There has been an awakening.

Begin your journey as you grow in skill and power as you participate in fan created, and organized competitions and participate in our robust and active community. Join the mystical fight between good and evil, and devote your allegiance to the Sith, the Jedi or walk the Gray path. Or, enlist to fight alongside other gifted warriors in the Loyalist or Mercenary ranks. Whatever path you wish to walk the Dark Jedi Brotherhood offers an immersive Star Wars fan club devoted to a shared experience within the wider reaches of Star Wars fandom.

Have you felt the call of Star Wars? Join us in the Dark Jedi Brotherhood today, and continue your journey!

  • Immerse yourself in our extensive club history and storyline, and help shape the future along with the wider Star Wars Universe's story lines!
  • Design your custom character from the bottom up by using our unique character sheets based upon the Fate Roleplaying System.
  • Take part in our community organized writing prompts, or participate in a "run on" with a group of other writers!
  • Face off against your enemies, or work together with a teammate toward a common goal in the Antei Combat Center, our unique combat fiction simulator
  • Search out and destroy the Brotherhood's enemies while climing the ranks of the dark and mysterious Inquisitorius!
  • Star Wars focused gaming community, including retro titles as well as support for many popular games including Star Wars Battlefront, SWTOR, Destiny, Diablo III, Starcraft II and more!
  • Compete in addicting flash minigames, or brutally serious team deathmatch competitions with our exclusive gaming competitions and challenges!
  • Dedicated gamers chat lounge and steam community for people to group up or chat about games.
  • The latest news and updates about community supported games and upcoming titles!
  • Participate in the quarterly Grand Master’s Royal Guard tournament, and prove that you’re the top gamer in the club!
  • Dedicated Discord Chat lounges, Discussion boards, Social Media Accounts & more!
  • Community run competitions and content creation drives!
  • Find like minded subcommunities and lifelong friends within our Clans as you progress on your journey!
  • The Shadow Academy: Expand your Star Wars knowledge in our custom training academy, and level up in the Aurora Collegium of Sciences by pursuing scholarly achievement!
  • Active artists community on DeviantArt and Discord for critiquing and tips!
  • Design your own lightsaber, clothes and warbanners and have it commissioned by our Herald’s office.
  • Get the chance to create graphics that are shared and used daily by our large community!
  • Community inspired and created graphics prompts and competitions
  • The latest in Star Wars News & Reviews!
  • In depth Wiki with over four thousand articles!
  • Trophy and Medal Cases to track your accomplishments, and show them off to your friends!
  • Manage your career, competition submissions and creation, and design your own custom dossier to display your accomplishments, all from one combined administration hub!
Join us now!

If you are under the age of 16, please follow these instructions.