis Innovations
Oct 27, 2018 Sold to The Collective