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The Dark Jedi Brotherhood is a fiction and gaming fan club built around the massive Star Wars Universe. With fictional characters from iconic worlds, and a diverse and constantly evolving backstory, the DJB puts you into the Star Wars Universe, where you can meet new friends, play popular online games, and develop a unique Force-wielding character all your own!

If you already have an account but want to change your member name or email address, please log in and choose the "Administration" option from the top-right dropdown menu, then select "Request Name Change" or "Manage Account". You do not need to create another account.

Please avoid common Star Wars names like Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, Han Solo, etc. Titles like "Lord", "Darth", "Admiral", etc are not permitted.


If you are under the age of 16, please follow these instructions.


Upon submitting this form, I agree to become a member in good standing of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood Star Wars Club. I understand that my membership is at-will and that under no circumstances will my e-mail address be given away to non-members. I acknowledge that at least 16 years old, otherwise, I have my parents' permission to join. Further, I affirm that I do not have any other characters, active or inactive, within the Brotherhood at this time, and acknowledge that it is illegal within the rules of the Dark Covenant to operate more than one character. If you have previously joined the DJB, please proceed by following the Account Recovery Instructions page.