Clans of the Brotherhood

Clans are the largest organizational unit in the Dark Brotherhood, consisting of up to three Houses. Led by a Consul and a Proconsul, Clans often compete against each other for medals, glory and other spoils in events called Vendettas.

As with all shadows, the Shadow Clan itself is neither Dark nor Light. Predominantly Gray, Arcona rules its home territory benevolently and focuses on maintaining a strong military and strict control of the system's underworld. The current Second Clan of the Brotherhood, Arcona has won the past three Great Jedi Wars Please see the website/Wiki page for more information.
The objective of Clan Naga Sadow is to further the ideals of the Sith Lord, to safeguard his legacy, and to expand the influence of his empire.
Clan Odan-Urr is the first Light Side oriented Clan of the Dark Brotherhood, rising from its humble beginnings to become the current First Clan of the Brotherhood.
Adapt. Ascend. Avail. Driven from its former home and left to adapt to the darkness of space, Plagueis draws upon the dark side of the Force in its ascent to power. The Clan thrives on strength, ruthlessness, and cunning to avail itself.
The Imperial Clan of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and followers of the ideals of Palpatine. See Wiki for more information.
A brotherhood within a Brotherhood. Taldryan has an entrenched history of success, its legacy stretching across the entirety of the Brotherhood, and a symbol of the bastion of excellence.