Part 1: “No Return” Arx Arx Fleet Systems 34 ABY The large hangar bay buzzed with activity. Maintenance droids whirred as their torches and arc welders hissed against metal plating and exposed wiring. Teams of independent contractors oversaw the...

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Part 1: “No Return”

Arx Fleet Systems
34 ABY

The large hangar bay buzzed with activity. Maintenance droids whirred as their torches and arc welders hissed against metal plating and exposed wiring. Teams of independent contractors oversaw the droids, chatting and hollering at one another regardless of how close or far apart they were standing. Arx Fleet Systems was just one of many new enterprises the Brotherhood had created, and one man had been chosen to oversee it all.

Evant Taelyan’s emerald eyes flitted from task to task, his datapad flashing with various charts, graphs, and spreadsheets. Occasionally he would exchange words with a contractor, but the Regent's attention remained always in motion, his tousled white hair a stark contrast against his dark robes.

“Congratulations on the new position, Evant,” came a mellow voice from off to his side. A tall and lean man with dark eyes and simple robes moved to join the Regent. The Senechal seemed to be in good spirits as he looked at the new construction. His fingers idly swiped and tapped away at his performance datapad, even as he seemed to be taking in all the machines and people around the hangar bay.

“Thank you, James,” Evant replied, looking up from his pad to offer a small nod of acknowledgement. “Everything is coming along, but I fear there is still more to be done.”

The two Dark Councilors watched the fruits of their labor enter the final stages, the grand vision materializing right before their eyes.

“I heard Pravus will be selecting a new Fist to shake things up,” James added casually after a few moments. He kept his face even but his eyes danced with mirth.

“Should definitely be interesting,” Evant agreed, trying not to crack a grin. “Any idea when he will make the call?”

“Soon,” James replied with the slight quirk of the lip. “Soon.”

Dantooine Savannah
Abandoned Rebel Base
34 ABY

The pair of moons floating over the sky cast a soft glow across the lavender and yellow grasses of the quiet savannah. While remote and distant from the rest of the galaxy, Dantooine’s olive, blue, and brown colored palette had a certain appeal to it. The air was crisp and clean, carrying a sense of serenity.

Zakath took it all in as he folded his arms across his chest. He wore no shirt, having removed it while working on fortifying the cottages all day long. Scaled, corded muscles tightened at the simple motion, giving the Barabel an added layer of intimidation when combined with his significant height compared to the average sized Rattataki. For all of that, his violet eyes were calm and cool. He spoke amiably with the Undesirable refugees and was confident that this would be a good place for them to lay low for the time being. Indeed, this location could also grow into a full settlement to help keep Undesirables safe from Pravus’ Inquisition.

A slender Rattataki tapped him on the shoulder. Zakath turned to regard the woman, her chalk-white skin stark against bright green eyes. “Yez, Mirada?”

“You should take a break. You’ve been at it all day. Come have dinner with us.”

Zakath shook his head. “No. Work still to be done. If I stop, there’z a chance—”

The Barabel froze in place, going still as stone.

“What is it...?”

The Battlemaster felt it through the Force before his predatory senses picked up on the distant sound of landing gears groaning before touching down against the earth. Shuttles of some kind. Only a select few knew about the outpost on Dantooine. Something, or someone, had been compromised.

“Gather the refugeezzz. Get them to the emergency ezcape craft.”

“But we just—”

“Go, now!” the Barabel snarled, tail cracking against the air.

The Rattataki woman’s eyes widened as she turned frantically to run back towards the cottages. She called out to the other refugees and scooped up a small child that had been playing with a pile of twigs and sticks in the dirt.

Zakath turned his back to the cottages and pulled a lightsaber free from his belt. He had no idea how the Inquisitors had found this location, but that no longer mattered. He needed to buy the Rattataki time. Besides, it had been almost too long since he spilled Inquisitor blood.


Click here to read the full fiction update.


Well, that got dark pretty quickly.

Hello, and welcome to my first report as Voice of the Brotherhood. I’m going to be covering a lot, so I promise to keep the gif usage to a minimum and to focus on fiction, policy changes, and the future.

A personal note on “No Going Back”

The fictional update above is the first part of an Anthology series of stories I will be writing for the main Brotherhood storyline. The Anthology will cover changes in personnel (in character) across the Brotherhood, the dynamics of the growing Resistance, and lead towards the large, impactful catalyst of Fiction 3.0.


  • The Regent’s role is highlighted.
  • Senechal James Entar is punny.
  • Soon™ has been canonized.
  • An Undesirable safehouse becomes compromised when Grand Inquisitors show up
  • Zakath goes HAM on some Inquisitors.
  • Marick Arconae confronts and kills Zakath to show is dedication and loyalty to Grand Master Pravus.
  • Marick Arconae becomes Marick Tyris.

Thank you to everyone who helped proofread this fiction before publication: Atra, Kordath, and of course Atty, . I had a few members cold-read the story to test reception as well. Thank you Blade, Alaris, and Adem. I appreciate it.

I wanted to also thank Ninj (creator of Zakath) for volunteering the use of his character for this fiction. I was looking to briefly cover the topic of Marick separating himself from Arcona, and Ninj was already planning to kill off his character already. This clicked for me as a writer when I thought about the relationship that our two characters had.

Zakath was one of the first people in the Brotherhood to meet young Marick. I felt this worked well as a parallel for Marick’s character journey, and am happy with how it came out, but also feel pangs of sorrow for the characters. This is a huge catalyst for Marick’s character. Arcona was literally everything to him, and after having spent so much time fighting to protect them, taking the life of a single Arconan in cold blood will change everything for him.


Moving Forward

On that same topic, some of you have noticed that I’ve changed my dossier name to Marick Tyris. This was done, simply, to show solidarity with the rest of the Dark Council. We work to serve you, the membership, even though more than a few of us are Clan title holders. While dropping the name only really applied to my dossier, I went with my usual character development strategy and integrated my out of character changes into Marick’s in character changes. We’ll see how this affects him going forward, but rest assured that the change was not forced on me and was done of my own desire to grow my character.

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read this. This is probably the most you’ll have to hear or deal with me talking about Marick. He will be taking a backseat going forward as we look to focus on an initiative that will see us focus on prominent members from around the Brotherhood. The next Chapter will feature the Resistance striking back against the Inquisition.

Clan Canon Fictions

I’ve contacted the Consul and Proconsul of each Clan to discuss the fictional state and direction of their respective units. All seven units will be able to write 2-3 pages of Clan fiction that will be canonized and published by the Voice as part of the official Brotherhood storyline. Our hope is for this to get the Clans to feel more involved in the narrative.

If you have questions about this, please communicate or check with your Consul and Proconsul.

Member Focus

While contacting your respective Summits, I’ve also shared and asked for updates to my “Voice's Notebook”. This notebook is a Google Document I keep for myself that highlights and tracks the prominent members of each Clan. When I see members actively participating in regular fiction, run-on, and ACC competitions they make a strong case to become featured, or additional characters, that can make appearances in Brotherhood story updates. My hope is that this will also trickle down to how individual Clans treat their own fictions, and ultimately leads to the members of the DB feeling like they are part of and invested in the overarching narrative.

As a general reminder, no characters will ever be killed off or removed without the author's explicit consent. If anyone tells you otherwise, you can come speak to me directly and I will address/clarify this.


As with any service we provide as leaders in the Brotherhood, we can only infer and draw conclusions from what we see. If something is bothering you, you’re curious about a decision or why something was done a certain way, you can always ask me. I’m happy to share my process with anyone, but just know that there are layers that go into this. Research is important, as well as creative vision that is shared between my own ideas, and those of the Grand Master and Deputy Grand Master. Together, we will present you with the final narrative, and in the end, the Grand Master’s direction is what we will adhere to.

Any questions, concerns, you know where to reach me: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]



Okay, with that out of the way, let’s talk about some news around the Brotherhood.

Hello yes, this is Wally (again)

I’m going to keep my introduction short, as there are more important things in this report. Most of you know me, or at least know of me my now. Some may have even heard of me. My name is Wally, but I play the Gray Jedi assassin known as Marick Arconae in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. I’ve been a member for over 6 years, and have spent most of my time in some form of leadership. For the last year and a half I served as Combat Master, but I’ve been working for the Sarin and the Voice Staff since 2013 when I joined as a situational magistrate. I stuck around, became Combat Master for a while, and now here I am. Bam.

You can find me on Telegram with the handle Wally (VOICE), or my email at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].

Grand Master Report #47

Grand Master Pravus put out his latest report, and detailed some exciting new things for the Brotherhood! Most notably, he covered the new personal and staff changes across the Brotherhood, but more importantly an update on where Possessions is at! Possessions is getting more exciting every day as James and Evant keep adding new things. Vyr has done an amazing job with the graphic design for the entire possessions system, and the rest of the DC and Beta testers have been giving great feedback!

You can read the report here.

Regent Report #2

Speaking of Possessions, Evant leaked one of my favorite new features members will get to see: paper dolls. This really makes the whole project come together, and I have had a lot of fun equipping my various knives and gadgets to my Loud Out! Slotting and Load Outs will be integral in your fictions, run-ons, and ACC matches. Keep your eyes peeled for more updates and information!

You can check out the news post here.

A New Wombat Combat Master!

I already announced this in my first update, but I’ll talk about it once again. One of my first actions as Voice was to fill my previous position of Combat Master. This was a no brainer, really, and came as little surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention to the DJB over the past year. Since returning from leave, Atra has been one of the most active members of the Brotherhood. Beyond this, he has been one of its most active leaders. His work with the Voice staff was phenomenal, and his work as an ACC Judge set the bar at a high level.

Atra speaks with my authority. If you have questions about the Character Sheets, mechanics, or the ACC in general, he is your go-to. I trust him implicitly, so treat him with the same respect you showed me over the past year and half as CM.

You can view Atra’s first report here. I highly recommend it.

Voice Staff

I’m going to be keeping my current staff on for the time being. Kordath and Aiden have been excellent magistrates, and I am happy to see them continue to contribute to the Voice Staff. Joining us as Praetor to fill the hole left by Atra, A’lora has joined the staff and will be helping me handle the day-to-day activity of the Voice office. I’m very excited to have him as part of our team.

A New Fist!

My good friend Dracaryis has been made the next Fist of the Brotherhood. If you somehow haven't had the pleasure of chatting with Drac, he is one of the coolest people in the DB. He lives and breaths video games, and has a unique penchant for wanting to help others. He’s already making moves, and I’m excited to see how DB Gaming grows and evolves under him.

You can check out his first report here


Policy Updates, Changes

Now, I guess I should talk about the administrative part of my job. More than a few needed changes and updates fell on the back burners as a result of Evant’s focus shifting to the work that would ultimately lead him to taking on Regent. I’ve spent time looking over pending proposals and documents, and received some very good ideas from other members that applied for Voice or decided to reach out to me. I’ve replied to each in kind, and will keep everything in mind as I move forward. I am always open minded to hearing new ideas. That said, I’m not a big fan of reinventing wheels when the wheel is working, and will be the one that ultimately decides what gets brought to Mav and Sarin for approval.

Species Approval Policy

Atra, A’lora, and I worked together to create a Species Approval Policy. I even had our resident lawyer, Turel, look over the fine print as well. The article is pretty straightforward, and should give members a firm idea of what is required to get a new species added, and how members can go about submitting them.

Grandfathered Species

The other thing I wanted to talk about was how we go about removing the Grandfather tag. If a Species that is already in our system (and marked as Grandfathered) becomes Canon, we will make note of it in our tracking spreadsheet. When a member expresses interest in playing that Species, we will remove the tag and activate the Species without issue. This ensures that new Species are actually being used by members, and not just taking up extra space or acting as dead-weight on the Species selector list.

In my next report or update, I’ll share some statistics that will help show a breakdown of what Species are being used/not used so you have a better idea of where we’re coming from.

To help with awareness of new Species, every report or so, I will also add a section where we will highlight a few Species that have been made Canon that the staff finds cool. Just keep in mind that even when highlighted, however, members still need to express interest in playing that character for us to take action.

You can view the article here on the Wiki.

This has been approved by the Grand Master and will be our live policy going forward.

Hybrid Species

You should also notice some additional changes to Hybrid Species with better examples and confirmation that reptile Species can’t, indeed, breed with mammal species. Sorry, kids (literally). Special thanks to Atra and A’lora for helping with these changes.

Cluster of Ice Update

For some time, Fiction Competitions have been able to award Clusters of Ice automatically. Thanks to more awesome automagic, James has made the entire process easier from an administration standpoint. The wiki has been updated to reflect these changes.

Voice Competition Approval Guidelines

We’ve made a few tweaks in line with the Cluster of Ice updates. Most importantly is the process outlining and detailing how and when to go about submitting Official Clan Fiction or Event Fictions, which can be found here.

You can view the rest of these updates on the Wiki, here

Voice Staff Resource Hub

With all these changes, I realized there wasn’t really a centralized location for all of this information. To that end, I’ve created what I’m calling the Voice Staff Resource Hub. Similar to the ACC landing page, the Resource Hub contains links and explanations to all relevent documentaiton, policies, and guides that the Voice Staff uses to oversee writing and development in the DJB.


Beyond this, you will also see a listing of the Brotherhood Canon Fiction updates that have followed Great Jedi War XI.

Check it out, bookmark it, and make sure to share it with others! Knowledge is power.

DB Fiction Chat

For those of you that haven’t heard, we have a DB Fiction Chat on Telegram. You can find the join link here on the Brotherhoods chat page.

Other than regular fiction talk, we’ve begun to feature a question each day that is aimed at fleshing out and learning more about the plethora of characters created and played by the members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

You can view all of this information here on the Resource Hub in terms of how to submit questions and view previous ones!

Keep in mind that like most chats, be respectful of your fellow members and try to stay on topic.



Fiction Round Up

I wanted to include these in my reports going forward. Here is an overview of the current DB-wide comps that are running.

Brotherhood Wide Competitions

Brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Magistrate, Ryhlance (also known as Aiden).



Vyr wanted to run some fun events that were Halloween themed, and he was nice enough to bring me in as a co-organizer. We have a little bit of everything for you guys with a Graphics, Multimedia, and new fiction competition!

Check out Vyr’s news post here for more information.

As some added incentive to the Multimedia competition: if we get at least 10 submissions, I will record myself “running around with a Lightsaber shouting Fus Ro Dah, or other words of power”.

You can thank Seraphol for this #challengeaccepted


That’s all for now. Expect monthly reports from me going forward, with incremental updates in between as needed. Thank you for bearing with me on this longer-than-average report. I had a lot to cover, and purposely kept the gif usage low as possible to focus on content.

That said...


That’s my only one. Honest.

On a serious note, thank you everyone, and I look forward to more reports as Voice of the Brotherhood. Also be sure to check out the latest Discipline Focus article for The Scoundrel!

Sarin is currently looking over my proposal for Dark Councilor fictional roles, as well as an updated rubric. I will let you guys know as soon as I have more information for you.

I’d also like to thank Cyris for the rush commission of the scene between Marick and Zakath. I’d love to feature more artwork with future fiction updates, so keep an eye out for those and make sure to hit Cyris up if you’re looking for work. I’m serious, I’m a huge fan of his work and you should check him out if you have not already!

Thanks again. (And thank you, Vyr, for all the cool report graphics <3!)



storytelling fan fiction star wars sith jedi

The Voice and Herald proudly present: Participate in our fiction, graphics and multimedia competition and with luck, and no small amount of skill, earn yourself a set of Custom Robes! Find the competitions through the links below: Spooktober...

Read More …


The Voice and Herald proudly present:

Participate in our fiction, graphics and multimedia competition and with luck, and no small amount of skill, earn yourself a set of Custom Robes! Find the competitions through the links below:

Spooktober Special!

Win points by placing in all three competitions. The member with the most points wins the grand prize. The competitions will last until the 31st of October.

Good luck spooks and have fun!


star wars voice herald halloween spooktober dark jedi brotherhood

Dr. Junenstein's Revenge NOT Submittable Via Gaming Portal All- I want to make something clear so there is no confusion: The Seasonal event "Dr. Junkenstein's Revenge" is NOT a supported game mode. You may not submit it for...

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Dr. Junenstein's Revenge NOT Submittable Via Gaming Portal


I want to make something clear so there is no confusion: The Seasonal event "Dr. Junkenstein's Revenge" is NOT a supported game mode. You may not submit it for normal clusters as it is a temporary PvE event and Overwatch is currently a PvO/PvP platform.

If Brawls like this mode are added as a permanent game mode in the future, the Fist staff will work to test and implement it as a standard gaming mode.

In the meantime, Junazee is running a competition for this mode. You may sign up for that competition here.

Thanks, and keep on gaming!




clusters gaming overwatch

Well, this is certainly different. Welcome to my first report written not as the 'lead minion' but as the actual head honcho. I feel the power and promise to abuse it in every possible way, just as I have abused you all in my judgements...

Read More …



Well, this is certainly different. Welcome to my first report written not as the 'lead minion' but as the actual head honcho. I feel the power and promise to abuse it in every possible way, just as I have abused you all in my judgements thus far! Okay, admittedly, that's a stretch. The only thing I may or may not be abusing would be the English language. It is remarkable what you can get away with — what horrors can be unleashed — while still sitting solidly within the realms of grammatical accuracy. Deviating a bit from the point there, but those who are familiar with my reports (that means you Sadowans and the lucky readers of the few times I usurped Evant for the purposes of updates) know the jovial nature with which I conduct them, and my goal to get the information on the page succinctly.

Obviously, I don't plan on any of that changing, nor should it. Many of you have already grown familiar with my work in the Voice office as Evant's Praetor. That makes me a 'known entity' so I don't have to waste a lot of time getting people up to speed on a few of the Five Ws.

I'm Atra Ventus and I stand somewhere in the middle of old and young in the Brotherhood. I think of that as a positive, certainly, and here's exactly why: I get to wave my cane while reminiscing about the old ACC while pushing for the excitement of the new. That is really the long and short of it when it comes to what I'm bringing to the table as Combat Master. I was recruited into the Brotherhood from a past of cooperative writing, specializing in combat narratives. I was immediately drawn to the Combat Center and what it had to offer the membership. Goal one was set — become a Judge — and was attained. So, the bar was stretched and my list became Voice and/or Combat Master. Clearly, some guy got the former (through his hard work and project savvy), so I happily cozied on up to the latter.

My role within the Brotherhood is much the same as it was. I haven't left Voice staff and still remain heavily involved in the work therein, but have also been entrusted with what could be considered a controversial niche within the club. Why do I call it that? Well, how many places in the Brotherhood can you go to write fiction in a 1v1 setting (like gaming!) with not only the possibility of losing, but the guaranteed immediate and in-depth analysis of your writing that is provided by the judges?

Gotta say, as a human being (Gods forbid I admit as such), I am not a fan of feedback. I dread it on a personal level. Perhaps it's because I always expect the worst, or even cast a harsher analysis all my own. Armed with that knowledge, I can safely assume that others have similarly negative reactions. More so when things don't go the way you feel it should.

This is something all Judges in our system come to know, and we work hard to be unbiased and fair in our assessments. You may notice that word choice often avoids falling into the negative spectrum. That is a deliberate action that each Judge is encouraged to implement to better help the members improve in their writing without feeling beat down.

Okay, you might be thinking: I thought this bugger said he was succinct. You would be thinking correctly. I did say that. But I feel the need to be more than that right now. I pride myself on transparency and approachability. These are the two main tenants I want to foster in the ACC staff as a whole. It is understandable that not all decisions or discussions will be made public, but at the very least the rationale behind them should be transparent. What is the reasoning for these decisions and their implementation?

If all goes to plan, you'll know exactly the answer to that question. I've already begun by giving you a glimpse into how judgements work, and it should go further. So, that's the big intro to me out of the way, so let's get into the meat of this report so you all can get on with whatever it is that you do!

Time to stretch it out, cause we're getting crazy!



ACC Prospectus

Holy Latin, Batman! What is this nonsense? Well, it's good business is what it is! I tend to set out my plans on the highest level before delving into the nitty gritty bits. Macro before micro. It's an easy to understand quick look at what the goals of the ACC are for the future. This has already been shared with the Judges and they have the opportunity to expand this to fill additional needs as time progresses. This is a living document that can change over time, and I will keep visibility at this highest level. Transparency and what not.

  • New Staff
  • New Emblem
  • ACC History - Wiki
  • ACC Fiction
  • Cooperative Writing Workshops
  • New Tournaments
  • Carry-Over Projects

The first two listed don't require much in the way of an explanation. Staff has been rearranged due to recent shifts, needs to be addressed. Then we have the emblem (what an interesting Banner I have). The goal here isn't to reinvent the wheel, as the current emblem was designed by the members via competition. The intent here is to take the design as is and shift it to be in-line with both our theme of Star Wars and the standardized approach to logos that the Herald has been implementing.

Now we get into the big beasts. The ACC Fiction and ACC History sort of fall into the same bucket in a way. In the past, the only fictional identity the ACC has had came out during tournaments with Wally interjecting plot updates throughout. I aim to expand this, such as Vyr has in the Herald position, to include fictional updates for the society alongside future reports. The thinking behind this is that it will give more of an identity to the ACC than some place to cross swords. However, we can't have a fiction without turning our eyes to the History of it. As Korroth has brought to the forefront, the History of the ACC page on the wiki is a touch out of date. By a touch, I mean 11 years or so. That is going to be a time intensive project, but a necessary one to get us in order so we can be more effective going forward.

So, now you may be wondering what a Cooperative Writing Workshop is. Especially you Shadow Academy types (I see you Farrin and Marcus). This is still in its infancy, but is something I've been trying to get off the ground for a while now in various iterations. This may not be its final form, but it will be a complete one! Why this? Well, the ACC staff are uniquely trained to give developmental feedback and working with members closely, so what better approach to transfer over to some of the more difficult writing in the Brotherhood. ACC matches and Run-on posts. These are cooperative, leaning on members utilizing time restraints, Character Sheets, and writing skills that stand apart from single fiction entries. They really are very similar to each other, so the concepts are shared.

Oh my gosh, tournaments! Yes, these. The one thing I've always wanted to get in on and never have. Now I'm the one running them! And it may be sooner than you think... Obviously, we've had two notable tournaments in Wally's tenure, and we don't intend on letting these fall to the wayside. However these are time sinks for everyone involved. That means they have to be balanced with the schedules of Clan events, Club events, and that pesky thing called Real Life.

Finally, we can't forget what came before. Wally had projects (coughSpaceACCcough) that have fallen to the side during the transfer and prioritizing. These will be updated and moved into the current responsibilities of the staff. Pretty straight forward, but it is possible for things to be missed with all the paperwork flying around so if you had a horse in this race, so to speak, it won't hurt to poke us about it.

That's all there is to it right now! That's where our focus is as a team right now, while the day-to-day operations of Judgements remains as is. That means all matches will be judged within 10 days of completion and we aim for an ideal 24 hour turnaround on the Qualification Exam. Thanks for sticking out through the boring stuff, so let's keep going!


Wanted: ACC Judge Applications

For those of you who've been following along, you spotted this little guy at the top of the prospectus. It's not everyday you get to check off one of your target goals on the first day, let alone two, yet here it is! With Wally's move to Voice, and my subsequent shift in responsibilities, we are down by one Judge for what we've come to feel is our ideal team size. This isn't set in stone, as an invigorated society would lead to a reassessment in this number. For now, we're only looking to hire on a single member to join our gang of misfits.

For members interested in applying, the following is a list of requirements you'll need to address:


  • Grading ACC Matches.
  • Grading ACC Qualification Exams.
  • Keeping up to date with the ACC Rubric, Guideline, and Policy adjustments.
  • Assisting the Combat Master with projects.
  • Contribute input to discussions on the CS Mechanics, additions, and revisions.

Required Qualifications

  • ACC Qualified
  • Passed (100%): ACC Combat Studies Exam
  • Strong command of English language, writing and grammar
  • Not have served previously as an ACC Judge under the current system
  • Experience as a proofreader.
  • Keen eye and attention to details.
  • An example of one ACC match you have participated in that you feel shows your understanding of the systems you'd be judging

New Judges will go through the same training that all previous judges have:

  • You will co-grade 2 matches with the Combat Master.
  • You will co-grade 2 ACC Qualification Exams with the Combat Master.

All applications are to be sent to the Combat Master ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) with the following in their subject: [ACC:J App]

I will be filtering e-mails based on the above, so if you don't want it lost in the aether I recommend using it. Final selection will be made by Friday, October 21st at the latest, with the Combat Master reserving the right to select early. Good luck to all those who apply.


Ask The Combat Master


What advice would you give to the enthused new ACCer?

Don't get discouraged by feedback. This isn't as daunting as it seems and we are here to help you improve. This is a place to have friendly challenges against your friends, and your frienemies. Never give up on it! If you are ever unsure about anything just reach out to the Judges. We're cuddlier than we look, and won't hesitate to help you out!

The Rest


I know Atra only liked hugs with knives. Can Blade hug you if they both hold stuff animal knives?

You are quite persistent about this whole 'hugging' business of yours. I would have to hazard that any instance of stuff animal knives (whether they be knives made of stuffed animals or knives that only kill stuffed animals. SOMEONE ART THIS.) there would be the equivalent of an epic duel instead of any hugs.


Can lightsabers make you fly???

Unfortunately... Yes and no. Oh gosh, more duality to confuse the masses! We have seen this with the spinning sabers all of one time in Rebels and it was so full of deus ex machi-eff-that. We aren't currently looking to support it in any way and I, for one, hope it fades into obscurity and we never see it again.


Whats your goal for the rest of the year as the new CM?

Whelp, there's that whole Prospectus thing you can take a gander at!


Why do you beat on the Ryn? :/

Why not?


What's your least favorite movie character?

<Insert generic romance genre character here>


How are Clan-based venues coming along? I'm pretty sure we emailed some for CSP

Venues are still being done. Those could be lost in the shuffle, so feel free to resend them. Please be aware that we have a specific desired format for Venues, which you can see looking at the others, so don't worry if they are altered after you submit them.

Aexod & Sang:

space acc? :( Space battles in the ACC?

On hold pending possessions, but not forgotten!


2v2 ACC?

This would require a top to bottom programming change for the ACC itself. It's a thing we may do, but not high on the priority queue. The Discourse is a good avenue for this in the time being.


Are you going to keep doing example gifs in reports?

That's definitely something I can keep up with! It isn't the focus of this initial report but I can certainly facilitate it going forward.


whats your plan on developing the combat centre further than your predecessor? Is there a need in updating certain documents? whats your vision of the combat centre? Is there anything about Characters Sheets that you feel the need to update or refine?

Well, you can look at the prospectus and see what's in the works. The Workshops are probably the biggest deviation from my predecessor. As for Character Sheets, those are staying put aside from minor refinements for the time being. Too many shifts recently.


Will ACCLive! make a return? (question nobody has ever asked)



Does Farrin actually like you messing around in his shadow academy? what have you done to his Marcus!?

Probably not, it's a moderately consensual relationship.


Single Player Campaign?

Nope Campaign.


what date is your wedding to your betrothed Wally? Where's my invite?

Matrimony is not in the cards for me any time soon, thanks for the inquiry.

Hi, my name is Knight/Captain/Professional Luke Desertwalker and I have just completed both of your ACC exams, I want to fight someone in the ACC but there's so many people to choose. Who should I choose and why? Does it matter if I am a FU / NFU? What should I take away from my first match?

I would recommend going in-house first. Working with your clan-mates and — potentially — friends will allow you to ease your way into the ACC without much issue. The key is to enjoy your time and gain some confidence before you go branching out to Open Challenge and other avenues. Whether you're NFU or FU doesn't matter, just write something enjoyable with strong story. You should take from your first match what you should take in every match: the Judge feedback.


What advice/tidbits would you give to a low ranking ACCer that's up against a higher opponent like an Elder or Equite 3?

Best advice: good proof reader behind you. Other than that, don't be afraid to have your rump handed to you within the story. Realism and Story is going to get you the victory, not the skills on your Sheet. The system as it stands now is not what it has been in the past. The power separation just isn't there anymore. In fact, you might even get lucky and write an experienced opponent into a corner and then they overstep realism. Just be creative and stick to quality.


How many weeping unicorns do you leave in your wake on a daily basis?

K'tana and Zujenia can provide the exact statistics. I don't need to bother with counting when there are minions for that.


Are coop matches (scenario hall) something you'd like to see?

Yes. We are going to be working on getting scenarios up and running fully, and you — dear asker — might be involved!


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,



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Greetings, and welcome to another Discipline Focus article. I started these as Combat Master, and will continue to make them as Voice. As with previous jobs, I’ve begun to outsource various elements to members of the DB and my staff. Like the...

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Greetings, and welcome to another Discipline Focus article. I started these as Combat Master, and will continue to make them as Voice. As with previous jobs, I’ve begun to outsource various elements to members of the DB and my staff.

Like the previous Focus articles, I will highlight the NPC that’s been created, showcase a short fiction showing off how they could function, and then break down and expand on what makes the Discipline cool and how it could work in practice. You can view the Disciplines on their Wiki page, or on CDAWG here.

Today I’m going to talk about the Scoundrel.


The Scoundrel is one of the most recognizable character “types” in Star Wars. Han Solo, Hondo Ohnaka, Lando Calrissian? Icons and legends. They always seem to find a niche for themselves, and excel at staying cool under pressure, picking up on the various languages of the galaxy, and having a “person” for any kind of situation.

Scoundrel NPC: Vance Kordall

In perperation for this article, I ran a Build-A-NPC competition. This was an effort to give non-Voice staffers a chance at designing a character for the Brotherhood. I really liked the entries, but one really rose to the top. The winning entry was made by Inyri Ginovef with her creation of Vance Kordall, who has become our newest Smuggler NPC. Congrats to Inyri, who was included on the character creation process and gave her stamp of approval for us to bring Vance to life!


(Artwork by Zehsaa Hysh!)

Vance might remind movie buffs of a certain notorious cowboy. While the surface inspiration is there, the character takes on a life of his own when you break down his 6 Custom Aspects (workshopped from Inyri’s original submission with help from the Voice). Vance has the savvy and know-how to get jobs done, which makes him the perfect man to be of use to the Inquisition.

You can check out Vance’s character sheet here.

Short Fiction

This fiction was written by Kordath Bleu, a member of the Voice staff. He volunteered to help out, so make sure to thank him for guest-authoring this!


Just Another Job

”Kester’s Run”
Nar Shaddaa
Hutt Space

The cantina smelled of smoke, stale alcohol, and out-of-work spacers to the Ryn who’d walked through the door. Some trendy music played loudly in the background but was still being drowned out by raucous conversations from around the pub. To the Arconan, it was a familiar scene, one that made him look through the milling mixture of species towards the well-stocked bar that lined one wall.

No, Kord, job first. Then...maybe….

His eyes swept the room, seeking out the Human that had been described to him. The newly-minted head of the Inquisitorius had sent him for this task and failure would surely be a bad thing. After a few minutes wandering the tavern, he saw a group of spacers and patrons of less reputable background gathered around a table in the corner, a sifter field flickering in the center. Peering over a hand of sabacc cards was his objective, one Vance Kordall. He was sitting in a well-fitted coat and wore a confident smirk as he pushed credits into the pot. Blue eyes met gray for just a moment, the smuggler showing no indication of noticing the Ryn staring at him.

Bleu watched the game for a moment, knocking a smoke from his pack and adding to the delightful atmosphere of Kester’s. As the last cards were dealt for a round, he started to close in, meandering towards the corner by a circuitous route and trying to look casual. Instead of reaching the smuggler at the opportune time at the ending of a hand, he ran into a solid mass of muscle. His eyes tracked up — and then up some more — to find a set of three staring back at him and a barking alien language he didn’t recognize.

A Gran, great. Bit angry, bit on tha dumb side. And he’s brought a friend, thought the Ryn as he spotted a Rodian closing in from the left, also speaking in its native tongue.

“Can I help ya, mates?” Kordath tried to address the two aliens in Huttese. If they understood, they made no gesture of acknowledgement.

Instead, he watched the large, three-eyed thug cracked his knuckles and then reached over to grab him by the jacket. The yellow-skinned Gran lifted Kordath off the ground. The Ryn kicked a few times, his boots rebounding off the bigger alien’s midsection before a silver blaster barrel prodded against the Gran’s ear.

One of the Gran’s three eyes swiveled slightly to take in Vance, who had cleared his seat at the table and come to his feet in a smooth, fluid motion. The smuggler wicked the end of his narrow mustache with one hand and gave the big alien a grin.

“Now, this little one is surely not worth so much effort, is he? Why don’t you and your little friend move along,” stated the smuggler, his voice light yet full of intent as the thug set down the Ryn and backed away.

“Ingar baag, nee ka rama, vah!” the Gran growled.

“Oh come now, Tornq. You remember how well that went over last time,” Vance replied casually, his confidence palpable despite his smaller stature. It was all in his body language, Kordath noted. The smuggler looked perfectly at ease, shoulders set firmly and feet spaced evenly.

“Sii, wassa di ne’rra Gorbba,” the Rodian added with an air of implication.

“That’s nice, so you tell Gorbba that if he’s got a problem, he knows where to find me.”

The two thugs looked from the Ryn to the Human. They took special note of the blaster already in his hand, which seemed to make them both uneasy all on its own. With a series of grunts and gurgles, the Rodian and Gran stormed off and found their way towards the exit.

Kordath shook his head as he watched them go. He turned his back towards Vance Kordall, looking up at him again.

“Ya speak gran?” Bleu asked, straightening his jacket.

“I get by,” replied the smuggler with another smirk, tucking his blaster back in its holster and then idly hooking his thumbs underneath his belt. “You were staring holes through me, little man. Sorry, but you’re not my type. Still, didn’t want to see you get turned to paste, call it a soft spot for the little guy.”

Short jokes. Really.

“Eh, not like that, mate, here on tha word of some shadowy folk who wanted ta offer a job, said you was tha guy ta’ find.” Bleu pulled a datapad from his jacket and held it out. Kordell stared at it with disdain.

“Your ‘friend’ know my rates? I don’t come cheap, and I don’t do no secret missions. I get the job done, I get paid, but I never go in blind,” he stated, looking past Kordath and at a group of what might have been working girls. They waved at the Human and blew some kisses, which considering the blend of species, was quite the sight. He simply winked at them, and returned his attention back to Kordath.

“Rate ain’t an issue. First job is simple, hand off style. Test, methinks, they do nae trust me enough ta tell me more, heh.”

“‘Ain’t an issue’ huh? We’ll see about that.” Vance gingerly took the datapad from the Ryn and glanced it over with a bored expression, sniffing as he did so. A less perceptive person would have missed the slight widening of the eyes and twitch at the corners of the lips when the smuggler reached the end where the offered fee was listed. “Not bad, bit small time,” affected the Human.

“Yeah. Small time,” growled Bleu with a head shake. “So, jobs on tha table, what da ya say?”

“Well, as long as I can negotiate on a more reasonable fee for future endeavours, I can’t see why not,” spoke the man with a grin.

Kordath simply sighed and shook his head, “Time and place is on there, have fun, I’m gettin’ meself a drink.”

By: Kordath Bleu


Highlights + Breakdown

Skipped ahead? That's okay if you did. I’m going to highlight the important parts anyway, but wanted to give organic examples of how a Scoundrel’s unique feats can come in handy.

Scoundrel Feat: Intergalactic

Both of these Feats really were designed to work together to make Scoundrels special. That’s why you will see a bit more overlap in this section between the two Feats.

“Ingar baag, nee ka rama, vah!” the Gran growled.

“Oh come now, Tornq. You remember how well that went over last time,” Vance replied casually, his confidence palpable despite his smaller stature.

Here is a first look at the Intergalactic feat. Vance has Intergalactic II, which means that he has “been around the Galaxy more than a few times, picking up on the trade languages used by different species and droids. He can understand most of (but not speak) alien and droid dialects without the need of Language Skill Points. Vance’s journeying and interaction with both legitimate and illegitimate Smugglers and Bounty Hunters grants him an additional Lore topic in dealing with Underworld contacts.”

As a result, Vance is able to understand an alien language without having points in that language. This doesn’t make him an expert in it, but he’s able to know what’s being said, as we’ve seen smugglers have a penchant for in other Star Wars canon.

“Ya speak gran?” Bleu asked, straightening his jacket.

“I get by,” replied the smuggler with another smirk, tucking his blaster back in its holster and then idly hooking his thumbs underneath his belt.

This is Vance’s Intergalactic II explained, so to speak. While he isn’t supernaturally able to speak both languages, he was able to understand them from experience being a smuggler and able to then lean on his Intimidation and Subterfuge from his Fly Casual II feat.

Alien Languages (Quick Notes)

Alien dialects have come up in conversation before. They can be handled differently depending on the author. From my experience, and how some of my favorite authors have handled foreign languages, implied meaning and organic integration is key. I literally just made “Ingar baag, nee ka rama, vah!” up. However, when Vance replies, you’re able to (I hope) take the context of “I will break you/beat you up, puny Human”.

This is how we see Chewie and R2D2 (two of the most iconic characters in Star Wars) communicate with others. We don’t know exactly what they say, but get the meaning behind it, typically, based on the reactions of Han or Luke.

You could also include the translated text in italics after the alien dialect, or simply write the text in English (Basic) and then say in the description modifier that the dialogue was delivered in the alien tongue. You can also use footnotes, though this is a personal pet-peeve of mine, as I dislike being taken away from the moment/scene when I’m reading something. Even with people writing Mando’a, you can usually infer base meaning from context without having to look up a Mando’a dictionary. I could be slightly biased on this last one considering I grew up in the DB surrounded by Mandos ;P.

On a somewhat related note, here is a funny video of R2D2 subtitled.

Scoundrel Feat: Fly Casual

Here is a good example of the Fly Casual II Feat. As detailed on both the Wiki and C-D4WG, Vance has “gotten a lot of experience wheeling and dealing in everything from small time cons to larger gambits. Vance gains a +1 Skill Point bonus to his Subterfuge when making or setting up a deal between parties while bluffing, selling, buying, or improvising (to a maximum of +5). Vance is also more at ease when surrounded by unfamiliar species, cultures, or gangs, and can generally adapt to unseen variables with mixed results.”

That means that in this kind of scene, Vance is working with a +5 in Subterfuge, and still has his +3 Intimidation to boot.

It was all in his body language, Kordath noted. The smuggler looked perfectly at ease, shoulders set firmly and feet spaced evenly. ... The two thugs looked from the Ryn to the Human. They took special note of the blaster already in his hand, which seemed to make them both uneasy all on its own. With a series of grunts and gurgles, the Rodian and Gran stormed off and found their way towards the exit.

This allows Vance to diffuse the situation using a mixture of his reputation and sense of presence. He could have blasted holes in the two thugs, but realized that making a scene wouldn’t be professional (which ties into his character Aspects).

Bringing it all together

“Sii, wassa di ne’rra Gorbba,” the Rodian added with an air of implication.

“That’s nice, so you tell Gorbba that if he’s got a problem, he knows where to find me.”

This is a mixture of both Fly Casual and Intergalactic, as well as the granted bonus Lore Topic of “Underworld Contacts”. As readers, we don’t necessarily know who Gorbba is, but we can assume it’s some kind of crime lord that the “thugs” report to, possibly a Hutt going off the stereotypes and memories most readers will have of the famous Mos Eisley cantina scene where we first meet Han Solo.

From there, the story wraps up with Vance taking the job. This will lead up to the next Discipline Focus article coming Soon(TM).

New Aspects!

I’ve gone ahead and made the following Aspects available as pre-written Aspects in the database. I left off Rough Weather Duelist as it was created for Vance specifically.

My Fees Are High For A Reason
The character does not charge a high price because he has to pay for a life of luxury; he charges a high price because he knows that he is the best in the game and worth the credits. Those who do not know the character will feel he is gouging them, but those who have seen him in action know that he always delivers. This bravado follows the character around and builds on the success of completed jobs and can be off-putting to other mercenaries that will try and lash back by pointing out his failures.

Loyalty Is Earned, Not Bought While the character will see a job through to its conclusion and put forward his best effort, it’s still just a job. The character's true loyalties lie to his friends, and through thick and thin, he will stand by them and die for them if needed. This loyalty is reserved for those who have earned the character's trust, putting him at odds with other mercenaries that are only doing a job for the money. This also makes it harder for employers to trust his motives, often times creating extra competition and difficulty finding work. None of it matters to the character, though, because loyalty to his friends is not something credits can buy.

The Finer Things In Life The character would much rather be behind a hand of good sabacc cards or a rare vintage of aged liquor than with his blasters or ship. More often than not, he will spend nights at high-end establishments gambling, drinking and "socializing". The character can survive without the finer things, but he sure would rather not. This preference follows him onto the job, so it is not uncommon for the character to insult a client or potential partner by commenting on their choice of beverage or recreation.

A Gentleman At Heart Despite his line of work, the character still sees himself as a refined gentleman and will often put on a show of being haughty and arrogant to those he does not know. The character only lets the mask slip to show his more laid back nature to those he trusts. To those he dislikes, he will actually become even more insufferable as taunts and quips without any regard for who or what he might be offending.

Play For Blood Through a mixture of cocksure courage and arrogant swagger, the character will not back down from a challenge when called out, even if the wiser path is to walk away or let it go. The character's personality does tend to rub a lot of people the wrong way, which generally puts him into situations that escalate quickly to violence. While he may not be the one to always start a fight, he will always see it through to its conclusion. Some have tried to play a challenge off as idle banter, but when the character initiates or accepts a challenge, he does not hold back.


That wraps up another Discipline Focus article. You can view the rest of the articles and NPCs on the newly added table (thanks Atra) right here on the Disciplines Wiki!


That’s all for now. Look for my first Voice Report to drop sometime this weekend. I'll cover some policy and admin changes, explain why Marick has had a change of name, so to speak, and some other insights into the fictional direction of the Brotherhood.

Thanks everyone, and make sure to thank praise Kordath for helping with the fiction!



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Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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Rogue One Poster Three

It's been a busy day for the upcoming Star Wars release Rogue One. We have both a new poster as seen above, which has all sorts of amazing details in it... ones that you really need to spend a few minutes looking for. I personally have always loved the art in the Star Wars posters and this one continues up with the great tradition.

Oh, and there's also a new trailer that really starts whetting the appetite, with more than a couple glimpses of a certain Dark Lord of the Sith and a rousing build up of emotion. You should definitely go check it out (as if somehow, you wouldn't...)

Rogue One Official 2



trailer rogue one star wars

A heartfelt goodbye: As of this morning, Braecen Kaeth, the Quaestor of House Galeres, has turned in his notice of resignation. He has chosen to step down upon appointment of a new Quaestor and take on a member’s role within the House he has...

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A heartfelt goodbye:

As of this morning, Braecen Kaeth, the Quaestor of House Galeres, has turned in his notice of resignation. He has chosen to step down upon appointment of a new Quaestor and take on a member’s role within the House he has worked so hard within for this last year. Braecen has served as the Quaestor of Galeres going on 14 months, something he at one point intended only to do for a few months while he trained a new Aedile (me) to become his replacement.

Unfortunately, he did too good a job of it, and when I instead became the Proconsul, it threw a bit of a wrench into those plans. Never one to hesitate though, he continued to drive Galeres, and really all of Arcona forward with his passion and his dedication to the awarding of members within both Houses. His contributions on every level have been remarkable and often went unknown to many. His actions, though, have never been a mystery to me and I can’t thank him enough for his guidance, pure devotion and willingness to play so many roles within the Clan.

Galeres today is a very different beast than it was before. The House has never struggled to hold its own in the three years I have been a member of this Club; but to hold your own is one thing. To set the standard is another, and make no mistake, House Galeres is the example to strive towards. Constant member participation, content creation on every level from member to BTL to Aedile and Quaestor, truly something to behold, and I remain humbled to see the Summit he created within his House.

While we have something in the works for Braecen in regards to an award for all of his efforts, I would ask that each of you join me in thanking a standard bearer of Arcona; an Elder with every right to sit back and relax, but who to this day contributes like a join fresh off the site, who chooses to inspire others to rise above their limitations and doubts.

Arcona is a better place for all you have done and in the legacy you have built. Though Summits change, people change and we may not always see eye to eye, I want to be the first to extend my thanks to you Braecen.

Uji Tameike

Proconsul of Clan Arcona

Arcona: House Galeres Quaestor Open For Applications

Applications are open DB-wide and are due to Atyiru ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) and Uji ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]) no later than 20:00 EST on Monday, October 24th.

Applications should address:

  • DB experience (projects, positions, etc)
  • Any relevant real life skills (don't give me a full resume)
  • Administrative and communication capabilities (quick email response, Telegram presence, any familiarity with site functions)
  • Leadership philosophy
  • Your assessment of the current state of House Galeres and ideas for the future of House Galeres and its lore

Applications will be reviewed by a hiring committee including those who would be your fellow Quaestor and Rollmaster.

There is no minimum rank or DB experience requirement.

Be prepared to answer follow-on questions via email.


  • You should think of this opportunity as if you were applying for a Proconsul or Consul position. We often expect Leadership within Arcona to function at a level higher than the role they currently hold. The Quaestor of Galeres has historically had a significant impact on the entire Clan and we expect this tradition to hold going forward.
  • Know the difference between a goal and a plan. "I want to increase fiction activity" is a goal. "I will host bi-weekly fiction workshops to develop our writers" is a plan. Too often I see applications full of lofty goals with almost nothing in concrete plans on how to achieve those goals.
  • Do your homework! Show the hiring officials you understand the strengths and weaknesses of the unit. You don't have to use the SWOT format (I'm not big on 30/60/90 either).
  • Be professional! And please by all that’s holy have someone proofread your work before posting.
  • Be honest! If you have rough spots in your history or community reputation, you should probably address those. I do look into how an applicant is viewed in their respective community. Also, our Summit has and will always have strong personalities within it. You need to be able to stand your ground and show why your opinion is valid.
  • Send your application to all listed recipients. Yes, we mean it. Failure to do so will not bode well for you.

Good luck!


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This report was delayed, obviously, so that it could contain all the placements and junk from The Undertaking! Let’s get to it! Now that The Undertaking has been completed, extensions and all, it’s time to announce the winners. I was happy with...

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This report was delayed, obviously, so that it could contain all the placements and junk from The Undertaking! Let’s get to it!



Now that The Undertaking has been completed, extensions and all, it’s time to announce the winners. I was happy with the level of participation across the board, though it seems like team article creation events are less of a “thing”. In the future, they may only show up in Vendettas (if even then). Let’s break down the numbers and see who gets the toys!

The Undertaking: Fiction
1. Abadeer Taasii
2. Lithar Andaris
3. Dek Ironius II

The Undertaking: Article Creation (Team)
1. Armad, Jades A Sadow, DarkHawk

The Undertaking: Article Creation
1. Dek Ironius II
2. Braecen Kaeth
3. Aul Celsus

The Undertaking: High Profile
1. Braecen Kaeth
2. Howlader Taldrya
3. Aul Celsus

The Undertaking: Wiki Trivia
1. Alethia Archenksova
2. Dek Ironius II
3. Armad

(Note: The placements for Wiki Trivia could have been a lot different, but a rather large number of the participants only received half credit for their answers as they did not include the URL as required in the competition details. Live and learn!)

So, with the events graded and in the can, it left a very hard fought contest for the top three placements. Aul Celsus, Braecen Kaeth and Armad were very close in their fight for second and third, with all three of them placing in two events. Sadly, Aul is the odd man out and finishes fourth, but I still want to congratulate him on his efforts in this event! The top three spots were each determined by a single point, with Armad in third with 4 placement points and Braecen in second with 5. Our top competitor, finishing with 6 placement points, was also tied for top participant entry-wise with a total of four:

Overall Winner: Dek Ironius II

Dek walks away with a new accessory in addition to his first place crescent for the event as a whole, and a hearty congratulations from me and the staff! It always pleases me that those that “do all the things” (to steal shamelessly from Howie), or as near to that as anyone gets, end up winning the overall top placement as well since I’m all about rewarding overall effort as often as we can.


Clan Category Table of Contents

My staff, in the form of Xolarian and Zachary O'Maille, have done some top notch work on implementing the Clan Category updates across all the Brotherhood’s clans. This project was a lot bigger than simply adding the new tables of contents to all the pages, however. It also included the standardization of Clan category content across the Brotherhood as well. It’s my hope that this can be one of the final, finishing touches on making the wiki a more new-user friendly environment to navigate, and allow for easy of access across unit boundaries for everyone in the Brotherhood.


This month’s featured article is also the article created by our Undertaking champion Dek Ironius II: Shay Thelin. This article was well put together, like many that were created for the competition. The thing, though, that really set it apart from the others was the subject of the article itself. A Gungan relic hunter just has an interesting and unique ring to it. In a close contest of quality, it’s sometimes the little things that make your work stand out.

As for our Wikipedian of the Month, this month that title goes to Celahir Erinos Arconae of Clan Arcona (but, more specifically in this context, of the Fist Office). Over the month of September Cel has been a whirlwind of activity across the wiki. Be it updating article contnent or formatting, he’s been all over the FIST articles of late. Even without the direct guidance of a sitting Dark Councilor, he’s been editing up a storm, while also being the embodiment of the “user generated” content community that Mediawiki was created for. You don’t have to be on staff or under the direction of somebody else to make a difference, and Cel has done a lot over the last month.



  • Wiki Competition: Completed!
  • Category Updates: Completed
  • Archivist: Lead: Laren Uscot. Even with the new canon changes, the stories of the Brotherhood still need to be updated. Depending on how far we go with old events in the area of bringing them in line with new canon, this project’s responsibilities are somewhat in flux.
  • Legends Dungeon: Lead: Selika. Sorting, sorting, and more sorting. There’s a lot of work here, so this is a long term project that is to be ongoing for some time.


Wiki Tip of the Month

Another month, another tip. Over the last month and a half, I’ve noticed a few of our more veteran members coming to members of the staff with issues editing pages or with email verification on the wiki. In all of these cases, the simple fix was to log into the wiki system itself. The confusion lies, I think, with the fact that the wiki system, while connected to the DJB website login information, being a separate thing from the main website. If you’re logged into the website you’re not necessarily logged in on the wiki (or the Discourse forums, but that’s for another day), even though you see the main website navigation bar across the top of the screen showing you “logged in”. In the old days, the wiki didn’t look like an extension of the site, so people wouldn’t get confused by being logged in on one while not on the other. To login on the wiki itself, click the user icon and select “Login with DJB”:


Another way to make sure you’re logged in on the wiki is to look at the user icon next to the search box. If the icon is white, you’re logged out. If it’s blue, you’re logged in:






Final Words

Just another reminder that the wiki staff as a whole is always here to give you a hand with wiki questions. Hit us up on telegram (many of us are on there often/always/too much), and even if the staffer you catch doesn’t know the answer they’ll track me down and make sure you get an answer. We’re there to help you guys out, so don’t hesitate!



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Greetings everyone and welcome to my #47th report as Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. Change. It was some politician's slogan a few years ago and it sums up the Dark Brotherhood over the past year and a half. We will continue focusing on...

Read More …



Greetings everyone and welcome to my #47th report as Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. Change. It was some politician's slogan a few years ago and it sums up the Dark Brotherhood over the past year and a half. We will continue focusing on change for the next year as our club continues to transition into something a little newer and a lot more interesting. This report will capture some of those upcoming changes, talk about where we are headed, and then close out with a few thoughts. TLDR below:

  • Possessions: PDAWG
  • Possessions: Salary Statistics
  • Position Changes: Taldryan Consul, Odan Urr Consul, Regent, Fist, Combat Master, and Voice
  • Fiction: Update 3.0
  • Tribune Recruitment: Still Open for Applications
  • Final Thoughts: Thanks


Possessions: PDAWG

DJB possessions system operates with the logic that members buy individual instances of items. As such, there are prototype items, and then there are individual instances of those prototype items. When you go to a store (the part that is currently locked unless you have beta access), you are looking at individual instances of items that you can purchase, much like going to a car lot and browsing physical cars. However, to help members research what items exist and make decisions about what to buy their characters regardless of availability or restrictions, James has helped build a tool to research those decisions. Aptly known as PDawg.


While the team is hard at work defining the experience, salaries, graphics, equipping and policies surrounding a "live" possessions system. This collection of prototype items is the foundation for the entire system and can be shared with everyone. It is meant to answer the question of, what items should I seek out for my character, and as such not every possible prototype item is listed because some cannot be obtained.

Note of course - everything is still in beta, but if there are any concerns or issues found, email them to Evant and James.


Possessions: Salaries

Evant and his team have done a tremendous amount of number crunching to ensure that our future salaries make sense within the new possessions system. The data analytics and research has helped me make decisions in a timely manner and is pretty damn interesting. I thought I'd show a few examples of Evant's work.

1) Credit Source: Where do our members, at each rank, obtain their credits? That is a question that Evant asked and we found some very cool things. Elders get their credits from high end awards (makes sense), Equites from promotion bonuses, and Journeymen get theirs from Society Membership. I'm not sure we planned it like that, but I like it. Check out the data:


2) What are the average amounts of credit per rank? Seems simple enough, but we wanted to see if there are any large or unexplained gaps in the salaries. Grand Masters and Prophets are not all that separated while a EL2 had a pretty big lead over the EL1. Similarly, the EQ1 almost doubles the JM4 total. Stats below:


3) Lastly we have the pie chart. Because I like Pie Charts. It also shows a pretty good spread of where everyone in the club is earning their credits from.



Position Changes

The Dark Brotherhood has saw a pretty rapid and fast change in leadership over the past month. This includes Evant moving into a brand new DC position, Wally moving to the Core DC for the first time in his career, Drac moving up to the DC as our youngest (get my coffee) member to sit on the Council, and Turel and Aiden both assuming Consul for the first time ever. Pretty awesome. Roll up below.

  1. Congrats to Evant on Regent!
  2. Congrats to Wally on Voice!
  3. Congrats to Atra on Combat Master!
  4. Congrats to Turel on Consul of Odan Urr!
  5. Congrats to Drac on Fist!
  6. Congrats to Aiden on Consul of Taldryan!


Fiction: Update 3.0

Wally has a host of Fiction buisiness that he is already burying my inbox with (DC Fictional Role Updates - Say goodbye to fleet command, medal boy) and his new duties will include fiction update 3.0. At this time we do not have a set date for the next fiction update, but it will continue along the undesirable story arc and more than likely see a few more fictional reasons to IC explain my OOC wiping of fleets (and then you get to rebuild in possessions). Keep an eye out for Wally to provide more updates.


Recruitment Tribune: STILL Open for Applications

1) Reminder: Yacks resigned from T:R even though I act like he did not. Therefore we are STILL looking (although not set) on appointing a new T:R. This is a demanding position. A position that people have failed at horribly. Therefore, we are looking for someone with real work Social Media promotion and organizational promotion experience. Please submit an application to Mav and I detailing your experience in this field as well as providing examples of how your previous work has benefited an organization with tangible results. If we do not receive suitable applicants, I may determine that the T:R position is no longer needed and place it as an additional duty under an existing Dark Council position. In other words...if you want this job...come big. Applications are due NLT 1 November 2016.



I want to take a quick moment to thank everyone for the kind words on our news page, but at the same time I would also like to redirect attention away from the Star Chamber and onto the Dark Council. I have been in this club and others like it for a very long time. I have never worked with or seen a Dark Council operate in the manner that our current team performs. Each DC member collaborates with the next and all of them strive to make our club a better place every day. Over the past year this DC has developed two new societies, revamped existing societies, created new disciplines, redesigned websites, drawn thousands of images, conducted micro/macro economics in support of a fun little possessions system, coded gaming bots, stopped using mIRC (?!%?#) and on and on and on. Those things happen with minimal guidance from me and often they happen with no guidance from me. I simply nod my head like a sage old person and watch the DC get after it.

I'm thankful for the DC, but they aren't the only one I'm thankful for.

We also have a tremendous community of members, leaders, and random crazy internet people who have made this club what it is today. That ranges from the odd unicorn photos on Telegram (I'm looking at you Arcona) to the countless people who find little things wrong with our club and then recommend ways to improve them. We have a pretty awesome community and I'm proud to be a part of it with you all.

I hope everyone has a good week. I'll be traveling again, but will be up on email and TG.


sarin pravus grand master lightsaber sith jedi episode viii star wars

Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

Read More …



Members of the Dark Brotherhood:

It is often extremely difficult to reward our Grand Master(s) and members of the Star Chamber. These men and women give money, time and energy into this Club and to all of us. And, they do it without regard. Without thought of reward. They do it purely because they want you, me, all of us to have a Star Wars Club that is free, fun, and available to all.

There's no way to reward a Grand Master — or the Star Chamber — without them knowing. Part of being the Grand Master is knowing everything that goes on within this Club. The caveat to that, however, is that the greatest reward that we — as members — can give is our thanks. And, it's something we can plan to give in secret, as a surprise. We want to do that now.

The Dark Council and leadership of our Clans have been gathering messages and heartfelt thanks to give to Sarin (Pravus), Mav, Jac, Muz, and to all of the members of the Star Chamber and leadership. We want to take this day and reserve it for thanks to them in regard for all the work they do for this Club; in regard for all the time they offer this Club, and we as members, freely; and for all of the money and resources that they give each month, which is certainly a sizable amount given more than a decade since the Split, when these gentlemen and their peers took the cost of all of this onto themselves.

Sarin, Mav, Jac and Muz; members of the Star Chamber:

We as members of the Brotherhood want to say thank you. We want to set this day aside as a Club holiday of sorts as a way to express rewards for you that only we — as members and friends — can give to you. Please take the time to read these words. You guys are doing an amazing job. We hope this feels better than any rank or Golden Lightsabers ever will.


Added Thoughts:

This annoying group of dorks/nerds has given me too much fun over the past 16 years to not give a thank you to the ones who have put up their RL money for it.
- Daniel "Seraphol" Stephens


To those who have contributed to the Brotherhood, you have my sincerest gratitude. This club has been one of the most meaningful aspects of my life for most of my seventeen years, and I cannot thank you enough for keeping this club running and providing us all with a vast wealth of opportunities, entertainment and companionship. This club has truly helped shape my life, having been a big part of my formative years, and I cannot sufficiently express how much it still means to me. Thank you.
- Denath Ciarus


Thanks guys.
- Yacks


No matter what differences we might have had over the years, I can never deny that you put everything you can into this club. I truly thank you guys for your time, effort, and all the other things you give us to make this such an awesome place.
- Arden Karn


You are all the driving force in this club. You make it fun to be part of, people respect you and you always do your best to make everything better for the club membership. You are all awesome and I applaud your commitment to the club and everyone in this mad place we call home. Thanks to each and every one of you!
- Taranae Rhode


For myself and many other experienced members, we witnessed what it was like before the instigation of Pravus, Mav and Jac. We saw Muz, Raken and Taig in their stead, concluding their reigns and handing off their legacy to someone else. To the Dark Council, there could be only one replacement in the current Councillors; one far more great and more powerful (Insert Palpatine voice here).

The seat of Grand Master is daunting, overwhelming and not for the light-hearted, which is why an experienced hand was more preferable. And in came Pravus. Immediately from his ascension, Houses became Clans, all units have alignments in the Force, the use of NFUs were instigated, he recruited and appointed the best minds he could find onto the DC. Mav became Deputy Grand Master and became a wizard with data entry, releasing quarterly figures and quickly filling and inducting new Councillors. Jac sat blissfully in his office when Pravus came with a call, a call that changed his life, started a new chapter and rewrote what the Brotherhood was. Jac became Justicar, and his mission? To make the Brotherhood a fairer and null of legalese.

In the short space of one year, this trio of supernatural powers broke down our society and rebuilt it from its foundations. The Brotherhood you see today would not be anything without Pravus to lead and decide, Mav to teach and crunch, and finally Jac to serve and protect.

A simple thank you isn’t enough, but hopefully, with enough voices and heart, they will feel loved.
- Lexiconus Qor


Each of you has — at one time or another — had a very profound impact upon me, upon my place in the Brotherhood, and my views of what this Club is. And all that it can be.

From my very first hesitant interactions with Jac: Mairin had made me her Praetor (she being FF’s DGM at that time), and I was held over and got to slowly know the returning and somewhat legendary GM Jac Cotelin at the time of the Split. It was a feeling out process that turned into one of the few people in the Club I know to be completely honest, giving, and absolutely generous to this Club. From that first day, I have seen Jac as someone whose qualities I aspire to uphold.

My interactions with Mav were a more unique sort: if anyone was the “father” of Club friendships and alliances, it was you. You really fostered the RS friendship, the ICTE and more. Happiness, long-suffering adoration of our members and hours of giving to our benefit was your gift to us. It was something I tried to take into myself. I didn't always succeed, but I tried.

Sarin. Pravus. Aristan Dantes. Dude. There's a lot of names you can go by. I still remember our first conversations. I'd made a lot of friends and acquaintances coming from the EH, and there were a lot of people who came across that got to know me well. It was an opportunity that incited our friendship and acquaintance. And though not directly related, it did lead to another productive leader of the Club, and a giving, moving one at that. You make things happen. You expect nothing but the best. I aspire to this.

Muz gave me the Deathsaber. Literally, the single coolest lightsaber I've seen on the site. He started out as that “new kid” with an exceptional talent. He moved onto Herald and more. And he reigned as a long, long-standing GM. Your impact is profound. You've taught me that anyone can make a difference with just a good attitude and drive. Thank you.

To those of you who gave so much, and continue to help give the Club its life and vitality, thank you for your compassionate gifts you still give, even when we don't realize they're being given. You still make this Club “ours,” when it hadn't always been so. It's been more than a baker's dozen years since that unique moment in our history. Here's to the next lifetime of friends and memories.
- Beef


Many years ago, it must have been very hard to separate from the Emperor's Hammer and to launch a unique, standalone club. However, today, we have an amazing, complex organization. I know this would not have been possible without the Star Chamber and the people who keep our site and services running. Without our coders, without financiers, without the people who have always been here for this club, we wouldn't have made it this far. I'd just like to say thank you for giving us the opportunity to have this amazing community.
- Locke Sonjie


It's not often that we get the chance to say a kind word toward someone who actively keeps this club running in one way or another. Not without the air of awkwardness, at least. The club we are in today is the same club that I joined in 2012 but since then it is a club that enabled me to grow and in doing so also allowed me to fall in love with it. What we have is a community based around the liking of a science fiction series and when you think about it our club is amazing. In order to maintain what we have, the club needs it's site and servers — we should relish the opportunity to thank those members who keep this little bit of Internet we call home afloat and so, I am lucky enough to be given the chance to thank these people freely and I am happy to take advantage of that. So, thank you all. Very much.
- Cable (Darius Tu'kul)


When I joined the DJB 2.5 years ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. At first it was just a way to spend my internship time at the office and I wasn't really taking the members and the Club seriously. Now, after seeing the community and who leads it, I have immense respect for these individuals and would like to thank them for their many sacrifices and contributions to keep this Club running, functional and extremely fun!
- Darkblade


I've been in this club for 10 years now and many faces have come and gone, but one thing never changes. The dedication and handwork the members of the Star Chamber, past and present, have put into ensuring a club that's been part of my life and other’s lives for a long time exists today. So thank you for your dedication and commitment to the club and its members. Thank you.
- Opie (Ophelia)


I've only been in the DJB for less than a year, but in that time I've found a home where I can let my creativity be fully expressed and, more importantly, where I've found a group of people I can confidently and proudly call friends. This would never have been possible without the efforts and talent of the Star Chamber and for that I am sincerely grateful. Thank you all for what you selflessly do to make this possible.
- Aul Celsus


This club has been a major part of my life for 12 years now. It is a complex and multifaceted organization that takes so, so many hours behind the scenes to keep things running. And the real reason any of that continues to happen is because of these guys. Every thrilling competition, every friend made, every victory won, really happened because of this group decided to truly commit to the cause.

This work goes largely unseen, unrecognized. As members it’s easy for us to find the praise and thanks we earn from work in this club. For these guys, less so. For a bunch of hardcore Star Wars nerds, they certainly are really awesome. Thank you so very much for everything guys.
- Xen’Mordin Vismorsus-Palpatine


I may not be one of the oldest of members, but I've seen a variety of leaders in the DB, and the differences between them. Often times, the Brotherhood exists as a small-scale snapshot of society itself, with all the problems that come with it. It is the leaders that organize this small-scale culture and bring it in line. The fun and stability offered by all of you, whether through the Covenant or by facilitating the structure of the club, is something that is hard to quantify but has far reaching effects.

More than that, the work you all have done has provided the opportunity for friends to be made, and for skills to develop. For me, personally, I have been granted the trust and opportunity to lead in a variety of roles and offer up a small fraction of the content and guidance that you all have shown the club. What you do is so often thankless, and praise rarely comes.

Thank you all for the unseen work you do each day, the opportunities you have created, and the sense of fun you have instilled in this club.
- Atra Ventus


To the members of the Star Chamber,

On behalf of the Night Hawks and myself, I want to extend a thank you that cannot be quantified by everything that you do. I cannot even imagine what it takes to keep this going for all of us. To give all of us something that not only brings what I can only think of as a great place for fun and entertainment. But more so, an escape for us all young or old . A place where we can escape the daily grind and relax with something that brings substance to us all. We are not only a community of Star Wars fans but a community of friends that have been brought and kept together by all your efforts and time. For that, we cannot thank you enough.

So I say to you all personally, from all of us on Battle Team Night Hawks, thank you so much for believing in all of us, and the million other things that you all do to keep this going.
- DarkHawk


Now, I know I have not been in the Dark Brotherhood for nearly as long as many. I was not there to bear witness to the Exodus or to see the club evolve to become the wonderful construct that it is today.

I have only seen the tip of the iceberg. I have only participated in a single Vendetta and have yet to experience a Great Jedi War. When I first joined, my main point of contact was one guy in my Clan. Since that time I have managed to get involved in many facets of the club, from ACC to the Shadow Academy. I have met lots of wonderful people throughout the club, made new friends and reveled in the opportunity to interact in so many ways in our shared fictional world.

Even as a relative newbie, I can see the fingerprints of the Star Chamber all over. Without all you wonderful lot, doing work both seen and unseen, the Brotherhood wouldn't be half of what we are today. Because of you all this community has grown up, has thrived, and I believe will continue to do so for years to come. In my short time the DB has become another home of sorts for me online. For helping make this all possible I would like to humbly thank the Star Chamber.
- Zachary O'Maille, aka Bentre Stahoes


Without the Brotherhood, I wouldn’t have the friends I have today. When I was going through the worst period in my life, when I was stuck on the streets, one of the only things that kept me going was the thought of the friends I had made here. Without this club, I wouldn’t have the ability to make people look at me like I’m a weirdo when I explain I’m part of this wonderful and wacky gathering. For the memories, the laughter, the time I’ve wasted on the internet and the kind words directed towards me in promotions and rewards and the ability to see others rewarded for hard work. None of that would be possible without you guys. Thank you for allowing me and many others like me in the club the opportunity to be part of something we love. We may argue and bicker amongst us, but we all share that same obsession with Star Wars. I wouldn’t change it for the world.
- Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar


I just wanted to stop and take a moment to thank the Star Chamber for their sacrifice of money and time to help keep the DJB up and running. Without your support, there would be no place where we could come together, have fun, and enjoy the many benefits that the club provides. I know that because of having the club, I have been able to make a lot more friends and get to know more people. I have had the privilege of becoming a Quaestor and helped to serve others in the club, been a BTL, made competitions, participated in a few events, and still look forward to the GJW and what will come in the future. As a fellow leader, I know for a lot of us it tends to be a thankless job when we work behind the scenes and I wanted to make it a point to thank each and every one of you. Thank you.
- Tasha’Vel Versea


There are moments in life that define your path so profoundly you can’t help but remember them forever. One of those moments, for me at least, was in 2005. When I first joined the Dark Brotherhood. Since then it has defined not just my hobbies and interests (writing being the primary of those, and I have improved so much through the years) but also my professional path. I started doing art and graphics in the Dark Brotherhood just by doing one “lousy” Shadow Academy course.

Today, I’m the Herald and I work professionally in the field of graphics design almost every day. To say that the Dark Brotherhood defined my path seems cheap and underrated by comparison, so when I say that the Star Chamber has my deepest gratitude for maintaining the Club, I mean it. This Club is so important, so unique and so open to all, that people can find opportunities in the strangest of places. I’m an example of that, and I owe a lot of it to you guys and this magnificent beast we can the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Thank you for keeping this place the way it is — friendly, fun and awesome.
- Vyr, Herald of the Brotherhood


The Star Chamber makes the resource commitments to ensure that this amazing community we call the Dark Jedi Brotherhood continues to exist and for that I am thankful and deeply appreciative. I've formed some great friendships, had Star Wars debates ranging from entertaining to annoying, and in my latest capacity researched and learned so much about Star Wars items in trying to bring an even better experience to members and give everyone more to talk about and do. It all comes back around to the members and community in everything we do, and the leaders at the top make sure it continues to exist and evolve. Thanks for everything.
- Evant Taelyan


It is hard to believe that such a small group of individuals can have such a far-reaching impact on so many people. The intrepid few of the Star Chamber (who give more of their personal time than should be necessary to an online Star Wars Club) are truly the lifeblood of this club. Without this club, I’d never have found anyone to game with, and very likely would never have finished my Master’s thesis. This club has become an important part of my life, and it is because of you all that it continues to grow and thrive. Thank you for everything that you have done, and for all that you will do in the future.
- Dracaryis Sunstrider di Plagia, Fist of the Brotherhood


To the esteemed few who have held the title of Grand Master (and you too Darth ~~ Perv ~~ Pravus),

I personally wish to thank all of you for your astounding ability to somehow keep our little big club of weirdos together. As someone who once made it her mission to hide away from people whenever possible, the DB taught me — very quickly — how to socialize with people in a manner that was far less obnoxious, while teaching me I could still have friends and be myself. I’m one of the lucky people who has made life-long friendships through this club and the people I have met here have, more than once, helped me through some of my darker times. For that, I have all of you to thank. Without you, your contributions and your hard work here, I wouldn’t have my little home-away-from home.

And Sarin, thank you especially for always making me feel welcome. When I first joined, the GM always seemed like an overbearing figurehead of admonishment or superiority, then you duck-faced in a hangout and I realized I had found my new online refuge. So, while I respect the work you do (in and out of the DB), I also really appreciate that you can be an excellent authority figure while retaining your humor. It gives me something to strive for when I come to take your crown.
<3 your favorite,


The last sixteen years have seen a lot of ups and downs in my personal life. A lot of triumphs and a lot of turmoil. Throughout those years, the one constant I could always rely on was the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. The people in it have always been here for me - and that continuing community and cohesion is only possible through the thankless time and effort of the Star Chamber. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Eternally.

With Gratitude,
- Terran (Invictus, Mal'ari'carun, et al.)


(Preemptively: I swear I’m keeping this short, they said I could keep it to a page, it’s a page, don’t h8.)

It can be hard to find a home. It can be even harder to hold onto one. Not everybody realizes that, and not everyone realizes just how much it means, no matter how small a form that it takes, until it's gone; whether it's something as simple as an online guild falling apart, a game store closing, a roleplaying group's disbandment...or the readier losses, friends fading away, even passing, places changing, opportunities ending. There comes a time in everyone's life where they look back at whatever version of home they once had, after having been away, and realize that they don't recognize it anymore. If it's still there at all, it changed while they were gone, without it having mattered at all that they left. It is hard to keep a home. It is hard to find one. And it doesn't feel good to be without — to say as much is an understatement.

But when you do have that home, when you do have that community, those people, those faces or usernames that make you feel welcome, that let you have fun...that make it seem like regardless of who you are, there is somewhere in some small way that fits you, that wants you — that is so very precious and fantastic. So much so that I don't have enough words or rainbows to fit it! But in this much, I can speak for myself, and I think I speak for many other members at the same time: the DB is my home. It has given me more than can properly be expressed, certainly more than anyone would expect of an "online Star Wars club." You say that, and people not in it can't understand. It sounds silly, small. They don't know that here, in these Clans and these Houses, in this brotherhood...this is where you can do and be anything you want to be. Where, at any time from three in the morning on the east coast of the United States to late at night in a small corner of Europe or Israel, you can find a friend, someone to talk to, someone to game or write with. Someone who will see and acknowledge the efforts you make and take the time to help you improve yourself if you try. Someone who will notice, without you having to say a thing, that maybe you've just had a long day, and will try and put a smile on your face any way they can.

Hard times come with family. Drama — sweet Lordy, drama — comes with family. Madness comes with family. By no means is it all sunshine. But what this place is, unequivocally, is a a joy, a family, and a home. This club, to whatever degree, it changes you — will change you. It will change you. Somehow. Some way. Big or small. And I, at least, don't know where I'd be, what my life would be, or how much of the person I am now I'd be without that. For whatever else each of you may have done, for however much your involvement in recent doesn't matter. At one point or another, and still today, it was because of you all, who kept the light on, who kept the doors open, who kept the stove warm, that we all had a place to come back to, everyday. And how we all know we'll have a place to come back to tomorrow.

And for that? Thank you. Thank you so much.

-Best always,


Grand Masters are mysterious creatures. They serve hundreds of individuals without the expectation of reward. Often, more times than we care to admit, they sacrifice on several fronts — friends, family, financial — to keep our club afloat and trending in the right direction. They make tough decisions, they are constantly under the microscope, and they literally have the responsibility of fostering a relationship with every member of the club. What do they receive for this herculean effort? Snide remarks, second guessing every decision in the rearview mirror, headaches and heartache.

Personally, I admire our Grand Masters, because even on their worst day they are our best role models. They are symbols of progress, they foster an environment unlike any other experience online, and they ensure that everyone gets to be part of the process in one way or another. I could tell a story about how each Grand Master has done right by me, but I was told to keep this concise. Nevertheless, each GM I have served under has been a guiding hand, a supportive listener, and entrusted me with part of their club. For that honor, I could never be more thankful. Thank you, Grand Masters, for everything you do on our behalf. Thank you for letting us use this corner of the internet to explore ourselves and grow friendships. Thank you for having the strength to ensure it has gone so long and will continue to do so for many years to come.
- Braecen Kaeth


Grand Masters have an extremely difficult job. It can be comparable to being President. I wouldn't be surprised to hear that Grand Masters have more gray hair at the end of their terms. You have a huge responsibility to the citizens of the Brotherhood. You sacrifice so much of your time and finances to ensure this club's survival. You can never make anyone happy. That means several people are upset with the decisions you make. We might not make bumper stickers that say "Save Us from Pravus", "Pravisn't: Not My Grandmaster", "Muz for the lose", or "Attack Jac", but they do have to deal with insults and remarks. Unfortunately, it's not uncommon for someone to question a policy or decision in a public channel.

However, I feel we need to honor our Grand Masters. Nobody is perfect, but they are a symbol of our club and perform duties many would cave under the pressure of. "The shark that does not swim, drowns." They are constantly moving forward and pushing our club to reach our potential and find new frontiers. I want to thank each and every one of you for undertaking these burdens and shining under pressure like a diamond from coal.
- Ernordeth Puer-Irae


I would like to take a moment to thank all the GM's, past and present, for their hard work and dedication to the Dark Jedi. When I joined over three years ago, I thought that I would be active for a few months and then fade into the background and be forgotten. However, at the time Muz was running a series of competitions that caught my interest, and I wanted to see how things would end. I stuck around, got more involved, learned more than I ever wanted to about Star Wars and met a few new people. If you hadn't taken the time to be in leadership, this club, the first thing I have ever joined and wanted to be active and addicted to, would not exist to gather people together to discuss the finer points of the Star Wars universe.

Thank you to the past GMs for laying the groundwork that the current rules and traditions rest on. You accomplished an extremely hard task of coming up with the ideas that formed this club. You overcame obstacles that could have ended the club before it began. You orchestrated a break from the founding club and competitions to entice new members. Thank you to the present for continuing a tradition that inspires and promotes growth and fun. You are the reason that we continue to thrive and grow. All of your services are an inspiration to the future GMs and leaders.
- Riverche


Dear GMs,

Thank you from the very bottom of my heart for your work in the upkeep of the club and site. Without your generous efforts, I would never have had the opportunity to join, meet these wonderful individuals and community, and grow as an individual. The club has become in the short time I've been here a home, a welcoming group that one can leave for a few years and return to open arms. It’s an environment we can escape from the world, yet remain in contact with it as we are exposed to the cultures and lives of others on this adventure to build an overarching story. So, again, thank you. Thank you all for your contributions! I sincerely hope you continue to do so, as well as others stepping up to aid.

~ Zujenia


To Sarin & Previous Grand Masters (Also Sarin :P),

We're taking this time to thank you for everything you've done and continue to do to make the Dark Jedi Brotherhood the amazing place it is: your tireless nights and endless hours poured into keeping the club running, adapting to the times and giving your members years of enjoyment and memories to fall back upon.

Thank you for everything. Without your efforts, this extensive yet dysfunctional family of writers, gamers, artists and various others would likely have not ever met. Without this club, I would likely not be the writer I am today.

As a side note: Matt — If I met you in person, I would like to shake your hand and also thank you for your serving and continued service to our country. The fact that you manage that, your family and running the Brotherhood whilst still having time to sleep in a day will never cease to amaze me.

Celevon Edraven Erinos. (AKA David Walter)


I came to the Brotherhood a few years ago seeking a creative outlet and maybe some new people to game with. What I found was a group of people who accepted me in my uncensored quirky glory and a supportive community who fostered talents I didn’t even know I had. I have met so many amazing people from different walks of life and around the world. This community means so much more to its members than a simple hobby or a forum for common interest. Real, lasting friendships are formed here and personal growth happens. None of this would be possible without the tireless dedication of both time and financial resources from the Star Chamber. Gentlemen, on behalf of all the members of Odan-Urr (including their crazy Consul) I thank you for all the long nights, heated discussions and money that you could have spent elsewhere. This small patch of cyberspace has enriched the lives of so many and will continue to do so for years to come due in no small part to your dedication and steadfast leadership.
- Turel


GMs + Mav,

I have a few things to say to some individuals, but also a general note to begin. First, thank you to everyone who helps keep this club running. The Brotherhood is a second home for me, and I honestly don’t know where I’d be in life without it. I’ve made amazing friends, seen people fall in love, seen old enemies become friends and learned so many different things. Beyond that, there have been a few important humans who have influenced my time in the DB in different ways.


There are so many things I want to say here that words kind of all trip over each other and create a big giant jumble. Sifting through that mess, I wanted to pull out a few key things I wanted to thank you for. Thank you for being my Grand Master. From the time that I became a Battleteam Leader to the time that I resigned as Consul, my career as a unit leader was directly tied to your term as GM. Thank you for being patient with me over the years. Thank you for trusting me with different things. Thank you for taking 2 hours on a Sunday afternoon to talk to me on IRC as I fought to get a member a Promotion. Thank you for all the time and energy sacrificed; all the decisions you made and hard calls you rendered knowing that you weren’t always going to make everyone happy. Thank you for helping me succeed as a leader and member of the club.

Also, thanks for making me swear of Irish Whiskey. I’m sure it’s saved me somehow in the time since that fateful night.


I have been working really hard on keeping things brief. I struggle with it a lot, as you know, and tend to get overly wordy and impassioned very easily. So let me try and do my Sarin impression that I’ve been working on for years.

Sarin. Thank you for everything you have given to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Thank you for creating an environment that is healthy, promotes friendship and inspires growth. Thank you for taking on a major attitude change at the top level that has trickled down to the rest of the Brotherhood. Thank you for making impossible decisions. Thank you for making decisions that others can stand around on the sidelines critiquing, but never have the will to step forward and do anything about it or to fight for change. Thank you for serving as a stone in the storm and for weathering literally everything. Thank you for keeping us a part of your life when you have so much else going on. Most importantly, thank you again for inspiring me and giving me an example to follow as a confident but fair leader. I know you probably don’t realize it, but the example you set has an effect on everyone: from your longest tenured staff members to the newbies joining the club for the first time.

How was that? Thank you again, Matt, for everything.


I’m so happy that I got to meet you because of an online Star Wars club. I’m happy that you took my derpy, kind of clueless eagerness and let me show that my work ethic could be used...just with some guidance. Thank you for sticking with me these past few years, for letting me work and learn from you and how you operate. Thank you for the random drunk GChats and rants. Thank you for always somehow being able to talk to me when I’m angry or upset and figuring out how to deal with me. I know it’s not easy, but you’ve been an amazing friend beyond the scope of just a leader I’ve worked to emulate in ways.

Thank you for the opportunities you’ve given me and the support you’ve rendered. Thank you for all the things you do for the club, and I hope you know how much we apprecaite it even if we argue with you over fake fictional rank names, or we have a different opinion on how the ACC works. In the end, we still know that we’re working for the betterment of the Brotherhood, and I’ve never seen anything from you that pointed otherwise. It’s endearing, and I am happy to be able to keep working with you as a friend and as a leader in this club.

Thanks Mav, you’re not the worse for the duration of this magic.


I’ll still never forget our first email exchange. You spoke to me at a critical time in joining the Dark Jedi Brotherhood as I’d just taken over Consul and was a bit on edge. Your words, wisdom, and guidance have held true in the back of my mind. Through the DCov revisions, I finally got to see you in action and it was awe inspiring. It gave me something to work towards, as I hope to one day be able to have the same respect, adoration, and downright talent to get things done that you have. Thank you for being a great role model, and for always talking to me when needed. I appreciate everything you have done, and remain hopefully and supportive of everything you will continue to do. Thank you.

Also thank you to Beef, for organizing this whole thing. It’s a great idea and I hope that we can do this again.
- Wally


Dear GMs,

"Your love and devotion to the Club is what keeps this whole operation up and going. I hope you take this opportunity to step back and look at the wonderful community of Star Wars geeks you have helped to build. Thank you."
- Korroth, ACC Judge


Dear GMs (and Mav),

Thank you for all the hard work that goes into keeping the club running. More specifically, thank you for giving us the opportunity to build an amazing system. Thank you for guiding and enabling and making the hard decisions, and thank you for giving us enough rope to learn and wander off on our own to try and forge our own ideas and help the system grow. The ACC would be nothing without the vision and risks taken by you guys, and we are all appreciate of it. On the character sheet side of things, you helped give us something special that we’re able to share with members. The oversight for improvements being allowed to be made has lead to better standards, better feedback, and overall leads to membership being happy. Happy members means expansion, and this club would be nothing without you guys always supporting.

Thank you from both our staffs. We appreciate everything.
- ACC / Voice Staff


From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for all that you do for, and give to this Club. It never goes unnoticed.
- The Shadow Academy staff


A Frosty thank you for you Muz, Jac, Mav and Sarin, for allowing me and the others to be a part of this great Club that I’ve spent almost half my lifetime. You sacrifice means a lot to us. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
- Frosty Romanae Tarentae


It’s been one year since I joined the Club and I didn’t even scratch the surface of its awesomeness. You guys make the magic happen and I want to thank you for all your sacrifice and dedication to keeping it happening in the future, too.
- Geosh Romanae


A long time ago in a far far away Galaxy, came Star Wars and then the Emperor's Hammer and then finally the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, without which i as a character would not be here, it’s thanks to all you guys for the Club as it stands today.

A fruitful and and colourful club as it is now, so i thank you for your support in keeping us going.
- Ceasar Grey Wolf BT


I believe that people come into your life for a purpose. I can say without hesitation that the names listed here fill me with awe and respect. Whether it was Muz always making himself available to talk to me when he didn't have to, to Mav humoring by talking about the occasional idea, or Pravus being clear and direct with handling issues, you've all had a purpose in my life.

Without this club, I'd have been dead 5 years ago. You've kept this place alive, and by proxy, me alive. I can never thank you enough for doing what you've done.
- Samael Ozriel


In the year and a half or so that I've been in this club, I've found a large group of friends that I can have fun with. I've seen many changes. One thing that hasn't changed however, is the dedication shown by the vast majority of the DB. And none are more dedicated to the Dark Brotherhood than Jac, Mav, Sarin, and Muz. Whether it be paying the costs to keep the website running, running competitions to keep members active, addressing the big issues that many may or may not be aware of, making difficult decisions about members, or writing a 52 page document for the club to look over, or the great many other things that these individuals do, all while juggling their real life responsibilities, it is thanks to them that this club continues to grow and thrive as it does. And for that, despite the fact that is impossible to do so enough, I say thank you.
- Blackhawk


The Dark Jedi Broterhood without you guys would be like an aeroplane without fuel. However tried, we’d still be on the ground and nowhere near greatness. All of you have lifted this club up and sent us soaring. Everything we cannot say with words you have expressed for us with great devotion. I bow before thee, Jac, Mav, Sarin and Muz.
- Ranarr Kul


I'm not nearly articulate enough to come close to all the heartfelt thanks that can be read above. Know though I'm just as thankful as everyone else. Thank you for everything you do, for this club, and for its members.
- James


Pravus, Jac, and Muz,

Quite simply, thank you. I could go on and on discussing the impact you have had on me both personally and professionally but there is little need for that in this instance. More importantly, I want to take the time to highlight your enduring dedication to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and the members who call it their internet home. Through the years the Star Chamber, of which you have been central, has served as a keystone to organizational success, weathing every storm and propelling us forward. To say we as members are appreciative would be a considerable understatement. More so, we are unequivocally indebted to and grateful for your passion and commitment to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Thank you.
- Monty


I’ve been a part of the Brotherhood since Muz was Grandmaster, and it’s safe to say that without you gentlemen this brotherhood would be dead. There’s not much left for me to say that hasn’t been said already. All I can say is thank you and we will forever be in your debt.
- Solas Night-Thorn


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