Shadow Academy

The Headmaster's Message

Welcome, brethren, to the Shadow Academy.

Whether a new member or returning, the training and information contained within these hallowed halls is here for your benefit. The Shadow Academy is a resource to all, beginning with the basics and moving into more advanced studies. New members should begin with the Dark Brotherhood Basics Course to gain an understanding of this organization and how it works.

You will find a well stocked library, practice rooms for lightsaber combat, classrooms, and even a hanger and vehicle pool. We do not limit ourselves to training in the Force, for the Brotherhood can be a perilous place. Be warned: all areas of the Shadow Academy are continually monitored by the Shadow Academy Security Force. Many areas require specially permission to access. It not recommended you stray from your designated route, or else face the consequences.

The staff of the Shadow Academy is here to help you, and are constantly expanding the areas the Academy touches on. When combined with the teachings you receive from your clan, you will undoubtedly grow in power. What you do with that power will determine your fate, and perhaps the fate of others.

In darkness,

The Headmaster