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Antares cons

Antares Consolidated Armourers is an armor shop that sells a wide range of light, medium and heavy armoring as well as a varied selection of items that can be worn on one's back in addition to the armor including gear, jetpacks, and cloaks.

Antei armaments

Antei Armaments is a weapon shop that sells an expansive selection of weaponry that one can wield. This includes blasters, slugthrowers, explosive launchers and a select exotic collection for ranged engagements as well as bladed and blunt weapons in addition to lightsabers for melee combat.


Arx Starship Acquisitions is a starship dealer that sells a range of assault ships, starfighters, shuttles and freighters for personal use.


The Brotherhood Trading Company is an equipment shop that carries an extensive assortment of electronics, explosives, field tools, medical items, thrown weapons and poisons that can be used by someone to carry out their business, legitimate or otherwise.


Ornamental Oddments is an accessories shop that sells a hodgepodge of items, some flashy, some mundane, that one can carry with them wherever they go.


The Iron Garage is a repulsorlift vehicle dealer that sells individuals a range of landspeeders, speeders bikes and swoops for high-speed ground-based travel, airspeeders for higher altitude atmospheric travel, as well as tanks and walkers designed for combat.


Utilis Innovations is a technology shop that sells practical technology for individual use, an array of droid models for service or companionship, as well as cybernetic replacements for organic body parts for those unfortunate enough to need them.