Heyo all, As the title says, we are looking for a PROF to fill out our Writing Dept. The requirements are below: * Excellent grasp of the English language. * Grading time not exceeding 24 to 48 hours. * Have passed all current Writing Dept exams,...

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Heyo all,

As the title says, we are looking for a PROF to fill out our Writing Dept. The requirements are below:

  • Excellent grasp of the English language.
  • Grading time not exceeding 24 to 48 hours.
  • Have passed all current Writing Dept exams, including ACC, with an 85% minimum.
  • Ability to use Telegram.

The person chosen will be working with both the VOICE office as well as the SA to evaluate and re-write the Grammar, Poetry, and Run-on exams with the potential to re-work the Test of Wisdom. This is a very high visibility position and will require someone who is able to manage the needs of both offices. This does not and will not include ANY of the ACC exams. If you are interested send you application to Wally, Marcus, and myself in .pdf format. Have them in no later than July 27th at website restart. Failure to do any of those things will have your application immediately trashed.

If youve got ideas, put them in the application, we have an idea of how we want to do this, but ideas are always welcome. If you want as well, go ahead and proof read this news post and send it in your application. Give me something to look over and shows your effort in paying attention to errors.

If you have any questions, feel free to catch me on Telegram. Good luck!


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Message from the Fist Quick update on a couple of things. * Destiny 2 Raid Lairs * Magistrate spot open Destiny Raid Lairs With the change in how raids work in Destiny 2, I want to ensure that members are properly rewarded for playing them. The...

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Message from the Fist

Quick update on a couple of things.

  1. Destiny 2 Raid Lairs
  2. Magistrate spot open


Destiny Raid Lairs

With the change in how raids work in Destiny 2, I want to ensure that members are properly rewarded for playing them.

The Leviathan has three different raid events. These events take place in the same area, but have completely different encounters. From this point forward, members can submit for all raid events based off the number of available encounters that each raid contains. The modifiers are already live in the site. “Full Clear” is no longer a selection option, so make sure that you submit properly.

  • Leviathan: 4 total encounters
  • Eater of Worlds: 3 total encounters
  • Spire of Stars: 3 total encounters

As always, if you have any questions, please contact a member of my staff. We will help clarify any concerns.


Magistrate Opening

Ayden has decided to step down as Magistrate. I wish him the best. With that, I now have an open spot for a Magistrate in the Fist Office!

Magistrate Requirements

My magistrates are responsible for reviewing and approving gaming submissions, setting up and running monthly gaming and mobile gaming events, and assisting with revisions to the wiki. These are normally six-month positions.

Magistrates do the day to day work in the office. They process gaming submissions in less than 24 hours, run DB-Wide gaming competitions, and review and edit wiki pages where needed.

All applications must be sent to BOTH myself and Junazee no later than the end of the week (Friday, 20 July 2018). Yes, you have to send it to both of us. If you don’t I will not consider your application.

What I’m looking for in applicants:

  • No minimum rank requirement. All may apply!
  • Baseline understanding of the Rites of Combat
  • Consistent Telegram presence and Email turnaround of 24 hours
  • A positive attitude
  • A desire to learn and be part of a team
  • At least one idea on how to make gaming better within the club


Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.



Introduction In this report, you'll find staff openings, a survey, and a rundown of the graphics the staff has completed this month. So, let's jump right in. Table of Contents * Staff Openings * Art Survey * Graphic Requests Staff Openings...

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In this report, you'll find staff openings, a survey, and a rundown of the graphics the staff has completed this month. So, let's jump right in.

Table of Contents


Staff Openings

Jono, aka Edema R'uh-Kalinor, had been forced step down from his position of Magistrate last month, leaving an opening on the staff. In his place I'll actually be looking to open two different Magistrate positions: one for a beginner looking to expand their knowledge and talents on the staff, and the other to focus on long term, multimedia projects in conjunction with myself, my Praetor Jael, and likely interfacing with other DC offices.

What are we looking for? There are a set of shared requirements for both positions:

  • Basic skills in graphics manipulation software (Photoshop, GIMP, Krita, Illustrator, Corel, etc.)
  • 24-hour mail turn around
  • A Telegram connection and Trello access are mandatory
  • Readiness to take on some of the most challenging graphics projects in the Brotherhood (#nopressure)

The first position will be focusing mostly on creating warbanners to start, so familiarity with photoshop, layers, actions, etc is prefered. Additionally, the person who takes this position should also be comfortable organizing and running graphics competitions for the Brotherhood as well.

The second of the two positions will be far more project oriented, with long term development of multimedia content being the focus of the position. This could include, but is not limited to, developing basic storyboards for video content, creating still artwork for use in video production, and (possibly) video content editing. The latter is not a deal breaker, as the ability to create content that can later be included in video projects is far more important.

Applications will be accepted until Sunday the 28th of July. Send all applications (including a portfolio of at least 5 of your most recent works), and should be submitted to both Jael and myself. Applications should be serious and well written and should include some of your own ideas for the position. Given the radically different desired skill sets for both positions, please specify which of the two posts you are looking to apply for, as I don't think there will be much in the way of overlap between the two.


Art Survey

One of the biggest things I've wanted to emphasize as part of my tenure as Herald is making sure that the staff serves the art community and general membership as well as it can. In keeping with that, Jael has put together a survey for everyone to provide feedback and rate how we've been addressing the needs of the membership. Dossier name and PIN are not required, but can be provided if the responding member would like.

I would encourage everyone to fill it out, as we can only do better if we can gather direct feedback from you! Fill out the survey HERE!


Graphic Requests

Custom Weapons

By Morotheri:

  • Haran "Ji" Urr


  • Dracaryis (by Atra)
  • Wrathus (by Wrathus)


By Jael:

  • Kadrol Hauen
  • Tash Pencron
  • Fenrir
  • Ryuu Suoh
  • Talis DeMorte
  • Jon Silvon
  • Alexander DelGotto
  • Xen'Mordin Palpatine (Custom)

By Morotheri:

  • Haran "Ji" Urr

Position Graphics Requests

By Jael:

  • Junazee


There’s a Form for that

DB Art Community Telegram Group

If you’re interested in joining the TG group and sharing your art, be sure to click the image below:

DJB Art Community




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Hello gamers, it is time for my second report! Make sure you read over everything, for there is a lot of important news that have been released. I’ll start with briefly recapping Drac’s FIST Report. Make sure you read it as well if you missed it....

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Hello gamers, it is time for my second report! Make sure you read over everything, for there is a lot of important news that have been released. I’ll start with briefly recapping Drac’s FIST Report. Make sure you read it as well if you missed it. Also, read over the Supplemental #20.1 Report from Drac.

The gaming portal has been updated, basically meaning now you can only earn 30 CE and 30 CF clusters per platform. I’m not going into big details for Drac has already done so in his report. This was the original intention and came into effect at the beginning of the month. If you have any questions or notice something is missing or incorrect, please let Drac or myself know.

Heroes of the Storm 1v1 was announced as a supported mode! Make sure at all times the RoC rules are followed. Look forward to seeing this being utilized! For the BGL Tournament the bot now must now be utilized.

Drac also gave an update on the BGL, it has been officially decided that the top winner of each platform will receive a specialized title and trophy in honor of Frosty. The top three will receive crescents as usual.

Since there’s a great interest in Fortnite, it is now being tested and reviewed for support. Fortnite: Battle Royale is free to play! Also it has cross platform support! Make sure you check out the Test Competition and please leave a comment with your feedback. It is available on PS4, Xbox. PC and Mobile.

Then finally Destiny 1 has taken a fall since Destiny 2 has came out. Being there has nearly been any activity reported it was on the chopping block for a couple weeks. Being its “dead in the dirt” it will no longer be a supported mode within the club. Sad, we know but it happens and new things come out. The gaming world is always changing. Don’t be discouraged we still have Destiny 2 supported!

Wiki and Battlefront II Updates

The staff has been at work to update the Pendant of Blood and Supported Games wiki. They now have example screenshots for each platform. For if you ever wonder what is the proper screenshot to submit. Please refer to this first, any further questions feel free to reach out to a staff member.

After review Battlefront II requirements for clusters has been changed. Before it was you must get one kill for clusters. It has now been revised to you must register at least one kill or score to qualify for clusters.


Gaming News and Updates:

Overwatch for the second month in a row has been the top in activity within the DJB! The second weekend you could gain double experience. Within the month of June they have reworked Symmetra, love how I can place turrets from afar. Endorsements have been added into the game to give a person an extra thumbs up. Also a new Looking for Group feature has been added. A new hero “Wrecking Ball” was announced, which is a little smart hamster named Hammond. For more information make sure you check out Blizzards Overwatch page.

Heroes of the Storm again came in behind Overwatch for the month of June. Starting at the middle of the month the event Echoes of Alterac was live until July 9th. Thru questlines you could earn new rewards within the game. Also a new hero was added Yrel. Check out the latest patch notes for more information.

Diablo 3 came right behind HoTS of the month of June. Season 10 has been kicked off “Season of Greed”. Make sure you check out the competitions for this season.

Battlefront II had a Han Solo season. Making new characters available young Han Solo, Chewbacca and Lando. Also new maps and modes to play. There is also news of New Clone Wars coming in the fall. For more information make sure you check out the news page.

Hearthstone had a new event Taverns of Time started mid June, ended July 3rd. And gave out a free golden pack on June 13th. A new event Witchwood has came out, check it out and make sure you submit your progress to the competition.

Destiny 2’s Year 2 expansion will be arriving this fall. At the beginning of July Moments of Triumph became available and will be around until end of August. Which includes various in-game objectives to earn progress towards Triumph Points to unlock unique rewards. Check out the latest news on Bungie.


FIST Gaming Competitions:

Member Created Competitions

Would you like to see a certain type of gaming competition? Feel free to create one, any questions or suggestions please feel free to contact a member of the FIST staff.


Grand Master’s Royal Guard:

Gamers join the ranks of the GMRG! How do you join you ask? Read over the GMRG-History course and pass the exam within the Shadow Academy.

The 2nd Quarter has finished and 3rd Quarter has started! Congratulations to the following top 10 of the 2nd Quarter! The top 10 get to choose a Dark Council to guard!

1th Place * 2nd Place * 3rd Place * 4th Place * 5th Place * 6th Place * 7th Place * 8th Place* 9th Place * 10th Place
Rulvak Kelly Arvalis Arcia Luna Kordath Raistline Maaz Catmatui Jafits

To qualify for the leaderboard you must reach rank X - XII

Congratulations to the following for elevating their GMRG rank in the month of June!

Elevated from II to III : Kul’Tak

Elevated from III to IV : Calenhad & Mune

Elevated from IV to V : Rian

Elevated from VIII to IX : Qyreia & Kelviin

Elevated from IX to X: Ayden

Elevated from X to XI : Justinios , Zednich & Catmatui

Elevated from XI to XII : Arvalis


Weekly and Saturday Pendant of Blood Awardees:

Congratulations to the following:

Weekly PoB’s

  • 10 -15 June 18: Rulvak

  • 17 - 22 June 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

  • 24 - 29 June 18: Rulvak

  • 1- 6 July 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

  • 8 - 13 July 18: Matches forwarded to following week. Not enough participation.

Saturday PoB’s

  • 9 June 18: No Matches Played.

  • 16 June 18: Justinios

  • 23 June 18: No Matches Played.

  • 7 July 18: No Matches Played.

  • 14 July 18: No Matches Played.


Gaming Information

  • Supported Games - List and information on games supported by the brotherhood.

  • Rites of Combat - Rules to follow when gaming.

  • Fist-O-Matic - Report PvP matches against other DJB members.

  • Pendant of Blood - How to obtain six medals within the different gaming platforms.

  • Cluster Values - List of the gaming platforms to view cluster values and modifiers.

  • Discord - DJB voice server for gaming.

  • Telegram - Chat program that is used within the DJB. Click Here to join the Gaming channel or one of your liking. Make sure you follow the rules at all times.



Contact the FIST Staff

Any questions\concerns or ideas please reach out to us. We are here to help.


Hope you all enjoyed this report. I would like to thank Kris for the awesome report graphics! I’m a happy camper. Also, thank you to the Fist Staff. It’s a pleasure to work with you all. To all you gamers, GAME ON!




In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon. Hi all, Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest...

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In which James talks about recent changes to the site, once again copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon.

Hi all,
Time for another report from your friendly neighborhood Seneschal with the latest ins and outs related to the site.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code check-ins done to the site since my last report. This is a non-exhaustive, automatically generated list, and does not contain code changes that have not yet been deployed to the main website, nor does it list code changes that are outside the scope of the main website.

Here are some highlights:

  1. GFX Society
  2. GDPR compliancy
  3. Possessions item upgrade code
  4. ACC Extensions revamp
  5. Internal framework and library updates
  6. Send site-generated e-mails as originating from a e-mail address to decrease the chance of our e-mails getting tagged as spam
  7. Various bug fixes and misc changes
James Entar:
      Feature: Hybrid Factions
      GFX Society initial logic
      CS: Fix aspects and feats pulling character name from current dossier rather than CS/snapshot metadata
      CS: Fix wizard displaying linguistics level instead of lore level in lore explanation paragraph
      Update Kallisto for new Google export format
      Color competition label by status
      Treat Rogue members that are in a position as 'not rogue' for the purpose of hiding e-mail addresses
      Possessions: Item Upgrade feature
      Reflect Item Upgrade wording on Item Research pages
      Tag Telegram broadcast with unit
      Add unit icon to news items
      Show item aspect type on admin listing page
      Allow VOICE staff to create/manage Faction NPCs
      Re-introduce search on inventory management pages
      Prevent duplicate ACC reminders after staff posts
      Fix a typo
      Fix 500 error when trying to clone a competition with unexpected metadata
      Show a warning if CS metadata is out of date when creating snapshots, submitting/responding to ACC challenges, or submitting fiction entries
      Change unit performance report competition date cutoff
      Fix Kallisto still considering banned members as list subscribers and trying to get them removed
      Add line break to Markdown cheat sheet
      CS: Show warning when selecting/browsing feats that require skills/powers that don't have any points put into them
      Regererate ItemPrototype slug on name change
      Allow showing subunit leaders on leadership section of unit page
      Show staff mailing list addresses on DC page
      CSS fix
      Add link to wiki for 'cs out of date' warning
      Fix ACC start-of-battle post not scheduling a reminder mail
      Regenerate Faction slug/url after faction name change
      Escape quotes in og:title meta property
      Add breadcrumbs to competition administration pages
      Update upstream libraries
      Upgrade framework to Rails 5.1.5
      Fix deprecation warnings due to framework update
      Fix CS strong parameters issue due to framework update
      Change forced association reloading to new method (framework deprecation)
      Fix some queries being generated incorrectly (framework deprecation)
      Fix gaming match validaton being overly strict (framework deprecation)
      Fix SA exams not saving due to Strong Params (framework deprecation)
      Don't show inactive house QUAs on clan pages
      Kallisto fixes for Ruby 2.5
      Change member distribution policy for recruited members to follow the distribution policy of the recruiter's root unit rather than recruiter's actual unit
      Fix CS preview pulling name from dossier/npc record instead of CS record
      Update text on 'email not working' alert to refer to MAA instead of RM
      Fix bugs introduced by Rails 5.1 upgrade
      Fix ACC battles refusing to start
      Refactor unit statistics report
      Add job vacancy board
      Disable summit access to unit performance reports
      Hide Telegram join links unless logged in
      Add competition types to unit stats report
      Update probation display to respect tolling mechanism
      Add withdrawn comps to 'unsubmitted' count
      Fix ambiguous column in query
      Fix incorrect path when throwing error on extension requests
      Fix unit statistics report limit
      Fix SCL/Regent staff being unable to access entities that have no defined owner, such as the NPC Armory
      Allow updating item aspects to public
      Implement 'A solid 5/7' trophy
      Set up permissions for Social Media Tribune
      Regression: fix removing Docents from courses; Add inverse-of relations to work around Rails 5 bug
      Guide people towards the Advancement Survey if they haven't taken it yet
      Show recruitment link info on signups overview
      Prep GFX Society Launch
      Minor fixes; fix bonus CI
      Let the site know about position term limits
      Add recruiter to post-ToI-transfer e-mail
      Tighten security a bit
      Swap CS wizard steps around
      Add some more meta keywords
      Add a column to Mav stats report
      Expand ACC post comments by default once a battle is judged
      ACC: Advantage scoring feature
      GDPR changes
      Small stylesheet fix
      Fix join form
      Disable organizer and co-organizer credits for container competitions
      Update P:MAA permissions
      Refactor CS/Possessions gender placeholders
      Add some dev documentation helper stuff
      Update gender selector
      Fix Herald comp emails not CCing Herald staff
      Disable Avantage again for some ACC score categories
      Reorder the Admin homepage a bit
      Prep incoming e-mail webhook
      Email relay feature
      Switch CS and ACC mails over to new sender format
      Don't keep retrying to relay spammy mails
      Migrate the rest of the mailers
      Revamp ACC Extension system to work through the site instead of e-mails
      Remove deprecated ACC routes
      Remove public-facing mentions of Prestige
      Add missing warbanner category to gfx request overview
      Temporarily disable PvO/PvE portal (maintenance)
      Revert "Temporarily disable PvO/PvE portal (maintenance)"
      Fix ACC post preview not working due to still pointing to a removed URL route
      Add "Bob Ross Fan" Trophy
      Sort trophies by recent when clicking on trophy notification
      Fix snapshot listing not working when an associated ACC battle or competition is deleted
      Shrink big images in Markdown content to fit container
      Add ability to hide competition prompts until a competition starts
      SA admin backend tweaks and tools
      Add additional statistics to SA course admin
      Improve competition participation overview filters
      Accidentally a submit button

On the Horizon

This section provides some sneak previews of upcoming site changes and the larger things on the Seneschal Office's todo-list in various stages of completion, in no particular order.

  1. The big "When we get to it" list
    Random small or less small things the Seneschal office tackles when they have spare time. Feel free to mail/message me with any suggestions for this list.

    • Update CSS and templates to Bootstrap 4
    • Order and/or path specific 'aliases' for Titles
    • Better monitoring and automated restarting for various processes, such as the FIST-bot
    • Look at the 'relevant to me' filter on competition page, which still contains hold-overs from the time when we had Independent Houses
    • Extended filters for the dossier DJB history listing page
    • Look at default ordering/sorting of items in containers and/or clan OOBs
    • Another round of library/framework updates
  2. Distant Future
    Assorted items that are being considered for implementation in the future. These likely require input from other offices before development can start

    • "Easy-start" Character Sheet generator for first-time users. This should allow generating a CS based on a set of templates after answering a few simple questions. Users can then use the generated sheet as-is, or open it in the regular editor and go from there.
    • Recruitment Incentive System
    • Re-work the way Paths and Orders work
    • New Trophies, and possibly adding additional credit rewards to existing Trophies
    • Promotion Points™
  3. Random Bug fixes and Things That Come Up™
    A wild Dark Council member appeared. It uses Feature Request!


Once more, lots of fixes and additions, and even more interesting things to come. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me, Telegram me, or throw in a comment.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood


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Message from the Fist Aloha, DJB- Quick update on a couple of things. TL;DR up front for those who dislike reading. * Destiny 1 is no longer a supported platform * Update on Brotherhood Gaming League (bot matching for HotS now required) * Plan for...

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Message from the Fist

Aloha, DJB-

Quick update on a couple of things. TL;DR up front for those who dislike reading.

  1. Destiny 1 is no longer a supported platform
  2. Update on Brotherhood Gaming League (bot matching for HotS now required)
  3. Plan for Frosty's Memorial Title and Accessory
  4. Random musing: No, I can’t do whatever I want.
  5. Drac Flee!


Destiny 1

After a two week grace period, I have seen no activity for Destiny 1. As a result, I have removed it from our catalogue of supported games. From this point forward, Destiny 1 is unavailable for Clusters of Earth, Fire, or milestone Pendants of Blood.


Brotherhood Gaming League Update

Couple of comments: First, now that Heroes of the Storm 1v1 is fully supported, all future BGL HotS require queuing with the bot. This ensures that you are properly rewarded for playing (woo clusters) and it also helps me capture platform utilization for a supported game. It's no secret that I like statistics.

Second, after consideration we have made a final decision on the title and reward for the Brotherhood Gaming League events.

The overall winner of each of the different games (HotS, JA, OW, HS) will receive a specialized title and an accessory in the form of a trophy. This item will only be awarded to the winner. The top three placements will receive crescents as normal.

In honor of Frosty Romanae, the title awarded to each victor will be:

  • The Frosty Romanae Memorial BGL Champion - (Insert Game Name) 2018

The trophy design is still in the works, but will depict Frosty's avatar on top of a four column trophy with a plaque displaying the name of the game for which it was won.

For those who win these titles, know that you are not only the best of the best for the platform you won, you are also part of a permanent memorial to Frosty, one of the absolute best members of our gaming community for a very long time.


Random Musing: No, I Can't Just Do Whatever I Want

A comment was made the other day in DB Gaming that I think merits a quick note here. As Fist, I am overall responsible for ensuring the health of our gaming community. That means providing opportunities for competitions, recommending adjustments to cluster values for games to ensure that rewards are fair and balanced, and recommending new games for support if they appear to have enough interest. I want to note the key word in two of those areas: recommending.

I do not have the authority to do whatever I want. I can't just add a game because I like it. I can't nerf or buff cluster values for games because I want to. Everything I do must be supported by data or valid reasoning. Every change or addition I make is discussed with the entire DC and approved by the GM and DGM. This is a check and balance system that ensures that any decision I want to make is in the best interest of the club. Let me assure you, not every change I want to make has been approved. Not every game I have recommended has been added. Not every additional game mode I have recommended has been added.

So hopefully that dispels any rumors that are floating around. Simply put: No. I can't do whatever I want.


Drac Flee!

I’ll be on vacation from 30 July to 3 August. Wife and I are taking backpacks, flying to Molokai, and disconnecting for a few days. I will have zero DJB access for that time. Junazee will have the helm while I am gone, so please bring any issues to her.


Junazee will be posting her mid-month report in the next few days. Expect a lot of great info. The new staff is doing a phenomenal job of keeping up with all your gaming activity, creating competitions, and bringing fresh ideas to the table. We are already starting our planning effort for 2019, and I'm looking forward to sharing our plans as they come to fruition.

Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.




Good afternoon fellow DJB members and onlookers from around the internet. After taking some time reviewing applications I have confidently chosenJames Malum as the first staff member for the Social Media Tribune. A combination of his knowledge in...

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Good afternoon fellow DJB members and onlookers from around the internet. After taking some time reviewing applications I have confidently chosen James Malum as the first staff member for the Social Media Tribune. A combination of his knowledge in assisting larger Social Media platforms in the past as well as his relatively new experience to the club will help tremendously in giving a fresh look into ways to reach those fellow Star Wars fans around the globe.

Also, look out for some updates to competitions coming from my office very soon as we began to revamp how we do things for the better!

Thanks again to all who applied!

Until next time folks,



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Hello Taldryan, another month has come to an end and with it a lot of preparation for the next chapter of the Caelus Chronicles. As of now we are half way through our attempt to gain as much control over the system as possible. Anyways lets jump...

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Hello Taldryan, another month has come to an end and with it a lot of preparation for the next chapter of the Caelus Chronicles. As of now we are half way through our attempt to gain as much control over the system as possible. Anyways lets jump right into the report giving you a major update on the various things that are going on in the DB right now that are related to Taldryan.



DB wide

  • First off let's dive into the official canon fiction that details Mav's ascension to Grandmaster, written by our truliest Deputy Grandmaster Vyr. If you haven't, you should definetly take a look at it here: The Collective - Prologue

Further there have been quite a few Reports from other members of the Dark Council so let's give those a look too:

Clan wide

  • Our first joined event with Clan Scholae Palatinae has come to an end earlier this month with two members from Taldryan placing within the Top 3. You can find a newspost regarding the Results here: CSP+TAL - A Collective Danger (Results)

  • There also another SRI Project that is just upon getting closed today and by then we will have to eagerly wait for the results for Week 4 and the Multi-Objective Prompt fiction events to see where the story of Ektrosis goes.

There have also been a couple reports from Justinios and Quejo which you can find here:


The two Taldryan leaders entered the atmosphere of Chyron, seeking to inspect the part of the city the Clan has been given control off along a group of technicians. While their shuttle sped through the sky, the Taldrya’s couldn’t eschew to look at the pile of smoke rising from a different part of the citymoon.

“Isn’t that smoke coming from the capitol?” the younger of them asked the pilot."

A short look from the pilot onto his controls and the following statement confirmed the augmented senses of the two Force-users.

Looking at each other the two Taldrya had a bad feeling coming from their stomachs.

“Pilot, change course to the capitol, we need to know what happened, our district can wait.” The Consul ordered."

A few minutes later the shuttle touched down on the capitol’s courtyard.

The place was roamed with speeders from the local authorities as well as rescuers. Picking the nearest trooper, the Consul asked, pushing the hesitant trooper to answer him through the force: “What happened?”

“There has been an attack on the capitol last night and the Governor has been killed during the attack.”

“What? Lord Astor is dead?”

“Yes, Lord Drayen and Lady Ceyra are within the building.” The trooper said turning his head around. “Oh wait, there they are coming.”

Looking at the same direction as the trooper, the Tadrya saw them, Drayen and Ceyra along a group of medics shoving a hovergurney in front of them, though upon seeing the Taldrya, Drayen parted from his crying sister to talk to a nearby trooper.

Rushing past the trooper, Halcyon and Rian closed in to the group.

“Our sincerest condolences Lady Ceyra.” Rian said bowing slightly. “The moment we came aware of the situation we came here, is there anything we can be of help for you, just ask for it.”

“Thank you Colonel Aslar.” Ceyra replied using Rian’s military rank while wiping the tears from her eyes. “My father always talked the best from you. He said without you and your fleet there wouldn’t be any justice in the system anymore.”

Rian nodded, while Halcyon showed more interest at the corpse of Astor Ky’Lian covered by a white blanket.

“Rian, can you take a look at this?” the elder Taldrya said.

Turning from Ceyra to the corpse, Rian immediately saw what the Proconsul referred to and his mind immediately darkened.

Find the detailed fiction here: Caelus Chronicles Chapter IV: BROKEN CHAINS


Following the clues from Caelus Chronicles Chapter4 - Broken Chains: Hidden in the Clouds and Caelus Chronicles Chapter4 - Broken Chains: A hidden Message you have uncovered the supposed whereabouts of the person(s) behind the attack on the capitol of the Caelus-system on Chyron. Upon arriving at the uncovered position you (and your team) find no difficulties blending in with the gathering crowd looking for their leader but instead it seems the meeting is led by a person well known to you vaguely remember to be a member of the Caelus-Security Special Forces Division. Now it is up to you to deal with the culprits of the attack in a way you deem appropriate.

Members of the SRI Intelligence Division monitoring the general activity within the Caelus System have located an increased amount of traffic near the planet Perune. However a probe droid that has been sent to the hub of the activity has been destroyed and all the SRI was able to save from its data is a descrambled image.

During their initial investigations revolving around the attack on the capitol, members of the SRI Intelligence Division have found a coded communique sent over a local dataframe some time during the attack. With their numbers still low, the Deputy Director of the SRI requested you to help de-cipher the message as it may contain critical informations on the persons behind the attack or at best their current whereabouts.

Caelus Chronicles: A new Home (Bonus Chapter)

As you have seen in the fiction update, our efforts to help the government of the Caelus System haven't gone unnoticed and for our continued help, we have been rewarded with the control of a small portion of Chyron. In return, this means we will now have to fill this place with life. For this reason there will be some bonus events that too will allow you to come up with places that will be made canon for the Caelus System (only Top 3 placements) as well as an increased amount of Influence Points to further strengthen our presence in the eyes of the locals. So stay tuned on further updates for this.



Over the last couple weeks you guys have really rocked activities and for this several big shouts will go out to:



Caelus Chronicles Chapter 4: Broken Chains

Brotherhood wide




Consul's Choice

Adding something I used to add in the past, from now on here you will find competitions I'd like to highlight for all of you:



That's it for this time, now go out and get your hand on all the new stuff and remember, if there is anything you would like to ask me or the rest of the summit, then feel free to send us an e-mail or hit any of us up on telegram.

~Rian Taldrya

Son of Taldrya

Consul of Taldryan




Message from the Fist Aloha DB Gamers! There is a lot to cover this month. Some pretty substantial changes to the DB Gaming portal, a test comp, and a new PvP platform, and a game that is scheduled for removal. Plenty of great stuff coming out of...

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Message from the Fist

Aloha DB Gamers! There is a lot to cover this month. Some pretty substantial changes to the DB Gaming portal, a test comp, and a new PvP platform, and a game that is scheduled for removal.

Plenty of great stuff coming out of E3. I’m personally excited about Anthem, but Cyberpunk 2077 also looks fun (I love CD Projekt’s games), and i’m also pretty excited about Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey (because who doesn’t want to be Spartan?).

Anyway, plenty to cover, so here we go...


Gaming Portal Update

As most of you are aware, there is a daily/weekly cap on clusters of earth and fire for every game the DB supports. What you may not have known is that this cap only limited the number of clusters you could earn from a single activity, not for a single platform. To help clarify:

When playing Destiny 2, you could earn 30 CFs per day for playing Crucible (PvO) and 30 CEs per day for playing Strikes (PvE). You could also earn an additional 30 CEs each day for running a Raid. Because of that, you could earn 60 total CEs per day, instead of the intended cap of 30.

That changes today.

If you look at the gaming portal, you’ll see that under each game mode (PvE/PvO) there is only a single activity available for each game (two if the game awards Pendants of Blood). Each activity now has a series of modifiers that you can select to delineate what type of activity you are playing/submitting for.

So now, instead of submitting a World Boss kill in SWTOR as its own activity, you would now simply select “World Boss” from the selector, add any additional modifiers, upload your screenshot, and boom!

You still can’t mix activities in a single submission (so no, you can’t put a Destiny 2 Raid in with all of your Strikes). If that happens, the staff will remand your submission and tell you separate things out.

So, why did I do this? Short answer: because this is how the system is supposed to be set up. When building games in the system, it’s very easy to simply add an activity to an existing platform, then use existing modifiers to set it up the way you want. Every time an activity is added, a new pool of available clusters comes into play. Additionally, if you take into account that SWTOR had five PvE activities that were each capped at 50 CEs each and two PvO activities capped at 50 CFs each, you see the real scope of the problem. That added up to an available 250 CEs and 100 CFs for SWTOR available each day. In GMRG terms, that’s 450 GMRG points per DAY if you took the time to cap each activity. This update will get the system in line with game-wide caps, which was always the intent.

If you have any questions/notice a Cluster value for an activity you habitually submit for is off/missing, please let me know. I did most of this work early in the morning, so I fully admit something might be off. Email the Fist staff email (listed below) or send a PM to Junazee or me. We both have the ability to tweak the numbers in the system.


Hots 1v1 is Live

HotS 1v1 has been a relatively popular method of play for a while now. We have used it in two major competitions so far, and it is always well received. Now that I’m certain the mode can be equitable for all who want to play it, i’ve decided to make it a permanent, cluster-earning fixture in the DB.

Effective as of this report, Heroes of the Storm 1v1 is live. The RoC is still the governing ruleset for PvP games. Members may play on whatever map they want, and may fill out their team in whatever way they want. If you can’t agree on maps or servers, default to the RoC for how to handle that. If you still can’t come to an agreement, the Fist or P:Fist will arbitrate for you.


Game Test: Fortnite

I’ve seen enough activity and interest to run a test competition for Fortnite. This is being viewed as a potential addition to our PvO category, so teams of two or more are the focus. The competition details can be found at the link below. As per protocol, I’m looking for overally interest/activity. So if only five people take part, I’m taking Fortnite off the table. If 15-20 people are playing, that’s a very good indicator that the platform has some potential.

This will run for a full month, so you have a lot of time to get those submissions in!

[Fist] Gaming Test - Fortnite


Platform Removal: Destiny 1

Destiny was once one of the DB’s most popular games. With the release of Destiny 2 and the reduced support of Destiny 1, the game has been dead in the water for months.

Destiny 1 will be removed from support on the 15th of July unless I see a sizeable (and sustainable) uptick in activity. Two to three people playing together a few times isn’t going to be what keeps this game in the library. I must see that there is some real club-wide desire to keep this platform going.

This one is tough, as Destiny was the game that brought me into the DB Gaming community. Before that I usually played D3 with friends and never actually branched out. Destiny was sort of a gateway drug to everything else the DB offered.

15 days. Starting on 1 July.


Fist Sponsored - Gaming Competitions:

[FIST] 2018 Monthly Gaming Challenge - July

Diablo 3: Season 14

Brotherhood Gaming League: Season 1

Gorefest- July 2018


Member Run - Gaming Competitions:

MAA Puzzle #19 - Run by Howie

Summer Puzzle Series - Run by Kordath Bleu

Dozens of Games II - Run by Mark

Brotherhood Sporcle Series - Run by Mark


Admin and Policy Reminders

All current Gaming and Fist Policies can be found on the Gaming Information page. I suggest that all members read this page as it has some great info. I will make sure this page stays updated to reflect all current office policies. I do not want to confuse anyone, especially with what is and is not allowed in the DB Gaming Telegram room.

Other items of note:

  • The staff has 24 hours from the time you submit gaming activity to approve it. If your submission has been sitting for longer than that, there is a problem. If it hasn’t, there is no problem. The staff do their best to process gaming submissions as quickly as possible, but they are real people with real lives. I do not expect them to sit behind a computer processing gaming submissions all day, and neither should any of you.

  • Solo submissions are never acceptable for Clusters of Earth/Fire. My staff and I will reject any that come in. You must play with at least one other DB member, no exceptions. This is not changing any time in the near (or far) future.

  • Pendants of Blood are not acceptable for submission to cluster-counting competitions. If we see them, we will remand the request.

  • Reminder: Feel free to run Gaming competitions DB wide. Gaming is a slightly different community, and is one of the few that consistently brings club members together outside of the competitive environment. Most of the people I currently game are all in different clans. By opening up your event DB-wide, you increase the pool of possible participants, which could allow for a crescent upgrade!

  • Reminder: While I sincerely appreciate having proposals/great ideas sent to me via telegram, please email the staff list (email is at the bottom of this report). I ask that your House and Clan leadership take a look at your proposals before you send them up. This isn’t to add a layer of bureaucracy, it’s because I’m sure they’d like to know how you are trying to help the club improve...helps with award and promotion recommendations and all that. Feel free to cc them on your email to me and my staff.




  1. Gaming Portal updates...cluster caps now in line with intent
  2. Fortnite Test. Want it added? Participate.
  3. HotS 1v1 is now a thing. Go do it!
  4. Destiny 1 going away unless a lot of people suddenly start playing it again.
  5. Lots of competitions. Highlighted some being run by members!


The house is set up, the consoles are active, the internet is slow. I’m working on that last one, because I want to be able to run some strikes or play some HotS with all of you! Until I get my spotty connection worked out, Gaming with the Fist will be put on hold. I promise that when that event returns, it will be worthwhile for members to take part. The first one will still be on PC, and Heroes of the Storm will be the game. More on that as I work through technical difficulties!

The gaming portal should be up and running again, so everyone go out hand have some fun.

Until next time.


-Dracpool, out.



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Promotion / Experience System For those of you that have been paying attention for the past few months, you may have periodically seen Mav or myself talk about an experience system for promotions (I will call it a points system until the day I die...

Read More …



Promotion / Experience System

For those of you that have been paying attention for the past few months, you may have periodically seen Mav or myself talk about an experience system for promotions (I will call it a points system until the day I die dammit)– and it is true. Now, before I get into the details? Nothing is official. Nothing is approved. Nothing is certain. This post is merely meant to inform about thought processes, and not meant to tie us to things. Now, onto the ideas!

  • The basic premise is that rank promotions up to Equite 4 will be calculated on a points system, you earn enough points, you earn a promotion to the next rank (subject to some other requirements, leadership/administrative service time most likely). Points are earned by earning medals? And mostly? Through completion of activities that the site tracks: Competition hosting/placement/participation, gaming paritipation, Shadow Academy course completion, degree completion, and many many others.

  • The biggest change? Medals are likely to be awarded far, far less frequently – because the site tracks many of the activities (I would say majority?) that people engage in. What it does not track, however, is non-site activities. Leadership activities, project activities, assisting the summit with a specific task, assisting the Dark Council with a specific task, Shadow Academy course creation – and so many others.

Teylas and I are currently working on the long slog of, well, trying to make things work – and when we’ve done that, we’ll probably start trying to figure out how in the hell we pick out numbers and decide on appropriate levels. We’ll be asking for assistance from people in the (relatively) near future, but I thought I’d give people a heads up on what’s actually going on with that. But please don’t come asking to join us yet…well….ish…

Magistrate Applications

In accordance with the aforementioned XP promotion system project, as well as future stability in the MAAs office, we are also now looking for a magistrate to join us. Aside from the day to day operations of the MAAs office (and it really is a daily job), we're looking for someone who can be an objective devil's advocate during the XP promotion system development. Someone who can sit back and tell us when and if they think we are wrong about something. Someone to yell at us for once! We are also looking for a magistrate who would be planning to stick around for a while - longevity is a trait in the MAAs office going back for years.

Here are some of the other things we are looking for:

  • 24 hour turnaround time for medal/promotion requests

  • Friendly & engaging

  • Workable knowledge of MAA Policy

  • Familiar with the promotion guidelines & Promotheous system

  • Someone willing to sit in the MAA chat and talk about The Expanse, books, scifi, beer, and honestly a whole list of completely unrelated topics

If you feel you lack in one of these areas, don't fret! Still apply. We are willing (and prefer) to train any candidate.

For applications we're looking for some general information:

  • Just a little about you that you'd like to share, to help us get a sense of you as a person

  • Leadership experience (anything, including any real life leadership you think may be applicable, but none is necessarily required for this position)

  • Your interpretation of what the Master at Arms office does, and how it interacts with the club at large

Please send all applications to the [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. I'd like to make a decision by around July 13th!

Master at Arms Competitions

Competition Creation

Last report (yikes, that was forever ago), I mentioned that you should double check links, details, dates, grading criteria – and that’s still true, but people are still closing their competitions when there’s just one error – or at least wanting to – and we’ve had to head things off at the pass. Please don’t do that.

Additionally, we’ve run across issues where competitions have had to be fixed more than once, because graders are not careful – and they need to be. Look, as I’ve said many times before, we don’t mind fixing competitions, that’s part of the job of being in the Master at Arms office – but it also creates work for other people, and that does bother me.

So to reiterate, if you’ve made an error in your competition, a date, a typo, a critical error? Email the Master at Arms staff and we’ll look into fixing it. Please don’t just close it and make it again.

Finally, James deployed the code to change credit allocation for competition organizers and co-organizers of container competitions. They won’t award credits from now on – so feel free to add as many people as you’d like. That said, co-organizers for other types of competitions? You’ll still continue to need to be judicious.

Tie Breakers in Competitions

So this has come up a few times, and I don’t want to make tie breakers mandatory for every single competition ever (subjectively graded competitions, for instance, by definition don’t need them, there’s a grading rubric with all those categories for a reason). But for flash games, and especially container competitions, you should come up with some sort of tie breaker in most cases – and we will be asking why there isn’t one when we find them.

Tie breakers can be anything from shortest time to submit to the site (yay Timed competitions!) to most events participated in (for container competitions)

Graphics Competitions – Manually adding participants

The Graphics Archetpye, like the fiction archetype, does not allow competition organizers to manually add participants – at least not normally. So if you end up running a competition and you need to add participants (let’s say it’s a co-operative graphics competition!), you’ll need to email the Master at Arms staff to get us to switch the competition from a graphics archetype to regular, then the organizer can add additional competitors, when finished, we can switch it back to graphics – then it can be closed as normal. Please keep that in mind, because if you close it as normal – it won’t properly award Clusters of Graphite!

Promotions of Note

Medals of Note


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