There has been a lot of great discussions I’ve participated in regarding future improvements and systems, with some great progress. Although things have settled down with fixes and adjustments, I wanted to touch on some of the major topics and...

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There has been a lot of great discussions I’ve participated in regarding future improvements and systems, with some great progress. Although things have settled down with fixes and adjustments, I wanted to touch on some of the major topics and happenings with this report and keep transparency with the membership on what my team is doing.


I have received some great feedback from the membership regarding creatures, with several dozen of you commenting on a discourse thread I started three months back with some specifics. So where are we at right now? Muz Ashen Keibatsu and Shadow Nighthunter have done great work on their own initiative to provide initial lists, and my team has discussed the simplest way to drop the content. Really the next steps would be a green light and pulling a team together to hash out the details and make it happen. In my own opinion, creatures bring with them a Star Wars feel and immersion that adds a lot to the experience and it isn’t so much a matter of it but when depending on the priority of some other projects.

Credit Supply

The entire possessions experience is balanced around things to buy, for which we create demand in a variety of means and set prices accordingly, as well as provide credits to buy those things. The more credits you get, the more you can buy, and the more fun the entire thing works. As long as you don’t run out of things to buy. All that said, we’ve added a substantial content drop after Rogue One, added NPCs that need their own loadouts, and introduced the Celebration Stores that had limited edition items. With upgrades on the horizon further fueling demand, quite a few discussions have started that address the credit supply. There are at least three ongoing projects that would increase supply of credits, and since I could dedicate an entire report to it I won’t do so here, but I expect some wider discussions once details finalize. Just know it’s something at the top of my mind and a priority of my team to get everyone more credits.


This is probably the largest, most time consuming, and highest priority project for the team. I have created several full documents including a ppt presentations exploring different ways to go about this and discussed ease of use and feasibility. I have a really good idea of where I want to go with this and I feel like my team does too and we’re all getting on the same page which is good. I will say that at least at this point, we feel like launching upgrades across all item types and categories simultaneously is the best way to roll this out. So we’ll develop the content and have a large drop, at best Q1 of next year. The basic premise will be, you can use your credits to attain higher rarity level prototype items, and with that higher rarity level comes a range of upgrade options that enhance its functionality. The more rare the ship, droid, weapon, etc. the more upgrade options you will have and the more individual upgrades that can be applied. Experience wise it both gives appropriate functionality to epic and legendary items, while also being in line with Star Wars as many different possessions in the galaxy are customized and unique from one another. Current trend is to have it work similar to Aspects, in the sense that the upgrade is chosen from a list, but with no customization.

Celebration Store

Overall, I feel like the Celebration Store was well received. It gave my team and I a chance to offer some unique items that celebrate Star Wars in a unique way. Some statistics on purchases for the curious. The Dark Jedi Brotherhood History Book was the most popular, though perhaps due to its price tag more than anything with 16 members picking up a copy, along with 14 sets of armor, 20 capes, 11 droids and 17 weapons sold from the store while it was open. For what it is, I was happy with the results and had fun creating them. In the future, I expect to see the store return to the membership, though the offerings are subject to a complete overhaul.

Content Expansion

Right now, among other ongoing discussions and projects, my team and I are working on the next content drop. This will add a range of items as requested by the membership, to add some items that we passed on earlier just due to scope creep, and some new Canon items with details we feel are needed in the offerings. Right now there are 49 items being evaluated and commented on by my team to add, with my hope to add a couple dozen, so we’re likely to cut that in half before you ever see an official new set of items. If there is something you think should be added though, please email me with some details and what it is and I’ll get it considered. After this content drop, it will likely be early next year before we do any considerable expansion of the offerings following the next film.

Space Vehicle Descriptions

My team, with Halcyon Rokir Taldrya taking the lead, has taken on the task to update and overhaul the over one-hundred different Space Vehicle descriptions where we worked from gdrive to compare everything with countless comment level discussions. You may have already noticed that quite a few have been updated, with more coming as we finish up our work. I expect it to be done shortly, but there are some standards discussions that have hung us up once we got to the larger destroyers. These descriptions get up to a level of quality we wish we could have done during launch but would have slowed things down considerably. However, the new descriptions will do a much better job of providing appropriate language to help compare one ship against another, at least within its Item Category set, as well as more easily understand the armament, cargo and passenger capacities. I am quite happy with how it turned out and will use this standard going forward as we add new ships.

Change Log

  • Added stamp set as Howie’s GMRG accessory to the store as a new item
  • Changed Neutron Star-class Bulk Cruiser to add note in name that it’s the Carrier Conversion of the cruiser as well as external link
  • Changed Keypad to Gyrda keypad to match Canon reference, item functionality and details stay the same

  • List


It’s nice just to see possessions running, with members buying and selling on a daily basis. I have to temper my expectations that somehow I’ll launch some impressive system with each report or make a ton of changes. In fact, the short changelog if anything makes me happier than if I had a ton to report on. If there is any takeaway from this report, know there are a lot of great discussions going on and expect to see more in the future as my team continues to enjoy Star Wars and translate that into enjoyment for the rest of the membership as well.

In darkness,



guide lightsaber jedi star wars

Greetings all, Just wanted to drop a short note that after consultation between the FIST, his staff, and my staff, I've made the decision to sunset the Diablo 3 course. Drac and I feel that game-specific courses aren't the direction we...

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Greetings all,

Just wanted to drop a short note that after consultation between the FIST, his staff, and my staff, I've made the decision to sunset the Diablo 3 course. Drac and I feel that game-specific courses aren't the direction we want to go with the gaming SA courses, and so the course will be retired to the Wiki on or around June 1st. If you'd like to take it before then, better hop to it!


Introduction Evening space cowboys. It’s time for another Herald report! No fiction this time, but I promise next time there will be. This one is very late. Sorry about that but my schedule has been very busy lately with exams and RL work. But...

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Evening space cowboys. It’s time for another Herald report! No fiction this time, but I promise next time there will be.

This one is very late. Sorry about that but my schedule has been very busy lately with exams and RL work.

But enough of that, let’s start with the report.

Table of Contents

The Herald Tournament Shroud War

The Herald Graphics Tournament, “Shroud War”! has finished earlier this month with suprising success. Esca has already talked about it in his short address so i won’t talk about it much but I will give my opinions on the matter.

First off I’d like to congratulate Jasper Arlow, Atiyru Arconae and Zujenia on their wins in the Tournament. Great entries all round.

So, in my opinion, despite the large amount of byes we went through, the event itself was successful. There was plenty of interest if not enough time or will to go through with it. That’s hopefully something we can change in the future. I’ll talk more about that in my Ask the Herald section, as there were a few well worded questions on the topic.

As far as the Tournament, yeah I personally expected a lot of byes and a lot of unfinished entries, but it was a test. We wanted to see if there would be interest, and we were not disappointed. That said, we will be making several changes to the concept, tweaking it a bit for the next time we do a tournament. We have gotten some good feedback from participants that we will take to heart and make it an even better experience next time.

As far as the byes and such, I’m not really worried. Real talk? Graphics, unlike fiction or gaming, is subject to much more self-criticism and embarrassment when a person’s art is “not good”. Anyone can write a story, have it read and improved by several people and learn a lot from those improvements. That’s how fiction works. Gaming as well, when you spend enough time playing. But for graphics and art the best you can have are critiques and those are often harsh and painful to hear, but they are useful and important anyway.

Art and graphics cannot be forced of rushed, to be perfectly honest I expect the development of the graphics and art community will be a huge endeavor which will expand far into the future and it will take several Heralds to help develop it. These are your first steps, as good old Obi-Wan said, and I fully expect all of you to eventually embrace the artist inside you, if you indeed find one.


Staff changes

Momma Zehsaa leaves the staff

Zehsaa has left the staff shortly before being admitted to hospital and giving birth to a beautiful baby. This was always the plan as I didn’t really expect her to continue. Momma bear needs to take care of her cub. For her amazing work, though, she has received a Sapphire Blade and my gratitude. She has been and is an excellent artist and a hard worker. Thank you Z, and congrats on little Z!

Esca leaves the staff

Esca (aka Arcia aka C’ree) has been my Praetor since January 4th 2016. In that role he was my best critic and one of the best artists we’ve had in the staff, as well as becoming a personal friend of mine. His insight and wit have shaped this Staff as much as mine as he often presented ideas that conflicted with mine and made me stop and think. He also voiced his opinion whenever I asked for it and has generally been an excellent right hand. I’m sad that he’s leaving but RL takes precedence and he has opted to leave rather than drag out his future projects and work. For his work he has already earned a Sapphire Blade and my eternal gratitude and friendship.

I will not be opening Praetor applications at this time. It takes a specific kind of person to be my Praetor so when the time comes, I will announce them personally and appoint one.

Bale joins the crew

Since Zehsaa left the Magistrate position was vacated. After applications I’ve decided to hire Bale (aka Cyris) as a Magistrate due to his experience and knowledge. He was a former Herald years ago and has developed a plethora of the graphics we use today (see: Award graphics). I wish him the best of luck and may God rest his soul :P


April-May 2017 release

Second release of this year. Hope you guys enjoy the new skins.

NOTE: They will be uploaded tomorrow morning. I’ve had to release my report tonight while James is available to upload in the morning, sorry for that. They’ll be online tomorrow.


Item 1: Longsword- Available for JM4+

Made by: C’ree

Item 2: CA-87 Shock Blaster - Available for JM4+


Item 3: Training gard robes - Available to all JM1+

Made by: Zehsaa Hysh


Item 5: Merr-Sonn JT-12 - Available for JM4+

Made by: Rian Taldrya

Item 5: Mitrinomon Z-6 - Available for EQ1+

Made by: Rian Taldrya


Herald survey - reminder!

Everyone loves surveys! Not really, but this one is necessary.

We've created a survey that you can fill in and, hopefully, influence what way future graphics in the Club move forward. We're looking for honest opinions, so type in anything you can think of that you consider important.


Warbanners, Custom Robes, Custom Weapons and Requests

Let’s start with:

Custom Weapons

By Rian:

  • Darro Zhen
  • Abadeer Tassi
  • Laren Uscot

Custom Robes

By Zehsaa:

  • Xen’Mordin


By Rian:

  • Firith'rar J.Versea-Stormwind
  • Solas Night-Thorn
  • Vosiri Lightscrest
  • Scarlet Agna
  • Antonai
  • Aul Celsus
  • Talis DeMorte

By Mako:

  • Xenna Azara

By Vyr:

  • Jasper Arlow

Graphics Requests

By Rian:

  • Blade Ta’var

By Vyr:

  • Evelyn Wyrm


There’s a Form for that

DB Art Community Telegram Group

If you’re interested in joining the TG group and sharing your art, be sure to click the image below:


Ask the Herald

Fetured questions

Laren asks: #AsktheHerald There exist those of us who are not as inclined toward the visual arts as others (and that's okay!), including myself. What recommendations, ideas, or suggestions can you give to members who lack confidence in their abilities, but want to attempt more complex artistic endeavours, for example competitions or character art?

Great question. Again, I hope the SA exams will help with this, but my honest suggestion is: try. Try drawing everything, every style and everything you find appealing. The moment you find some style or something you really enjoy drawing it'll stick so you'll start drawing more. That's how I started, honestly.

Nero asks: #asktheherald If a non-hrld member wanted to submit a design to be added to the selector, how would they go about doing it?

Send me an email with the design. We can discuss it. If it passes, we can add it with the next release, or whichever one has a free spot.

Qor asked: #AsktheHerald New Saberstaves?

Sure, probably in the next release. We’re trying to populate the selector with weapons for NFUs and ranged-based FUs and such so that’s why so many blasters and such. We’ll get back to sabers soon.

Alara asked: #AsktheHerald what would you recommend to an aspiring artist hoping to help with projects in the DJB?

Try out making Warbanners or sabers in whatever graphics program you use. Send those to me in mail so I can give you feedback. Hopefully the new SA exams will help with this even more. Don't be afraid to contact me, personally, if you want feedback.

Rhylance asks: #AsktheHerald have you guys ever done a shoto curved hilt custom?

No, I don't think we have. Interesting idea. Might add them to the list for one of the next saber releases.

Edema asks: #Asktheherald, has a custom sabre ever been designed with a baton style side handle

You mean a tonfa? Not that I know of and probably won’t, considering it’s a very specific and unique style of saber. Eventually, maybe, if they get added to Possessions. But that brings along a whole new set of problems for CSs and such.

Mark asks: #asktheherald Will custom possession images ever be possible? Or could we just do this through the Wiki for things like ships?

Likely not, considering there are thousands of them already. They're not important enough to be custom. Wiki is your best bet

Armad asks: #AsktheHerald How come there are not more curved hilt designs available?

Never really had too many people ask in my time. There are a few, though. Lately we've been focusing on different kinds of weapons with the advent of Possessions.

Abadeer asks: #AsktheHerald what is your favorite art to do for the DB, and what is your least favorite?

Favorite? Robes, usually. They're varied and fun. Least? Logos. I hate doing logos. Logos are the devil.

Nero asks: #asktheherald Will there be an update to the warbanner Psd file to include the new rails for elder/dc to learn/play with?

Those are custom, really. Or should be. So Elders and DC can request anything. Look at Bale's WB. So probably won't be available publically

Malik asks: #asktheherald when do we get the lightsabers from Rebels that lets us fly? :P

Never. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Rhylance asks: #AsktheHerald are the blaster/ lightsabers like what Ezra had in rebels ever going to be a thing?

Is sekrit. Shhhh.

Malik asks: #asktheherald (if it's not too late) if I buy a set of custom robes in possessions, will they then be tied to a specific set or would I be able to request a change for them at a later date? Or would that require me to purchase a new set?

For now, you don’t have to own them. Later on when we implement the new system, you will have to have a set of custom robes to show them off on your dossier. Considering the credit values of robes, I think the plan was to own one set in Possessions and then order any amount of skins for them. It’s not set in stone, though. I’ll have to talk more to James and Evant.


Commission artists and Artist Feature

This report, and several of the ones to come, I would like to feature Brotherhood artists.

This time it's: Abadeer Tasii. Check out the devArt page, like, share, enjoy. Our artists are awesome and they need support. Next time I’ll feature someone else.

Closing word

That’s it for now, folks. This is your friendly neighborhood Herald, signing out.

See you, space cowboys!

Van Halen - Unchained



Behold! It is I once again! I'm on a long weekend this, well, I'll make this brief and informative! While I got you reading the intro, there are other far more important reports out there right now for your purview, so...

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Behold! It is I once again! I'm on a long weekend this, well, I'll make this brief and informative! While I got you reading the intro, there are other far more important reports out there right now for your purview, so I'll link to them for ease of use:

Well now, if you're still here then you are one of the ACC inclined. Or you're just into writing and you like the tips I have here. Perhaps you really like me?! (Let's not kid ourselves here :p)

I'm going to be leading off with the monthly ACC Intel drop, but then we have some things that are important! Namely, some members have noticed what might be referred to as "weirdness" regarding their character sheets. Illumination shall be provided! And to do so, we need to charge into the material below.


Table of Contents
  1. ACC Intel
  2. Why Is My Sheet...
  3. Got A Venue?
  4. ACC Tips
  5. Ask the CM
  6. Important Links


ACC Intel

Have you ever heard the tale of Darth Plagueis the Wise? No? How 'bout Kelly Mendes? If not, you're about to. Our Intel this month focuses on her escapades. Thanks for your activity and we look forward to more!


Click here to continue reading...


Why Is My Sheet...

Showing outdated info? Because of stuff and things! Mostly, there has been a bit of a disconnect between sheets and dossiers now that Snapshots and NPCs are implemented in the system. That means your sheet could still show you as a member of Clan Scholae Palatinae when you're now a member of Clan Naga Sadow. Or, perhaps, you changed your name. Well, your character sheet still shows the old one!

Le gasp!

How do we change this ghastly inconsistency, oh Master of Combat? Rejoice, for it is simple, naive! You just gotta activate a new sheet whenever you change any of the dossier level stuff. Examples include but may not be limited to: gender, name, unit, and/or path!

It's a minor annoyance, and one we weren't fully aware of until recently. Due to how often it's come up in a short timespan, figured we'd drop a mention of it in this here report. It doesn't overly affect many outside the Snapshot system, but it can be confusing when you glance over someone's character sheet and it doesn't match what it should!

Now you know, it's in a book, and knowing is half the battle. Reading GI Joe Rainbow, yo.



Got A Venue?

Then we want to hear about it! Especially you. Yes, you. The person over there standing in the ashes of your previous venues and need to be replacing them. (stare at Scholae Palatinae and Taldryan intensifies) This isn't to say that an every day member can't contribute a venue idea, but in the early stages of the Venue Review, this is the most lacking of areas. Please keep in mind, though, that any Clan-based venues should be approved by your Consul first.

So, if you're going to send in your idea then you may want a template to follow. Might as well give you one to get an idea. Typically, we're looking for at least one image and two paragraphs worth of content. But, here are the basics:

Name: [Planet]:[Location]

Images: [Source] - [link]

Description: [Words and stuff]

Then you email it to [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and we'll review it for addition! Of course, the ACC/Voice team reserves the right to re-word anything that comes across our desk or enhance it, but a base certainly makes our life easier.

Some needs that we've identified are, mostly, neutral areas. For instance, we need a few more cantinas that are Human friendly. It wouldn't hurt to throw in some more historical and iconic locations either. For instance, I'm adapting the Malachor ruins from Rebels as a new edition. We'll see what others the team comes up with, but we're open to input!


ACC Tips

Using Venues

Venues! I feel like I just talked about them, yet here we go again. Except it's a bait and switch! The subject is the same but the topic is new. More or less, when writing an ACC match it is pretty easy to focus on yourself and your opponent. However, there is a third character involved in this match and it ain't an NPC! It's the venue itself.

Each of these have been written with the intent of having a personality of their own. They are alive in the sense that the world around you is alive. There are other people going on about their day-to-day experience around you no matter where you are. So why narrow your focus to the point it becomes lost?

For some of us, this becomes easier. Those who rely on character archetypes that interact with the environment more than others will be thinking this way from the beginning. Sokan users comes to mind for this. The venue is a weapon they have to utilize. There's nothing stopping anyone else from doing it, however. Perhaps there is a crowd? Use that. Try to get lost in it or threaten them. Maybe the bird-rat you're fighting is deathly afraid of the vast void that is space and you just happen to be in a hangar? Open the window.

What I'm saying is, the venue is another tool to be used. It has life and can add to the experience. The same fight won't flow the same way in two different places. It really can't unless they are both empty arenas. We try to avoid that.

So, pay attention to the venue description. The Savannah is a good example. It mentions apex predators and other subtleties such as that. Look at it like Chekhov's Gun. Why mention it if you aren't going to use it? Create external threats beyond the obvious. Branch out and have some fun with it. Who knows what might happen.

Integration of Aspects

This is a delicate balance and I daresay easier said than done. Masterful use of Aspects within a match can earn you props from the Judge and a more favorable score. That's something you want to happen, naturally, but you can run into problems if that's all you're thinking about. It becomes "painting by numbers" instead of an organic feeling story. That's obvious to the reader.

So, what's the path we are to take on this? How do we integrate aspects while making things feel natural?

I don't have all the answers, but the first thing you're going to want to do is to familiarize yourself with it. Remember that an Aspect describes how a member goes about doing things. That's the first clue to what you should be writing. It's a blueprint for success. If you have someone with an affinity for manipulation, they are going to benefit from a venue that has more onlookers than another one would. Often they should at least make an attempt in this regard, and it will come across natural.

You don't want to hammer people over the head though. That means you should be looking for subtle integration. If someone is a berserker, you want to make hints to it throughout. Most likely anger issues or having to hold back from losing control. Foreshadow what is to come and then unleash it! General Aspects, on the other hand, are a bit harder to touch on. So don't force it. You got someone who's an intergalactic drifter and doesn't stay in place too long? That's fine. Maybe mention that they're beginning to feel antsy and it might be time to move on. That's the end of it, though. Don't keep hammering the point home.

It's really the same as the "Show, don't tell" philosophy. Don't tell me that a member has +4 Might and is therefore stronger than Mr. +2 Might. Same thing goes for Aspects. They should be describing how to write something, not dictating the exact terms to be used.

Duelist, for instance, is a simple Combat Aspect. It's all about focused one on one training. You can integrate that easily. You can make mention of how they seemed zoned in on their target, how they react to the movements and adjust. Simple things like that. You never have to say, "Atra is a duelist."

I mean, you can, but it needs to be for flow and style. Don't be too blunt.

Hopefully that clears this up at least a little bit. It comes down to practice and repetition. Never be disheartened if you aren't getting it immediately. Eventually, the pieces will just click in your mind.


Ask the CM

Turel asks:

Will the GJW ACC use a modified rubric? (e.g. one that emphasizes combat over story)

As far as I'm aware, there are no plans to alter the rubric. However, it is important to remember that in an ACC match, the combat IS the story. It isn't a matter of one over the other. Because we are dealing with word caps, often people might feel like the onus is put to the first member to throw out combat in favor of creating the story for the conflict. That's something we realize and we hope to structure this event in such a way that a thorough "backstory" isn't as required. The focus should be on the conflict between these characters.

The Rest

V'yr asks:

When will we see new venues and are there any ideas or plans to make some unique ones?

When the review concludes! Which will have some brakes put on it when the Great Jedi War hits. Obviously, we'll all be busy little beavers! The review includes looking at the number of "types" of venues. They're broken into tropical, industrial, temple, ruins, so on and so forth. We're trying to add more unique flavors in each of these categories. If you have an idea, feel free to pop back up to the venue section of this report and put something together!

Kelly asks:

Any advice for people who get assigned to venues of other clans when not matched with a member of said clan? Are there any plans to prevent the aforementioned scenario from occurring?

Hope you don't get first post? Joking aside, it's going to take some research. Hopefully, the venue description has enough information that you can set up a conflict there, but it won't hurt to check out any wiki based information that may be available. As for prevention, currently only venues that are marked in a specific way get picked by the "auto" selector in Open Challenge. However, there is nothing preventing "Random Venue" from picking one of these as there is no code in place to prevent "random selection" of a venue. Given it involves coding, it isn't the highest of priorities at this time though that could change in the future.

Evelynn asks:

Is space acc still on pause?

Mmmyup. And may get a further pause with the War hitting us soon(tm). The biggest thing holding this back is that, to do it properly, we need to make some coding changes. That's always a big "eeeeeehhhhh" from a project planning perspective because we don't want to waste Seneschal time or that of his staff. That's part of why I'm brushing up on Ruby On Rails in order to offer assistance, especially when it comes to projects I'm working on. This is something that's wanted, but stands to be as niche as Funderdome is right now. It will come, just not as fast as people may want.

Levi asks:

Will ACC co-op battles with predetermined enemies and challenges be reintroduced any time soon?

Mostly the same answer as above. To do it right, we need to make some coding changes. Primarily, to separate Scenario venues from the standard fair. That's the most basic of implementations. My ideal world is a touch more complicated but the coding just isn't there and I'm not sure I want to ask for it. The worth needs to be weighed. Anyhow, yeah it will come...just not soon.

Alethia asks:

Any suggests for how people who aren't so good at Syntax can improve?

Grammarly is a good first step but it can only take you so far. I'm a big fan of Grammar Girl. Mostly, it's due to the way she breaks topics down in a super easy to understand way. It's a great resource and good for learning.


ACC Exams

Remember, any questions on ACC mechanics, the CSs, or features, email [Log in to view e-mail addresses]. We do check this email, and often. Best way to get a proper response with all the staff on the same page.

Thanks for reading,



tips venues cs issues snapshots may 8 master combat

Dark Brotherhood News - When in doubt contact the FIST! Ok as a small departure from my normally fun opening message I’m just going to highlight a big mental note for every member of the gaming community and in the DJB at large. If you have a...

Read More …



Dark Brotherhood News - When in doubt contact the FIST!

Ok as a small departure from my normally fun opening message I’m just going to highlight a big mental note for every member of the gaming community and in the DJB at large. If you have a question about something, unsure of the rules or if you hear/see something that seems shady contact the FIST staff immediately. We are here to help you and answer your questions. There is nothing more enjoyable for us than to be able to review your submissions and get them approved ASAP. What we don’t enjoy is bringing the hammer down on anyone but we will when we have to. So as a reminder all our contact information is at the end of this report, please use it at anytime we are here for you.

Unfortuantely the staff have found issues that as you are all aware ranging from Destiny Raiding, Diablo 3 on consoles and Gorefest submissions. These are all serious topics so please read these notices and if you have any questions please contact us right away!


News for Gamers

Unfortunately in the gaming world actually real news about upcoming games will start to dry up a a little. Why you may ask well you see with the E3 expo coming up June 13th to the 15th, most companies wait till then to announce their biggest news of the year. In the meantime I’ll give you what tidbits I do have for now. Feel free to follow IGN’s latest info and coverage of the the event HERE

  • Of course the biggest game we are all keeping an eye on is Star Wars: Battlefront 2, released a new video going into depth on the new “hero” of the game Iden Versio. Check it out here. I hope E3 gives me plenty of new stuff to report on but in the meantime we all just have to hope on this one.

  • So Heroes of the Storm 2.0 went live right after my last report went up and the new loot box system and other cosmetic changes are definitely fresh and fun. With the new version comes changes to the map rotation and the newest hero Overwatch’s D.Va.

  • It’s time for Overwatch’s 1 year anniversary which will have a event kick off on May 23rd to June 12th Trailer. Full details of the event are not known yet but there are rumors of new skins, maps and other goodies. Along with a OW game of the year edition for those of us that don’t already own the game. Which if you don’t there will be a Play for FREE weekend from May 26 to the 29th. If you have it on PS4/Xbox and want to try the PC version this is your chance!

  • Bungie released 7 mins of Destiny 2 Gameplay and other game details today. IGN has all the details. I will also leave up the information on the Beta test and as of now only preorders are getting that privilege. If there will be a open beta or other ways to get in on it we will have to keep you posted. In the meantime, keep an eye on the Destiny 2 Beta site for any updates!

  • Amazingly Destiny 2 will be available through blizzard’s service as well when it hits on PC after it releases on consoles first.

Gaming Deals - A place where if I find a good sale I’ll pass it along.

  • IGN has a nice Deals page which lists some of the web’s biggest gaming deals.

  • Also Reddit has a gaming sales page.

  • Good Old Games is a good site to find older games for a good price. Every now and then the Old Star Wars games do go on sale so keep an eye out.

  • Steam as always has something on SALE, including the old SW games as well. BTW if you're not already in the DJB Steam group let us know.

  • Humble Bundle has a Indie Bundle


Gaming Comps


Important FIST Information

Below are all the links you will ever need to either contact the FIST staff, join a gaming channel, look up a rule or game mode cluster value. I will update this as needed with each report.

  • Rites of Combat - is the place to find all the rules for gaming in the DJB.
  • FIST-o-matic - a quick guide on how to use the Telegram fistbot.
  • Pendant of Blood - how to earn PoB’s.
  • Cluster Tables - is the place to find out what game mode offerr what Cluster (Earth and Fire) value.
  • Tier 1 and Teir 2 games - os the complete list of all our approved game AND SAMPLE SCREENSHOTS! Not sure what shot to submit look HERE!
  • Don’t forget we have our very own Teamspeak Server. It’s a great way to voice chat with your fellow members and also a great way to communicate when gaming. Check out the details.

  • Just log on using this information - Server Address: and the password is DJBrulez1

How to contact the FIST staff anytime using these methods:




[fist] [gaming] [praetor] [report]

Hi Everyone, We have had a rash of rather questionable gaming activity lately that includes suspect Diablo submissions, suspect screenshot submission, and members submitting gaming activity for Gorefest from gaming that happened prior to the...

Read More …


Hi Everyone,

We have had a rash of rather questionable gaming activity lately that includes suspect Diablo submissions, suspect screenshot submission, and members submitting gaming activity for Gorefest from gaming that happened prior to the competitions start.

We have been extremely patient and lenient with some of these behaviors, but due to the increased volume of incidents, I am going to ask the Fist to pass all upcoming issues immediately to the JST.

This is simple folks. It is the good dude rule. If you are doing things that could be interpreted as exploitive to our gaming systems, you need to stop. At the very least you need to engage Drac to determine if your sketch-ass-behavior is cheating.

Please see the note below from Drac reference our latest and completely unacceptable behavior.

"Hey folks, need you to impress this on your gamers: it is absolutely NOT acceptable to submit stuff for Gorefest that was played prior to the start of the event. I just had someone submit a shitload of screenshots for stuff played on the 13th. Gorefest started today. The 13th was five days ago. No bueno."


Dark Brotherhood, I want to thank everyone for the great participation on our May the Fourth competitions. The events were fun, short, and we saw a lot of creative submissions. Especially those of you who trolled my beloved Darth Pravus....

Read More …


Dark Brotherhood,

I want to thank everyone for the great participation on our May the Fourth competitions. The events were fun, short, and we saw a lot of creative submissions. Especially those of you who trolled my beloved Darth Pravus.

Amazingly, we had a tie for the overall competition winner. Congratulations to Adept Malik Sadow of Clan Naga Sadow and Battlemaster Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj of Clan Taldryan. The two winners will both receive a custom set of robes from our Herald staff.

Once again, thanks to everyone who participated.



sarin pravus grand master lightsaber sith jedi episode viii star wars

Hello and welcome to my 7th report as Voice of the Brotherhood. In this report, I will talk about some cool new things and cover the following: Table of Contents * New Exam: Run-On Studies! * New Competitions: Fictions! * New Feature: Non-Player...

Read More …




Hello and welcome to my 7th report as Voice of the Brotherhood. In this report, I will talk about some cool new things and cover the following:

Table of Contents
  1. New Exam: Run-On Studies!
  2. New Competitions: Fictions!
  3. New Feature: Non-Player Characters!
  4. New Quick Review: “Thrawn” - Timothy Zahn
  5. New Species: Devildudes and Murder Teddies!
  6. Voice Project Status/Updates.
  7. Final Thoughts

History is important, and those who forget it or refuse to learn from it are doomed to repeat it or fail. That said, forward thinking is what will keep the Brotherhood going. So in the wise words of a character in a TV Show: always forward, forward always.



Here is the latest news from the Voice’s Office. I wanted to give a quick shoutout to my team. Congratulations to my Praetor, Moro, on his Sapphire Blade, Atty on her Steel Cross, and Justinios on his Anteian Cross. They are hard working individuals and allow me to focus on the larger scale projects and issues that come up as Voice. Make sure to thank them, as they are the ones getting down and dirty with your Character Sheets and competitions.

Combat Master Atra Ventus is also an important part of the Voice team, and carries not only my unwavering trust, but my confidence in his abilities to manage his own team while assisting me with my tasks. He will be rewarded in time, but for now, I am going to share Alaris’ winning tweet from the May the 4th competition.


(Seriously, I need this in Telegram Sticker form. ...Atra, fix it!)

Run-On Studies Exam

The first exam of my Writing Studies Department rewrite is now complete. I want to thank Wuntila and Kul for their initial help on the draft, but wanted to isolate Dek Ironius for really stepping up and carrying the torch for this exam. I left a lot of notes and Dek patiently waded through them all and made the necessary revisions. This resulted in not just a new, informative exam, but also a new, comprehensive guide to creating and setting up a Run-On competition. I’ve gone ahead and awarded Dek an Anteian Cross for his work on this exam and as an extension of the Voice Staff as a freelance helper.


Check out the new Run-On wiki article here.

Once you’ve read that over, and are feeling bold, check out the new exam here!

As with any new exam, I will be closely monitoring this one. The exam, like many of the others I’ve designed, is multiple choice based and therefore auto-graded. The idea is, and will continue to be, to get members to read documentation and understand the material, so if the questions seem straightforward or a bit boring, that is intentional. I don’t see the merit in adding trick questions. By completing the exam, my hope is to cut down on remands and confusion I’ve seen in members either trying to set up, run, or compete in Run-On competitions.

Let us know what you think. Next up will be a very similar Fiction Studies exam. After that, we’ll be looking at more specific exams that cover the actual writing and techniques that go into a Run-On or Fiction.


May the 4th Be With You

The DC is working on finalizing the last details of the Celebration: May the 4th Be With You! competition. For the fiction section, we had a whopping 19 entries for this one. I left individual feedback on each entry, but I enjoyed reading all of these. It was an honor to celebrate a mutual appreciation and love of the Star Wars universe with you all. Bonus Clusters have been awarded to all who competed, and I appreciate everyone who did so.

You can view the results of the competition here, but I wanted to give a shout out to the top five: Atra, Vodo, Maenaki, Tali, and Xantros, and Tarvitz!

DB Wide Fiction Competitions

There are a lot of exciting competitions going on right now. I wanted to highlight (#shamelessplug) the Voice Dialogue Series, as it will not only award Bonus Clusters of Ice, but is a great opportunity to flush out your shiny new NPCs and practice your dialogue writing. Check out Part III: Three's Company

I’d also like to highlight one of my Magistrate (of course it’s Atty’s) competition: "My Favorite Color is Dead Parents". This is an example of an idea for a competition spawning from Fiction Chat conversation. If you haven’t joined, now's a great time! Click here if you’d like to join the DB Fiction chat!

That said, here are the other great DB Wide competitions we have going on.

Thank you to newly appointed BTL Lucine Vasano for rounding up these competitions for me and putting them nice and neatly into Markdown. I appreciate it :D


Non-Player Character Slots

In my 9th Voice Update, I talked about our newly launched feature: NPC Character Slots!. This project has gotten incredibly positive feedback, and I honestly don’t have much else to say on them. I personally enjoyed buying possessions that I never would have touched thanks to my main character’s specialized focus on weapons and equipment. It was cool to look at all the different explosive-thingy’s, and pew-pews. Please continue to let us know what you think, and thanks again to everyone who helped make it happen.


Quick Book Review: Thrawn

So, I’m going to give this a shot. Reading and keeping up with the new Star Wars books isn’t required of the Voice position, but do I enjoy and try my best to do so. I’ve read multiple Star Wars books over the past year, including the Rogue One prequel — Catalyst — and the novelization. I was honestly ready to take a break from SW books for a bit, but then remembered that there was a new book coming out I was excited about.

Star Wars: Thrawn by Timothy Zahn


When I was first getting into the DB, and asked some of the older veterans what I should start reading to get more familiar with Star Wars, the universal answer was almost always: “Zahn. Just read Zahn’s books.” I dove right into the Thrawn Trilogy, and was immediately pulled into Star Wars in a way I hadn’t been before. While I’d jumped around to a few different series in the Legends EU (X-Wing, NJO, Courtship because it had Hapan in it, and a few others) it wasn’t until I read the Thrawn Trilogy that SW seemed to come to life, and make me really want to be part of the universe. He took some of my favorite characters from the movies and gave them character. Luke’s struggles with being the “savior” of the universe, Leia’s deals with her never-ending task of fixing the Galaxy, and Han somehow barrels headfirst through every single challenge and comes out more or less unharmed. Zahn introduced characters like Talon Karrde and Mara Jade. He also gave me the first Star Wars villain other than Palpatine that I genuinely respected. You somehow almost rooted for him, even though you knew he was clearly the bad guy.

Fast forward to 2017. While a lot of clamor has been made about the separation between Legends and the new Canon, Zahn was asked to write an origin story about the character he had once created to terrorize the heroes of the original saga.

Thrawn starts with the arrival of exiled Chiss by the name of Mitth'raw'nuruodo on a remote planet found by the Empire. The book then follows "Thrawn" on his rise to becoming a Grand Admiral in the Imperial Navy. We also learn more about the cast of characters that accompany him on this journey, and get a really thorough look into the politics and strategies of the Galactic Empire that I don’t think gets covered much in the main storylines. The story builds on Thrawn’s legacy by organically showing all of his successes and the obstacles he faces. For those that might have thought his “strategy through art” was a bit Mary-sue and overpowered, I think this novel does a very good job of showing just how unique and talented Thrawn is as a critical thinker. Every time he says “Consider” at the beginning of a sentence, you start feel yourself smirk as you know he’s about to drop some introspection that literally no one else thought of. His genius comes from his lateral thinking, his utter devotion to studying and anticipating his opponent, and his ability to unflinchingly make decisions with a cool head. It really creates a believable prodigy of a character that we know can grow to be a powerful antagonist for the heroes of the Star Wars universe.

When speaking at Star Wars Celebration, Zahn said that he already knew Thrawn’s origin story, and also knew that he had to end with his appearance and arrival in Season 3 of Star Wars: Rebels. With that knowledge tucked away, I was still very much surprised and delighted with how Zahn managed to tie everything together. I think this is very important because it really does show the Lucas Story Group's dedication to empowering its writers while also maintaining continuity throughout all its Canon mediums. This will, in the long term, I think, give us better and more enjoyable content.

Speaking of the Del Ray panel at Star Wars Celebration: it was really cool. Disney is all-in on creating more Star Wars for us, so expect to see a lot of it. I was fortunate enough to discover author Delilah P. Dawson, who wrote a short novel about Bazine Netal, the undercover mercenary that reports BB8’s arrival to Maz’s Castle in The Force Awakens. It’s a short novel, but I’d highly recommend checking out The Perfect Weapon short story. Really cool NFU perspective from a spy/Infiltrator archetype. I’m also a major fanboy of Delilah now after hearing about her process as a writer at one of her panels. She will also be tackling the new Phasma novel set to drop in the fall.


New Species


I tend to call them “Devildudes” in chat originally because I couldn’t remember the proper spelling, and at this point I just like it better. That said, Devaronians were added for multiple requests by members, as well as a pre-existing proposal that had been ready to be implemented but was lost in the shuffle transition between Evant and I. Beyond that, I believe firmly that Devaronian provides an easily identifiable and unique additional Species to add to our collection.


Devildudes (and dudettes) are now live in the Character Sheet system. Have at them.


Ewok are probably one of the most identifiable aliens in mainstream Star Wars. The original reason we never had them as a species was issues with smaller species. Thanks to Aleena being added in, we’ve seen that we can make them work thanks to each Species' unique feats. Three members approached me about having characters be Ewok, and the proposal met all my criteria for adding a new Species. I also think that with the addition of NPCs, this will become one of our more popular and more used Species. Time will tell, but for now, check out the Wiki article for Ewok.

UPDATE: After reviewing some feedback, it's been decided that we will treat Ewok similar to Wookiee's in that they will be granted Galactic Basic as a language by default. This allows them to understand the language but does not enable them to speak it.

If we see a Canon example of the Ewok speaking in Basic or broken-Basic like in the EU, we will update the Wiki to reflect these changes. Thanks.


Murder Teddy Bears will be available in the Character Sheet system shortly. Pun partially intended.



Between the Voice Staff and my additional helpers, here is an outline of the projects I’m currently working on:

Inquisitorius Update

Status: Development

This is more of a personal project for me as Voice. Outside of what we will be looking to set up and establish for the GJW plotline, the Inquisitorius is meant to be a long-running fictional identity within the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. With that in mind, I want to try and move the INQ away from the pseudo Gestapo theme and transform them more into a network of professional contractors and covert agents that are loyal to the Throne, but not necessarily to the Grand Master. While not a major revamp, this slight shift should help allow members an easier way to work the Inquisitorius into their character. That said, it will never be perfect. No system we deploy in the Dark Brotherhood will be perfect. This goes for most projects. We try hard to make everything as all inclusive as possible, but keep in mind we are still the Dark Brotherhood. That means that certain liberties and creativity will be welcome from those who want to follow their own or a different path.

I am also working on a new kind Fiction Activity that I’m calling the “Arx Mission Center” for now. This is a major work in progress and is part of my personal project I’m developing alongside Great Jedi War prep. More details to follow when I have them.


Status: Complete

The backend for the Dark Brotherhood’s new home has been completed and approved by the Grand Master. We are just finalizing and working on a few more details that will most likely have to do with the upcoming Great Jedi War. I am excited to share Arx with everyone, so please continue to be patient :).

Writing Studies Revamp

Status: Active Development.

I’ve been tasked with updating/fixing up the Writing Studies department. As with previous exams, I’ll be re-working almost everything, and tend to go for a ground-up solution. I have a bunch of talented people I trust working with me on this, and the final result will be put through Laren and Farrin before being finalized. I will share more details on this as they are more readily available. Please note that as a result of recent changes from the Headmaster, Writing Studies courses are being handled by the SA staff, not the Voice staff.

As featured above, the new Run-On Studies exam is the first exam to be completed under this directive. Make sure to leave feedback to both the SA and Voice teams.

As I mentioned previously, once the department re-write is finalized, I will assign a Professor to oversee the exams. This means that the Voice staff is involved in the re-writes, but ultimately the exams won’t fall on the staff who have other duties.

Canon Character Guidelines

Status: Active Development.

I’ve delegated a few NPC Character Sheets out to members of my teams. My goal with these is to demonstrate how characters we see in New Canon would work or exist in the Brotherhood Character Sheet system. You can track progress on this, and see a snapshot of how each Canon Character stacks up, here on the Canon Character Guidelines article. We also outline some good tips on how to perceive “power levels” in the DB Character Sheet system. Please keep in mind these are for reference only, and subject to updates/changes based on changes to the character in new and developing Canon.

Iron Legion / Navy

Status: Development.

The DC is working on flushing out the DC’s fleet, known as the Iron Navy. Right now we have a shell Wiki article, and more information will be flushed out as we get closer to war. Keep in mind that as we go about our timeline for unit storylines, the Iron Legion doesn’t have an infinite pool of resources. We don’t specifically define it, but just try and keep in mind that there probably aren't three ISD’s just laying around. Everything the Iron Navy has is probably active and in use, with some extra smaller ships probably in construction that would potentially make interesting targets or points of interest.


Wait, hold on, what was that...did you say War?

So, you’ve heard the whispers, the echos of encroaching conflict. Drums in the deep, and so on. All I can say, right now, is that it’s true. All of it. Great Jedi War XII is coming, and it’s going to be legend, wait for it


Final Thoughts

—Dary! Legendary. Keep your eyes peeled for a Grand Master report soon with more information on the upcoming War. Just know that the DC is hard at work on the planning phases and it’s about to get real, yo. you can see, I’m a bit tired, and this report took about two full evenings to write. To be fair, there was a lot to cover, but I just wanted to finish with something I have been talking about the last two days in various chats.

Decision-making is part of my job as a Dark Councilor. I didn’t get here by accident. I worked my way from the bottom as a project assistant, weaseled my way into a Magistrate position, then worked my way up and made myself an asset. I’ve been working with and for the DB’s fiction systems for a very long time, and while you are not going to agree with everything I say or enforce, know that it comes with the full understanding of the intended design of the systems themselves. I communicate with Sarin and Mav directly, and both are former Voices that understand the challenges I tend to face. In short, no decisions are made on impulse or without consulting or running things by my teams. I also talk about my personal experience and involvement with the Voice office because I hope it can, at the very least, give some direction or hope to aspiring members or younger leaders in the club. Don't be afraid to step up and volunteer to help make changes. Even if you're starting on the simple small things, I firmly believe that hard work will ultimately rise to the top. So my overall advice I'll repeat time again is simply:

Work for the change you want to see in the Brotherhood, and then become a part of that change.

That said, I want to remind everyone that even if I don’t act or do something you suggest, it does not mean I am not listening. I read everything directed at me. While I appreciate constructive feedback more than anything, I do also read everything from insults to passive aggressive side-swipes. I read every proposal that gets sent to my desk ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), and if I don’t get back to you within a few days, feel free to follow up with me on Telegram. I tend to be working on multiple things at a time, and while I’m confident in my ability to get things done, I’m human and sometimes I can forget things.

So, just remember that I will always listen to your concerns. Know that in doing so, I expect the same level of respect in return from you. And remember that at the end of the day, I’m the Voice. It’s my job to make decisions, popular or unpopular, difficult or easy. That’s the way the cookie crumbles.


  • Voice Staff Resources Guide - Your one-stop shop for all your fiction needs. You can catch up on past reports and easily find links to Voice Staff policies, guides, and other documentation.

  • Fiction Center, the one-stop resource for fictional information on the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, it’s characters, stories, and history.

  • Reminder: Reports* and Updates from me are a bit different. Reports are my larger, monthly news posts that cover everything I can think of that is going on. Updates are news posts where I want to share details or a few changes in between the release of a report. Sometimes these are longer, but Updates allows me to address things quickly in between the space of a formal full report. If you are an active contributor or like take part in the fiction elements of the Brotherhood, you should read both reports and updates as they are where I outline and announce important things.

One Last Thing

When I was at Star Wars Celebration, I had a lot of fun. It really was a magical experience for me, to see so much love for the Star Wars universe in one place. The other big take away for the DJB, I think, is that our decision to adhere and move in time with the new Canon universe was the right choice. We have a lot of content coming our way. And all of it looks good. One of the highlights of the trip for me was getting to meet the authors of the new Star Wars Visual Encyclopedia. They are top level members of the Lucas Stroy group, and have been hard at work creating guidebooks and dealing with countless retcons and continuity changes. At the DK books booth, I asked Cole Horton to sign my book with something along the lines of “Forget the old ways”, which is something Tarkin says in the new Canon novels. He laughed and said, “I could do something like that. This is what he wrote for me.


It’s encouraging to me on many levels, as I’ve kind of been the person that’s been in the crossfire over being the poster child for being a New Canon fanboy. Despite that...I really did love the convention and recommend the experience to anyone that truly loves and appreciates the larger metaculture that is Star Wars fandom. Which, at the end of the day, is why we’re all here, isn’t it?

If you want to check out my photo album from the trip, you can find it here.

I think that’s everything I have for now. A lot of exciting things are coming up.

As usual, if you have any questions, let me know at [Log in to view e-mail addresses].



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All- It has come to my attention that there is an exploit that exists in the console versions of Diablo III. In short, console players are able to achieve a Paragon level of 10,000, a feat that (based on play time requirements) is unachievable...

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It has come to my attention that there is an exploit that exists in the console versions of Diablo III. In short, console players are able to achieve a Paragon level of 10,000, a feat that (based on play time requirements) is unachievable without the use of an exploit.

An analysis of the level breakdown is as follows (thanks to Redditor MightyMors for the math):

Getting from Paragon 100 to 200 takes double the amount of XP as getting from 0-100. It is like that for every next 100 levels. As you become more powerful through items you gain more XP/hour.

If you ignore the diminishing returns in item upgrades and paragon points and say you get 50% more XP/hour for the sake of easy calculations. The calculation will be unrealistically short but still show it is impossible to reach anything even remotely close to Paragon Level 10000.

If getting from 0-100 took you 20 hours getting from 100-200 will take you another 10 hours plus the original 20.

  • Getting from 0-200 = 20 + (20 * 0,5) = 20 * 1,5 = hours
  • Getting from 0-300 = 20 + (30 * 0,5) = 30 * 1,5 = hours
  • Getting from 0-400 = 45 + (45 * 0,5) = 45 * 1,5 = hours
  • Getting from 0-500 = 67,5 * 1,5 = 101 hours
  • Getting from 0-600 = 101,25 * 1,5 = 151 hours
  • Getting from 0-700 = 151,88 * 1,5 = 227 hours
  • Getting from 0-800 = 227,82 * 1,5 = 341 hours
  • Getting from 0-900 = 341,73 * 1,5 = 512 hours
  • Getting from 0-1000 = 767 hours

768 hours equates to about 4.5 weeks of 24/7 gaming, and as Diablo 3 has been available on console since 2014, this is a completely achievable goal. Nobody would actually question this.

That said, following this formula and the approximate doubling of XP requirements, any paragon level outside this range can be called into question. If keeping with this formula the following numbers are staggering:

  • Getting from 0-2000 = 44337 hours = ~ 5 years@24/7 gaming
  • Getting from 0-3000 = 2556694 hours = ~ 291 years@24/7 gaming
  • Getting from 0-4000 = 147431859 hours = ~ 16830 years@24/7 gaming

As D3 has not been available for console for five years, it’s pretty clear that anything over the 1300 paragon mark is going to raise some suspicion from me, my staff, and nearly every other D3 player on the planet.

The Way Ahead

I will always try to maintain a gaming library that provides gaming options across the full breadth of platforms. Whether you play on console or if you play on PC, I want there to be plenty of options for you.

With that said, I will not allow exploits to water down the reward structure for our gaming system. As stated in the Rites of Combat:

Falsifying Matches

This is also a major infraction in gaming, where a member tries to forge matches with someone else, and report them for personal gain of Clusters of Fire, Clusters of Earth, and/or rank up in the GMRG. The Fist will inform the Justicar of the situation and the member will be charged by the CoJ for cheating.

Moving forward, the Fist, his staff and I will closely monitor all submissions of Diablo III that are played on console. Should any erroneous submissions be made by a member or members, I will follow the guidelines set forth in the Rites of Combat and inform the Justicar of the infraction. This is not meant as a threat, but as a simple enforcement of the rules that help to govern our club and ensure a fair competitive environment for our gamers.

For our console players, I ask that you remain vigilant when joining groups that consist of players with questionable paragon levels. The above guide should help you identify players with legitimate paragon scores, and avoid those who are quite obviously exploiting the game through some kind of hack.


Introduction Hola mis amigos and welcome to my one year anniversary report! Yes, on May 8th, 2016 Sarin and Mav thought it’d be a good idea to turn the keys of the Shadow Academy over to me. I’m happy to report that a year in I haven’t managed to...

Read More …




Hola mis amigos and welcome to my one year anniversary report! Yes, on May 8th, 2016 Sarin and Mav thought it’d be a good idea to turn the keys of the Shadow Academy over to me. I’m happy to report that a year in I haven’t managed to break it (too much and for too long). I’ve got some exciting new/revamped courses to announce and I want to give a rundown of what I set out to accomplish a year ago and what we’ve actually done, so let’s dive right in.

New Courses!

I’ve kept my new and amazing Praetor, Laren, pretty busy the last few days. I’m happy to report he’s settling into his position quite well and has coded up three new courses that will be live as soon as this report gets published:

  • Sith Order Core: This course has been revamped to make it align with nu canon, both in the SW canon and as best we can with current DB canon.

  • Advanced Warfare: This is a brand-new course that will take the place of the outdated courses for the Dark Sage: Warfare. It provides a nice overview of, as you can guess, warfare in the DB.

  • Runon Studies: This course has also been revamped by the VOICE and his staff to make it much more useful for those unfamiliar with runons. I’d strongly encourage everyone interested in ROs, whether they’ve taken the previous course or not, to look over it before the GJW this summer. Additionally, I’m excited that this is the first of what will end up being a total revamp of the Writing Department. Look for more courses along this vein over the next few months.

Reorg Update

The roll out of course tags and prereqs seem to have gone fairly smoothly - or at least I haven’t heard much in the way of complaint about it. This is obviously still a work in progress, so Laren, James, and I will continue tweaking it as necessary. If you see any issues, feel free to report them using the error form or directly to Laren and I via TG or email. Our next step will take a bit of work before it can go live, but I’m really excited to begin it!

Staffing Changes

Bubba instituted a policy as Headmaster that his Magistrates were serve fixed six-month terms. I kept this policy because I wanted to see for myself its efficacy. After discussing it with Laren, we’ve felt that it’s not the best policy for us in the Shadow Academy and thus will be discontinuing it, effective immediately.

Mirus/Mateus has also asked to step down due to real life time constraints. I want to thank him for his second stint in the service of the SA. He’s a real bang-up guy and I’ve enjoyed the many times I’ve gotten to work with him.

To replace him, I’ve tapped someone that is no stranger to working in the SA: Bentre. He’s served quite ably as a Professor in the SA before, and I’m certain he’ll do an excellent job.

One Year Report Card

In my application for Headmaster over a year ago, I listed out a few things that I wanted to bring to the Shadow Academy. In the interests of transparency, I wanted to discuss how we’ve done on implementing those.

  • Implement “student choice” as much as possible into the SA - This is a currently in vogue educational theory that says students should have as much choice in how they learn as possible. This is still very much a work in progress for us but I think we’re doing a good job of moving away from rote regurgitation in some of our exams to more useful products where we can.

  • Different learning methods in the SA - One of the bedrocks of educational theory is that not all learners learn the same way. Some people are visual learners, some are oral learners, etc. The SA generally only has one method of instruction: text based. That has not changed in the year that I’ve been HM, but there is planning underway to make some new types of courses that will utilize other methods. Stay tuned on that one.

  • Revamp and reorganize the SA so that courses are more easily accessible - This is one we’ve made some strong progress on. It’s not done, but we’re about halfway there.

  • Make the exams less reliant on copy/pasting and put more emphasis on product or authentic learning - This is an area I feel, as previously mentioned, we’re doing a pretty good job of slowly implementing.

  • Make a more structured path using prerequisites - Done!

  • Work with the Consuls to make the SA a more inviting place for older members - I’m proud of the work I’ve done with the Consuls as HM, but this is an area I need to do more of.

Ask the HM!

I had a LOT of excellent questions for this month’s #AsktheHM, and here are some of them:

Levi Zetta asks: “Can we have more tactical exams” and elaborated “Like combat tactics, or stuff like the real nitty gritty of specific military powers since past?”

  • I responded on TG that I liked this area, and then this kind of led into another question we’ll cover below.

Atra asks: “1) Say a member entered corrections into the handy dandy submission form y'all provide. Is this form still in use? When would they expect an implementation? Is it part of the ongoing review?

2) If a member had an idea for a course, what is the best means of presentation? Should they try their hand at a rough outline and provide it to you and your Praetor?

3) If I wanted to be your favourite, what bribes would you accept?”

  • I'll be honest and say I'm woefully behind on the submission form. It's still active (Ood just implemented some behind-the-scenes changes to update it) and I'm going to work on it this weekend though.

  • Rough outlines are best outlines. The more we can see of the idea fleshed out, the easier it is for us to implement it if we choose.

  • I'm a drunk, so…

Katcona asks: “ As a nooblet I have no idea what these things are, but have heard about these like, military strategy things peeps do during the GJW? I think it'd be useful to have a course on that, since it seems to confuse people.”

  • Sorry Kat, didn't respond directly to you. I'm actually talking with some people right now about how to best implement that, but I think we can definitely include some information on Battle Plans (BPs) into the SA somewhere to help people.

Beef asks: “ There are always people who excel at the "solitary grind" of the SA, but don't necessarily transition... "well" to the change of being an active Clan member. Do you see any ways to adapt the SA to a smoother transition?”

  • My favorite current SA courses are the ACC ones, because rather than require you to just regurgitate information they have you actually make a product similar to what you would in the "real" club. I'd like to see much more of that in the rest of the SA.

Beef followed up: “Would you maybe try implementing "team courses" or Telegram chat... (lacking a better term) "oral boards" for the SA?”

  • That's something I'd be open to exploring if they fit with the course content, absolutely

Xantros asked: “How do you view practical usefulness of current leadership SA courses?”

  • You did a bang-up job of creating those courses and they're full of useful information. With that said, I think this might be an area we can make some alterations to do as Beef suggested and make them much more indicative of what they'd actually be doing in the real club.

Qor Palpatine asked: “For the members who seem to struggle here and cannot find the confidence in themselves to better themselves, can you provide inspiring words for them?”

  • All of us started at the bottom and worked our way up the ladder. This place is a real family, you just have to find your niche. Never feel like you can't reach out to anyone - from your BTL to any DCer, including myself or even the GM - if you ever need anything. Most importantly: this is an online SW club. Have fun. :) Tra’an Reith asked a lightning round of questions: “What’s the most exciting thing coming to the Shadow Academy?” “What needs the most work in the Shadow Academy?” and “Where do you need the most help?”

  • My answers, in order: I'm excited for the full revamp of the design. We've begun implementing it in parts, and I'm hoping to have it done over the summer.; There are likely 100k words across all of our courses. We need help finding errors, typos, etc. :); My glass of milk is empty and my laundry isn’t done, so…

Qor Palpatine asked: “who is the top 5 most exam takers since you started your appointment?”

  • Alright, so this includes retakes (people taking an exam to get higher scores), but:
  • Ka Tarvitz, with 147 exams
  • Magik, with 124 exams
  • Ashael Blackstar, with 105 exams
  • Kadrol Hauen, with 95 exams
  • Levi Zetta, with 94 exams

Qor Palpatine also asked: “alot of these courses are committed to memory and begin to be useful at a later date, with the ACC exams out of the consideration. In your words, could you tell us the difference between exam knowledge and wisdom?”

  • To me, knowledge is what you need to pass the test immediately. Wisdom is what you'll actually use after you've taken the exam in the greater DB



Shadow Academy Staff are currently engaged in the following projects:

  • SW History Department Rewrite - Laren: Because of the evil Darth Mickey, my beloved Galactic History courses aren't fully canon anymore. The courses are being pared down (almost in half) and will be added to the Legends Department. Lexic has put some solid work into completed this project but has asked to step down from it. Laren has stepped up and is working swiftly through this. Estimated completion: end of May

  • DJB History I & II Update/Rewrite - Alishu: Alishu has completed first drafts of both courses and they've been sent to the DC for approval. The DC has a lot on its plate right now, but I think we'll see some movement on this soon to get these courses released for all to enjoy. Estimated completion: TBD

  • Operation Remodel - SA Staff: In an effort to streamline the organization of the Shadow Academy and make it easier to initially get to information and then to find similar information, the SA will see a fairly extensive reorganization. The first phase of this is done, and the graphical elements will begin shortly. Estimated completion: end of 6/2017

  • Operation Prereq - SA Staff: In order to make a more focused new member experience, different options are going to be explored to create prerequisite courses before other courses open up to a member. Done!

  • Operation Remodel (Degrees) - SA Staff: The reorganization, as well as the addition/removal of various courses, has left some of our degrees a bit outdated. Working with the rest of the DC as applicable, we’re going to take a thorough look at these and make changes where necessary. Estimated completion: 5/2017


  • There are a couple of things in the earliest planning stages, but aren’t quite ready for prime time. Stay tuned for more.

Top Exam Takers

Name # of Exams # of ACs
Runner TuQ’uan Varick 58 22
Neophyte Erik Cato 50 42
Savant Alara Deathbane 40 88
Privateer Pollus Paratus 29 60
Battlemaster Shimura Keibatsu 28 65

Note: these numbers cover the period from 4/11/17 to 5/14/17.


The Shadow Academy covers tens if not hundreds of thousands of words, and those words were written by imperfect humans (GASP!). We try our best to catch and fix any and all errors before we release courses, but we're not always successful. Because of that, we will always need your help. If you spot an error, please report it to the SA Staff using this simple form; if it's a major enough error, or you spot enough, you'll be rewarded. At the very least, you'll get the thanks of a grateful HM... that's gotta count for something, right?

In Darkness -
Farrin Xies,
Headmaster of the Shadow Academy


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