Today EA launched their Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game available for Apple and Android . It is a fun game in which you're fighting on holotables and collecting cards and ranking them up to fight in turn based combat through different...

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Today EA launched their Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes mobile game available for Apple and Android . It is a fun game in which you're fighting on holotables and collecting cards and ranking them up to fight in turn based combat through different waves of enemies. In my personal opinion this and Base Command are more fun and addicting than some other Star Wars mobile games to come out recently. We will have a competition created shortly for this new game.



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All, I have just deployed the code for the Trophies System. Trophies should start appearing on dossiers as we speak. Some things to note: * As Aabs already mentioned, Trophies have no impact on medals or promotions. * Some Trophies update...

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I have just deployed the code for the Trophies System. Trophies should start appearing on dossiers as we speak.

Some things to note:

  • As Aabs already mentioned, Trophies have no impact on medals or promotions.
  • Some Trophies update immediately when their requirements are met, others are processed several times a day for all members that have recently visited the site. This means it might take a couple of hours for a trophy to become marked as complete on your dossier.
  • Expect improvements and tweaks to this system over the coming days, as well as an incentive to increase the number of available Trophies. More on that soon.
  • Big props to Atra and A'lora for coming up with all the GFX on fairly short notice!

Enjoy :)

Edit: There appears to be a bug with the notification toast not staying dismissed. We'll look into it. Edit 2: Should be fixed now.


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Hello Everyone, In advance of James taking the DJB Trophy System online (I hear whispers of "soon"), this is a brief MAA notice on the role trophies will play in recognizing members. Trophies are meant as a side exercise both to provide...

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Hello Everyone,

In advance of James taking the DJB Trophy System online (I hear whispers of "soon"), this is a brief MAA notice on the role trophies will play in recognizing members.

Trophies are meant as a side exercise both to provide goals and recognize accomplishments (some good, some bad) for members as they work toward their next rank. As such, trophies have no impact on medals or promotions. Any recommendation which includes trophies as a source of activity will be immediately remanded. Trophies are a separate entity that will ideally play a role in keeping members encouraged and busy during the higher rank periods. Beyond that, you cannot be awarded a medal for earning trophies and promotions will not be given for earning trophies.

Personally, I am very excited about this new system. It's fun, straight forward, and a great opportunity to add more "look at how awesome I am" to our dossiers. It's often light hearted, with some trophies given for not so awesome accomplishments. Everyone will find out more when the system goes live, but the Master at Arms Office has only a small role as trophies are an automated process and removed from general club recognition.

Stay tuned for more news from James!

Aabsdu, Master at Arms


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"The Grand Master's Tournament" The wide, windowless chamber was lit ominously by dimmed overhead lights. Seven formally clad figures sat behind a large, crescent-shaped table that was raised in a manner that forced anyone below to...

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"The Grand Master's Tournament"

The wide, windowless chamber was lit ominously by dimmed overhead lights. Seven formally clad figures sat behind a large, crescent-shaped table that was raised in a manner that forced anyone below to look upwards towards the fully-assembled Dark Council. All were present save the Deputy Grand Master, who was attending to other pertinent business away from the isolated meeting. For this, the Grand Master of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood himself was indeed present.

Sitting at the center of the crescent-table, the Grand Master wore tailored robes trimmed on the edges with gold. Their immaculate, white fabric lining represented a silent challenge to any who thought they could make the most powerful man in the Brotherhood bleed. The hilts of his lightsabers were displayed openly on his waist and within easy reach, but those gathered knew that Darth Pravus hardly needed either of his weapons should things escalate beyond reasonable decorum. Even if he wasn’t at the center of the room, his presence alone served as the anchor point of the meeting’s attention.

Below, a long rectangular table bisected the crescent-platform. Staggered around the table sat the seven Consuls of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Naga Sadow. Arcona. Odan-Urr. Scholae Palatinae. Tarentum. Plagueis. Taldryan.

They talked amongst each other, a mixture of fake and genuine smiles, nods, and shrugs. They thumbed through the data pads and pointed. Farrin and Teylas compared notes. Keirdagh stroked his full beard and furrowed his brow, his expression going from hopeful to sour by the time he finished reading the datapad. Xen’mordin was impossible to read behind his mask. Locke hummed to himself as his eyes drank in the information before him. A’lora nodded and scribbled notes onto a side pad she had brought.

The last of the Consuls had shifted her rolling chair away from the others and had plugged a headset in to listen to the audio-version of the data. When Pravus fixed his gaze on the Miraluka, she waved a hand in front of her blindfold and flashed a grin. Atyiru then nodded to herself as she removed the headset and tried to find the “off” button after flipping the tablet upside and backwards.

Pravus sighed inwardly, but no hint of expression crossed his eerily calm visage. He drew each of the Consuls to attention with a simple hand gesture. They quieted and turned to look up at the Grand Master.

“You have all reviewed the information at hand. Provide the Combat Master with your selections, and he will be in contact with your representatives and handle the rest of the proceedings. Good luck, Consuls. Dismissed.”

The Consuls shifted and started to get up.

“dbb0t: end logs,” James Entar called out suddenly with a ring of command. There was a pause as everyone looked at the Seneschal, who grinned like a child demonstrating his new favorite toy. “dbb0t: conclude meeting,” James continued.

“Yes, my master,” a cheerful, disembodied voice exclaimed.

On cue, the lights to the room blared to life by an unseen hand, completely destroying the air of sabley-dark formality.

There were a few murmurs about the advanced state of the Seneschal’s quirky AI. Beyond those, however, the Consuls rose and exited the meeting room. They splintered off into their preferred cliques, Odan-Urr and Arcona exchanging shoulder claps while the others looked on worriedly and gravitated towards their own “alliances”.

Pravus watched them go. Indeed, on the surface, the unit leaders looked amiable and professional. They all had years of exposure under Ashen, Sarin, and even Cotelin’s reigns and had either learned their parts or been trained to act them. It was all an illusion, though. For all the talks of unification for the Brotherhood, many were still wary of Pravus’ machinations. He could sense the seeds of doubt and deceit and selfishness. But it had always been that way, and change was not something that happened over night.

Pravus knew all of this. They were all his pieces on a holochess board to maneuver towards his greater goal. There was still plenty of work to be done for his vision to be realized, but the tournament would provide the proper distraction. Nothing pleased the Clans more than a chance to openly lash out against one another.

Once the heavy double doors closed, the Grand Master glanced around at his remaining Council. Cotelin looked tired, but present nonetheless. Aabsdu was already back into his datapad, no doubt filtering through a mess of paperwork that had built up while he had the device silenced for the meeting. Beside him, Dacien sat quietly but attentively. Evant folded his arms across his chest and idly poked at his personal comm. Vorsa held her wooden visage firm, the sheep among wolves. Valhavoc stroked his beard and looked at the Grand Master expectantly.

“They don’t trust you,” the Fist stated. It was not really a question, but it was at the front of each Councilors’ mind.

“That stands to reason. We can work with it, though. Mav is doubling-down on the false reports of the return to Antei. Once that is secure, this tournament should be just the thing to keep their focus.”

Valhavoc nodded once, and the other Councilors offered no other comment.

“So. Who wishes to represent the Dark Council in this tournament?” Pravus asked aloud without any further preamble, his voice carrying easily around the chamber without need to raise it beyond conversational tone.

The Dark Councilors looked around at one another. A few eyes went to Valhavoc, who crossed his arms and shook his head. “Heh. Absolutely not.”

Aabsdu rolled his shoulder and then raised a hand into the air. “I could use a break from my terminal, I think.”

Vorsa’s hand rose next, followed almost immediately by James’. When the Seneschal's hand shot up, he waved it excitedly in the air. The Councilors looked at him curiously.

“James,” Pravus said carefully, “You want to fight in the Tournament?”

“Oh, no, not at all. I don’t have time,” he explained with grin. ”I just wanted you to feel like more than two people were interested.”

Valhavoc coughed into his hand to cover a laugh. Vorsa’s hand remained in the air, her face stoic. Pravus turned his gaze towards her, studying it for a moment before nodding.

“It is settled, then. You are dismissed.”


REDACTED The Colosseum

High walls that were too tall for even the most savvy Jedi to scale outlined a large field of ancient sand and sediment the size of a holoball field. The spectators' chairs were divided into neatly organized sections with seats bunched close together to accommodate anywhere up to a few thousand people. At the center, an elongated platform “box” had been constructed with a central throne of stone, with various seats of smaller scale lined beside it in both directions. From his seat, Pravus silently took in the venue and nodded to himself in approval.

On opposite sides of the arena, the first two combatants began their descent into the mines below. Others would follow in succession. The holoprojection screens tracked their progress. When the lifts reached their destination, the Grand Master rose from his seat and spoke one word into his microphone, amplifying it over the Colosseum and down into the mines.



So, that’s my first crack at a DB-wide fiction. Let me know what you guys think, I’m curious to know (especially from those mentioned therein).

Anyway, onto the stuff I’m actually supposed to be doing.

Round I -- FIGHT!

The Tournament has officially begun! Click here to check out the offical competition page with rules and information.

Below, you can see the bracket for the 16 members that were selected. The breakdown is as follows:



The seedling was randomly generated by James’ awesome code. We’ve also made sure that no two members of the same unit will see each other unless they hit the finals.

You can follow the matches here.

Cheer for your clannmates. Support them. While this is for individual glory, it’s always nice to see your own clannmates kicking butt.

Good luck, and may the o--






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Greetings all. Today marks the one month mark from when Star Wars the Force Awakens debuts in theatres in Europe, and then a day later in North America. It also marks the day when Star Wars Battlefront, the first marquee Star Wars game released...

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Greetings all. Today marks the one month mark from when Star Wars the Force Awakens debuts in theatres in Europe, and then a day later in North America. It also marks the day when Star Wars Battlefront, the first marquee Star Wars game released since Disney and Lucasfilm joined forces.

We all know what we have been expecting as a club: a windfall of new membership, swept up in the wave of Star Wars fandom, one that will change the shape of the club as we all know it. However, we’re not going to be able to take advantage of that simply by existing. We’re going to need to work for it.

Over the past year, we’ve been working to transform our main page to one that is not welcoming only to members, but also an intriguing source of Star Wars news for visitors. With help from the Herald and Seneschal’s office, our front page has never been more attractive to the grander Star Wars audiences. We’ve seen an increase in acquired traffic to the website in the realms between 20 to 25% more sessions being brought to the site via social media, organic searches and direct link shares, and the increase has been trending upward for the last two quarters.


However, the time has come now that we need to expand our efforts. We need feet on the ground as well as more voices online sharing our club, and trying to recruit people to join the club.

To this end, I am opening up positions on the recruitment team within the Social Media and News teams. Positions on this team are responsible for the outward face of our club on the internet at large, and therefore the application process itself will be significantly different than the majority of positions opened up in the Brotherhood.

If you’re interested in joining the team, at some point in the future, I’ll be emailing out a packet of news stories from around the web. You will need to evaluate the sources, choose which articles are worth posting on the site, and which are worth sharing on social media. You’ll then need to compose the news articles as well as gather resources and write markdown. Your application will be based off the speed of response, your choices of what to post and where, as well as the content you write.

If that hasn’t scared you off, email me at [Log in to view e-mail addresses] with the email title RECRUITMENT TEAM TRY-OUT.



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On the eve of Battlefront launching Val posts a report that has absolutely nothing to do about Battlefront. There is definitely not information about how to earn Clusters while playing it in this report. Come back in one month. Just kidding......

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On the eve of Battlefront launching Val posts a report that has absolutely nothing to do about Battlefront. There is definitely not information about how to earn Clusters while playing it in this report. Come back in one month. Just kidding...



In a few hours the wait is finally over! Battlefront will go live and we can finally see the latest in Star Wars Gaming! This game has been a priority for our Club to provide support for over the last year and now we can finally pull back the curtain to exactly how we will do (most of) that.

I would be remiss if I didn't mention that the information used to support the majority of this was made possible thanks to Ernordeth doing some extensive testing during his limited EA Access 10 hour playtime. He also made a short video showing some of the Fighter Squadron gameplay, which includes some third person and first person view of an X Wing and A Wing, check it out while you wait for launch at midnight. Also, give him a high five on Telegram next time you see him for making all of this a priority.

As you Submit Gaming Scores be sure to select PC if you are playing on an Origin Account, as the Club's designated platform this will be getting a 50% bonus to Clusters for a month or so. Also during this time frame you'll be seeing Weekly Battlefront Competitions coming out, the PC folks will have the upper hand in some of them. Obviously if you're on Console select "Console", and sorry no bonus Clusters for you (us). :p

So, lets take a stroll through each of the game modes and how you'll see them reflected on the Gaming Submission page.

Member vs Member Battlefront

Battlefront features a Game Mode called "Battles", in this game mode you can choose to play as a Soldier or a Hero / Villain against a single other player. One player becomes the Rebel Faction and the opposing player the Empire Faction. If you choose to play as a Hero / Villain you get a few other friendly troops on each of your side. The goal is to reach 100 tokens by killing the other player and their troops (if you're in Hero / Villain Mode)

Each round will count as one match, each match will award at the same rate as a JA match (1CF to winner, 0.33 CF to loser). The member who reaches 100 tokens first is the winner. As with all PVP Gaming, DBGaming Challenges on IRC are required. Default for the Club will be playing as Soldiers, however if both players agree they may play in the Hero / Villain Mode. Be aware, the Emperor has a very strong Health Regen ability which may make him a bit overpowered. We are looking at adding a requirement that if he is used by one member the other is given an opportunity to use him as well before all of the pairs matches are concluded.

Members vs Others Battlefront

There are nine different multiplayer modes in Battlefront. We feel we have solid data on all of them due to Ernor's testing, but rewards may get adjustments over time. Basic requirements, be playing with at least one other DJB Member and screenshot the summary screen that comes up when the match ends. Make sure both members have their Account ID (PS4/Xbox/Origin) listed on their Dossier. CF Values are as follows:

  • Drop Zone - 1.5 CF
  • Walker Assault - 3 CF
  • Heroes vs Villains - 3 CF
  • Hero Hunt - 3 CF
  • Supremacy - 1 CF
  • Fighter Squadron - 2 CF
  • Blast - 2 CF
  • Cargo - 3 CF
  • Droid Run - 1.5 CF

Members vs Environment

Support for Survival missions is still partially in development. Things you won't see yet are modifiers for the different difficulty levels, but they are (most likely) coming. Similar to Members vs Others, be playing with at least one other DJB Member and screenshot the summary screen that comes up when the match ends. Make sure both members have their Account ID (PS4/Xbox/Origin) listed on their Dossier. CF Values are as follows:

  • Full (15 Wave) Completion - 4 CE
  • Partial (8+ Wave) Completion - 2 CE

Pendants of Blood

Battlefront uses a Rank system to unlock different pieces of gear available to players. From what I understand you are only able to rank up through multiplayer, the Survival missions will not grant you experience. We are looking at a system based on this rank to award Pendants of Blood and would like to get a better feel for time to level in it before committing to awards at certain ranks. Again, expect something in the coming weeks.

So that's the night before Battlefront run down, the Tier 1 Gaming Platforms wiki has been updated to reflect these rules. If you're still looking for some more Battlefront related news to read why not take a look at the Blasters of Battlefront article that EA put up a few days ago. I found their perspective on the different blasters they've designed for the game pretty interesting.

JA ROC Update

A while back we ran a JA Sway Friendly Tournament. The outcome was favorable, so the Tier 1 Gaming Platform ROC related to JA will have the swaying rule dropped. The JA specific rules will consist of the following:

  • All official DB competitions utilizing these platforms require the use of an official DB server (an updated list of which can be found on the Gaming Servers wiki page). If no official DB servers are found online players may, through mutual agreement, play on another server. By doing so, they also forfeit the right to any complaints regarding the outcome of the match due abuse/server statistics/mods/etc.
  • If settings cannot be agreed upon, the participants will each choose either Force setting or Weapons setting.
  • When both players have sabers ignited, the duel starts.
  • You cannot use a bacta tank at any time during a duel.
  • You cannot attack a player who has been knocked to the ground in a duel, whether by kick or saberlock loss.

Tier 1 Gaming Platforms wiki has been updated to reflect this.

Cluster Gaming Platform Overview Page

The Cluster Wiki page is quite messy, and incredible hard to keep up to date with ongoing balancing. Recently I talked to our (awesome!) Seneschal and he was able to use the data which auto-generates Clusters from the Gaming Submission Page to make a kind of Cluster "Legend" which shows all the multipliers for the currently supported platforms.

You may have already noticed the link to the Gaming Platform Overview page after clicking the Submit Gaming Scores option on your Admin Menu. All values shown on that screen will update real time based on any changes that are made to the Gaming Activities and their Modifiers by the Fist or Praetor.

Expect to see the clunky Cluster Tables coming down off the wiki soon. Thank you James!

DJB PS4 Community


Recently Playstation added a feature to its network that allowed individuals to create Communities focused on a particular game. Until a few days ago the DJB didn't have one, but with Battlefront coming live tomorrow I figured it was time to set one up. We currently only have 12 members in it, the most continent way to join is to be a PSN Friend with an existing member, then on your Friends Tab go to Communities, Friends Communities and scroll through to find it. Ernordeth and myself are both members of it, if you don't already have us as PSN Friends take a look at our Dossiers and add us to find the Community.

Currently we aren't aware of an Xbox equivalent to this, but are continuing to watch for options.

November Gaming Competitions

Pendants of Blood

  • 03Oct2015: No members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.
  • 03 - 09Oct2015: Knight Bentre Stahoes of Clan Naga Sadow, PVP Score of 13.02 (72 Matches Played, 38 Matches Won)
  • 10Oct2015: No members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.
  • 10 - 16Oct2015: Warlord Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 20.72 (72 Matches Played, 47 Matches Won)
  • 17Oct2015: Mystic Edgar Drachen of Clan Odan-Urr, PVP Score of 5.56 (26 Matches Played, 17 Matches Won)
  • 18 - 23Oct2015: Battlelord Frosty Romanae Tarentae of Clan Tarentum, PVP Score of 21.24 (32 Matches Played, 27 Matches Won)
  • 24Oct2015: Only two members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.
  • 24 - 30Oct2015: Mystic Edgar Drachen of Clan Odan-Urr, PVP Score of 6.63 (51 Matches Played, 26 Matches Won)
  • 31Oct2015: Savant Uji Tameike of Clan Arcona, PVP Score of 2.77 (13 Matches Played, 6 Matches Won)
  • 01 - 06Nov2015: Knight Nobilus of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 32.11 (36 Matches Played, 34 Matches Won)
  • 07Nov2015: No members competed, need 5 for PoB. This day's matches will be rolled forward.
  • 07 - 13Nov2015: Knight Nobilus of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 55.02 (57 Matches Played, 56 Matches Won)
  • 14Nov2015: Seer Keira Viru of Clan Naga Sadow, PVP Score of 6.13 (8 Matches Played, 7 Matches Won)

If anyone would like to join a Telegram channel listed below, let me know and I can send them a join link or invite for it.

  • DB Chat on Telegram Channel
  • DJB Gamers Lounge Telegram Channel
    • SW:TOR Chat Telegram Channel
    • Star Conflict Chat Telegram Channel
    • Diablo 3 Chat Telegram Channel
    • Destiny Chat Telegram Channel


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Shhh, the Force is Sleeping This is a short one. After the September-October new CORE blitz, the past few weeks have been quiet around the Shadow Academy. Grading and editing continues as usual, and we put out a couple of great new Novitiate Hall...

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Shhh, the Force is Sleeping

This is a short one. After the September-October new CORE blitz, the past few weeks have been quiet around the Shadow Academy. Grading and editing continues as usual, and we put out a couple of great new Novitiate Hall courses: one that covers the basics of the Fist-o-matic bot, and another explaining the many mysteries of Telegram. Many thanks to Ood who headed up the Fist-o-matic course launch for me while I was traveling for work. I also want to congratulate him on earning his first Sapphire Blade for his dedication to the Shadow Academy!

A lot of our planned projects, including additions/changes to the new CORE courses, the History Department, and the Legends Department, are in stasis (like so much else) until The Force Awakens, uhhh, awakens them with new timelines and lore changes that will alter our own special DJB version of headcanon. Also, given the rapidly-approaching holiday season, there isn't likely to be much big news out of the Shadow Academy until January when we've all had time to digest the movie a time or ten.

Finally, as Wally noted in his recent report, with the on-going changes to Lightsabers in the DJB, we're looking for someone willing to take on the task of revising the two current lightsaber courses on offer. Shoot me and Ood an email if you're interested in helping out!

Top Exam Takers!

Since my last report, the top five exam takers at the SA are:

Name # of Exams
Courier Qyreia Arronen 41
Battlemaster Zakath 28
Acolyte Tyron Kesh 26
Acolyte Lonewolf 23
Neophyte Violet Cuscuta 22

This is the first time that a non-Force user has topped the list. :p Great work, everyone!


As always, I'd like to close this report by asking for your help. The SA is a massive wall of text that covers ever-shifting topics and is prone to typos and run-on sentences. If you spot substantive or grammatical problems, please let me, Ood, and the course PROF know so that we can fix them ASAP. As we work through the Departments during the audit, we're also going to be asking for help reading and editing -- if you have any particular expertise, let us know when we announce the next Department being audited. There are shiny things available. :P


Adept Dacien Victae di Plagia
Headmaster of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood


courses reports headmaster shadow academy jedi sith the force awakens star wars

Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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Battlefront: Twilight Company; The single player missions that could have been

Review Written By: Aabsdu Dupar


The official tie-in to EA's upcoming Battlefront video game, our first AAA game since Disney and Star Wars mated, Twilight Company follows a contingent of the Alliance to Restore the Republic's sixty-first mobile infantry. The action takes us from before the destruction of the Death Star, through the Battle of Hoth, and on a grand campaign against the Empire's infrastructure. Twilight Company supposedly plays a role in EA's game, but the biggest achievement of Freed's tie-in is less its relevance to a game and more its gritty look at how troops on the ground view the ever changing grand plans of the Rebellion we are use to seeing from the top down.

Minor spoilers ahead...

Twilight Company follows Hazram Namir, a human from a backwater planet who grows up thinking one's life only has worth if fighting for a cause. When younger, that cause is his local warlord, but the rise of the Empire and its Galactic War against the Rebellion strips his planet of that social structure. He casts in with the Alliance largely because they happen to be the ones who offer, so while a fierce fighter, Namir is a lackluster leader with no true loyalty.

The Alliance followed its success at Yavin with a major push through the Mid Rim, but with their forces spread thin they have begun pulling out of each planet conquered or liberated, depending on the point of view. During one of these withdrawals, Twilight takes Governor Everi Chalis, a protege of Count Vidian from A New Dawn, into custody. She labels herself a turncoat and promises vital information to the downfall of the Empire.

The company takes Chalis to the Rebel base - Hoth, but it is during this visit that the Empire and Darth Vader arrive. Our heroes escape Hoth to find the Rebellion has scattered; leadership has no instructions, so they create their own. Governor Chalis' knowledge of Imperial infrastructure will allow them to undergo a campaign of tactical strikes against supply lines leading up to the ultimate target: Kuat Drive Yards.

The Battle of Hoth takes place around the midpoint of the novel and it is here the plot, pace, and excitement picks up. The early acts detail Namir's role as sergeant of Twilight, how the Rebellion recruits new soldiers on each planet it liberates (essentially saying, "We are leaving. Either stay and deal with the Empire or come with us and fight."), and Twilight's flight away from Imperial forces attempting to kill Chalis before she divulges too much.


At Hoth, things change and Freed's novel starts to shine for its boots on the ground perspective of galactic events. While Chalis is taken to High Command, which we know means Leia Organa, we stay with Namir as he is put to work with the troops. When the Empire attacks, Namir and Chalis think they are the target, and Namir fights the battle from a western outpost distanced from the cinematic spectacle happening at Echo Base. Vader's arrival scares Chalis into thinking he is there for her, but she survives to realize how little her life means to the Empire. We never see Luke or Leia, and while Han makes a cameo, Freed never refers to him by name.

Twilight is not fighting the Imperial army but that group of stormtroopers; not liberating the galaxy but this part of the village. Twilight plays an integral part in the galactic fight yet are largely unaware of the overall strategy. This oblivious nature causes contention with Namir, who does not want to commit to a strategy he does not understand. At Hoth, he partakes in conversations speculating how long the war will last, if the Rebellion can take Coruscant, and what they'll do after. Namir suggests a galaxy under the Republic will be little different: new leaders, new councils, new rules. A fight breaks out.

The entire novel is built around the soldier's point of view, but it pays off on Hoth when we are able to experience an event we know the whole picture of yet the characters do not. They do not know about the Jedi versus Sith or the light side returning. When Vader raises a hand and deflects blaster bolts with the Force, Namir thinks his armor has some type of built in force field. Twilight does not know about Luke Skywalker's presence; they do not know why the Empire hunts them.

They get orders and follow them through.

This is why the lack of instructions following Hoth leaves Twilight in disarray. Namir finds himself leading a group of people committed to a cause he does not fully buy into. We know Luke to be training on Dagobah. We know Han and Leia to be seeking refuge at Cloud City, but these troops do not know. They're just waiting.

The reader is also waiting, so the second half of the novel picks up after a clear goal is put in place: Kuat Drive Yards. Twilight planet hops, striking targets to manipulate the Empire into reallocating its forces away from Kuat. While EA's Battlefront will not have a single player campaign, Twilight's step by step advance toward Kuat, named Operation Ringbreaker, would have made a great series of missions with plenty of room for character development and stellar action across a variety of planets and space arenas.

One expects a novel called Battlefront to have great action and Freed proves himself during the climatic battle on Sullust (one area where the game may tie in). His down and dirty perspective of the war gives tension to Twilight's last stand. The battle takes place on the ground and in atmosphere, with the focus being the former. The stakes are high, the pay off worthwhile, and if a tie-in novel is meant to make you wish you were playing yourself, Freed succeeds.

The rest of Twilight Company is your standard Star Wars affair. Namir and Chalis are the most developed characters, and while you spend time with others in his squad you do not care much when some die. These moments reminded me of Harry Potter of the Deathly Hallows and learning about supposedly important characters dying off screen.


While Aftermath attempted to develop its generic and boring group of characters throughout the story, Twilight Company only briefly mentions others are there, instead focusing in on the motivations and arc of two: Namir and Chalis. Even the Imperial forces chasing them are given little attention, though there are a few chapters from their perspective that give a humanizing view of the Imperial side.

Ultimately, Twilight Company starts slow but picks up with a spectacular rendition of the Battle of Hoth. Operation Ringbreaker is a fun series of missions that would make great gameplay, and while I need little incentive to be excited about EA's Battlefront, it will be fun playing these characters knowing what they went through to be there.

Star Wars stories that do not feature main characters from the films often create ones banding together to have some effect on the galaxy and become heroes in their own right. The leaders and members of Twilight Company are heroes, their actions have consequences in the greater war, yet they do not know it...and they do not want to.

Title: Battlefront: Twilight Company

Author: By Alexander Freed

Release: 3 November 2015

Page Count: 416

Canon Timeline: 13-22 Years after Episode III: Revenge of the Sith

Official Plot Synopsis

The bravest soldiers. The toughest warriors. The ultimate survivors.

Among the stars and across the vast expanses of space, the Galactic Civil War rages. On the battlefields of multiple worlds in the Mid Rim, legions of ruthless stormtroopers—bent on crushing resistance to the Empire wherever it arises—are waging close and brutal combat against an armada of freedom fighters. In the streets and alleys of ravaged cities, the front-line forces of the Rebel Alliance are taking the fight to the enemy, pushing deeper into Imperial territory and grappling with the savage flesh-and-blood realities of war on the ground.

Leading the charge are the soldiers—men and women, human and nonhuman—of the sixty-first mobile infantry, better known as Twilight Company. Hard-bitten, war-weary, and ferociously loyal to one another, the members of this renegade outfit doggedly survive where others perish, and defiance is their most powerful weapon against the deadliest odds. When orders come down for the Rebels to fall back in the face of superior opposition numbers and firepower, Twilight reluctantly complies. Then an unlikely ally radically changes the strategic equation—and gives the Alliance’s hardest-fighting warriors a crucial chance to turn retreat into resurgence.

Orders or not, alone and outgunned but unbowed, Twilight Company locks, loads, and prepares to make its boldest maneuver—trading down-and-dirty battle in the trenches for a game-changing strike at the ultimate target: the very heart of the Empire’s military machine.

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Hello. Yes, this is Wally. Welcome to my 7th full report as Combat Master, and I apologize in advance for its length. I wanted to take a quick second to add a new feature I’d like to try in my reports called “ACC Tips.” (Yes, I did type that in...

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Hello. Yes, this is Wally. Welcome to my 7th full report as Combat Master, and I apologize in advance for its length.


I wanted to take a quick second to add a new feature I’d like to try in my reports called “ACC Tips.” (Yes, I did type that in earnest without resorting to an Archer reference. Go me.) This week, I’d like to focus on the difference between Barrier and Deflection.

The first common misconception is that Barrier doesn’t block “energy” attacks. This dates back to the old systems used in the DB where Barrier was “physical” attacks and Deflection was ”energy attacks.” Since we had a bit more of a clean start with CS1.0/2.0, we’ve retooled each power to have the same “usefulness” in using the Force as a defense tool while giving each its own unique style for creative use.

First let's look at Barrier...

Barrier manifests the Force into a translucent defensive corona that can absorb physical attacks. These barriers protect only the user, and will shatter after enough impact. Barrier can stop repeated hits from conventional weapons (including blasters), but will shatter on heavy impact with things such as explosives or large/heavy projectiles like boulders.

In essence, Barrier will stop any type of attack, whether it’s blaster bolts, slugs, lightning, rocks, or a thrown body. Barrier does not do anything against mental or illusionary attacks. While powerful, it is classified as an advanced power. This means that while it can be used multiple times during a battle, it's a sustained effect that is entirely reliant on your character's concentration which becomes harder to do if you’re wounded, fatigued, etc).

The best canon example I’ve found is from this Marvel comic that depicts Vader using our variation of the “Force Barrier”:


Next we have Deflection...

Deflection allows a Jedi to dissolve or absorb energy from both Force-based sources and energy-based weapon sources such as blasters or Force Lightning. With an additional Feat, it can be used to redirect the absorbed energy as well.

In essence, Deflection allows you to “catch” energy-based attacks and dissolve/absorb them. Deflection does not do anything against mental or illusionary attacks. While powerful, it is classified as an advanced power and requires concentration.

Deflection is actually highly referential in that it sees heavy use in the Star Wars cinematic universe.

The most classic example is when Han Solo opens fire on Vader when he shows up on Bespin. Vader simply extends his hands and dissolves Han’s blaster bolts.


Han Solo vs Darth Vader

The other great examples are when Yoda catches Force Lightning that Doku throws at him...


Yoda vs Doku

...and later on he does the same thing against Sidious.

Yoda vs Sidious

(Note: Keep in mind this is a Sith Lord vs the leader of all Jedi. Yoda is on level with a GM in our system...and was also regarded as probably the strongest Jedi when it came to knowledge/connection to the Force...)

To better represent Yoda’s variation/use of the power, we’ve added a new Feat available for selection on the Character Sheets.

Bounce It
{{member}} has developed a talent for being able to redirect energy that was absorbed with Deflection and can bounce it back at original sender or a secondary target within line of sight.

This Feat will become available at Equite 1, for now.

On a deeper level, Barrier and Deflection both accomplish a similar goal, but do so in very different ways. Barrier is powerful because, while it requires concentration to maintain, it is a sustained effect against incoming attacks. Unlike Barrier, which can be used in quicker succession and requires the same level of intense concentration, Deflection focuses on matching attacks hit-for-hit. They balance in a way that one isn’t necessarily better than the other. Like everything on the Character all depends on the situation!

I hope this sheds some light on one of the more common misconceptions I see popping up. If you liked this section, or have any questions, please let me know in the comments section or by email!


Weapons Selection Guide (Pre-Possessions)

Weapons Loadout on Character Sheets is a big part of the approval/remand process. In an attempt to provide members with more readily available information that should ensure higher-percentages of approvals, the Voice team (with help from the CM) has come up with this new wiki page, the Weapons Selection Guide!

Within this, we break down the weapons that will closest resemble what Possessions will offer. The Blasters and Slugthrowers sections are probably the most complete. Evant will update everyone on possessions progression moving forward -- this was my answer, for the time being, to help give more knowledge in one place and readily available to the membership.

While it has been mentioned in previous reports by Mav, there has not really been a concrete landing point for information on how Sacramental weapons (such as: name a few) function in-character. I have gone through and explained each reward in better detail while also highlighting their functionality.

I’ve also gone through and written out a description of each Grand Master Royal Guard (GMRG) weapon (thanks for the spot-checks, Turel). While GMRG weapons are cosmetic mostly, we now at least have an actual description of how they could be depicted and used in Fictions or the ACC.

A a big disclaimer note: Revisions are subject to change upon the introduction of the upcoming Possessions system which is coming Soon(TM) to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.


Poison Weapons Policy

Included within the Weapons Selection Guide, we have also hammered out a policy on how Poison Weapons will be handled on the Character Sheets. I’ve gone into very specific detail of how I feel this should work.

The real important thing to note is that you will be required to have the Poison Weapons Feat in order to use poison weapons in the ACC. Why? Mechanics and balance. While it stands to reason that anyone could pick up a knife that has poison on it and fight with it, it raises the question of, “Well, why aren’t all weapons poisoned then?” Requiring the Feat adds an organic “check” within the system so that characters that want to play that angle are forced to do so.

You can jump right to the Poison Weapons Policy here.

Going forward, and if you plan to compete in the ACC, I’d highly recommend updating your Character Sheet towards these new guidelines.

Lightsaber Forms - UPDATED

Oh, right. I did a thing.

As you have no doubt seen by now, the Lightsaber Guide has been condensed and streamlined into a single Wikipedia article that we decided to simply call: Lightsaber Forms.

The goal with this project was to create a streamlined, easy to reference guide on the various lightsaber forms available for selection on the Character Sheets. Each Form is now broken down into six elements: Description, Grip and Stance, Movement, Buzzwords, Weapon Support, and Notable Adherents. What this gives us is a clean snapshot that both judges and writers alike can use as a reference without having to parse through the wonderfully detailed (but over 80 page long) Lightsaber Guide on the main site.

Notable changes are as follows:

  1. All forms are now selectable at the rank of Knight. In the past, styles were restricted by rank, but we’ve decided to open it up to make the achievement of reaching Knighthood all that much desirable and rewarding!

  2. Dun Moch and Trakata were converted into Feats. This was done because each “style” really held no weight as a full form on its own. As a result, they are now supplemental Feats that you can select and apply to any of the other available Lightsaber forms.

  3. Sokan will remain a selectable form. I have heard arguments from both sides of this camp, and argued this literally to the point of nausea. The decision has been made, finalized, and signed by the Grand Master himself. Like all things that exist in the Character Sheets, balance has been applied to make this form carry its own weakness and advantages no differently than any of the other selectable forms.

Congratulations to both Shi Long and Vivackus on their Anteian Cross’! I appreciate the hustle on getting this done.

Beyond that, if anyone is interested, I’m still looking for some more work on this article. Things like CSS tables and image-support would be welcomed. If you’re interested, please let me know!

The second change is a bit more subtle, but involved updating the Lightsaber article in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Codex. This article now describes at which rank each saber style becomes available, and details how the different types of saber forms balance in terms of damage-dealing. I’d highly suggest checking it out!

New Lightsaber Exam?

I talked it over with Bubba, and he gave me permission to throw this out to the public. The Shadow Academy will be looking for a volunteer(s) to update the existing Lightsaber Studies exam. To be clear, I will not be working on the exam other than for review/approval with Bubba, so we are looking for someone that wants to take charge and get this done in a timely manner.

If you are interested, please send an email to Bubba ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), Ood ([Log in to view e-mail addresses] ), and myself.

ACC Exam Reminder

Speaking of exams....

ACC Qualification

The new ACC Qualification Exam has been re-written from scratch and is now live! This also comes with an updated ACC Guide. As I mentioned earlier, ACC Fundamentals has been removed and is no longer an Exam. The ACC Qualification is now a single exam that members will take in order to participate in the ACC.

To answer some questions before they are asked:

  1. If you already Qualified for the ACC (ACC:Q on your Dossier) previously, you do not have to take the new Qualification Exam.

  2. If you are not Qualified for the ACC, you will need to pass the new Exam in order to compete.

  3. Reminder: You must have an approved Character Sheet in order to qualify for the ACC.

ACC Combat Studies

The new ACC Combat Studies was written as a post-Qualification continued education course on how Character Sheets are used in the ACC. The exam involves reading a full 4-post ACC match between the same NPCs featured in the Qualification Exam (Krin and Harry), and has you answering multiple choice questions based on the details and content of the match.

This exam is not mandatory. However, I encourage anyone who is serious about participating in the ACC to read it over and take it. It will help you know better understand how Judges look at matches, and hopefully lead to less confusion when you're writing your own matches.

So, I repeat, if you’re serious about competing in the ACC, take the exam. Please? Kthnx.

As both exams are still very new, any feedback or notes you have would be appreciated. Drop us a line at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and we’ll make sure we make any hotfixes or changes that are needed.


Hand to Hand Guide 2.0

This project was originally being handled by Muz and a few others, but after a few switch overs it has landed (somehow) on my desk. So...


Unfortunately, I don’t have the time I did a few weeks ago when I headlined the Lightsaber Forms documents. Fortunately, I have minio— I mean, dedicated fellow staffers who are eager to assist.

For H2H 2.0, I’m going to be taking a very similar approach to the Lightsaber Forms. This means a succinct breakdown that tells me at quick glance: description, stance, movement and buzzwords. We will also list which “real life” Martial Arts style the respective form is similar to/inspired by.

If someone wants to create a more advanced, pretty document in a large PDF, I’ll be all for it. For now, though, the primary objective is to get all of this information updated and laid out clearly for members to be able to choose which style fits their character best, but also gives a simple guideline of how to write that specific style.

Like Lightsaber Forms, these documents are designed for the Wiki in order to provide members a single, concise source for referencing information when writing combat, whether that be ACC, ACB, or your own fictions.

Pending an update to H2H styles, ACC Judges will be lenient on the specific differences between forms. If you’re curious about something, just ask us.

  • Contibutor Kz’set (Arden)
  • Contributor Mirus

If anyone has interest in aiding with the completion of this project, please let me know. Volunteers are always welcome in our wonderful volunteer club!

I’m always working on something, and there is always something that (probably) needs doing. There are a lot of things still left to be fixed with the CS Reference Material and the ACC, so if you have pitched an idea to me on Telegram and I seem short or curt, it’s because I’m attempting to prioritize the project against everything else that is going on.

If you have a proposal for a project, email is still the best way to do so. I’m always with my phone on Telegram (unless underground on the subway during my daily commutes) but it’s easy to get lost/drowned in my chats (it’s not my fault I’m incredibly popular). My email has a much better filtering system and it’s easier for me to track/delegate information :).

As usual, send your ideas, feedback, or thoughts to [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

ACC Halls / Venues

There is some work to be done with ACC Halls and Venues. People have requested more venues, and we have been exploring how best to make the “Story Hall” a bit more useful.

The ACC Halls are now renamed and broken down as follows:

  • Training Halls (Unranked) — The Training Halls are a place for new members to gain experience in the ACC without worrying over their ELO scoring.
  • Duelist Halls (Ranked) — Standard ACC Hall. All matches here are head-to-head, conventional duels.
  • Funderome (Ranked / Unranked) — True to its name, the Funderdome Halls are a place for members to engage in fun, alternate types of ACC Matches. This can range from epic rap battles and dance-offs to other unconventional conflicts that could arise between two characters. Funderdome matches can be Ranked or Unranked, depending on the requesting member’s comfort level. All activity will garner Clusters of Ice per the Voice Guidelines.
  • Scenario Hall (WORK IN PROGRESS) — The Scenario Hall aims to provide challenges for members looking to expand beyond the confines of a conventional head-to-head duel in the ACC. Members will be able to engage in matches that incorporate scenarios or objectives such as: 1v1 vs NPC , 1v1 vs Objective, and more to come!

If you want to add venues for your Clan, please make sure you talk with your Summit who know to email me directly to start that discussion. I’m happy to add in Clan venues, just make sure you bring it to my attention.

ACC Space

  • Contributor: Hades
  • Contributor: Nikola Valtiere
  • Contributor: Rayze Erinos Arconae
  • Contributor: Mirus Hi'ija
  • Contributor: Sashar Erinos Arconae
  • Contributor: Nathan Deciarus

The team is working slowly, making sure the details and guidelines I requested are set up. This mostly includes the logistics of ships/stats/damage. It will be completed when it’s ready, and not a second sooner.

Antei Contract Bureau

Due to recent developments and decisions by the Voice, I’m going to be talking about the ACB in a separate news post. There is already a lot of information in this report, so I’m going to give the ACB its own space to explain what’s going on.

That should cover everything on the plate for now.


Grand Master’s Invitational Tournament

As Sarin mentioned in his original outline months ago, as well as in his most recent address to the Brotherhood, I am going to be running my second DB-wide ACC competition that we are calling: “The Grand Masters Invitational Tournament.”

Or as I like to think of it...


(What’s that? No? Oh. Frak. I guess Wombats are not canon. Nevermind.)


This snapshot shows the meat of what the Tournament will be about.

You can view the rest of the details here in the published form (shiny and chrome).

The main thing to take away from all that information is as follows:

  • This tournament will consist of all 2/2 Singular Ending matches with the finals bumped to a 3/3 format.

  • Each Clan gets 2 members to compete as their Champions (Selected by the unit’s Consuls)

Sigh...okay, let’s get this gif out of the way now.


  • The Grand Master will nominate 2 Dark Councilors to compete as Champions.


... ffs. Anyway, moving along.

  • The final four and the two finalists will receive accessory and weapon goodies! These are detailed in the document above, but here is a quick look at all three. Thanks Slag/Vyr for GFXing these for me based on my crappy sketches!

  • The signet ring is exclusive to this tournament. The Bracer and Vambrace, however, will become possessions items for the ACC (which doesn’t get a society, so, close enough) and will be up for rewards in future ACC competitions as well!

  • There will be an introduction fiction to kick off the Tournament that covers the slight politics of the Tournament.

I’ve already reached out to the individual unit leaders regarding their selections. They have until Sunday, November 15th, to get me their selections. These nominations will come from the Consuls directly, and I will post the bracket in a news post that will accompany the launch of the tournament.


The ACC team, myself, and former CM/DGM Mav have all worked hard to bring you an updated rubric for the ACC. You can view the rubric here.

The first tab is very straight-forward and is a conventional rubric. The biggest change is in clearly outlining how realism, syntax, and continuity are graded based on errors-found.

We added a second tab that expands a bit on the things that judges look for/consider in ACC matches. These were created for transparency and to make even more information readily available to members.

The Rule of 2 (Judges)

I will also add really quickly that any match that is considered close will have two judges confirming the final verdict. Even on a more clear-cut match, judges will often confer with one another to make sure that they are referencing the correct mechanic, usage, or detractor point. We are in constant communication as a team and work as one mind. Please keep this in mind when reading your judgements.

As usual if you ever have any questions, just send us an email at: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


With the success of Rivalries, I am confident that Singular Ending matches will carry over into my vision for this Tournament. If it falls short, feel free to leave feedback at the end of the event. I’d love to hear people's thoughts and opinions! I appreciate everyone’s support, patience, and continued desire to be a part of the services we (at the ACC and Voice Staffs) work hard to provide for you guys.

For everything else, I just wanted to throw out a casual reminder to anyone still actually reading this report: the DJB is supposed to be a fun place. We have our rivalries and competitive streaks. We tease one another and sometimes can accidently say the wrong things at the wrong time. Please always try and remember that there are real life people that are behind the dossier and IRC/Telegram handles. A lot of us dedicate our time and energy because we want to make this club a better place. Part of that involves creating guidelines (and sometimes restrictions), instilling changes, and adapting to a rapidly evolving future while always keeping our eyes forward. If you get told you can’t have a custom (glares at V’yr), cortosis-weave Darth Vader super-suit (with climate control, re-breather, and unlimited ammo reserves) it’s not because we want to oppress your creativity, it’s because we’re creating a realistic standard that creates a fair / level playing field for anyone who wishes to join our little corner of the internet. Open minds, positive thoughts. Pew pew!



One last thing. I don’t usually like to focus on myself, but sometimes someone does something for you that’s so super awesome you have a desire to share it. Out of the kindness of his heart, the recently returned Cyris Oscura created a commission of Marick that portrayed him in a way I had never really thought of him in before. His work is amazing, and I think closer to the holidays when he has more time he’ll be looking to set-up a deviant page that I’ll make sure to share with everyone. Check it out!


Okay, that’s all I have. This is actually the longest report I’ve created. Thanks for reading.



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So much awesomeness in the world of Star Wars, summed up by Yacks here and there. Force Awakens photos and footage everywhere! Rebels Season 2! Tickets for TFA on sale! Excitement to the MAX! I purchased the PS4/Battlefront bundle and am pumped to...

Read More …



So much awesomeness in the world of Star Wars, summed up by Yacks here and there. Force Awakens photos and footage everywhere! Rebels Season 2! Tickets for TFA on sale! Excitement to the MAX!

I purchased the PS4/Battlefront bundle and am pumped to get gaming. My PS handle is “DexterPax” and all should friend me! I can also be friended on Xbone under “DexterPax.”

This report includes a few “heads up” notices, details regarding Equite timeline changes, and some numbers.


Equite Stopwatch…GO!

As alluded by Sarin, we are cutting time-in-grade requirements for Equite ranks hard core. This is in response to a pretty overwhelming opinion across Brotherhood members and leaders that people want to tear down the DJK Wall, more or less.

I view ranks as a bell curve. Everyone will not become an Elder, but it’s important for Sarin and I to agree on where we want the peak of the curve to fall. Right now, I think it falls around EQ2 and that is not good. EQ4 seems the better option. This is one step in that direction.

These changes come with notes. First, the numbers:

  • EQ1: 2 months minimum; 4 months average
  • EQ2: 4 months minimum; 6 months average
  • EQ3: 6 months minimum; 12 months average; 3 months of CON-level leadership or equivalent
  • EQ4: 8 months minimum; 16 months average; 6 months of CON-level leadership or equivalent

Before today, the standard member would need to be active for 40 months to go from JM4 to EQ4. Now, a regularly active member can go from JM4 to EQ4 in as few as 20 months and on average between 25-38 months.

These changes come with notes:

  • The minimum time for each rank is a HARD minimum; no exceptions.
  • The average time for each rank is where most promotions will fall. I will spend the next few months gathering example promotions of each type, but it is also the responsibility of good unit leadership to recognize the difference. Average activity typically means weekly activity via gaming, competition participation, regular communication, so on.
  • At least one-third of time in grade must be recent. This applies to members returning from Rogue status or members who stay on the roster yet do nothing for months (shown via DJB History tab).
  • There remain no checklists for Equite ranks. There is a time requirement. The leadership requirements for EQ3 and EQ4 stay. Otherwise, be active. Look at other members at that rank and read their promotion recommendation. Read our Golden Recommendation examples.
  • Read the Promotion Requirements Wiki page.

A CON By Any Other Name

Recently we ran into a scenario of a QUA wanting to award his CON for internal clan work and needing to pass that through Sarin first. After discussing, we have tweaked the standard “go up the chain of command” rule.

Inward and Outward Activity: if a Consul manages a clan event or does something that only affects the clan, any clan leader can award the Consul without GM approval so long as the award is for the specific activity (not “general CONing”). Leaders should, however, consult the PCON to make sure everyone is on the same page.

For Consul work that extends beyond the clan (which includes general CONing as that means DC-level communication), awards should be channeled through the Grand Master. Promotions always fall under outward.

Skinny Dipping Journeymen

Also recently we ran into a scenario of how Journeyman promotions work with our double dipping policy. The answer is loosely. Journeyman promotions are cumulative, yes, but we still maintain an across the board rule against recommendations referencing activity from before the last promotion. This system is not perfect and we continually debate improvements.

In the meantime, it is accepted that Journeyman promotions are given slack. This is not to say you should start referencing all activity. Our overall preference is for a promotion to only reference activity since the last promotion, but unless the request is rampant in double dipping we may not always remand it.

Sarin, Mav, James, Howie, and I debate regularly better ways. It is a tough thing that we have yet to crack in a way that will appease everyone and not result in unfairness. My personal goal is once more pressing matters are resolved (possessions and New Canon DB 2.0) I intend to get this discussion going full steam ahead.

Some Competition Class

My staff has recently started getting more strict on competitions. This will continue. Here are some general notes and tips that come up regularly:

  • Only put information in subscriber details if it needs to be kept hidden (flash game link, trivia questions); we remand competitions with details that should be public.
  • Everyone cannot make their competitions DJB-wide just because. There’s little to no reason an AED’s competition should be DJB-wide.
  • Few competitions require multiple co-organizers. Auto-graded competitions (most gaming) require none but can have a max of one. Major clan parent and sub-competitions may be exceptions, but a Journeyman’s promotion competition does not need the master, QUA, and AED attached. This is stat bumping and will be remanded. Take a look at the Crescents Wiki page for a reminder on how crescent tiering is selected. Trivia and flash games are bumped down a tier.

Bagel Bites

Journeyman Transparency

At the prodding of Aexod and coding genius of James, there is now an outward facing Promotheus tool that allows Journeymen to view their progress and list of activities.

Leadership Competitions

After helping create the course and grading it for months, Landon has passed Docent duties to Kelly Mendes for Leadership Competitions in the Shadow Academy. Thank you, again, for your diligence, Landon!

Tip of the Report

Sometimes, a request is remanded because of the recommendations; the promotion/medal may be justified, but the writing has to adhere to standards. Otherwise things get thrown in my face six months down the road!


These last two months of 2015 are going to be absolutely amazing. Battlefront. Star Wars 7. More books. More comics. It’s too much to handle!

Friend me on Xbox or PS: DexterPax. I look forward to playing with everyone.

As always, hit me and/or my staff up if you have questions about policy or a request submitted or recently remanded and/or denied. We can be reached en masse at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

The Numbers Game: September

  • Promotions Approved: 56
  • Medals Approved: 62
  • Medals Remanded: 14
  • Competitions Approved: 68
  • Competitions Remanded: 24
  • Name Changes: 19
  • Unit/Path/Order/Tradition Changes: 72
  • AWOL to Rogues: 9

The Numbers Game: October

  • Promotions Approved: 51
  • Medals Approved: 64
  • Medals Remanded: 14
  • Competitions Approved: 144
  • Competitions Remanded: 37
  • Name Changes: 13
  • Unit/Path/Order/Tradition Changes: 41
  • AWOL to Rogues: 22


  • Time in grade for Equite ranks drastically reduced
  • Inward and outward distinction regarding who can award who
  • Journeyman promotions are cumulative, but try not to double dip when wording recommendations
  • We’re being more critical with competitions; learn from it
  • Battlefront releases 17 November!
  • I bought too many Ep 7 tickets…

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