May the 4th is upon us, otherwise known the world round as Star Wars Day thanks to a witty British Reporter and an intrepid group of Canadians. It is a day to celebrate your nerddom, and embrace the Epic Saga that brought us all together... and...

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May the 4th is upon us, otherwise known the world round as Star Wars Day thanks to a witty British Reporter and an intrepid group of Canadians. It is a day to celebrate your nerddom, and embrace the Epic Saga that brought us all together... and perhaps even more importantly, to do what Star Wars fans have done since 1977.. buy little toys and figures and pretend to be Jedi!

Beyond the dozens of gatherings, and marathon watching sessions, and workplace approved nerdy shirt day (watch out for Trekkies in disguise), it is also a day where the internet tends to throw up sale after sale, and I'm just going to post a few of the bigger events that are out there waiting to soak up your hard earned money.


Never shy about making sure that Star Wars games get their due, and ensuring our Steam libraries are full of Star Wars titles, Steam has discounted nearly all of their titles drastically. Enjoy the Star Wars Collection which consists of a great deal of the classic RPG and FPS titles, or try out the Star Wars Classics Collection and try your hand at the epic Space Sims and Strategy titles.

Good Ole Games (

The necromancers at GOG have torn out all the stops this year, and resurrected Shadows of the Empire from the great scrapheap of time. Along with their Saber and Blaster bundles, you can look forward to a great deal of Star Wars gaming nostalgia to celebrate this Star Wars day.

Playstation Store

PlayStation is joining in the fun this year by running it's own massive Star Wars Sale, offering classic titles as well as modern ones like Battlefront, no matter if you're running the console or bringing the games with you on your PSP, PlayStation has something for you.

Gamestop & Thinkgeek

Gamestop is discounting a lot of toys, collectibles, and Star Wars: Battlefront. ThinkGeek is diving even deeper into the fray, and offering 20-60% over 200 Star Wars items, as well as offering a free BB-8 Pin for those who make their purchases early.

EA Events

  • Star Wars: The Old Republic is hosting an Eternal Championship competition where the grand prize winner may win a free trip to Celebration Europe, and a whole slew of prizes. Full details on the competition here. You'll also get a new astromech in game pet simply for logging in! It's also a Double XP Week.
  • A Free 4 Hour Trial period for Star Wars Battlefront will be available on Origin starting at 11AM PST on May 4th.
  • Battlefront Players will get a Log-In Reward of 4444 credits, and a new New Hutt Contract that will enable you to unlock the Bacta Bomb Star Card, which will provide AoE healing to you and your allies. has a great compiled list of other Star Wars Day deals and gaming deals on as well. However you choose to spend your Star Wars Day, May the 4th be with you.

And to close, I'm going to include this message from Daisy Ridley and A Force for Change.




may the 4th be with you may the 4th star wars

Warning, This news post contains spoilers. Expand it to view the full post.

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The newest Star Wars novel has just been released! The novel, Bloodline focuses on Princess Leia and the lead-up to The Force Awakens.

One of the weaker parts of Episode VII, to me personally, was the lack of any real explanation as to the state of the galaxy. Only the novelization of The Force Awakens provided any sort of background as to what had happened in the lead-up to the movie. This novel however seems to be focused squarely on the state of the galaxy and the beginnings of the Resistance.

The novel itself takes place 6 years before Episode VII, and with anything related to Leia there should be a good dose of galactic politics involved. And with the given title of the novel, I am sure there will be some mention of a certain black figure with breathing problems, and perhaps even a few other family members as well.

I've been waiting for a novel to really get into the meat of history leading up to Episode VII, so I am very much looking forward to diving into this novel and seeing what information it gives us. Anyone else eyeing the book?


novel bloodline jedi star wars

REDACTED Control Room 34 ABY Pravus cast a dispassionate glance over the terminals before him. “An Epicanthix, a Zabrak and...a half-Rat?” The Grand Master did not bother hide his contempt. “Half-Ryn, my Lord,” Alaris nodded. “Other than the...

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Control Room
34 ABY

Pravus cast a dispassionate glance over the terminals before him.

“An Epicanthix, a Zabrak and...a half-Rat?” The Grand Master did not bother hide his contempt.

“Half-Ryn, my Lord,” Alaris nodded. “Other than the Zabrak, and the rest are Human or near-Human.”

“Better,” the Grand Master said as his eyes effortlessly took in the data that flashed on the screen in front of him. “And the Umbaran also made it to the second round?”

“Yes, my Lord,” Alaris said smoothly with a slight grin. Marick remained impassive as ever, his eyes flitting between the monitors and the Grand Master’s expression.

“Excellent,” Pravus nodded to himself with a slight smile that sent a shiver down both Alaris and Marick’s spines.

Both did well to hide it, turning their focus back to the matches beginning to play out on the terminal screens.

Round II - Fight!


Featured Combat-Art by: Zehsaa Hysh

The second round of the Journeyman Tournament is in full swing. The competitors are versed on the rules per the competition details.

You can view the fights here in the Journeyman Tourney hall.

Here is a more in depth breakdown into the matches that are currently underway! (Compliments of the Combat Master).

Knight Solas Night-Thorn vs. Knight Alara Deathbane

Two Marauder’s face off in the ancient Massassi Arena: One, a fiery, recently knighted Human female from Scholae Palatinae and the other a stalwart Epicanthix Knight of Clan Tarentum!

Knight Adem Bol'era vs. Knight Aul Celsus

After a flashy finish and a subtle nod to an unseen audience, the clever Umbaran tests his might against Naga Sadow’s upstart Human Knight. Both Arcanist’s look to use the Savana to their advantage, but only one will prove the victor!

Knight Aiden Lee Deshra vs. Acolyte Zujenia

The only non-Knight remaining in the Journeyman Tourney faces her biggest challenge yet: The Half-Ryn Shadow must figure out a way to match up against a resourceful Seeker and Knight of Clan Taldryan.

Knight Kul'tak Drol vs. Knight Blade Ta'var

Last but not least: After slicing her way to the second round, Scholae’s Zeltronian Marauder looks to repeat her performance against the Plageuian Zabarak Shadow.

Best of luck to all the combatants. If you have any questions, please contact [Log in to view e-mail addresses] and [Log in to view e-mail addresses] immediately.


Thanks to some amazing graphical wizardry from our lovely Herald (and his burly beard), we have the final renderings of the Journeyman Tournament reward accessories to show off.

The first place winner will receive the “Champion” Badge, which can be worn in any manner on their person/attire.


The second place finalist will receive the “Gladius” Badge, which can be worn in any manner on their person/attire.


For those of you just tuning in, also please make sure to read over the latest Combat Master Report for a lot of helpful information relating to the Character Sheets and ACC.

That's all for now. Be sure to cheer on your Clannmates! This is the future of the Brotherhood we are watching unfold!

Thank you.



tournament combat acc writing roleplaying sith jedi

The last two months have been relatively slow on the wiki front, mostly coinciding with the crazy parts of the speech and debate season for me (all of the coaching!). Hopefully the former wasn’t a result of the latter demands on my time, and if so...

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The last two months have been relatively slow on the wiki front, mostly coinciding with the crazy parts of the speech and debate season for me (all of the coaching!). Hopefully the former wasn’t a result of the latter demands on my time, and if so I’m hoping that we can get things moving again ASAP. But, in the meantime, onto the (short) report.


Wiki Competitions

If you’ve been around long enough to remember Horizons and the Dark Crusade, you might remember the various wiki article creation competitions that have been held in the past. Considering we might see some of these events in future Vendettas once more, I’m interested in gauging interest in the wiki staff hosting some of these competitions in the meantime. There are a few articles that could probably use creation or revision, and offering people competitive opportunities could be both fun and rewarding. So, if you have an opinion one way or another on the idea, feel free to chime in on the comment thread below or send me or the staff an email or Telegram message on the subject.


This month’s featured article is Celevon Edraven Erinos. This is a good example of a Brotherhood-focused character history that is well constructed. Additionally, it serves as a good example of an article that includes information that could have ended up as a bulleted list of trivia that is instead presented in standard prose format. Weapons, clothing, and combat styles are all contained within the article in paragraphs of descriptive text, exactly what the staff is looking for when reviewing articles for quality status.

As for our Wikipedian of the Month, the member who showed up the most this month making basic, maintenance edits is previous winner Darkblade. He does a lot of updates in various bookkeeping capacities around the wiki, really demonstrating the idea that the wiki is a user-generated system as opposed to something that is entirely updated by the staff. Unless it’s a protected page, if you see something that needs an update feel free to give it a go.



  • Vong-ectomy: Lead: Andrelious. This change has been completed on the Brotherhood level as well as many of the Clan pages as well. No longer do the Vong scourge our wiki like they did the Legends continuity. If you do, however, find some remaining vestige of them feel free to let Andrelious know so he can wipe them out. All of them.
  • Archivist: Lead: Rrogon Skar. Even with the new canon changes, the stories of the Brotherhood still need to be updated. Depending on how far we go with old events in the area of bringing them in line with new canon, this project’s responsibilities are somewhat in flux.
  • Back In Time Lead: Bentre Stahoes. Completed. This project, much like the Vong-ectomy, is done at the level of Brotherhood and Clan events. If you see anything that still needs an update, feel free to bring it to Bentre (or make an edit on your own!).
  • Accessibility: Lead: Kalon. The first phase of this project which will consist of developing the magazine style table of contents system for our Clan category pages. Once a tentative plan is in place for a standardized system, we’ll be working with the Clans to make sure their specific concerns aren’t steamrolled by the march of progress. A mockup of how the Clan page table of contents may be formatted can be seen here.



star wars report wiki

This report is going to be a bit shorter as I update projects in motion and highlight administrative updates to the ACC on the backend/coding side of things. And yet, somehow, it became a big report. Oops. Lots of information to be found here as...

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This report is going to be a bit shorter as I update projects in motion and highlight administrative updates to the ACC on the backend/coding side of things.

And yet, somehow, it became a big report. Oops. Lots of information to be found here as usual. Please make sure you read this report before submitting or asking questions. Thanks.

Reminder: While the Character Sheet System was designed for all kinds of fiction-related activity in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, it is my dual-job as a member of the Voice team and Combat Master to assist with the development of the System in all of its functions. The ACC pays closer attention to smaller details and intricacies of the CS System, while Fiction and Run-Ons have a bit more flexibility in the differences between +1 in a Skill and +2 in a Skill. As such, my answers to questions may vary when it comes to ACC/non-ACC use.


ACC - Yearly Combat Master Review

So...this is a bit overdue as I’ve been busy elsewhere, but I did want to update the Brotherhood on how the ACC has grown over the past year or so that I’ve been running it. Originally, Sarin, Mav, and Shad tasked me with a few things, and I invented a few of of my own as well. Here is a link to a stub from my Combat Master Application where you can see some of my ideas that I had proposed back then. I’ve always kept these in the back of my mind, but it’s humbling to look back a year later and see where you started from. Here are some of the milestone projects I highlighted as needing improvement.

  1. Character Sheet 2.0 Revamp - Completed
  2. Species Wikipedia - Completed
  3. Lightsaber Forms 2.0 - Completed
  4. Weapons Selection Guide - Completed
  5. Updated ACC Qualification Exams - Completed
  6. Updated ACC Guide -- Completed

Beyond projects like these, one of the larger challenges proposed was to make the ACC more of a household name and more accessible to the membership. To make it less niche, and to have more members using it as a platform.

My strategy for this included the following:

1. Create Clear, Consistent, Transparent Documentation of Data

My main task as CM is to interpret the data available (the new canon material: movies, books, comics, and other source books) and make decisions and calls (with approval from the Voice, DGM, and Grand Master) on how best to integrate into our current Character Sheet System.

To that end, we have seen all of the pertinent information needed for understanding the Character Sheet System into two transparent locations: our Wikipedia, and the Character Sheet Database --known more commonly as C-D4WG. Skill and Force Power tables are neat and organized. Guidelines are updated regularly to keep pace with adapting changes. When someone points out something off, it gets fixed right away or in a timely manner.

All of this information is easily accessible to members of the Brotherhood, giving us an element of consistency that prevents misinformation that could lead to members not enjoying an activity such as the ACC. On top that, if a change is made, you guys are told about it. There are no hidden rules out secrets that only certain people know about the CSs/ACC. Everyone has access to the same information, and therefore we create the most level playing field as possible.

And while I may not have all the right answers all the time, the least I can do in my position is give you guys some kind of consistency across the board.

2. History for the ACC

One of the things Sarin had mentioned was wanting to build history for the ACC. With the closing and then re-opening we were given a clean slate to work with, so to speak. To that end, what I’ve tried to do is add more of a fictional meaning/grounding to the ACC Events and competitions. Rivalries was the first huge step for this. This involved making a “no-kill” clause so that members could focus more on a “I’ll get you next time, Gadget!” type of character-story building. We saw Rivalries form between prominent ACCers like Selika and Turel. We then added a fictional narrative to an otherwise simple Tournament which yielded positive feedback for the most part. Promoting these competitions in reports and on Telegram (announcing individual matches) also provided positive feedback.

To help continue with this approach, I have a rough outline of a Wikipedia page for the Grand Master’s Invitational Tournament. More on that in my next report, and you can bet that Rivalries and the Journeyman Tourney will get their own historical pages as well.

3. A Platform for Everyone

The biggest complaint about the ACC in all of its iterations has always been that it is a “niche” activity that only a small portion of the club engaged in, or at least a small group that had positive feelings towards it. With that in mind, we’ve maintained a diverse Judging staff for the ACC, while also bringing in members from all different units and backgrounds to work on Development projects. CS 2.0 was as much a club-developed project as it was a Voice/CM project. The discussions on TG raged for hours, and the information mined from those discussions helped give us what we have now.

Easier and quicker means of Qualification for members. A second Exam that teaches you HOW to read an ACC match. Quick turn around times on matches. More in depth detail on Grading/Feedback on a given ACC match. Better language used to communicate. Understanding of people’s time constraints with the focus on “finishing” matches instead of letting them time out or fade. We created the Funderdome halls for more “fun” kinds of matches like Dance Battles. We are adding more Venues for members to explore in their fights. We are slowly progressing with Scenario-based prompts within the ACC to give members yet another way to explore competitive head-to-head writing. All of this, and more, are ongoing efforts to make the ACC a universal platform for the DB.

To that end, I’ve made it a point to do all of the things I’ve mentioned above. Each project helps work towards this overarching goal.

4. Metrics

While I’m not disillusioned to thinking that everything has been perfect, the general feedback I’ve received over the past year points to major progression. I really don’t like numbers, but they can be very useful when you need to analyze how things have progressed on a core level. To that end, I wanted to share some stats with you guys that James was kind enough to pull for me.


  1. As you can see, we significantly increased the amount of ACC matches from 2014 to 2015, with a larger percentage of those matches being completed!

  2. We’re only 4 full months into 2016, and we’re floating at a healthy +50% match completion.

Here’s to the continued growth of the ACC as a Brotherhood platform! Thank you, everyone, who has participated, competed, written and critiqued things over the past year. None of this happens without each of you putting the time in. Any feedback, please send things over to the acc hotline: [Log in to view e-mail addresses]

I appreciate it. Thank you.


Speaking of growth and awesomeness, James has been hard at work making auto-magic and coding fixes for the ACC. After meeting him in person the other week, I can fully vouch for the fact that he is not only a Code Monkey extraordinaire, but also a really awesome human with a great family and THE cutest little kid ever.

Coding Tweaks

  • Fixed issue with Elo scoring being calculated (More on this below).

  • Venues not active/in use will no longer show up on the selector when creating a Custom match. (This is mostly a YAY for the CM, but also good for people who set up matches through direct challenge.)

  • Markdown will now translate to Qualification Pass/Fail emails. (This makes giving detailed feedback easier for the ACC Staff as well as making it easier to read for the members taking the exams. YAY.)

  • Email Notification / Match Close Out mechanics updated. (More on this below)

  • Enabled the ability to filter/search Character Sheet Administration pages. (This makes things 100x easier for us to deploy and make fixes from the administrative side of the database. Thank you James <3)

Elo Rankings

This has come up a few times, so I’ll talk about it really quickly. The ACC does not have a “Society” like the GMRG or Shadow Academy. There were ideas for it originally, but it was ultimately decided that the ACC would roll into the Fiction Society Inquisitorius.

What we do have is the Elo Rankings. Don’t ask me to actually explain how Elo is calculated. Anytime it is brought up, James links me to a super complex algorithm—


—yes, that one. Like I said, it uses a fancy algorithm to determine your score based on number of matches and victories.

That said, here are the current Top 5 Elo Ranked ACCers in the Brotherhood.


(Come back, Shad. I miss u.)

ACC Match Extensions

So, for anyone that has been involved in the ACC over the past year, you probably have talked to me on the side or through email if you’ve run into time-constraints in real life. People get sick, busy, and otherwise indisposed.

Here is a technical breakdown of how Notifications will be sent out:

  1. At match start/opponent post: "The match has started"/ "X has posted" mails (already in place)
  2. A reminder mail halfway through their deadline that they're at the 50% mark (already there)
  3. Reminder mail 24 hours prior to deadline, asking them to respond within that 24h if they want an extension, reply-to header set to ACC staff mailer
  4. At time-out moment, match automatically closes, and won't be reopened unless in special circumstances

This is to prevent giving the MAA staff more things to deal with when adjusting CI’s based on a match being reopened. The coding does allow for matches to be reopened, but we want to take a firm stance on making sure that matches get extended before this happens. I only want to have to re-open a match if it is an emergency scenario.

So, in short, when you see the 24 hour warning email, make sure to reply with your wishes to extend a match. If you do not, the match will end in a Time Out and I will not reopen it unless there is a very, very, good reason provided.

While I’m easily accessible on Telegram, email still remains the quickest way to get administrative action handled. By doing this, it also allows one of my staff to assist with a task, ensuring maximum turnaround time on requests.

ACC Grading / Qualification Exam — New Policy Reminder

Just to reiterate what I stated in my last report, the ACC Staff is now working under the following policies in regards to turn around time.

  • ACC Matches (outside of organized Competitions) will be graded within 10 days of completion. If your match takes longer than this time period, contact the ACC Staff to follow up.

  • ACC Qualifications will be graded within 72 Hours of being submitted. If your Qualification takes longer than this time period, please alert the ACC Staff immediately to follow up.

  • If you have questions regarding Character Sheet Mechanics and how they relate to Character Builds and usage in the ACC, please make sure you are emailing [Log in to view e-mail addresses]


Martial Arts Forms / Guide ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯

After a long discussion by both the ACC Staff and Voice Staff teams with the Grand Master, we’ve narrowed down the final steps for the updated Martial Arts Forms 2.0 implementation. We’ve decided to, in accordance with other changes to get more in line with Canon, adjust some of the forms into more noteable means. Verdanaian, for example, has been changed to Sliding Hands. This is the Star Wars version of Akido (reversals/defense) mixed with some Tai Chi. Each form will have a mention of what real-life form they most resemble. Each will also include (as with Lightsaber Forms) buzzwords associated with writing each form.


This is my outline design for how I want the Martial Arts Forms to be presented. Once completed/approved, these will be converted to to the Wikipedia and incorporated into the rest of the Character Creation Guide, which was also recently cleaned up and updated (with more to come!).

Once completed, I’ll talk more about the changes we’ve made. For now, continue to operate using the existing Hand to Hand documentation. Thanks!


So, I’ve been working on Aspects for the DB Character Sheet system since they first were developed. I have written or revised more of them than I can count. To that end, I decided to update the “Aspects” stub on the Character Creation Guide. You can view the updated article here which should help with creating or writing Custom Aspects for your character.

Venues Update — ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯

I’m almost done with the pre-existing Venues that have been sitting in my inbox for a while. Thank you to A’lora for setting these up, I’m just proofing/editing them before throwing them into the database. This should be completed shortly within the next two weeks. I’ve had some awesome volunteer work from member K’tana (Oh, haiii) with making sure the venues are proofed to the best of their ability before publishing.

(There will always be typos or small things that slip by. If you spot something, send me an email and politely point them out. It will get updated/fixed in short order.)

Here is an example of a new venue based on Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens.

Jakku: Fallen Starship Jakku

When submitting an ACC Venue, make sure you include the following.

  1. [Planet Name] - [Area/Venue name]
  2. Describe what the venue would like in a travel catalogue. You want to touch on the climate, temperature and weather patterns, as well as other unique elements like landmarks or formations like caves or temples. What kind of things would you run into on said planet? Wild life (Rancors, Loth cats, R.O.U.S) and dangers (quicksand, poison ivy, dark energy)?
  3. Do not include language like “you notice that you are not alone as footsteps appear behind you.” We are working on Scenario Venues separately, and want to keep Venues as objectively descriptive as possible.
  4. Include images that help display what the Venue looks like. Credit your source. (A’lora will convert the images into our Unified Template and cite the source for proper image credit).

All Venues will be reviewed by the Combat Master before being published. You can find a list of our current Venues here.

Other Development Projects

Here is a quick snapshot of the other projects I am overseeing and working on:

  • NPC Examples Character Sheets (like Finn) -- Work in Progress
  • Non-Force User Disciplines -- Work In Progress


The Journeyman Tourney is underway, and has completed its first round! Here are a few words from the mastermind behind the Tournament, Alaris Jinn!

I am absolutely thrilled with the results of these matches so far. These Journeymen are performing absolutely admirably. We’re seeing well written matches, great justification, strong descriptive writing, and interesting endings. The Sweet Sixteen saw only two Timeouts, which is setting us up for a great second round. I am very proud of our competitors.

Those of you who have made it to the Elite Eight: congratulations! I cannot wait to see what your bring to the table in the second round. To those who did not, I want to thank you so much for participating in this event. I was very impressed with the work you brought to the table. You are proving that the future of the ACC and the Brotherhood at Large is very, very bright.

Congratulations to you all and I’ll see you again at the end of the next four matches!

-Alaris Jinn

As Alaris mentioned, only two matches ended as a result of Time Outs. This is the nature of timed events like the ACC. Time management is a big deal, and there is a difference between things we can control, and not control. As we get closer and closer to Vendetta/War season, it’s important for everyone to get into the habit of deadlines and timetables.

In the interest of transparency, for example, competitor Talis had a family emergency arise that forced him to travel where he did not have access to a computer or technology. He used a second extension (beyond the allotted one extension you are granted) that was approved by his opponent and myself (the Combat Master). In this case, we allowed the match to play out.

The second round will launch tonight following the posting of this report. A separate news post will be thrown up to discuss the matches in play.


Tips will be moved to the later half of the reports (meaning you should really read the news/updates on projects first). This week, I will reward the people who used the [Log in to view e-mail addresses] mailer to ask their CS/ACC related questions by answering them here. Clan Scholae Palpatinae wins the award for “listening to Wally’s requests”.

Cyris asks: Repeatedly in Force Power descriptions I see the mention of exhaustion. Is this a physical or mental exhaustion? Endurance obviously covers physical stamina, but I see no mention of mental stamina in the likes of intellect or resolve. As I am creating a character who relies heavily on amplification +5 to support his frail body through combat, I am trying to figure out how to best maximize his endurance

Answer: I’m going to try and break down some general misconceptions here, I think, by reminding people of how the Core Attributes work.

Endurance is not just stamina (like a meter). It is also the rate at which your physical attributes (Might, Athletics) wear down over time and under strain.

Resolve is the rate at which your mental attributes (Intellect, Perception) wear down over time and under strain.

Using the Force takes a toll on both the mind and body. When we say exhaustion, it is probably more mental than physical. Yoda is the perfect example of using Amplification to support a "frail" body. Yoda isn't anymore physically slow or tired after fighting Doku, but you can see that he clearly was using the Force and it made him tired.

The problem is that everyone is looking for Hit Points and Mana. We do not do Hit Points or Mana. So, most of the time we’re asking that you use your best judgement to create a realistic suspension of disbelief. There is no ONE stat that governs anything. That's the point.

If you’re asking me at gunpoint for a blunt answer to how the Force would tax a person, I tend to lean towards mental straining and look at a combination of Resolve (how long your mind can keep your Intellect and Perception a float), Intellect (form plans, strategy, coordinate, figure out how to get out of a trap), and Perception (surroundings/being able to react to them).

Lexiconus asks: Say if I were to use Suppression at +4 and be a Defender Discipline, could I use Control Self on others in a harmful way? E.g. Xantros is on the ground and Lexiconus comes over and starts to make his heart skip beats, causing panic attacks, or cause his lungs to shut down. Is that a possibility at this level?

Answer: Synergy effects "Allies" only. Hence the term "Synergy" as its a support-mechanic for willing teammates connected through the Force . This would prevent exactly what you were trying to do.

Reiden asks: Who is the best Doge? Blade-doge, or Wally-doge?



Art by Zehsaa Hysh


You can find an archive of my previous Combat Master reports HERE. These reports contain a lot of helpful information, so if you’re a new or returning member, I’d suggest leafing through them.

ACC Links

ACC Exams

That’s all for now. Look for the next news post announcing the start of Round II of the Journeyman Tourney!

In a fit of selfishness, I had a new commission done of Marick in his Combat Master attire. It also features the ghost/spirit of his former Cythraul, Kira.


The artist is OlenMinko on Deviant Art and she does amazing quality work at a very afforadble rate. I highly recommend contacting her if you’re looking for character art!

Anyway, that’s all for now.



tournament combat acc writing roleplaying sith jedi

Applications will be open until May 6th. However, given the critical nature of having this position filled as early as possible, we reserve the right the close earlier than projected on receiving an extraordinary application. Once again, this...

Read More …


Applications will be open until May 6th. However, given the critical nature of having this position filled as early as possible, we reserve the right the close earlier than projected on receiving an extraordinary application.

Once again, this position will be open Brotherhood-wide.

Applications should be sent to:


  • 24 hour email turnaround (excluding leaves of absence)

  • Rank of at least Knight (JM4), no previous Brotherhood leadership is required but RM, AED or BTL time is a big plus.

  • The ability to be present and approachable on Clan avenues of communication (email, IRC, Telegram is strongly recommended but not a hard requirement).

  • Be available for additional questions or an interview from the summit


  • Address specific ideas on how you will contribute to the creation of a new system and House lore.

  • Make sure to give the hiring committee some indication of what your philosophy on DB leadership is.

  • Be different - 30/60/90 formats are not required and somewhat discouraged.

  • Don't wait until the last minute! This is a critical vacancy and we reserve the right to make a selection prior to the closing.


jedi odan-urr reports

In which James talks about recent changes to the site, copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon. Hi all, It's that time again! About time for another report from your friendly neighbourhood...

Read More …


In which James talks about recent changes to the site, copy/pastes a change-log, and talks about upcoming coding-related things on the horizon.

Hi all, It's that time again! About time for another report from your friendly neighbourhood Seneschal with the latest ins and outs related to the site.

Deployed Code Changes

Below is a list of most of the code check-ins done to the site since my last report. This isn't an exhaustive list, and does not contain code changes that have not yet been deployed to the main website. As a summary, here's the TLDR:

  1. Updates to the PvE/PvO Gaming Submission pages.
    1. Change to a full approval flow (like competitions) including remanding, withdrawing, and editing of remanded/unsubmitted/withdrawn entries
    2. You can now specify a competition and quantity for each individual participant. This means that it is now possible for each participant to have their activity count to a different competition. And if someone joined or left halfway through a gaming session, no longer do you need to break it up into several submissions, just provide the correct quantities for every participant.
    3. Visual cleanup
  2. New ACC time-out mechanism. More in Wally's report soon
  3. Various miscellaneous fixes and tweaks
James Entar:
      Cleanup CoJ records admin page a bit
      API updates to support TG-based FIST bot
      Fix competition running time display
      Update Promotheus rules
      Add additional GamingCompetition options
      Library updates
      Move search widget to navbar
      Preemptive Promotheus bugfix
      Fix competition queue
      Fix a bug that caused INQ points to give co-organizer points to main organizers instead
      Refactor PvE/PvO submissions: 
        Allow different competitions for each participant
        Allow remanding, withdrawing and editing
        General clean-up
      Clean-up common search code
      Add rank filtering to Promotheus Reports and Summit Administration pages
      Fix regression in GamingCompetition participant calculation
      Another GamingCompetition fix
      Fix 'Save and Submit' on Gaming Activity Reporting
      Fix PvE/PvO submissions without a competition throwing a 500 error
      Give Herald access to ACC Venues and Assets
      Fix bug in position assignment management search feature
      Show timer on Timed Competitions
      Add a period to TransferEvent default message
      Improve navbar search dropdown usability
      Notifiy CoJ team of ending probations and gaming bans
      Enable Markdown for Competition Entry Feedback field
      HTMLize SA e-mails
      Enable Markdown in SA exam feedback
      Fix bugs in competition search
      Fix bug where SA exams graded without feedback would throw an error
      Add various filters to various Herald and CS administration pages
      Add option to further customize Contact Types
      Fix CNS Logo Icon
      Add 'other' category to Telegram broadcast list
      Fix back button coloring on CS wizard
      Refactor ACC win/matches counting logic
      Refactor ACC Timeout system
      Fix potential a bug that could prevent ACC TO reminders from being sent

On the Horizon

This section provides some sneak previews of upcoming site changes and the larger things on the Seneschal Office's todo-list in various stages of completion, in no particular order.

  1. TG-o-Matic and Gaming Submission Overhaul
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▮▯▯▯▯
    This project involves the implementation of a Telegram-based Gaming matchmaking bot, as well as augmenting the gaming submission flow in such a way that it will become possible for each participant in a PvP or PvE/PvO submission to specify the competition they want the submission to count towards, as opposed to specifying a single competition for the entire submission.
    The PvE and PvO submission process have been upgraded, and upgrades for the PvP section are currently underway. Meanwhile, development of the Telegram Matchmaking bot is progressing, but due to it depending on a number of features in the new PvP submission section, that needs to be completed first.

  2. Competitions Overhaul
    Status: ▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▮▯
    An effort to expand the number of competition archetypes available, and to give each archetype a specifically tailored administration interface.
    Currently on hold until the Gaming section above is complete. The final stages of this project involve adding features to Container Competitions to automatically aggregate participants and/or placements from child competitions based on various configurable formulae and scoring methods. I'm also still taking requests for additional archetypes, though so far interest appears to be low.

  3. Possessions
    Status: Waiting on data
    Evant and his team are hard at work compiling all the necessary data required for possessions. This includes items, item descriptions, item prices, item aspects, stores, credit sources, and probably other things I'm forgetting. Once this is done, we'll enter (a subset of) these items in the database, and can subsequently beta-test Stores, Inventories and Item Aspects, which I'm sure will result in various bugs to fix. Once these are tackled, we will proceed by implementing the front-end functionality of Load-Outs, followed by more testing :)

  4. Random Bugfixes and Things That Come Up™
    Status: Neverending
    A wild Dark Council member appeared. It uses Feature Request!


Again, lots of fixes and additions to the site, and even more interesting things to come. As always, if you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to either e-mail me or throw in a comment.

James L. Entar
Seneschal of the Brotherhood


site updates changelog seneschal report

This is my last report as Headmaster, and it's going to be a little different. Rather than focus on what I've accomplished (or failed to accomplish) over the past two years, I want to try and provide something that I hope will be helpful...

Read More …



This is my last report as Headmaster, and it's going to be a little different. Rather than focus on what I've accomplished (or failed to accomplish) over the past two years, I want to try and provide something that I hope will be helpful to everyone planning to apply for this job or any future Dark Council vacancy. Let's talk about shoe size.

I am very appreciative of and humbled by the words of thanks and shrimping I have received since Sarin announced my resignation. It really means a lot to me. What strikes me the most, though, is how many people have commented that I am leaving large shoes to fill. It is a common idiom and (most?) people are not literally concerned that my successor might need to use orthotics, but I want to be clear on this: those large shoes are not mine; they belong to the office, and over the past two years many people have worn them with me.

Ood, Meleu, Farrin, Qormus, Mirus, Alishu, Aabs, Marcus, Bentre, Val, Evant, Wally, Xantros, Zed, Dan, Turel, Tra'an, Lexic, Solari, Arch, Sang, Dante, Jac, Yacks, Teu, Zagro, Ernor, Celahir, Raiju, Anshar, Malik, Darkblade, Mav, Halc, Kelly, Mac, Ceth, dbb0t, James, the whole ACC crew, and even Howie (#PandaCON16). This isn't even a complete list! Everyone who emailed me or pinged me on IRC or Telegram (or Diablo III -- I'm looking at you, Mord :p) about course errors or ideas played an important role in maintaining and improving the Shadow Academy and keeping me accountable for it. I'm not exaggerating when I say that Every. Single. Thing. that happened in the past two years was a group effort.

For so many members who aren't recruited by friends or family, the Shadow Academy is their first introduction to the Brotherhood. Sometimes they've taken several Novitiate Hall courses before they feel comfortable talking to their clanmates. Make them want to stay, to learn, to engage; then give them a reason to come back throughout their Brotherhood careers. That's the measure of success for a Headmaster.

So here is my advice to future Headmasters: find smart, capable, kind people and keep them close, but don't become insular. Listen to the two-day-old Novitiate's criticisms, address them, and then ask for more. Do the same for the grizzled veteran. Don't ever turn down help from someone who is willing and able, and take pains to publicly recognize others' contributions.

You can't do it alone; your feet are too small.

Two Years of Stats

Since my last report, the top five exam takers at the SA are:

Name # of Exams # of Academic Credits
Neophyte Lucifer Romanov 29 23
Neophyte Sha'hone Mysto 22 8
Acolyte Zujenia 22 12
Runner Zekk Renn 17 0
Proselyte Jeviete 14 6

Great work, everyone!

Now, since this is my last report, here are some big numbers since April 30, 2014:

Total exams graded: 11,959
Number of distinct graders: 55

Top Five exam takers:
Battlemaster Lexiconus Qor: 140 exams, 303 academic credits
Knight Alara Deathbane: 132 exams, 177 academic credits
Mystic Darkblade: 131 exams, 242 academic credits
Battlemaster Zagro Fenn: 127 exams, 207 academic credits
Battlemaster Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes: 111 exams, 156 academic credits

Top Five graders not named dbb0t (who graded 6731 exams):
Moff Zanet Xox: 662 exams, 6 hour average grading time
Augur Sanguinius Tsucyra Entar: 527 exams, 3 hour average grading time
Mystic Marcus Kiriyu: 450 exams, 5 hour average grading time
Adept Dacien Victae di Plagia: 357 exams, 10 day (!) average grading time (this is because of the Fading Light and GJW trivia courses that were graded at the end of the 30 day comps; I swear I'm not that lazy :p)
Battlemaster Zagro Fenn: 277 exams, 6 hour average grading time

I want to note that, with the exception of the ACC courses which are graded by ACC judges and take considerable effort to score, the SA has kept its total average grading time well below the 24 hour goal for years now. I'm very proud of everyone on the staff for that feat.


I'm not going to talk about pending projects here. It's unlikely that anything is going to happen in my remaining few days as Headmaster, and I want to leave it to my successor to chart whatever course he or she chooses. When my replacement is announced, I will be returning to Plagueis and enjoying some time away from management while I try to get my real life work schedule under control. Again, I want to thank everyone who has helped me over the past two years: the amazing SA staff, all of the impressive and awesome Dark Councillors, Muz, Raken, Sarin, and Mav for hiring/not firing me. :p

Send all of your Headmaster applications to Sarin and Mav no later than May 5! I'm happy to answer any questions you have about the job.

One last time, I am going to ask that if you spot any errors in SA course notes or exams, or if you have any great course ideas, my door remains open.


Adept Dacien Victae di Plagia
Headmaster of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood


shoe size gratitude resignation shadow academy headmaster jedi sith star wars

DJB, Bubba has informed Mav and I that will be stepping down as Headmaster. Bubba was appointed back in April 2014 and led the SA through tremendous upgrades and change. We all owe Bubba our thanks. Due to Bubba's resignation, the position of...

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Bubba has informed Mav and I that will be stepping down as Headmaster. Bubba was appointed back in April 2014 and led the SA through tremendous upgrades and change. We all owe Bubba our thanks.

Due to Bubba's resignation, the position of HM is now open. Please submit applications to Mav and I no later than 5 May. We reserve the right to make a selection prior to the deadline. A few things to keep in mind:

  1. All coding and website efforts are currently focused on possessions. If your application includes code changes and you fail to coordinate that with James, your application will get tossed in the trash.

  2. If your application included graphic or visual changes and you fail to coordinate with the Herald, it goes in the trash.

  3. Telegram is not required, but your chance of selection is reduced significantly without it.

  4. The SA requres never ending Updates. What is your plan to keep it updated with a rapidly changing Star Wars and DB universe?

  5. The DC has become a multi disciplined staff over the past few years where the Herald helps with fiction and the Voice is our possessions guru. What other skills will you bring to the team or what other projects could you help us with.

  6. What is the worst and best part of the SA? What will you do to fix the worst part?

  7. Please detail any past leadership experience you have. Note: you can provide real life experience; however, being a good real life manager does not always equate to successful online volunteer club leadership.

  • Requirements: EQ1 and up. No history of plagiarism or SA cheating.


With the retirement of Yacko, and my appointment as Consul - I am in need of a Proconsul. Thing is, this is not a traditional Proconsul application period. While the selected applicant will start off as Taldryan's second in command, what...

Read More …


With the retirement of Yacko, and my appointment as Consul - I am in need of a Proconsul. Thing is, this is not a traditional Proconsul application period. While the selected applicant will start off as Taldryan's second in command, what we're hoping for is that if this person excels as Proconsul, he or she will assume the position of Consul after a number of months of training and mentorship. Applications are open to members of any unit in the Brotherhood, and there are no rank restrictions, though past experience in leadership will play a role in the selection.

The application period will run from right now, until Wednesday, May 4 at 11:59pm Eastern. Given that this application is both for Proconsul, and ideally for a future Consul, please send your applications to myself ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), Mav ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]), and Sarin ([Log in to view e-mail addresses]). If you have any questions regarding this process, do not hesitate to contact me.

I'm not going to list out qualifications or a preferred format for applications, but here are some things you should think about:

  • Thinking about the current state of Taldryan, where do you think its strengths as a clan are?

  • How would you, as the successful candidate, continue those strengths?

  • What are some of the clan's weaknesses?

  • What is your plan to mitigate and turn around these weaknesses?

  • What do you know of Taldryan's fictional direction, and where would you like to see it go?

  • What do you think Taldryan's leadership is doing wrong, and how would you fix or change that?

  • What special traits do you possess that will make you the best choice for Proconsul, and eventually Consul?


proconsul dark jedi taldryan star wars

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