Shadow Academy

Dark Brotherhood Fundamentals

The courses within this department focus on the fundamentals necessary to understand how the Brotherhood works, how to connect and engage with its members and how to participate in its basic activities and competitions. If you're a new member, you'll definitely want to start here!

Character Creation & Development

The courses in this department will focus on the creation and development of your character(s) in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. You'll learn how to create a character sheet and equip your character and even how to build your own character wiki page. These courses will also introduce you to the fictional orders and societies to which you may decide to align and advance your character.

Department of Leadership, Law, and Communication

The courses in this department will focus on the skills necessary to succeed as a leader in the Dark Brotherhood as well as introducing members to the Dark Covenant. It also contains courses on the various methods of communication that the DB uses.

Department of Combat & Warfare

The courses in this department will focus on the various aspects of personal combat and broad scope warfare in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and in the Star Wars universe at large.

Department of Lore

The courses in this department will focus on the lore and history of not only the Dark Brotherhood but also the Star Wars universe as a whole.

Department of Legends

The courses in the Department of Legends contain Star Wars and Dark Jedi Brotherhood lore that is no longer considered "canon." These courses award academic credit and may count towards degree progress, but should not be relied upon for accurate, modern information. Enjoy a glimpse of the past.

Department of Writing

The courses in this department will introduce you to all aspects of writing within the Dark Brotherhood.