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07/05/2018 Social Media Staff Member Selected Vanguard Maximus Alvinius Social Media Tribune (Tribunes)
07/20/2017 Headmaster's Report #14 - Praetor Edition Unknown Praetor to the Headmaster (Assistants)
03/02/2017 ACC Judge Staff: Help! I need somebody! Adept Atra Ventus Combat Master (Society Leaders)
02/12/2017 Shadow Academy 5: The Staff Strikes Back Seer Marcus Kiriyu Praetor to the Headmaster (Assistants)
10/07/2014 Wiki Tribune Report - You Only Wiki Twice Master Aidan Kincaid Wiki Tribune (Tribunes)
09/30/2014 Wiki Staff - Now Accepting Applications Master Aidan Kincaid Wiki Tribune (Tribunes)