As reflected in the iconography of their organizations emblem, the three pillars of ’’The Collective’’ represent the three distinct factions that have united under the charismatic vision of Rath Oligard and his Liberation Front. Both The Technocratic Guild and Capital Enterprises follow the the lead of their central pillar while each maintaining their own unique motivations and machinations. Click here to read more on the Wiki
The Dark Brotherhood is an organization rooted in the Unknown Regions in the secluded Arx System. Their base of operations is the Dark Ascent on planet Arx. Their combined military might is called the Iron Forces. The navy is referred to as the Iron Navy, and ground forces are referred to as the Iron Legion.
The Severian Principate is a rare Imperial Warlord state which not only endured but thrived following the Empire’s collapse. Originally a network of mining worlds and orbital facilities in the Kastolar Sector, it existed to fuel the Empire’s war machine. This changed with the governorship of Lucian Niatinus, a commander disillusioned with the Emperor’s self-destructive policies. Devoted to improving the lives of his citizens and secretly allying with the smugglers and pirates from the nearby...