Greetings programs! I feel like people have some misunderstandings or issues with the Objective-based fiction, specifically, what their first post in the Discourse thread should contain so I'm posting this as a reminder to everyone: Post #1...

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Greetings programs!

I feel like people have some misunderstandings or issues with the Objective-based fiction, specifically, what their first post in the Discourse thread should contain so I'm posting this as a reminder to everyone:

Post #1 should contain:

  • Team roster of characters, including snapshots of Character sheets used in the event

  • chosen Path (of the three available)

It can also include posting rules, links to wiki pages or a link to the main comp for easy reference

Post #1 does not need to contain:

  • full, copy/pasted comp description because it's not necessary

Below you will find a good example of this:

RoSM: Clan Naga Sadow - Team Green Monkeys

Additionally, as you can see in that example, post #2 will be either mine or Evant's detailing the objectives. While the objectives are readily accessible via wiki, we'd like each team to have them on their thread for future reference. Do not post story posts before we add the objectives

(Suggestion: use Google docs before posting)

Relevant links:

Objective-Based Team Fiction comp,

Objective-Based Team Fiction wiki



In its aim to fight Force users on every front, the Collective has spread throughout Brotherhood space and no Clan has remained unharmed. Rath Oligard's massive propaganda machine continues to spread and 'illuminate' the masses of...

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In its aim to fight Force users on every front, the Collective has spread throughout Brotherhood space and no Clan has remained unharmed. Rath Oligard's massive propaganda machine continues to spread and 'illuminate' the masses of non-Force users on many Brotherhood planets and beyond. The Technocratic Guild, ever improving their fleets of warships and spy network capabilities, continue to be the bane of the Inquisitorius and Clans alike, while the Capital Enterprises board consolidates even more corporate holdings to keep the effort alive.

But a crack has formed in the Collective's nearly impenetrable veil of secrecy. An Inquisitorius Listener ship carrying important data on enemy movements was destroyed beyond the borders of Wild Space. A missing agent and an artifact of unknown power, last seen in the Kessel sector, drew the attention of the Dark Council and, through them, the Clans. With divided goals but a unified purpose, the Clans and the Dark Council face off against their mutual enemy once again.

A buildup of enemy forces in the Kessel sector looks to be a formation of a new front in the war for survival.

Welcome to Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

Fiction update

Prologue: The Search for Meridian

Psi Termina I Inquisitorius Listener Ship Wild Space 2 weeks ago

A long bead of sweat trailed down captain Dalla Fenn’s forehead as the proximity alert resounded through the ship’s interior. She spared a glance across the sensor screen indicating incoming enemy contacts. Instinctively, she shut out everyone around heras her analytical, cybernetically augmented mind ran through every conceivable scenario. Her tactical officer yelled out the IFF codes and identified every enemy ship in turn, but even as he finished, Dalla knew what the outcome would be.

“Ma’am!” the tactical officer drew her attention finally. “Your orders?”

Dalla gave him an uncomfortably long look before acting. “Keep them at bay as long as possible. Power to shields and automated defenses. We have to transmit what little information we have before...” The venerable Akan Dreadnought-class cruiser rushed into real-space as its complement of fighters opened fire on the Psi Termina I’s shields and made the small, modified freighter shake in defiance.

Read the full opening fiction click here

Competitions list

First of all you can find the main competitions listing here: Competition: Rite of Supremacy: Meridian

You can find additional info on the RoS: Meridian Wiki page

Competitions are split into three weekly phases and one event-long phase, as detailed below.

The event-long competition run the full length of the event (Hi, my name is Captain Obvious Vyr) and include single and team based competitions. These are intense competitions that will require cooperation in many aspects.

Phases I, II and III run for one (1) week each and include simpler competitions for solo participation.

  • Phase I of the Rite of Supremacy runs from October 14 until October 22

  • Phase II of the Rite of Supremacy runs from October 27 until November 5

  • Phase III of the Rite of Supremacy runs from November 11 until November 19

We have left one week between each Phase so participants can focus on event long competitions or simply chill until the next intense Phase starts.

Event long competitions

Phase I competitions

Phase II and II competitions

Phase II and III competitions will be submitted upon the start of their respective phases, but will follow largely the same formula as Phase I.

Heroes and winning Clans

This event will award both individuals and Clans for excellent performance.

  • The top three individuals earning the most points in Rite of Supremacy will be awarded Hero titles. Members with tie scores will be broken following an Olympic-style Novae and placement ranking.

  • The top Clan will earn a Possession item, a weapon skin and an accessory skin

  • The first runner-up Clan will earn a weapon skin

  • The second runner-up Clan will earn an accessory skin

Participation and placement points

The Rite of Supremacy is using a similar system to the one used during the Twelfth Great Jedi War, the details of which you can find in one of Mav’s old news posts here.

In essence, as members participate, they increase the total pool of points that go towards placement values. But unlike GJW XII, in this RoS, participation is worth far more of the total points. In GJWXII, only one fourth of total points earned came from participation. In the RoS, three fourths of all points will come from participation. In this event, participation will be extremely important.

Mav will elaborate more on scoring and other design choices in an upcoming news post, so stay tuned.

Time to fight!

That’s about it for now, ladies and gentlemen!

Take your war faces into the fray and show us what you can do. May the best Clan win!


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Greetings programs! Just a quick update for everyone, the Rite of Supremacy will require an additional day of pre-flight checks. To avoid confusion of launching in the middle of site day tomorrow, the event will officially start with the 14th of...

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Greetings programs!

Just a quick update for everyone, the Rite of Supremacy will require an additional day of pre-flight checks.

To avoid confusion of launching in the middle of site day tomorrow, the event will officially start with the 14th of October, site time.

Expect an update from me tomorrow.

  • Vyr



The Lost Caverns Ulmatra Outer Rim Territories ...“Are you sure we’re going the right way?” Grot whipped his head around and sneered at his Human accomplice. Without halting their pace, he pointed a clawed finger at the small ravine that carried...

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The Lost Caverns
Outer Rim Territories

...“Are you sure we’re going the right way?”

Grot whipped his head around and sneered at his Human accomplice. Without halting their pace, he pointed a clawed finger at the small ravine that carried water down into the heart of the mountain.

“Yeah, I know, we’ve been following this ‘trail’ of your for hours. I thought your kind were supposed to be experts at hunting.”

“I thought your kind were supposed to be intelligent lifeforms,” Grot hissed his retort. “And yet...”

They stopped to glower at one another. To the much smaller Human's credit, Kordall did not so much as blink or balk as he stared right back up at the grizzly, towering Trandoshan. To be fair, the scrawny scoundrel had been pretty handy with those blasters he carried with him. He also seemed to be keeping up with the grueling pace that Grot had set. That was something, at least.

“It is not just the water,” Grot explained as his tongue flickered from his mouth with a reptilian lisp. “The air is still warm, but getting more moist, which means we are getting closer to to wherever the stream empties into. That’s where we find the prey.”

“Yeah, and according to the SAS, the artifact that we’re supposed to be retrieving is supposed to be in a shrine somewhere near an underground body of water. Do you think this is the right cavern? This would be the third planet we tried.”

Grot paused to consider the notion of being wrong in his deductions. He shook his head. No, he was not mistaken. They were getting closer. The Human just needed to be a bit more patient. So—in a simple gesture he had learned to placate most dimwitted soft-skins—Grot offered his water canteen to Vance as a token of peace so that they could continue forward.

Vance Kordall scratched at the side of his neck as he studied the canteen. His face scrunched up into a disgusted scowl, almost as if the very concept of being offered water was some kind of grave insult. He slung the canteen's strap over one shoulder and instead reached into his vest pocket to pull out a small, intricate looking flask. He thumbed the cap off and took a long, slow swig, before exhaling slowly. The freelancer fell in line behind the contracted Arconan, but Grot could not tell if the Human had adapted a drunken sway to his steps or a confident swagger with his strides. Perhaps it was both. Time would tell.


Within the Technocratic Guild, the Shikari Huntresses were hard to tell apart from one another. Their tan skin and identical yellow facial tattoos were shadowed by their equally long dreadlocks, but Kendra Icasta knew them all by their respective code-numbers thanks to her cybernetic eye that could overlay data in an augmented reality view.

“The Trandosian we’ve been following came this way,” Seven said, removing her hand from the ground.

Kendra scrunched her rounded, lightly freckled nose. “Smells like one, mixed with...brandy?”

“He’s traveling with another,” Seven continued. “Human male, lean, armed with two blaster pistols.” She paused and then added, “Yes, he was definitely carrying a flask.”

Kendra had always admired the Kiffar’s ability for what they called Psychometry. While she herself could not rely on some inherent mystic ability, Icasta had been trained to track down those that others had deemed untraceable. The Chiss woman had proven herself, time and again, and rose to her current station through blood and dedication to her craft. That was before Nancora, however, and her failure to apprehend the Dark Jedi Elder known as Dacien Victae. She had been humiliated, and to make matters worse, he now sat on the very Dark Council that defied the Collective their goal.

So Kendra did the same thing she always did whenever she failed—she drank and indulged in her base desires. Her depression lead her descending into a dark, downward spiral. It had taken a firm hand by a good friend that she did not deserve to finally shake her out of it. Kerwin Drake was a good man, and somehow found the strength to keep fighting despite the losses suffered on Nancora. Again, as she always did when she hit rock bottom, Kendra Icasta picked herself back up and reported for duty.

That was why she had been sent to this remote planet. This was her punishment. She would reclaim her honor and repair her wounded pride. She was the Huntress.


Click here to read the full fiction


Written by: Marick Tyris



This will be the final chapter before the start of the Right of Supremacy (RoS). The goal with this fiction was to set up the events of the launch fiction, and to help motivate the fictional objectives that will be incorporated into the Week 1 Fiction Competitions. As I mentioned previously, this update will also be relevant for trivia style competition I will be running with Seraphol. So, even though I know it’s a lot of pages, please try and read the fiction. Thanks :).

  • Marick is watching a lot of data and reports all at once. His desk is organized very specifically to make sure he can do this to his preference.
  • Marick receives a call from Evant.
  • The Regent explains that he’s talked the board into continuing with Marick’s concept for the Advanced Inquisitorius Network (AIN) by using multiple easy-to-produce IG-V55 Listener ships instead of larger capital ships that lacked redundancy and failover. Yes, the Voice works in IT.
  • Marick realizes that someone has moved the items on his desk around. He has an idea who it is. There will be repercussions.
  • Vance Kordall, a human smuggler/gunslinger who is currently working for the Shadow Academy Society.
  • Grot, a Transohan from Clan Arcona
  • Vance and Grot are exploring a cave on a remote planet. Vyr picked it, I made stuff up about it.
  • They are looking for an artifact of power. Grot was paid for his reputation as a tracker and hunter. Kordall is a long because he actually enjoys working with the Shadow Academy more than the Combat Center where he originally had been hired.
  • Grot admits that Kordall is useful, but the two are far from being friendly with one another.
  • Kendra Icasta is also on the remote planet! Kendra is an Elder Huntress for the Technocratic Guild. She leads a group called the Shikari.
  • Kendra’s team was tasked with tracking down a downed Brotherhood member on Nancora (the Phase II: Scenario prompt). The winning member entry, written by Bubba, featured Dacien surviving the crash and the Huntress’ capture. Kendra failed her mission, and after Nancora spent a lot of time drinking awa her problems.
  • She is now on a mission to regain the trust of her superiors and to reclaim her personal sense of honor.
  • Honor!
  • The Kiffar Huntress’ are able to use their inherent species feat to better track Grot and Vance.
  • Shit’s going to get real, yo.
  • Grot and Vance find the cavern that holds the artifact they are hunting. They play lizard-snake-toad, the star wars equivalent of the classic rock-paper-scissors says shoot.
  • Grot wins by being ironic. Kordall goes to take the artifact, but Grot interrupts and says that they have company.
  • Grot, excited by the concept of getting to fight a real challenge, sets a trap with Vance instead of trying to take the artifact and run. Silly Murder-lizard.
  • Kendra and her squad make their way into the cavern. Kendra goes for the artifact. She detects Kordall, who has been drinking the whole time, by smell, and stops him from getting the jump on her.
  • The Huntress next to Kendra is not as fortunate. She gets sniped by Grot’s slugthrower rifle. Boom, headshot.
  • One of the Huntress goes after Grot. They tango.
  • Kendra turns her attention to Kordall and her other remaining Huntress. She runs into a sonic imploder grenade thing. She’s knocked down.
  • Kordall and Kendra enter a shootout. It may potentially be high noon. Hard to tell that far underground.
  • Vance lands a shot on Kendra. He’s distracted, however, and is knocked out by the Huntress who recovered from the sonic blast from before.
  • The Huntress grab Kendra, the artifact and start to retreat. They take Vance prisoner. Poor dude. Grot is “indisposded.” Sad face.
  • Just kidding, Grot is not le dead. He was just sleeping. The murder lizard wakes up and realizes that he failed his mission. Fortunately, he was smart enough to place a tracker on both Vance and the enemy Huntress he fought.
  • Grot sends the data to the Inq.
  • To be continued...


Thank you for reading the update. That’s going to be it from me for a while. Vyr will be your guide as we embark together on this upcoming Vendetta.

If you are curious about what to look out for in the RoS, see my previous report. Otherwise? Good luck.

Thank you,



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Greetings all, Our Consuls are among the hardest working leaders in our club, and it is my pleasure to honor three of them today, on the eve of our upcoming Rite of Supremacy. First, Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes, who has served as Consul of Naga...

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Greetings all,

Our Consuls are among the hardest working leaders in our club, and it is my pleasure to honor three of them today, on the eve of our upcoming Rite of Supremacy.

First, Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes, who has served as Consul of Naga Sadow for five months and Wiki Tribune for the last six. In that time, Bentre has implemented several new Wiki projects and overseen the continued activity and growth of Clan Naga Sadow. Bentre is incredibly active, and his consistently positive attitude has made him an excellent member of our larger team. The Deputy Grand Master and I are pleased to announce Bentre's elevation to Warlord (EQ4)!

Next, Kordath Bleu, Consul of Clan Arcona. Kordath has overseen one of our most active units while performing at an incredibly high level across Vendettas and various clan competitions. Kordath has organized or co-organized more than fifty competitions for his Clan and the Brotherhood. These are just a few of the Kordath's accomplishments as Consul of Arcona, and Morgan and I are pleased to award Kordath an Amethyst Kukri for his efforts as Consul and a member of our team.

Finally, Alethia Archenksova, Consul of Clan Odan-Urr. Arch is an exemplary leader, and has been an enormous asset to the club as a whole. He has served not only as Consul for the last ten months, but also assisted with the ACC (including 3 months as a Judge), and as an Appeals Panelist. Odan-Urr continues to thrive under his leadership, and both Morgan and I are grateful for all of his efforts in leading his Clan and in helping shape the Brotherhood for future generations of members. Thus, we are pleased to award him a Ruby Scepter for his efforts.

Please join me in congratulating these three Consuls!


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Message from the Fist Aloha DB Gamers! A couple quick notes ahead of the Rite of Supremacy. Here’s the TL;DR. * DB Gaming Rules will be strict again * What to expect in terms of events * Go refresh your profile on the bot! DB Gaming Chat Rules...

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Message from the Fist

Aloha DB Gamers! A couple quick notes ahead of the Rite of Supremacy.

Here’s the TL;DR.

  1. DB Gaming Rules will be strict again
  2. What to expect in terms of events
  3. Go refresh your profile on the bot!


DB Gaming Chat Rules during the Rite

Yes, I’m sure some of you are laughing. The rules for DB Gaming are already pretty strict. I still allow some banter (as long as it is relevant to Gaming) when an event is not going on. That will change during the RoS.

Over the course of the RoS, people will be actively queuing and trying to find people to play games with. Because of this, the traffic in DB Gaming needs to be limited to ensure that everyone can see when members are queuing, what they are queuing for, and when they are leaving. Discussions about graphics cards, how awesome the Assassin’s Creed story is, whether or not NASCAR is cool, or any unnecessary banter needs to be kept to an absolute minimum. If it gets out of hand, I will ask people to stop.

If you have issues during the Rite of Supremacy, send me an email. Do not send me a PM. Do not tag me in Telegram. Type a quick email with your issue and send it. There will be way too much going on in the DB Gaming room for me to sort through to answer questions. If you send me a PM or tag me, I will not respond.


About the Events

Just like the GJW, I have done my best to ensure that there is something for everyone in terms of gaming events. I won’t tell you what they are specifically, but I will say that there is a mix of normal supported games (free and paid), flash games (that absolutely work because they aren't real flash games), and mobile games.

While I know not everyone will be able to participate in every single competition due to platforms or game ownership, everyone will have the chance to earn 100% participation in every single bin, to include the event long gaming bin. Additionally, I have added a third event to replace the cancelled Overwatch bracket that everyone in the club should be able to take part in.

Overwatch fans, fret not. There will be stuff for you.

A big reminder to those of you that want to take part in the JA and HotS brackets: THERE WILL BE NO LATE SIGNUPS ALLOWED FOR THE TWO BRACKET EVENTS!!!! Go to my last supplemental for links to the competitions. Subscribe to sign up! Once the competitions close, I will seed the brackets.

The Event Long and Week 1 events will populate soon.

Good luck to all!


Fist-o-Matic Check

Everyone that plans on competing in a PvP event must refresh their bot to ensure that they have the correct clan assignment.

Send a PM to Fister Roboto and type /refresh. That will update your name and your current clan. All PvP events will be set up so that you can’t play against other members of your clan. If you don’t do this and play against a clan member, I will reject that submission.

SO. Go do this right now. It will take about :30 seconds of your time.


This is my second major club event as Fist. I think we learned a great deal after the last GJW, and I hope you enjoy the gaming events (and all the other ones as well). There are a decent amount of Novae on the table for gaming. I’m pretty excited about that.

Good luck, have fun, and keep on gaming!

-Dracpool, out.




This report will be on the shorter side for me. There are a lot of things going on, and I want to make sure I communicate them to all of you. Updates * The RoS kicks off on October 13th, 2018. More on this below. * [The Collective] Chapter 2: ...

Read More …



This report will be on the shorter side for me. There are a lot of things going on, and I want to make sure I communicate them to all of you.



  1. The RoS kicks off on October 13th, 2018. More on this below.

  2. [The Collective] Chapter 2: Executive Action is live. Read it here.

  3. Chapter 3 will be released prior to the 13th.

  4. Mav and Atra have put together something new that I really like. It’s called the Pulse News Aggregator and it basically combines short news-style updates from each of the six clans. That means that these were not written by myself or anyone on the DC. This was done by your Clan Leadership, or by whoever they delegated the task to. One way or another, these excerpts come directly from your respective Consul, so if you have questions be sure to reach out to them. I personally think these posts are great, and they are a direct result of feedback we were given by the Dark Summit.

  5. Atra put out his latest Combat Master Report. In it, he makes a big change to a core Skill (Endruance renamed to Stamina) and a few other things of note. Read it here.

  6. Fiction Competitions are on hold for the duration of the RoS. See Howlader’s MAA news post for more information.

  7. Fiction Center has been updated to reflect the most recent chapter additions.

  8. You can find all of the [The Collective] arc fiction updates in the Fiction Archives folder here



Voice Projects are currently on hold for the RoS. Check back at the conclusion of the event to see how my sanity is holding up.

Inquisitorius Competitions

In my first iteration of Voice run/sponsored fiction competitions, we had a pretty decent turn out. We had 11 and 12 submissions, respectively, for both competitions. We went with a “Standard” prompt as well as a “Multi-Objective” prompt. Both seemed to do well, so we will continue to offer these two options going forward, I think.



Congratulations to everyone who placed. While only the top 3 earn crescents, I will use a top 5 to showcase member efforts that would be recognized in a major competition like a Vendetta. I’ve also left individual feedback on every entry.

To view feedback on fiction entries, you can go to your Administration Panel -> “Competition Participation History”.


Right of Supremacy

As I mentioned above, the RoS will kick off on October 13th, 2018. RoS’s are a form of Vendetta that vary slightly from a Great Jedi War, where the focus is on overall scoring and placement. Here are some details I’d like to share in preparation for the launch of the event.


The RoS will utilize the same “bins” structure that Great Jedi War XII utilized. I personally am a big fan of bins, as I believe this genuinely gives members the ability to achieve maximum participation in the overall event. Participation is the highest form of activity for a member of the Brotherhood, and activity leads to rewards and merits. I am always going to be for empowering our members to be active and involved with major events.


From the Voice, you will see the following competitions:

  1. I will be running (3) seperate fiction competitions spread out across the (5) weeks of the event.
    1. Each of these fiction competitions will feature a prompt with (3) objectives for members to “choose their own adventure”. Members will only be able to select (1) of these objectives for their entries, but the objective that gets the most entries will determine the direction that the fiction takes.
    2. In short, this means that you will be voting on the direction that the story goes in based on the objective you choose to write for.
  2. I will be co-running a set of Shadow Academy exams with the HM that will feature multiple-selection questions based on reading from the current Story Arc fiction updates.
    1. That means any fiction with the The Collective tag will be fair game. There will be no trick question answers, but I suggest making sure you’ve read up on the current story arc to be prepared.
    2. The member with the most correct answers in the quickest time will take home the win for these competitions.

Additionally, a Run-On competition will be run by the DGM.


  1. The RoS will be authored primarily by the DGM with support from myself. Updates will be released on a schedule to coincide with the event.
  2. Bubba has been kind enough to help me with grading Fictions this time around. Bubba was a top scorer in the previous GJW as a writer, so I’m excited to have his insight here on grading entries.


Ask The Voice

I answered some #askthevoice questions in [Fiction Chat - Log in to view join link] for Staff Saturday. If you want to get involved with the daily theme questions and larger discussions, don’t be afraid to join us :). All character types welcome.


That’s all I have for now. Stay tuned for Chapter 3 to drop, and the RoS launch news post :).

Thank you,



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Dark Brotherhood supply route Wild Space 36 ABY A brilliant flash erupted across the inky void of space. Crimson bolts of plasma from Vera Wright’s X-wing penetrated the depleted shields of the retrofitted quadrijet tug and tore into its thin...

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Dark Brotherhood supply route
Wild Space
36 ABY

A brilliant flash erupted across the inky void of space. Crimson bolts of plasma from Vera Wright’s X-wing penetrated the depleted shields of the retrofitted quadrijet tug and tore into its thin hull.

“Get some!” the female pilot hollered over the comms as she spun her starfighter into a sidelong roll.

The suicide craft's original intent had been a direct hit into the hull of the Portly Dewback. Instead, it detonated a safe distance away from the Baleen-class heavy freighter that was carrying a desperately needed supply of fuel for Mattock Station back over Arx. Reports revealed that a Collective task force was attempting to mirror the same tactics used against the Inquisitorius Listener ships.

What they hadn’t planned for was one of the Brotherhood’s best pilots defending their payload. She’d heard rumors of Halcyon Rokir Taldrya, who had become a regular presence among those in the employ of Arx Capital Exchange—also known as the ACE. Vera had been recruited into ACE for her skills, but had worked her way up through the ranks to be granted the privilege of flying for this critical mission. She was not going to throw away her shot.

Thanks to a revelation in analyzing report data patterns from Director Ness’arin Ohnaka, the Inquisitorius had been able to—for once—predict the attack before it happened. In fact, they had allowed the infiltration teams to board the heavy freighter, and waited for just the right moment to spring their trap.

As the explosion cleared, another quickly followed. An X-wing in the distance vaporized a quadrijet and rolled to port, down and away from the shrapnel that now filled the area. That had to be Evant Taelyan, who had suited up specifically for this operation.

In her moment of distraction, a large chunk of debris clipped the upper left laser cannon on her X-wing. “Frak!” the young pilot swore. Her astromech unit squealed in protest as it tried to stabilize the starfighter that was now in a slow spin, but still moving at a high speed.

From her flank, two other X-wings in her flight continued to pursue the bombers attempting to destroy the important cargo they were protecting. She knew that the heavy cruiser contained enough fuel to power the entire fleet for an entire month. Then again, they all knew what was truly at stake.

“Get it together ‘Four, one coming your way,” the flight leader—Halcyon—chimed in, his voice carrying his years of combat experience with it. He was far too relaxed for the situation. Vera pulled out of her spiral and leveled, but frantically looked through her viewport at the space around her, trying to locate whatever “one” was coming her way.

“What are you amateurs doing out there, you’re destroying them too close to me,” the man at the helm of the bulk freighter—Keirdagh—shouted from the bridge in a tone of frustration over the sounds of warning sirens blaring in the background. “I’m not about to go down with a ship named the ‘Portly Dewback’!”

“Just be lucky Dacien let you out of your cell,” Evant reminded the Dark Prophet, who had been previously captured by former Justicar Jac Cotelin. “I’ll try and be more—” the rest of the Regent’s response was cut short as more enemy targets showed up on their scanners.

“Six headhunters and two more quads twenty klicks out,” Halcyon announced. “Two, Three, on me. Four, get that quad up the Dewback’s rear.”

As the three X-wings formed up and headed away from the Dewback, Vera scanned her targeting computer and located another quadrajet. Her astromech had made some quick repairs, but she was still down one of her lasers.

Ignoring the chatter on the line from the rest of her flight, Vera focused on the task at hand. The spacetug rapidly banked left and then right, making it a difficult target as her X-wing lined up directly between the bomber and its target. She was young, but had experience after countless similar attacks escorting shipments for the ACE. With determination coursing through her veins, she lined up head-on for an attack run.

Falling in and out of a lock, she pulled the trigger to fire. Nothing.

“Arr-five! Weapons!” she shouted in frustration as her droid quickly complied, transferring energy from her shields. Crimson bolts began to fire one after another from the three remaining weapons on the starfighter. Sweat trickled into her eyes and she felt her vision strained. She ripped off her helmet and welcomed the feeling of stale but cool air on her matted auburn hair. Everything came into sharp focus.

Vera Wright—an Ace pilot for the entity of the same name—wove deftly through space to the left. Then to the right. She dipped low and then pulled up high.


The quadrijet erupted in a familiar cloud of ochre light as she swerved to port away from it, trying not to take too much of the aftermath explosion. All the remaining energy in the small starfighter poured into its shields just as a massive chunk of shrapnel slammed into the side of her cockpit.

Vera’s head smacked into the instrument panel in front of her. Darkness swallowed her.


Click here to read the full fiction


Written by: Evant Taelyan

Edits and revisions by: Marick Tyris



Greetings. Knowing how many things I’ve been tackling at once, Evant was kind enough to help craft these three scenes out for the macro (main) storyline. I made a few additions and edits, but credit goes mostly to Evant for the ideas and the set up. Thanks Ev, always good to have former Voice backup!

The big focus of this update was to fictionally cover how Arx Capital Exchange operated within the storyline. As a society, ACE is uniquely different from the SA, GMRG, INQ, or SS. ACE exists purely as a fictional sub-faction of the Dark Council, and does not feature any kind of ranking system for members to participate in.

ACE is a welcomed creation of Evant’s, and one that I believe helps enhance our world building efforts. The first draft of this update was written by Evant, and I made some edits and additions to round it out. The featured Brotherhood PCs are members of the Regent staff, so if you’re wondering why Yacks, Halc, and Koji are used, consider it my way of rewarding them for all the hard work they’ve done with Possessions and getting that up and running. We appreciate their hard work.

With that out of the way, let's get this summary started.

  • Space combat! Wally’s least favorite thing to write/edit.
  • ACE = Arx Capital Exchange, which is the fictional society that represents the Regent and the Brotherhood's Possessions system (supply lines, shipyards, etc.)
  • Vera Wright is a new NPC Pilot that flies for ACE. She is excited to fly with one of the Brotherhood’s top pilots: Halc?
  • Halc gets this designation because he has a +5 in Piloting and is a Dark Prophet, not because we think he’s all that and a bag of green potato chips.
  • Vera helps Halc and Evant — in their respective X-Wings — defend a Brotherhood ship that's carrying desperately needed supplies.
  • She gets a bit overly confident and leaves the payload (probably a Genji-main). As a result, she gets caught in some of the aftermath of a quadrajet space tug detonating.
  • Vera gets told to snap out of it by a character who, the last time we saw them, was seemingly captured by former Justicar Jac Cotelin...
  • Yacks is back! Keirdagh is no longer locked up, and lends his leadership skills to Evant’s operation from aboard the bulk freighter—The Portly Dewback
  • Oh yeah, Evant is not happy with how things have been going, so he’s actually in an X-wing helping out. Getting his hands dirty.
  • Evant, Halc, and Vera are able to protect the payload, but Vera takes a deadly shot to her ship and is swallowed by “darkness”. Holy vague ending, Wally!
  • Meanwhile, an operation to hijack information on one of the Collective’s warehouses is underway.
  • An Inquisitorius Operator, Wyndell Tyris (master of disguise), and Kojiro Keibatsu (the muscle) are waiting in a target’s hotel room, monitoring an exhchange between the target and the Collective’s Ghaffa Ordam
  • Wyn tries to get Koji to lighten up about the mission, but to no avail. They do both understand what is at stake, and put their game faces on.
  • Koji sets his phaser to stun and knocks out the target. Wyn, disguised as the target, takes his place and goes to trick the Collective into leading him to their warehouse cache. Wynning.
  • The final scene takes place closer to home, on Mattock Station. This is where the Iron Fleet is refueled and constructed. You could consider it Evant/ACE’s headquarters. Unlike Space Amazon, they don’t have to worry about states fighting over hosting it.
  • A board of executives is meeting to discuss the Collective’s interference with business. This is lead by Rhent Ghosen, an old colleague of Mav’s who has been credited with being the entrepenuer behind ACE’s growth.
  • Of course, this puts him into a direct head-butting contest with Evant, who sees beyond the numbers and is not pleased.
  • One of the board members tries to blame IT (the Senechal, basically) which gets a mental eye-roll from Evant who knows James is busy doing all the things relating to the Brotherhood’s security, research and development.
  • Evant argues and defends his decisions to support the Inquisitorius with the Listener ships, and is bored with Powerpoint presentations and angrily leaves to go tend to things himself.
  • To be continued.


Thank you for reading the update. I’m going to try something new here, and ask if people can sound off in the comments to help me make a decision. Do you think that #veralives, or #veradies? I’m inclined to follow through with whatever the masses vote on.


Vera Wright, ACE Pilot

Leave your vote in the comments below!

Thank you,



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I don't have much to say right now, other than deliver this quick change log of some updates to the system. Unless y'all have been under a glacier or boulder of some kind, you might have heard there's a Rite of Supremacy coming up very...

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I don't have much to say right now, other than deliver this quick change log of some updates to the system. Unless y'all have been under a glacier or boulder of some kind, you might have heard there's a Rite of Supremacy coming up very soon. With that in mind, really wanted to get these changes up quickly so that any changes to sheets could be made before it begins. So, let's not waste any time!

There might be another micro-update to announce the results of the recent ACC event, Operation: Tempered Iron. We're still working through the last few matches! However, there's a lot of good info coming out, so may not be worth bumping them down the pages!

Let's see what all changed. (And feel free to tell me if I missed anything. There was a lot of data entry on this one)

Table of Contents


Intimidation Rework

Intimidation has been reworked from its original form to a new and expansive one that clearly outlines exactly what this skill is intended to do. This isn't just looking scary. It's a method of getting what you want with methods that are intimidating. So, let's go over the changes.

Old: You can menace mundanes with a fierce scowl, or scare off children by putting alka seltzer in your mouth and letting it fizz out.

New: You know that the promise of danger can sway others into action, but not enough to fashion those threats into a weapon of your own.

Old: A hard stare is enough to give trained soldiers pause.

New: You have learned the effectiveness of threats towards individuals and the use of appearance in order to gain cooperation from others. While it can be useful against the weak minded, it would take longer than is worthwhile to influence others.

Old: A hard stare is enough to give a veteran commando pause.

New: Not only do you understand the effectiveness of physical threats towards an individual and non-verbal aggression, you also can leverage fairly apparent external factors like a nearby ally. Given enough uninterrupted time with a target, you can poke and prod until the cracks begin to form without actually having to follow through on your threats.

Old: A simple look can make even a veteran commander pause and cower those of lesser willpower.

New: You have reached an efficiency with threats that is almost routine. You can gauge the weaknesses of a target and leverage their fears in just the right way to get your desired outcome in most situations. It is a mundane task to influence those of weaker minds, and it's only a matter of time for those of stronger wills once you find something to exploit.

Old: Your body language and presence are enough to cast fear in even the most grizzled veterans.

New: At this level, an experienced individual can weave threats, both physical and implied, like an emotional terrorist. You are skilled at knowing just what weakness to poke, which expression to wear, and how much leverage to apply in order to get the desired result from even a strong-willed target.

Old: The mere mention of your name or title alone can strike fear in even the most strong willed of beings. Your presence puts others on immediate guard, and imposes fear on those of lesser willpower.

New: No longer merely experienced, you have mastered the nuances involved in weaving any kind of threat to gain your desired results from a target. Even the smallest of openings can be touched upon and pried wide open to your methods, surgically applying leverage to the right weakness.


Feat Adjustments

These are just some quality of life changes based on a few things that have come up either through member questions or something we noticed in matches.

Old: When {{member}} uses their Amplify in order to increase their speed, this also frees them of any effects that might otherwise slow them down.

New: {{member}} can use Amplification to create an internal surge of Force energy. This frees {{gender:him,her,them}} of all foreign Force effects that would otherwise be inhibiting {{gender:him,her,them}} from moving properly, such as Slow, Stasis, or even a Telekinetic grip.

Leaf On The Wind
Old: {{member}} can become a leaf in the wind, calming {{gender:his,her,its,their}} mind and increasing {{gender:his,her,its,their}} ability to dodge obstacles while flying a ship or vehicle. When piloting, {{member}} can use {{gender:his,her,its,their}} Precognition at one Force Power Level above his current Precognition level. This bonus does not apply to piloting a capital ship.

New: {{member}} has learned to be a leaf in the wind, calming {{gender:his,her,its,their}} mind and attuning {{gender:his,her,its,their}} sensitivity with Precognition to the point that {{gender:he,she,it,they}} is granted the ability to feel out potential obstacles while flying a ship or vehicle.

Use The Force, Luke
Old: {{member}} can, with focus, use the Force to alter a single large projectile weapon (rockets, torpedos) off of its natural trajectory and guide it into narrow or hard-to-hit openings such as open reactor cores using Telekinesis.

New: {{member}} can, with focus and while piloting, use the Force to alter a single large projectile weapon (rockets, torpedos) fired by ships off of its natural trajectory and guide it into narrow or hard-to-hit openings such as open reactor cores using Telekinesis.


Endurance Renamed

This is a pretty simple one, but has a huge impact I feel. For the longest time, the staff has always been focused on Endurance as a skill with a problem. That problem has been the misconception that it is the means to scaling how well a character handles pain. There is, however, no such skill in our system. Endurance is, instead, how long you can maintain the maximum effect of your Might and Athletics skills before you start getting weaker or slower. With that in mind, this skill will finally be renamed to "Stamina".

This took so long, mostly, because it was an extensive rename you can't just "find and replace" on. To give a sense of how far this is going, we have to update the skill itself. Then we have to update the Feats for Aleena, Ewoks, Neti, and all tiers of Surge. Then we have to update the wiki pages associated with all those species feats and Juggernaut feats. Then the CS Guide's many references to Endurance. Even our own ACC Guide. But, with legwork from my staff and especially Turel, we itemized everywhere we need to change...and I've done it all.

Gods have mercy upon my data entry.


ACC Guide: NPCs Updated

So, we wanted to clarify how NPCs can affect an ACC match. The current wording was outdated and was really from a time before NPCs became as prevalent as they are now. The new phrasing is up on the ACC Guide, but can also be seen here:

When fighting in different venues, it is important to incorporate the environment into your match. Part of this includes incorporating characters other than your character and your opponent’s character. Non-Player Characters (NPCs) can add a lot of value to a story, but also prevent challenges. The ACC is about the narrative behind a conflict or duel between two members. With that principle in mind, an NPC is '''not''' allowed to take the place of your match character (MC). This means that they cannot become the MC, and cannot be merely a crutch or tool of convenience. For an NPC to be used properly, they need to be organically worked into the story in a way that '''enhances''', but does not '''detract''' from the spirit of a duel between two members.

What this means is that an NPC (one of your own or just bystanders in the venue you're assigned to) can be used in the manner of an environmental feature. They must have minimal impact, but can still be a character resource (such as dropping off at a location or picking up from a venue at the end of the fight). They do not do the fighting for the MC.

The phrase 'deus ex NPC' comes up from time to time. This is to be avoided. An example of this would be an NPC suddenly appearing out of nowhere and blocking the final attack, saving a character from their fight and being 'forced' into the situation. It bails the character out of the natural flow of events and directly interferes with the outcome of the duel.

For some competitions or select Scenario Hall venues, an NPC may be used as a key set-up factor, and will always have a character sheet linked for reference.

To summarize:

  • NPCs cannot be listed as weapons for a match.
  • NPCs can be included in an ACC match, as long as they are minimal actors that add flavor to the conflict and story without interfering as primary combatants or having a match deciding impact.
  • Other characters in the Brotherhood may make cameos, similar to an NPC, but are prohibited from being involved in the match.


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,



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PulseFeed Holo-net News Aggregator Activated >>> Executing search parameters... >>>Gathering subject keywords from resource pool DB_Clan_Holdings. >>>Connection with botnet established. Search begun with requested...

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PulseFeed Holo-net News Aggregator Activated
>>> Executing search parameters...
>>>Gathering subject keywords from resource pool DB_Clan_Holdings.
>>>Connection with botnet established. Search begun with requested parameters...
>>>... >>>...Search complete.
>>>Analysing results.
>>>Information parsed by clan affiliation. Ready for display.

Collective Covert Counter-Attack Collapses
After the successful joint operations of Arcona and Odan-Urr took allied forces into the heart of Nancora's industrial network, the Collective launched numerous raids on Brotherhood homeworlds. Alerted by members of the taskforce, the allied clans of Odan-Urr and Arcona raced to the Dajorra system, the Shadow Clan's home, as the Odanite's homeworld was believed to be safe from the danger.

The combined 'Lotus' fleet and the defenses above the world of Selen, including the Golan II defense platform Dusk Station, were able to defeat the Collective raid. While the enemy fleet wasn't destroyed, several frigates and support vessels were damaged and caught in Selen's gravity well, crashing into the oceanic world while the main force fled. Arcona has found itself in Odan-Urr's debt, as the fight would have claimed many more lives without their aid.

On the ground or in the ocean wreckage, Collective survivors made for land and began regrouping. Arcona—having only just ended a plague before the assault on Nancora—finds itself beset with riots and chaos within its cities, and Collective irregulars raiding from within its wilderness. Attacks on farming and fishing communities are only exacerbating the situation that the Shadow Clan finds itself in. Suspicions are arising that the trouble at home isn't simply bad luck and worse timing, but orchestrated by a hidden enemy.

Read more about Arcona's ongoing events with the Collective here and their Sins of the Past here.

Naga Sadow
Sadowans in Hiding - Orian system lost
The battle with the Collective appeared to be over. Following the Battle of Nancora, an attack on Sepros briefly drove Clan Naga Sadow into hiding. Reports confirmed that the assault appeared to originate from the planet of Ruuria. While they might have appeared weak to the Collective, the clan seized upon the chance to orchestrate a surprise attack. At the front were the likes of Locke Sonjie, Kojiro Keibatsu and Marcus Kiriyu, as the Sadowans drove the Collective out from before them. With the clan’s combined strength, it appeared they had slain their enemies to the last man, effectively ending the immediate threat of the Collective...for a time.

The victory was short lived. The first probing attack had drawn the clan from its shell and, while the majority of its forces were committed to the assault on the Collective outpost, the faction had dispatched another portion of its forces to the Orian System. What was expected to be a quiet return home turned into a rout as the Sadowan fleet was ordered into retreat.

As the Collective seized the Orian system, Clan Naga Sadow has disappeared into the stars. After making contact at Citadel with Telosian reinforcements, the Collective were hot on their trail. While Morax Darkblade, Erik Cato, and the former Grand Master Muz Ashen Keibatsu were holding back the Collective at the station, Calenhad managed to evade detection and cripple the Collective frigate. This action would allow the clan and their newfound alliance time to flourish. Conserving their strength, Consul Stahoes and the clan head to Cato Neimoidia, where an auction of priceless artifacts is about to take place...

Read more about Naga Sadow's ongoing events here.

Trouble on the Home Front
The greatest enemy is one within. For decades, Kiast has simmered with internal strife beneath its tranquil facade, but at last a spark has set the system aflame. The Vauzem Dominion has returned to seize the throne, and Vatali, Quorahi, and bitter guilds have erupted in armed combat while Empress Kaltani Anasaye lay comatose.

Odan-Urr treads water, an unwilling participant struggling to return peace despite the mysterious circumstances that set its High Councillor as the Empire's temporary regent. As they fight alongside allies to help put out the blaze, agents of the Sentinel Network race to find the true culprit behind the discord. For now, the only thing certain is that larger forces are at work.

Faced with war on a third front, against a faceless enemy that seeks to play Sephi and Odanite against each other, the Council of Urr looks to a more familiar enemy outside the system, leaving the Vatali to settle their own affairs. All the while they wonder, can we survive without becoming what we despise?

Read more about Odan-Urr's struggle against the dark here.

Aliso: Saboteurs in Our Midst
The infrastructure vital to the success of Clan Plagueis has been under attack. The D&D Construction Yards, the central pillar of maintenance and urban development for Aliso City, has suffered an explosion. Work has been brought to a crawl as investigation takes place into the cause, but witnesses among the slave population point to one of their own, who was executed on the spot by Wraith personnel.

More reports have described similar uncoordinated acts of terrorism throughout the city as pockets of slaves seemingly overcome their conditioning and have acted out against their ruling class. Several Plagueian Dark Jedi have been mobilized to track and record these happenings as the Dread Lord tries to piece together the larger picture.

While the mechanism behind the disruptions remains a mystery, the underhanded method bears the hallmarks of Collective activity. The continuing operations that keep Clan Plagueis in power are being eroded, and the chaos brewing on Aliso only serves the interests of the anti-Force fanatics. While no members of Plagueis have been directly attacked, it is clear that these are acts of war against the Ascendant Clan, and will not be taken lying down.

Read more about Plagueis' ongoing events in their clan RO, the Song of Discord, here.

Scholae Palatinae
MAQOR INVADED - Scholae Troops Launch Mighty Offensive*
Imperial Scholae Army forces have liberated the west side of Maqor from the Meraxis Empire, held back from complete control by Elayan intervention.

A spokesman from the Imperial Scholae Army reported at a press conference recently that the entirety of Maqor has been liberated from Meraxis control by an offensive led by Scholae forces. “A direct march into their territory proved the indomitable might of our military and superiority over the Meraxis defence,” the speaker said.

“However, we were blindsided by an unexpected attack from Elaya, who previously supported our liberation of Caelestis City. Their cowardly attack prevented our forces from obtaining complete control of Maqor”

The Collective - On Our Doorstep
The battle has revealed the extent of the collaborations between Meraxis and the Collective, with the two appearing to have formed an alliance based on their fear of the Empire. Collective forces were encountered numerous times during the Battle of Maqor, but proved no match for the might of our forces, spearheaded by the newly purchased Juggernaut tanks.

The spokesman also dismisses reports that the Grand Vizier, Raiju Kang, was assassinated by Collective forces on Maqor as a ‘fabrication’ and ‘propaganda to sow doubt in our leadership’, and that Raiju is simply pursuing a lower profile role out of the public eye. His replacement, Belarius Pwyll, is expected to address the Empire in the coming days.

Elaya - Growing Tensions
Relations between the Empress and President Skylar Seki are reported to be strained following Elaya’s attack on Meraxis.

Read more about Scholae Palatinae's ongoing events and the conclusion to Words & War here.

Caelus: A safe haven or the place of demise for Clan Taldryan?
Caelus, an independent star system just outside the borders of the Outer Rim best known for their skills in refining the Chlouzon-36 gas harvested on one of the system's planets into starship fuel. The Caelus system became the refuge for Clan Taldryan in return for aiding the local government in dealing with uprising terrorist attacks within the system.

Taldryan—still beaten and on the run after its members were accused to be Undesirables—agreed to help the local government, but kept its origin as Force sensitives and association with the Dark Jedi Brotherhood a secret. Within only a short time the members of Taldryan grew to prominence among the local citizens for their unconventional yet effective methods in dealing with the terrorists. At the same time, Taldryan secretly began to recruit local researchers for its own means and to increase the clan's influence within the system outside the prying eyes of the local government.

However, unknown to both the government of the Caelus system and Clan Taldryan, the Collective had long since begun a large-scale infiltration of the system of its own. When House Ektrosis attempted to recruit a defecting Collective scientist into its nascent Sphere of Research and Intelligence the situation quickly revealed itself as a trap, killing several Taldryan troops in the process. When the Collective attacked the SRI headquarters, clan leadership determined that a more militant unit needed to be added to the clan's structure. Out of the ashes of the Battle of Iosan rose a resurgent House Archanis.

Read more about Taldryan's ongoing events here.


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