Brotherhood Chat


Telegram has recently become the primary means of communication used by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Telegram allows members to instant message from a mobile device, tablet, or computer. It works very much like text messaging from any current mobile device, but will only share your mobile phone number if you have the phone number of another member in your device (or they have your number in theirs). Full functionality for pictures, GIFs, and videos is included.

A full array of channels are available from a general DB Chat, to specific channels tailored to members interests such as an Art Channel or specific Video Game Channels.

For additional information on the Telegram App or Program, and instructions on how to download, please refer to the Telegram website and our Telegram Shadow Academy Course.

A list of Brotherhood-operated Telegram channels, along with join links, can be found upon logging in.


While it is used less than Telegram and primarily kept around for legacy purposes IRC (which stands for Internet Relay Chat) is a type of real time messaging and discussion forum used by the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.

Much like what other instant messaging services offer, IRC allows its users to instant message with individuals and share files, but with the exception of also having chatrooms in the form of “channels”. The most common use for IRC currently is for setting up PVP Matches by issuing "challenges" to other players in the #DBGaming Channel on it.

For additional information on IRC and how to download and use it refer to the IRC Basics course in the Shadow Academy.

Web IRC Chat

Web IRC Client