Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle Qirool VI Qirool System Taldot Sector The shuttle soared through the valley, hills flashing by as the pilot honed in on their target. The Lieutenant piloting the shuttle scanned the horizon, watching out for any inherent...

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Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle

Qirool VI

Qirool System

Taldot Sector

The shuttle soared through the valley, hills flashing by as the pilot honed in on their target. The Lieutenant piloting the shuttle scanned the horizon, watching out for any inherent threats that would impact their flight path. Three other Lambda-class T-4a shuttles accompanied the ship.

The co-pilot watched the data output from the computer and pressed a button to open the comms to the seating area where several Sadowans and Warhost soldiers sat. “We’re approaching the drop site, prepare for landing.” The co-pilot then flipped a switch that bathed the seating area in red light, a visual warning for the passengers.

Raikou Keibatsu checked his rifle in response to the warning, the Aedile had volunteered to join the lead party investigating the reports of ancient ruins on the planet. Naga Sadow had undergone a recent metamorphosis. Their previous Consul, Locke Sonjie, had announced that the Clan were to rebuild the mythical Sith empire of the legend, Naga Sadow. To do so, they were to seek out ancient Sith artifacts that could be used against their enemies and tear down the power of the Dark Council and the Star Chamber.

The soldier didn’t care much for the idea, but he always relished the opportunity to excel and prove that he was more than a clone and worthy of respect. The strike by the Iron Throne against Naga Sadow had debilitated the Clan and destroyed several of their larger ships and injured Locke Sonjie. The Proconsul, Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar, had stepped into the void and risen to command the Clan that wished to herald in a new Sith Empire.

It was he who had declared that the Clan would continue to follow Sonjie’s vision and seek out artifacts. The Consul was situated on the Harbinger, a recently appropriated elderly Venator-class Star Destroyer in orbit over the planet. The Harbinger had been named for it’s predecessor, lost over Sepros in the strike by the Iron Throne. The Venator was accompanied by several other vessels, the bulk of which had been bought or stolen to shore up the losses that the Warhost had suffered, yet they did not plug the wounds that had been made.

Raikou didn’t regret volunteering for the mission in the slightest, and nodded at his companions seated opposite him. Tasha Vel’Versa smiled and nodded in response, while Armad simply stared back at the Aedile. The pair had been hand-picked by the Consul to be part of the expedition, who was assured of their loyalty and dedication to the cause.

Each shuttle contained more Sadowans, such as the new Quaestor of Shar Dakhan, Evelynn Wyrm and his compatriots, Aul Celsus and Lilith Alema’rha Versea-Stormwind.

The red light bathing the seating area began to pulse as the shuttle came into land and then turned green as the door opened. Raikou hit the release switch on his harness and exited the shuttle, his rifle raised as he scanned the area for threats. More Warhost troopers stomped down the ramp as the other shuttles landed.

VEN Harbinger

In orbit of Qirool VI

Qirool System

Taldot Sector

Jax Bendal stood on the bridge of the Harbinger, the newly appointed Proconsul was a relative newcomer to Naga Sadow, yet the man had filled the void in the Shadow Academy left by Marcus Kiriyu’s death. The Raider had a need to prove himself to his compatriots and was over eager to see that this investigation was a success. Admiral Simonetti, usually an ever-present addition to any Warhost operation was still recovering from his wounds received during the attack and instead the operation was masterminded by the Captain of the Harbinger, Wes Terol, who had commanded the Harbinger’s namesake.

The Chiss watched the progress of the shuttles on the computer screen, noting their touchdown with satisfaction. The planet was uninhabited according to their scans, yet caution was always required to avoid catastrophe. The shuttles had been accompanied by a squadron of T-70 X-Wings, who had parted ways to fly overwatch before returning to the Harbinger. If there was any trouble, air support could be scrambled and reach the expedition in minutes.

Sanguinius sat uncomfortably on a chair that had been installed near the rear left hand corner of the bridge, put there despite his protestations. The Augur had taken the role of Consul, but disliked the pageantry that often accompanied the role.

Wes Terol stood up from where he was leaning over the computer display and moved to where Sanguinius and Jax were located. “It appears that the expedition has landed safely, Consul.”

“Thank you, Captain.” Sang replied, smiling at the Chiss. “Please do keep me informed if there are any further developments.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Jax watched the Captain walk away before speaking. “Why are we not on the ground leading the expedition?” he enquired.

“Because despite the position I find myself in, Jax. I feel the need to let our fellow Sadowans blow off some steam.”

“So, we should have struck back against the Iron Throne!” Jax demanded.

“That would be folly, my friend. Let Pravus think that we are scared and licking our wounds. It makes us all the more dangerous.”

Jax kept silent, biting his tongue.

“Anyway, let us hope that the expedition has some good news for us.” Sang finished.

The rest of the fiction can be found here: New Ties Fiction

Welcome to our co-op event between Naga Sadow and Tarentum.

The aptly named New Ties denotes an opportunity for Naga Sadow to develop a friendship with our fellow club members and for both Clans to have the chance to have some fun before the upcoming Great Jedi War taking place this summer.

As you might have seen in the fiction, Clan Naga Sadow has gone exploring, eager to find artifacts that will allow them to herald the return of their namesake’s Sith Empire. Unfortunately, our little expedition runs into a problem that only one of our fellow Clans can help us with. Tarentum, experts in dealing with the dead due to their past exploits, has come to assist their new found “friends”.

Whether Tarentum and Naga Sadow part on good terms will be a different matter. Will Naga Sadow retrieve what they were looking for on Qirool VI? Will Tarentum take the artifact from them?

Well, you’ll find out as we progress through New Ties.

For our friends in Tarentum, the Week 1 fiction is unfortunately Naga Sadow heavy due to setting the scene. I am looking forward to the other fictions for the opportunity to highlight our new friendships and interact with one another! :D (hint: I’m also looking forward to your RO posts).

My terrible fiction writing was inflicted on you for Week 1, I hope that it wasn't too bad for you all!

Frosty, Beef, Jax and I have got lots of competitions for you to enjoy and I’d like to thank those who got involved in creating this event, such as Evelynn, Muz, Bentre, Korras and Ranarr! I'd also like to thank our Herald, Vyr, for his quick turn around in throwing together a banner for the event despite my terrible gfx ideas.

We’ve using a brand new custom Telegram channel for this event, the link to that can be found here.

The Wiki Page for this event can be live soon and I'll advertise the link on Telegram. My thanks to Bentre for putting this together!


In the interest of openness, we are using the following scoring system for this event.

Overall Awards:

  • Overall event winners (for Crescents) will be based on point totals
  • 2nd-level Crescents, upgrades for high activity levels.

Competition Winners:

  • 2nd-level Crescents mainly, with upgrades for activity.

Grading/Point System: (per competition)

Weekly competitions:

  • 1st - 5 points
  • 2nd - 3 points
  • 3rd - 2 points
  • All other - 1 point

Event long running competitions (3 weeks):

  • 1st - 10 points
  • 2nd - 8 points
  • 3rd - 5 points
  • All other - 3 points


You can find our rather large list of competitions below.

Running for 3 weeks

Week 1

As you can see, we have 4 competitions running over the entirety of the event, a Battle Plan, a Run On and two gaming events.

You will see between 5-10 weekly competitions for Weeks 2 and 3. This will allow you the opportunity to find something for everyone.

In Closing

The next three weeks are an opportunity for us to have fun, make new friends and become less isolated (Naga Sadow!) Take the chance to chat to one another and work together where possible.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Frosty or myself and we’ll be able to provide an answer.

Have fun!



Dark Brotherhood News - Spring is Here In the Northern hemisphere spring has arrived, well except here in NYC where we got hit with a big snowstorm and expecting more snow this weekend. So yeah it happens but no matter what gaming and gaming news...

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Dark Brotherhood News - Spring is Here

In the Northern hemisphere spring has arrived, well except here in NYC where we got hit with a big snowstorm and expecting more snow this weekend. So yeah it happens but no matter what gaming and gaming news continues to flow.

This month we have had a few big releases with a new Tom Clancy game and the new Mass Effect game coming soon and the new Nintendo Switch released not too long ago. It’s already the fastest selling console in history (as per super nintendo chalmers) let’s just hope it does better than the WII U.



News for Gamers

  • As always you should read the latest FIST Report. Besides announcing a nice upgrade to the Fistbot (Thanks James!) the biggest news is the opening of 2 FIST magistrate positions open to applications. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to spread their wings outside of their clan. Go read Drac’s report for the details and remember the DEADLINE FOR APPLICATIONS IS MARCH 21ST!


  • This month we have a “few” members “excited” over some soon to be released games. Like a game called Mass Effect: Andromeda which is fully released next Tuesday March 21st. This game doesn’t follow directly after ME 3 but it’s a offshoot story that takes place in the Andromeda galaxy.

  • For our Diablo 3 fans Blizzard dropped a update on the upcoming Necromancer he is not part of a expansion but more of a content update. Price and release date are coming soon (™). Coming even sooner then the necro will be Season 10 and Patch 2.5.0 which will add a Armory to store up to 5 Character builds, a extremely useful crafting UI, Adventure mode changes and the introduction of Primal Ancient items!

  • In Overwatch Competitive Season 4 has already started and comes with some Skill rating and Respawn changes as well. Also the new hero Orisa is going through the paces on the PTR so OW’s 6th tank can be played now on the public test region now. If you like to learn more about this new character check out her official detail page.

  • Destiny Fans get ready for the FINAL live event for Destiny 1 Age or Triumph Reveal from March 9th plus more from March 17th Article. Feel free to watch all the Developer videos on Destiny HERE. To prepare for this event which releases on March 28th Bungie brings back the 25% XP buff for Nightfall Strikes


Gaming Deals - A place where if I find a good sale I’ll pass it along.

  • IGN has a nice Deals page which lists some of the web’s biggest deals like getting Mass Effect Andromeda for 20% off (physical copy only). Go check it out!

  • Steam as always has something on SALE this time is a 2K publisher Sale. Did you ever want to play any of the Civilization, X-COM or Borderlands games then now is your time to check this sale out.

  • Humble Bundle has it’s Jumbo Bundle 8 with games like Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, Turmoil, Verdun and the Legend of Eisenwald.


Gaming Comps


Important FIST Information

Below are all the links you will ever need to either contact the FIST staff, join a gaming channel, look up a rule or game mode cluster value. I will update this as needed with each report.

  • Rites of Combat - is the place to find all the rules for gaming in the DJB.
  • FIST-o-matic - a quick guide on how to use the Telegram fistbot.
  • Pendant of Blood - how to earn PoB’s.
  • Cluster Tables - is the place to find out what game mode offerr what Cluster (Earth and Fire) value.
  • Tier 1 and Teir 2 games - os the complete list of all our approved game AND SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS! Not sure what shot to submit look HERE!
  • Don’t forget we have our very own Teamspeak Server. It’s a great way to voice chat with your fellow members and also a great way to communicate when gaming. Check out the details. Or just log on using this information - Server Address: and the password is DJBrulez1

How to contact the FIST staff anytime using these methods:


In conclusion -

A lot of fun stuff is happening and with the warmer weather (supposedly) coming there should be a few more big releases before the summer drought. So if anything interesting pops up, like E3 in a few months. I’ll make sure to drop what news I get.

So before I Urge anyone interested in working for the FIST office to make sure you get your applications to Drac and myself by the 21st and good luck to all that apply!



[fist] [gaming] [praetor] [report]

Dark Brotherhood, Our Fist, Battlemaster Dracaryis, has performed exceptionally over the past several months leading our Club's gaming. Mav and I recently conducted a medal review and realized he had yet to be awarded a sacramental award. We...

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Dark Brotherhood,

Our Fist, Battlemaster Dracaryis, has performed exceptionally over the past several months leading our Club's gaming. Mav and I recently conducted a medal review and realized he had yet to be awarded a sacramental award. We thought we would rectify that on this Friday morning and award Drac a Sapphire Blade for his outstanding work. Please take the time to congratulate our Fist on his new award!


Hello Space Cowboys! There are a few updates the Herald Staff would like to share with you, so let's get right into it. DB Graphics Rubric v.2.0 During the past several weeks the Herald staff has worked on expanding the current official...

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Hello Space Cowboys!

There are a few updates the Herald Staff would like to share with you, so let's get right into it.

DB Graphics Rubric v.2.0

During the past several weeks the Herald staff has worked on expanding the current official Graphics rubric and handling some issues we've had with it.

Competition runners have had issues with ties in the top three way too often for us to ignore the issue, so we've included another grading rank and spread out the descriptions further, giving comp runners more options to choose from.

Of course the system itself is never perfect, but I do urge everyone to read the rubric in detail before using it. Assign grading according to your own conscience and try to remain fair.

As always any issues can be brought up directly to me, C’ree, or the Staff mail.

You can find the new rubric here: DB Graphics Rubric v.2.0

Quick edit: the Herald Competition Approval Guidelines have been updated with the new rubric. All currently running competitions may run through with the old rubric without issue. This new rubric will be applicable to new competitions.

Note: we've included two different grading templates, one for single entries and another for groups. You are free to use them any way you wish.

Herald Tournament: Shroud War

Link to the comp: [Herald Tournament]Shroud War

First of all, we'll be updating the grading criteria of the Tournament to the afforementioned DB Graphics Rubric 2.0.

This is important as we feel that it will give us more breathing room and fewer ties overall.

Secondly, we have 46 subscribers!

That is an excellent number and we're really happy there is so much interest. Remember, it doesn't matter how much skill you have, every round you pass gives you participation and Clusters, helps you and your Clan, and is there for you to enjoy.

If you still haven't joined do so now. The competition proper starts on the 18th of March and will run, one round per week, until it is finished.

Fiction will be included as will features for many participants should they want to.

Obsolete Robes and Weapons removal

Now for some news from the nitty-gritty part of our job.

I've decided a while ago to remove a lot of the unused and very old skins from our selector. Reasons and conditions were thus:

  • image quality was very poor (mostly very old jpegs)
  • designs and methods used for creation of these skins were outdated
  • skins we're not being used by active members

We have removed 43 robe skins and 35 weapons (lightsabers mostly). Don't panic, though. As I said, none of the actively used skins were removed. All your dossiers are intact and there is still 787 weapons and 374 robes to choose from. :)

That's all for today. Enjoy.



star wars herald dark jedi brotherhood

First, I'm sorry Sang, for bumping your news post! For those interested in an Aedile opportunity in Clan Naga Sadow, go here! Secondly, I feel like I just wrote a report, well... be thankful this isn't one. The talking has completed and we...

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First, I'm sorry Sang, for bumping your news post! For those interested in an Aedile opportunity in Clan Naga Sadow, go here!

Secondly, I feel like I just wrote a report, well... be thankful this isn't one. The talking has completed and we have the green light to move forward with the first trial run of the Creative Writing Workshop. I have been granted leave to "shout from the rooftops" that this course will be treated as the requirement for the Dark Sage of Writing degree.

Thank you, Farrin. I believe my voice is growing hoarse as a result.

Creative Writing Workshop


What is this thing of which I speak? Well, let's outline exactly what it entails. This workshop will span 17-18 weeks (4.5 Months) and include the following segments:

  1. Introductions
  2. Tenets of Writing
  3. Understanding Character Sheets
  4. Writing in the Antei Combat Center
  5. Writing in Run-Ons
  6. Conclusions

Excluding sections 1 and 6, each of these will include assignments that must be completed. The first section has two assignments, to differentiate itself from the others.

How do you pass the course?

Required Criteria:

You must complete each assignment throughout the Workshop and participate in discussions, either directly with the instructor or with the group thread.

Be ACC Qualified. You can't complete that segment without it.

Additional Criteria:

To compliment your full participation, you must either maintain a 3.0 scoring minimum average through the course or show a full scale point increase by the end of the assignments resulting in a 3.0 or higher score.

Trial Run

This course will only be accepting a maximum of 5 members for this initial run. It will be run by myself as the instructor and the primary discussions will take place via a collective email thread. This is to both preserve the material for proof of completion and to shy away from using a public forum such as the Discourse. The intent is not to put members on display or embarrass them, but to instruct and learn. This form will be open for up to 2 weeks before selections are made.

You can use the following sign-up form to put your name down to be randomly selected for this initial run:

Click me! I'm the sign-up form!

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a bit nervous. This is the largest scale thing I've taken lead on thus far (Possessions doesn't count, I was merely lead grunt). This trial run is to help make sure things go smoothly before opening up to more instructors.

I hope those who are selected are able to get the most out of this experience, and know that there will be more opportunities coming in the future.

Good luck, everyone.


degree sage signup trial creative writing workshop

The below is posted on behalf of Evelynn Wyrm, Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. Greetings everyone! As you may or may not know, I have been appointed as the new Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. This means that the Aedile position is now open, and I am...

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The below is posted on behalf of Evelynn Wyrm, Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan.

Greetings everyone! As you may or may not know, I have been appointed as the new Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan. This means that the Aedile position is now open, and I am looking to fill it! This is why I’m opening Club wide applications that will run until March 25th!

Things I’m looking for in applicants:

  • Experience in writing fiction.
  • Personal Activity. Leading by example is really important.
  • Passionate about the Brotherhood.
  • Outside the box thinking, fresh ideas, not following standard DJB stereotypes.
  • A will of your own. I don’t want a puppet to do my bidding, I want a person who is willing to stand up for something he believes.
  • Ability to work in a team.
  • Less than 24-hour email turnaround time.
  • A strong Telegram presence.
  • Having taken and passed the Shadow Academy's Leadership is not a requirement, but will be greatly appreciated.

Things I am going to give back:

  • A sincere relationship, little to no secrets on all my plans, all my thoughts.
  • Leadership guiding. I will teach you everything I know.
  • The opportunity to grow. I will not spam you with long, difficult projects so you don’t have time for yourself. I want you to be happy and have fun, that’s why we’re all here.

Applications should be sent to Sanguinius ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), Jax ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). I don’t believe in a set template for applications, so they can be in any form you feel works best.

Looking forward to seeing the applications!

Battlemaster Evelynn Wyrm

Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan

Clan Naga Sadow


Well, it's that time again. The one where I write a bunch of words and you can either read'em or skim'em. Either way, we're doing this thing. This won't be a world shattering report by any means, but inside of it we shall cover...

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Well, it's that time again. The one where I write a bunch of words and you can either read'em or skim'em. Either way, we're doing this thing. This won't be a world shattering report by any means, but inside of it we shall cover the following: first ACC Intel fiction, new Judge appointment, progress update for the Creative Writing Workshop, evaluating the prospectus thus far, and some general ACC tips.

There ain't no TL;DR here. This is the Wild West of knowledge drops. You take what you want.

That said, while I have you captivated and you haven't jumped to the Table of Contents (or perhaps you did, you rebel), I'd like to quickly remind everyone that we went ahead and updated the Sephi Species Feats to fall in line with their updated approach in Canon. I want to showcase this as an example where our system is not set in stone. Things can and will be changed. In this case, there were enough member remarks regarding it and it was something that had been eyed by staff several times since the inception of CS 2.0.

If you want to see change in our system, all you have to do is present your case. We don't condemn those who have differing opinions, but we do respond significantly better to constructive dialogue over simply complaints. Sure, something may be wrong, but how do you propose it can be fixed? And why? These are what we look for when prioritizing changes in the system.

So, let's step into my office.


Table of Contents
  1. ACC Intel
  2. New Judge: BOGO Deal
  3. Creative Writing Workshop: Sitrep
  4. Prospectus Review
  5. ACC Tips
  6. Important Links


ACC Intel

As mentioned in my previous reports, we will be featuring member focused fictions as intel drops. This is not a platform for showcasing our personal glory (as recognizable as mine is), but an opportunity to shine a spotlight on the stories of the members that delve into the ACC. How do you get in on this? Well, participate in the ACC.

But Atra, there has to be more than that!

Indeed there is, random citizen. Participation merely gets you in the door. Each month, between reports, I am polling my Judging staff for nominations of members. Then we look at the number of matches completed and the quality of those matches. We also look at how engaged a member might be in the Fiction chat. Simply put, "do the things". That's how you get featured.

That sounds like work.

I know, and Gods forbid we catch work. Vile illness, that. But if you're enjoying what you're doing then is it really work? And that enjoyment will show in the quality of what you're doing. Downright infectious stuff.

So, with that info dump out of the way, let's delve into the files and see what we find. Looks like we got a recent field report regarding one Justinios Drake. Computer, do your thing!


Click here to continue reading...


New Judge: BOGO Deal

So, this is a thing. As I made apparent last week, I was in the hunt for a new Judge to fill the vacuous space — and shoes — left behind by Korroth. Applications closed this past Sunday night and then came the hard part. Great apps all around, really. That's not me blowing smoke up the drapes.

While deliberating, however, I got hit with another jab. Followed by a cross punch. Then a haymaker.


I know, right? So there's this guy, Turel, and he's all about his soap box and fighting for the users. Just an incredible guy, mkay. Good bringer of perspectives. Except the perspective he brought this time is: I need to step down.

Right in the gut. It's like he has other roles to focus on in this club. Like Hand of Justice. And Consul, I guess. Not as important as ACC Judge, but he's got roles to fulfill.

Yeah, those aren't important at all.

I will disregard your sarcasm and substitute my own! So, instead of getting all mopey while I stab him for his sudden but inevitable betrayal, I chose to take a second look through the applications. No need to make everyone send them in again, you know?

And thus, we got ourselves a Buy One, Get One deal. Instead of hiring a single Judge from the pool of applicants, we get two. I'd like everyone to take a moment to congratulate (or give condolences to) Thanadd Mawgath and Kordath Bleu.

Thanadd is new to these parts (the ACC), but he shows a drive and thirst for understanding that is good to see. We feel he's going to fit in well with the group and catch on fast. It's a team environment, and rarely are we ever presenting a judgement without conferring with that team.

Kordath is the reverse: a very known entity in the ACC. This is a guy who thought he was free of me when he stepped down from Magistrate to the Voice. But you're not, Kord. Never free. This guy is probably only behind Turel in terms of experience with the current ACC system, so it's about time he takes a step over to the other side and gets a chance to put that knowledge to use. Should have died the hero, Kord, 'cause now you've lived long enough to become the villain.


Creative Writing Workshop: Sitrep

Hey, it's that thing I keep talking about in every report! Well, in the interest of full disclosure, it's a big one. These things take time. Especially if you want to try your damnedest to get it right the first time around. So, where am I at on this?

Let me guess, still WIP?

Listen here you little... Calming breaths. Super calm. I'm the most calm of the calm ones. Call me Calmtra Ventus.

You're digressing.

It's done, okay! Yeesh. The syllabus, plan of action, and the assignments have been prepared. So why am I not launching this quite yet? Well, 'cause we're going to be doing a trial run to start it off. But it has to have a few more eyes on it first. Something like this is big and we want to make sure it's as beneficial as possible for those who get in on it.

So I did the thing that I do best and I poked some folks. Those folks may, or may not, be high positioned members that may, or may not, run something called the Shadow Academy. Maybe. Maybe not. If that were to be the case, we're essentially exploring if there is any interest on that front for integration of any kind.

Once that's sorted, I'll be putting out a sign up form to get an initial pool of interest through which to select the participants for the first group. Know going into this that it is not an overnight experience. The Creative Writing Workshop is tantamount to a free educational course. It's a small group with an instructor and can take upwards of 4.5 months to complete in full.

With that in mind, we got a Great Jedi War on the horizon. That means this trial run may need to hit the pause button somewhere along the way. That's fine. Better for those hiccups to happen in the trial than a hard release. Can pick it right back up when that's done, if it happens.

I'm excited about this, if you can't tell. Hope some of you are too.


Prospectus Review


So, what sort of stuff have we accomplished thus far? Well, we got new staff, a new emblem, the ACC History wiki update, and had one new tournament so far. That's 4 out of the initial 6 or so goals I set out last October. Pretty good, I must say. But there is more to come.


Creative Writing Workshop

You saw the sitrep. This is pending the trial run.


Venue Review

Yeah, so this got lost in the echo, so to speak. A lot of work went into Venues prior to the position shuffle and it needs to be un-lost. I think there's a word for that. Anyhow, this is a big one on the docket. We want lots of exciting set pieces for matches to take place. However, remember that the venues don't tell your story for you. They are a backdrop to be used. The descriptions of these locales are merely meant to give you enough information to have a mental image of what it looks like and what sort of threats and obstacles are to be found.

Feat Review

There are so many Feats. Gaggles of them. They are in need of prying eyes. More or less, the goal with this one will be to compile a list of all active Feats in the system and then clean them up. Get the syntax and presentation all nice and pretty. Keeping it in line with our current approach to these. Then we will be identifying what is "saturated" in terms of Skills and Powers being modified and what is "lacking". This will lead into the possible creation of new Feats, or even the removal of some. Who knows? It'll be exciting to find out.


ACC Tips

Time Management

This is the hidden skill challenge of the ACC. Honestly, it's the real killer for many members. Yeah, we get all the Time Out emails, so we got a good sense of it. I've, personally, heard two schools of thought when it comes to this. First off, there are those who aren't a fan. They feel the Time Out system should be removed and matches can just go on indefinitely. Then there's the other folks. The ones that call it part of the ACC's challenge, especially considering that all ACC major events are timed (3 days, typically).

As the current Combat Master, my view on this matter is that Time Outs are a "loss condition" in the ACC. It's a term that comes from many types of games, but most notably card games like Magic: The Gathering and Hearthstone. Many may be familiar with "win conditions". In the ACC, you can attain victory through getting a better score or your opponent timing out (though a win by TO is less rewarding, obviously). Then you have your loss conditions. Some examples are time outs and match detractors. Match detractors are errors within your posts so grievous that you, essentially, auto lose. An example of this would be writing below the minimum word count. Another would be writing something completely unrelated to the match, like a dream sequence about unicorns that never once mentions the conflict in any of your posts while your opponent is trying to write the fight.

I'm straying from the point here, but the goal is to ensure understanding. There are many ways to lose a match, and only a few to win one. Managing your time efficiently is part of the challenge, just like crafting an interesting story and utilizing the character sheets and venue well.

So, how can you handle your time management in the ACC? Know your schedule. It's easy to leave things to the last minute. We all do it. But that isn't really the best way to do things. What if you get writer's block? Now you're stuck grabbing an emergency extension with less than 24 hours until time out. That makes things a little difficult due to the process. Your opponent needs to approve the extension, so you gotta give them time to see the request, and then the staff have to extend it. Most of us have day jobs, so not all requests happening during the day (EST speaking) will get caught until later.

At the same time, especially for us Judges, we can lose sight of the emails in the Google auto-threading. A recent change by James at our request has added the name of the to-be-Timed-Out member into the subject line. This ensures a unique thread that doesn't get lost. That's what we are doing to better help you.

So, what can you do to avoid having to get an extension? Write a little every day, or write it all early. Get it out of the way and then you don't even have to worry about hitting the time out. It's good to plan out a desired word count (on average you should be aiming for 750 words per post) and then break it down into a per day amount. If I only have 3 days, I can write 250 words a day easy. Break it into manageable chunks. Also, you should always be evaluating your timetable. If you even think you aren't going to be able to finish in time, ask for an extension early.

If you can manage this, you can call yourself Master of Time!

What about the Master of Rhyme?

I will HM01 you.

Crafting Your Story

Isn't this the real kicker, eh? While there are four categories in the ACC when it comes to grading, Story is the one with the most weighting. There's a reason for that. This is what we look for. An ACC match isn't just an ecounter. It's not just conflict and smashy smashy. It's a story. There is a beginning, a middle, and an end with the hint of more. A whisper of what came before and what is to come after. Weaving this all together is how you craft your story.

Could you be any more lame? Making me gag here.

Don't tempt me! You know not what horrors you may unleash! Right, so, you need to craft this tale. Yet how exactly do you go about doing it? Well, you need motivation, for one, and a hook. These generally work in tandem somehow. Before you even start writing, you need to understand how and why these characters got to this point. Hint at it or outright state it, whatever is needed to get it to the page. Make it compelling enough and you got your hook. This is the narrative thread that snares your reader and makes them not only read on, but to want to read on.

This isn't going to be the same for everyone, because we all like different things. Also, don't be disheartened that what is new and exciting for you isn't for the Judge. We are jaded folk. Been around a while and see a lot of the same story threads. That's our problem, not yours.

Anyhow, so you got them going and now the weapons are out, shots are fired, blades are swinging. Cool stuff. Now paint the picture. Often times you'll hear people discussing how an image makes them feel. That's because emotion is important, and most humans have it to some degree. The characters are the same in that regard. They are affected by the encounter. Unless they are a droid, or the equivalent of a biological machine. Then they have no emotions. A challenge unto itself. Regardless, most will feel pain, fear, hope, worry, etc. Include that in your writing. Let them be organic.

Who knows, you might be able to weave a full character arc into it. Some evolution of the story that takes the person to another place, transforming them in some way. While that is an extreme, your character should never end the match in the same place they started. Not talking physical space here, but mental. Something should change, because every encounter changes us. Even in small ways.

So, the ending. It needs to be just that: an ending. There should be no question that the conflict of the match has been resolved. Implying it is so is not enough. But the story doesn't stop there. It doesn't cut to black as the character's eyes close. There is more to come. There are repurcussions. Slip in a hint as to what that is, or keep writing a little past the resolution.

Remember, these matches are a snapshot into the lives of these characters. A particularly violent snapshot. It isn't the full story on it's own, but part of the greater biography. Never forget that.

Yeah, it got worse.

You were warned.

Let The Wookiee Win

This is a very important concept in the ACC, and one that everyone should keep in mind. You don't have to win to win. In fact, sometimes it's way better if you don't. It's another sort of power fantasy thing where we all want to be the hero of the story. No matter the variables involved, we always yearn for our character to come out on top. But that doesn't always make the most sense. Sometimes you might even write that character into a corner all on your own. And then what happens? Realistically speaking, your character dies. And that's okay. Unless the members involved have agreed to make their match canon in some way, the ACC is a fantasy with an end result that doesn't matter. Life or death is meaningless. If Alethia kills Mar, that doesn't mean the Proconsul of COU is suddenly dead forever more. Unless they want it to happen.

Stop blowing holes in my ship!

Hey man, #TeamMarlethia. That aside, what I'm trying to say is that the story should always trump everything else. Honestly, while it could happen if very craftfully done, a Journeyman is not going to take out an Elder. The power gap isn't what it once was, but there is still enough separation that, realistically, Jedi Hunter George is going to be killed by Darth Bob.

That's just the logical conclusion. Shoehorning things to make George come out on top increases the risk of running up against the Realism score. So, I know it's hard. Really, I know. Personal experience. But sometimes you have to let the Wookiee win. Otherwise, you're gonna lose. Your arms. From their sockets.

That sounds painful.



ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,



tips progress report new judges let me help you march 6 master combat

Hello yes, this is Wally. A few quick updates before my next report. Voice Competition Approval Guidelines — Updated After a discussion with the DGM and MAA, I’ve updated the wording on a section of the Voice Competition Approval guidelines in...

Read More …



Hello yes, this is Wally. A few quick updates before my next report.

Voice Competition Approval Guidelines — Updated

After a discussion with the DGM and MAA, I’ve updated the wording on a section of the Voice Competition Approval guidelines in regards to “Duration and Timing”.

  • Duration and Timing - The suggested run time for DJB wide fiction competitions is 14-21 days. Members are free to run for shorter, or less, but keep in mind that if a competition does not succeed in gathering enough entries to fill out a standard set of competition crescents, future competitions may be remanded. Competitions that will run over a major Vendetta or Great Jedi War may also be remanded based on overlapping competition run time.

In short, we’ve changed the wording to be a strong suggestion instead of a requirement. That said, the recommendation is there for a reason. This was the best practice solution that previous Voices were able to deduce and in my experience it still holds up and is a fair suggestion. This also means that the Voice Staff does have the ability to remand a competition that fails to garner enough entries in previous iterations.

Character Sheet Approval Guidelines — Updated

I’ve also updated some of the documentation on the Character Sheet Approval Guidelines. I cleaned up a few of the bullet points, and we’ve added the following:

  • Physical Descriptions cannot be used to explain the properties or functions of armor or weapons (such as material resistance or augmentation). These features are available through the Possessions and Loadouts interfaces and fall under the discretion of the Regent staff. In short, we have begun and will continue to issue remands for describing armor properties in your Physical description. As stated above, and reiterated in the Character Creation Guide this field is for describing what your character looks like in a photograph. If I look at at Dark Jedi Josepi, I can see that he is wearing all black robes, a cowl, and a hood. I won’t know that his robes are made of super-special lightweight and blaster resistant material. You can say “rough leather boots” or “soft hide gloves”, but would avoid things like “stealth-enhanced fabric for sneakier sneaking.”

DB Wide Fiction Competitions

There are currently only two club-wide fiction competitions running right now (thanks Benny):

I mention this because after a long few years of repetitive fiction competitions—thanks to the Dark Crusades, Fading Light, and so on—we’ve seen a number of members taking the downtime between major Vendetta’s to run DB-wide fiction competitions. We’ve seen some great member-driven content from members like Qyreia and Blade, and it had been my hope to let these run as they have been. In downtime between major events, I think it’s important for members to be putting out competitions and engaging with their peers.

This is one of a few reasons why there have not been many Voice-sponsored fictions since I’ve taken office. My hope was to let members have some time to run the types of prompts they wanted to run without being force-fed them from the DC. My focus since taking over as Voice (other than the Fiction Updates) has been more on finalizing unfinished projects that had been neglected for various reasons, refining existing documentation and policies (such as adapting to the new Possessions system), and delegating and managing teams to make sure projects are getting developed, completed, and then implemented.

That said, I do have a few ideas going forward to help break away from the norm of fiction prompts. These will also become easier when I get a more solid vision for the storyline of the upcoming Great Jedi War. I also have some ideas for some different kinds of prompts/scenarios that should help spice up the typical fiction competition. The Combat Master will also be running his own kind of workshop that I’m really excited to see. I won’t steal his thunder, but keep an eye out for his next report.

In the meantime, expect some fun competitions coming up tied to the launch of the new DB homeworld/system: Arx.

Speaking of Voice-sponsored competitions though...

Voice Dialogue Series

(Self Hype)

As the questions in the DB Fiction Chat have started to evolve and get more detailed, I’ve started to run a series of competitions designed to help writers become more comfortable writing dialogue between characters that aren’t just their own. An exercise, if you would, but with a potential for crescents and clusters! You can view the container competition here. A quick snippet:

Sponsored by the Voice and brought to you in part by the DB Fiction Chat, the Voice Dialogue Series will be an ongoing exercise in telling a story through dialogue alone. The challenge here is to step outside your comfort zone while learning more about the other characters that make up the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Even if you never write a fiction for a competition in this manner or format, the exercise in and of itself is designed to help you grow more comfortable with speech patterns and having an “ear” for dialogue between characters.

Each iteration will feature a different prompt and may feature a different challenge. Each prompt will run for the span of 2 weeks.

As an added bonus, entries will earn bonus Clusters of Ice. Each entry will also get direct feedback from the Voice.

Part I: A Forced Conversation is currently running. If you need an example, or have any questions, please feel free to let us know. I’ve already had one member writer an entire fiction based off this “exercise”, and I look forward to reading and learning about everyone’s characters as we see them interact with others.

Sephi Species Feats — Updated

Thanks to my favorite Atra — Prince of all Saiyans — we’ve updated the two Species feats for Sephi. You can view them on the Species Wiki page here.


Thanks again to Atra for researching and writing these up. I think this is a great example of how the CS System was meant to be retroactively updated as we go, and one of the biggest perks to the type of system we went with.

You’re welcome, plebeians.

Atra, get out of my updates.

I’m haunting you...

Shut up Ghost Atra!

Brotherhood Fiction Update

As a reminder, please make sure to check out the latest main plot update. You can find more info about it in my news post here.

[The New Order] Chapter 3


In Closing

On a somewhat unrelated note, Vyr is running a very cool and new type of competition for those of you that like competitive graphics. I’m usually not that into graphics other than for-fun entries...but when you turn it into a tournament?


Check it out here.

In other news, K'tana (Maenaki) has been appointed as the Voice's Wit. For anyone unfamiliar with this position, I highly recommend reading Brandon Sanderson's "Way of Kings" from the Stormlight Archives, but in essence, their job is to insult people for the King so that they don't have to lower themselves to such a level. For anyone hanging around Fiction Chat this means she will help with witty comebacks and mom jokes when I'm otherwise occupied.

That's all for right meow. Thank you.



wiggle voice update character sheets fan fiction sith sephi jedi

Introduction Evening space cowboys. It’s time for another Herald report! Table of Contents * Fiction Update * The Herald Tournament Shroud War * February 2017 release * Complaints * Ask the Herald Fiction update Previous chapters: Fiction Archive...

Read More …




Evening space cowboys. It’s time for another Herald report!

Table of Contents

Fiction update

Previous chapters: Fiction Archive

Preceded by: Rogue One Celebration Run On: Discourse

Shroud Nebula

Godless Matron - Chute town

2 days ago - 2 weeks after the Paragon Colony incident

The clamor of Chute Town was almost deafening what with the hoard of the city-ship’s inhabitants rushing through the streets at breakneck pace. Everyone wanted to see the newest spectacle presented to them by the deranged and the psychotic. Even through her well-padded cowl, the Stryga cultist and undercover Inquisitorius agent, Yoi Rosa, could hear the overwhelming uproar. She wore her Strygae red and purple outfit without worry of attack. In fact, most people who saw her or her conveniently-chosen family seemed to avoid her completely. No one wanted to mess with the religious lunatics, and that was precisely why she chose them as her cover. They had an ethereal and utterly dominating influence of the rabble.

She skulked and hugged the shadows under one of the many ruined slums as she approached the crowd lingering in one of the many square-like clearings in the makeshift town. They seemed to cheer, wave their arms, blow their horns, sing, dance, and drink at the sight that didn’t really seem to surprise the woman at all: a human of short, stubby stature — her handler and now former boss, Grand Inquisitor Bama Hodrren — being pulled by his arms and neck and strung on one of the many scaffolds overlooking the street. He wore the gray uniform of the Iron Navy, as he usually did, preferring to keep his identity in plain sight for anyone stupid enough to challenge him. Well, he had certainly found several dozen of those. His uniform was torn up, insignia and honorabilia ripped off and likely already fenced away.

Read more…


The Herald Tournament Shroud War

Welcome to the first ever Herald Graphics Tournament!

The tournament was conceived as a 1v1 battle of the arts where contestants would be pitted against their fellow artists in an art-off, showcasing their skills with the pencil, color, or tablet.

What’s the premise?

A war has started in the Shroud nebula and across Brotherhood space. A silent and hidden war that governments and armies seem to ignore, but it exists and is raging. The Black Sun has seen fit to attack the Shroud Syndicate on their own turf and the many mercenaries, bounty hunters, and criminals of the Brotherhood must band together and fight off this grave threat.

Read more about the start of the war in the latest Herald fiction update.

How to participate?

Go to this link and subscribe. That will tell us as the organizers that you wish to participate. Subscriptions will be open until the start of the Tournament and not later. This is your chance to participate.

How will it work?

The Tournament will be split into rounds depending on the number of participants who wish to participate and every round’s prompt will be fueled by a new fiction update for every round, which will be sent out along with results every weekend before the next round starts.

More info?

You can find it in this link. All the information is there. Once the tournament starts, all participants will be e-mailed the information and a news post will be added by the Praetor.

We would like to welcome all the Brotherhood’s artists to join, pit their skills against each other and enjoy the competition.

Go and subscribe


February 2017 release

First release of this year. Hope you guys enjoy the new skins.


Item 1: Glie-44 blaster pistol - Available for JM4+

Made by: C’ree

Item 2: X-8 Night Sniper pistol - Available for JM4+

Made by: Rian Taldrya


Item 3: Hunter robes - Available to all EQ3+

Item 4: Egyptian robes - Available to all EQ1+


Item 5: Magna-gloves - Available for JM4+

Made by: Zehsaa Hysh


Brotherhood Graphics Survey

Everyone loves surveys! Not really, but this one is necessary.

We've created a survey that you can fill in and, hopefully, influence what way future graphics in the Club move forward. We're looking for honest opinions, so type in anything you can think of that you consider important.


Warbanners, Custom Robes, Custom Weapons and Requests

Let’s start with:

Custom Weapons

By Rian:

  • Mauro Wynter
  • Blade (In collaboration with Nero)

By Vyr:

  • Eetherbiail

By Zehsaa:

  • Riku Keibatsu
  • Xan (Shikyo original)

Custom Robes

By Vyr:

  • Dracaryis
  • Farrin


By Rian:

  • Kasula Daegella
  • Azha Mos
  • Yuki Suoh
  • Jurdan Krennel
  • Rulvak Qurroc
  • Reiden Karr
  • Marick Tyris
  • Lexiconus Qor
  • Xan Phraz-Etar
  • Tirano

By C’ree:

  • Kylex
  • Rhylance
  • Bale Andros
  • Alara Deathbane
  • Blade Ta'var
  • Mauro Wynter

Graphics Requests

By Rian:

  • Edgar Drachen (QUA)
  • Edgar Drachen (P:FIST)

By Vyr:

  • Xen’Mordin


There’s a Form for that

DB Art Community Telegram Group

If you’re interested in joining the TG group and sharing your art, be sure to click the image below:



A couple of complaints have piled up and I would like to address those. Some are older as I haven’t addressed them in previous reports.

Complaint: My questions were answered in channel and did not make the report. Other questions that were just as silly were answered in the report! I am offended! The HRLD is UNFAIR!

Solution offered: Setup critera to gauge sillyness of questions, appoint a review council, and develop strict protocols for determining the correct way to handle not-silly enough and too-silly questions, as well as the appropriately silly ones.... (Laugh a little, please?!)

We do not laugh in the Herald’s office. We take things seriously. From now on only serious questions will be included. (We laughed :P)

Complaint: I bought a T-44 Landspeeder in the Possessions beta. Due to my character having young children, he needs a model with at least four seats to realistically transport them around. I was not impressed to discover that this speeder was changed, without my consent, to an RGC-18 model which only has two seats. I was bitterly disappointed to hear that the reason for this was simply that a 'graphic didn't exist for it'

Solution offered: Restore the T-44. The HRLD office shouldn't be able to dictate what my character can own; it should not require a graphic for every single possession. Just a generic 'speeder' picture is fine for 99% of the DB.

As Herald my duty is to keep the Club’s graphics in pristine shape, that means keeping all items updated with current graphics and making sure every item has graphics. Whatever your personal opinion on this matter, this is something I take very seriously.

Right now the criteria for an item to exist in Possessions, apart from the Regent’s rigorous rules and regulations, is that it must have an image depicting the item. Any item that does not is not passed until they do otherwise we would have a half-finished product that has no visual representation. To me as Herald that is not acceptable.

Complaint: Issue is (about Custom Weapons), what is the point of a custom anything without making requests? From the sketch to the "finished" product I sent via email there were 5 change requests. Two of them sent wouldn't of happened if the reference pictures where followed. One of those I had before sent a picture marking for them where to put things that were not followed.
In the end didn't like being told I was making to many changes and the last one I put in was it. IT'S A CUSTOM SABER. Even with the artist not totally following reference pictures, five is not bad. I've heard there was complaints if not getting unique requests for customs. Then I finally get to do it and in the end get slapped on the hand for customizing it. I understand ppl maybe busy. I get that. It may take awhile to get it done, that's understandable. I was not rushing anything, just simply saying what was missing from my custom saber.

Solution offered: Make sure the artist gets the reference pictures in original request. (I emailed them to the artist and seemed as if they didn't see them before) I tried to describe in words what I wanted as well in original request. Do not send things like this to ppl about a custom saber/weapon. I'd more understand if I had crazy requests and or kept totally changing things. "while we always strive to give you guys what you want, this should really be the last addition to this request because we have other projects to work on." Maybe need to review what was originally sent in, how the artist interrupted it. If the requests are out of hand, then can see where it would be needed. Designing my custom was fun in the beginning. Then it wasn't, didn't feel "custom". It was take it and get outta here.

The issue here is twofold: 1) the request had a text description and two links to google pages where we could find references. From that the Magistrate created the initial graphic as requested. We expect changes to the graphic, but still try to do it right the first time. This is why we request visual references more than descriptions. While the description in this case was valid, it was by far vague for what the requester expected.

2) While we respect all members’ rights to a custom weapon as they want it and we always do what they wish even through several changes, we usually limit those to 2-3 depending on weapon complexity. The reason for this is previous abuse of our time and effort when members disliked their custom weapons after receiving what they requested. This is not so much to limit the requesting member as much as it is to protect the artist creating the weapon. I think, too often, people forget that we also have other projects and work to accomplish. A compromise like this is fair and this is, really, the first complaint we have gotten about this thus far.

That said I take it to heart and find myself responsible that the member in question felt like they did. I apologize if there seemed to be foul intent, but I assure you there was not. I do hope that next time you will supply us with more information and we will do a better job. :)

Ask the Herald

Seraphol asked: #AsktheHerald If someone wanted to submit a design for Robes to be used DJB wide. What would be the process they would have to go through? If this has been asked before ignore it and refer me to the wiki. :P

One would have to send a mail to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and hope we liked the design and it fit our themes :P

Len asked: #AskTheHerald a semi related question to Seraphol's: How do you guys decide what gets put out first from the new movies?

It's part what the community wants (We have a survey to help out. Read up.), part current Star Wars series/movies and part what we generally feel is missing among the robes.

Mawgath asks: #AsktheHerald what's the best way to earn custom robes? Or how much $$$ can I send you for some?

Become DC, become Elder, become noticed by the GM, DGM or Herald and earn a pair despite rank or position, wait for the second coming, discover nirvana, converse with god, discover the theory of everything. That's a short list. :P Oh and there would be the one time a year when i start a comp event which gives away one pair to the winner. Usually May the 4th

Nero asks: #asktheherald When are the old robes getting an art update? :D

Likely never. We try to focus on creating new, original robes rather than taking someone's design and upgrading it.

Tarvitz asks: #AskTheHerald May I ask where you personally draw the line in terms of what Jedi Masters or Sith Lords are capable of in terms of Force powers?

Huh not really a Herald-ish question, but personally I keep it quite grounded and try and make use of their powers when they're appropriate, unlike in D&D where I just spam 9th level Wizard spells until everything dies :P

Vodo asks: #AsktheHerald will you team up with me against Jac?

Depends. What's the discipline? If it's buffalo hunting, I'm out :P


Commission artists and Artist Feature

This report, and several of the ones to come, I would like to feature Brotherhood artists.

This time it's: Zasati Tryezsh. Check out the devArt page, like, share, enjoy, talk to her about it. Our artists are awesome and they need support. Next time I’ll feature someone else.

Closing word

That’s it for now, folks. This is your friendly neighborhood Herald, signing out.

See you, space cowboys!

Kaleo - Way Down We Go



[The New Order] Chapter 3 Wrath Iron Navy Flagship Arx System, 34ABY Dracaryis drummed his fingers against the biceps of his crossed arms. The Fist of the Brotherhood, Commander of the Iron Legion and Iron Navy, did his best to not look bored....

Read More …



[The New Order] Chapter 3



Iron Navy Flagship
Arx System, 34ABY

Dracaryis drummed his fingers against the biceps of his crossed arms. The Fist of the Brotherhood, Commander of the Iron Legion and Iron Navy, did his best to not look bored. The Resurgent-class Star Destroyer was certainly very large and very impressive, but he could not seem to shake the feeling of restlessness. The dark side of the Force allowed him to calmly radiate power and patience, but inside he was dying to get back into heart of battle.

That had been the main draw to the Grand Master’s offer to lead—to be the hammer that shattered walls and brought enemies of the Brotherhood to their knees. In his mind’s eye, Pravus identified a threat and Dracaryis executed the action with fury and fervor.

The new Fist was no fool, though. He knew that he needed more than bold strokes to accomplish everything he wanted. He needed a right hand man, so to speak. He needed someone with the patience and lateral mind honed for the more subtle nuances of tactical warfare.

Which was why he now watched as an older woman worked at his desk, slender fingers typing away at the lone terminal. Thin strands of faded, fiery red hair mixed with hints of silver escaped the tightly tied ponytail that cut off between her slender shoulder blades. Hazel eyes glanced off screen every so often to check her notes spread among the cluster of scattered datapads haphazardly sprawled all across the wooden surface.

“Do you require anything else, Moff Rhell?” the Fist asked, gesturing around the office.

The woman shook her head and patted her collection of datapads. “No thank you, Lord Dracaryis. I have all that I require here.”

Dracaryis lifted an eyebrow. “Are you sure? You don’t need some special kind of lighting? Is the room too hot, too cold? Perhaps some Lotus-inspired art? I heard that can be helpful in analyzing an enemy's strategy.” He did his best not to openly roll his eyes at his own suggestion, but did flash a grin when he saw his new tactician's lip quirk.

“In my experience, sir,” she replied evenly, “most operation failure comes from the smallest of details that tend to get overlooked in the grand scheme of things. You know what they say: the difference between a good officer and a poor one is about ten seconds.”

“I’ve heard the expression before.”

“After reviewing the data from each of the naval encounters with this...Lotus resistance,” Rhell continued, “I’ve noticed that in each engagement there was always a significant delay in attack orders after initial contact was made by radar technicians.”

Dracaryis nodded slowly as he chewed on the information.

“Very well. Prepare a communique for the fleet. I’ll address them personally to initiate our order of escalation in the name of squelching this resistance before it gets any more out of hand...”


ISD-II Magnus Kaerner
Outer Rim

Darth Aeternus was lost in thought as he stared out the viewport of Tarentum’s renowned flagship. The former Master at Arms looked utterly calm in his dark, flowing robes. Which seemed rather odd when considering the warning klaxons blaring across the ship’s bridge. The emergency rotary sirens threw crimson light across the frantic officers abandoning their stations and posts. The Iron Navy’s Flagship had them cornered and there was not a whole lot they could do to fight back. After their last run-in with the Pravus’ forces the Tarentum fleet was simply stretched too thin.

The Magnus Karner had been with Tarentum since the naval restructure the Clan had undergone after the Battle of Antei, otherwise known as the Eighth Great Jedi War. Korras, the man behind the Sith Lord known as Darth Aeternus, had been there for it.

Even when he left to join the Dark Council, Aeternus watched as it weathered campaign after campaign, storm after storm. While Tarentum struggled through the Dark Crusade, they had found their footing in the chaos of the conclusion to the last Great Jedi War.

Darth Aeternus glanced down at his lightsabers. He thought of all the strength and power he possessed, which he had earned through the fire and flames of duty and service. None of it was enough to stop what now faced the independent clans of the Brotherhood.

Pravus was relentless and unforgiving. Or perhaps it was this new Fist he had selected. Aeternus had served and seen many Fists in his time, but something was different about how this one was operating. The Iron Navy’s gunships had fired their initial salvo’s even before the Magnus Kearner had spotted them on radar scans. There had been no hesitation, and without support from the rest of the fleet the Magnus Kaerner was bluntly outmatched.

“Sir!” a firm voice cut through the sirens from behind Aeternus. The Elder turned to see a member he knew well. The dark crew cut and matching mustache gave Pel Tarentae an endearing charm that reminded Aeternus of older fashion trends that he had seen some pilots stubbornly refuse to let go of.

“Lord Aeternus, we have to go. Now,” Pel explained calmly, the helmet to his flight suit tucked under one arm as he motioned emphatically with his free hand towards the hangar bay.

Read the full fiction here



  • Drac decides to be more bold in how the Iron Navy fights its battles. He brings in a tactical expert.
  • Tarentum’s flagship is destroyed by the Iron Navy.
  • Damon Nix manipulates a member of Scholae Palatinae to betray them. While Scholae’s forces are spread thin, Nix attacks their homeworld of Judecca and lays waste to it.
  • Alara and Zee witness the destruction of Judecca.
  • Blade Ta’var is revealed as the traitor as she heads towards Kaist to join Clan Odan Urr.
  • Nix reveals that he used Blade and was getting revenge for her refusing to kill her opponent in the Journeyman Tournament.
  • Former Consul Locke gets a visit from the Iron Navy, and is surprised to see Atra Ventus alive and leading the attack. CNS Flagship destroyed.
  • The Arcona Defense Force is ambushed on their home turf. They are lured into a trap, which is later revealed to be the work of Marick. The current and former flagships, most notably, are destroyed.
  • Pravus is pleased. Arx is soon ready to be revealed to the Brotherhood.


Special thanks to our lovely Herald for his render of Darth Pravus overlooking the soon™ to be announced planet Arx. Another special thanks to our own Zehdoodle for the sketch found in the glossary of characters at the end of the fiction update. Both pieces of art were created for this piece of fiction, so make sure you thank and/or share hugs with Vyr and Zee when you next see them. My hope is to continue to feature our local artists for snapshot moments in future fictions.

About This Fiction

Going forward, I will be labeling any fiction update with the appropriate “story arc” it belongs to. The current story arc is being organized under “The New Order.” This goes back to the “Undesirables” fiction update and will carry us up to Great Jedi War XII. You can find more information on the Voice Staff Resources Hub.

This update took a few months to get done for a number of reasons. First, I’m going to cite a major real life change for me as I switched jobs. This timed out roughly with a combination of the holidays, people being away, and my own transitions. I lost the ability to DB work while at my day job, so I’ve had to adjust to how I tackle my workload.

Second, it involved gathering information and research from four separate units. I also had to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about ships (usually referred to as ‘Pew-Pews’). I researched some famous naval generals, such as Arleigh Burke.

Third, over twenty characters are featured or mentioned by name in this fiction. Multiple members have helped proofed this fiction, including my entire staff, people I trust, as well as the Grand Master. Special thanks to Atty and Atra for helping me with the writing of a few small scenes I feel added an extra level of depth to the narrative.

Any characters or places used or mentioned in this Fiction have the explicit consent of their writer and/or unit leader. This was a huge communicative collaboration with Naga Sadow, Arcona, Tarentum, and Scholae Palatinae. Thank you Locke, Atty, Sith, and of course Xen for working with me on this.

Thank you to everyone who proofed and test-read the fiction. There are too many people to list, but you all know who you are. I appreciate each of you and thank you again for helping me pull off the largest update I’ve written on this scale on my own.

Questions or comments, you know where to reach me. Otherwise, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.



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