About the Brotherhood

Welcome to one of the largest and longest-running Star Wars fan clubs on the internet.

If you're looking for a vibrant community of Star Wars fans, the Brotherhood is the place for you. We welcome Star Wars enthusiasts from all walks of life to join us in exploring a galaxy far, far away.

When you join the Brotherhood, you'll create a persona — whether Jedi or Sith, Mandalorian or Rebel, bounty hunter or smuggler — that plunges you into the immersive Star Wars galaxy. The Brotherhood's Character Sheet System lets members create characters from iconic Star Wars races like Wookiees, Twi'leks, Mon Calamari, and Togruta. You can even have your own droid companion!

Activities For All Star Wars Fans

Once you've chosen your character name, you'll join a Clan of fellow Star Wars fans who will guide you through your first steps in the Brotherhood, and show you how to get involved in club life.

The Brotherhood offers a wide variety of Star Wars-related activities—from Star Wars fan fiction and roleplaying, to multiplayer games like Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017), Star Wars: Squadrons, and the Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO, to Flash and mobile gaming, to traditional and digital art, to Star Wars lore and trivia—all brought together by a lively Discord community.

Your Power Grows With You

Better yet, your activities will earn you experience points (XP) and help you climb the Brotherhood's ranks, as well as credits to spend in our Possessions system. Want to become a Jedi Knight and wield a lightsaber, use your Mandalorian armor and weapons to track down fugitives, or even fly your own tramp freighter as a smuggler captain? In the Brotherhood, you can do all those things, and more!

Make Friends...

The friendships you form with your fellow Brotherhood members can last many years, or even a lifetime. Our members range from kids and teenagers who first experienced Star Wars through Disney, to millennials who grew up watching the prequel trilogy and playing games like Jedi Academy and X-Wing: Alliance, to seasoned veterans who saw the original Star Wars movies in theaters!

No matter where you come from or when you started loving Star Wars, you're welcome in the Brotherhood.

... And Rivals

Members of the Brotherhood can compete with — and against — other Clans in massive club-wide events called Vendettas. It's a great opportunity for everyone to show off their skills, win titles like Hero of the Great Jedi War and awesome prizes like custom armor and weapons, and generally have a great time.

What Are You Waiting For?

All you have to do to join the Brotherhood is fill out the application form on this page. Once you've chosen your member name and confirmed your e-mail address, you'll be ready to begin your adventure into the Star Wars universe.

Join us now!

If you already have an account but want to change your member name or email address, please log in and choose the "Administration" option from the top-right dropdown menu, then select "Request Name Change" or "Manage Account". You do not need to create another account.

If you are under the age of 16, please follow these instructions.