What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that's all but vanished from Japan nowadays? Well now there is. Youtube user OtaKing77077 just shared this amazing TIE...

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What if there was an Empire-focussed short Star Wars animation, drawn with the crazy detail and shading of classic 80s anime that's all but vanished from Japan nowadays?

Well now there is.

Youtube user OtaKing77077 just shared this amazing TIE Fighter video of his own creation, merging 80s style anime with Star Wars space battles. Definitely worth checking out!

Thanks to Vodo for spotting this on reddit.

Star Wars meets TIE Fighter meets Anime

Just The Seal


fan film tie fighter star wars

Report #2 Hello all, and welcome to another Voice Report. This turned out much longer than I thought it would, so let's jump right in… Fiction Society Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and is subject to change The Fiction Society...

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Report #2

Hello all, and welcome to another Voice Report. This turned out much longer than I thought it would, so let's jump right in…


Fiction Society

Keep in mind that this is a work in progress and is subject to change

The Fiction Society has been teased for some time now. It originated as an idea Sarin had as Voice, was passed onto Mav, and now to me. You may wonder why it never got much closer to release… all I can say is two straight years of DB-wide vendetta makes other projects difficult to do. Now that we finally have some free time, the completion of the Fiction Society is my top priority.

What is it? -- The Fiction Society, like the GMRG and SA Society, is an alternative form of advancement and rewards for members who like to write fiction, run ons, and participate in the ACC. Where the GMRG is fictionally geared towards warriors, and the SA is geared towards scholars, the Fiction Society will have more of an intelligence/investigation/assassin angle. Gathering information and eliminating threats to the Brotherhood will be the In Character goals of members of the Society.

How do you advance? -- Much like the GMRG, the Fiction Society will utilize the Cluster of Ice for advancement purposes, though I'm sure we'll add some stuff to that. As you may have noticed in recent months, the Cluster of Ice is being pushed as the "activity medal" for writing. CIs are awarded for fiction and run on competitions and ACC matches. So start earning your CIs now!

What are the rewards? -- Like the other societies, as you advance through the Fiction Societies ranks you will unlock special rewards. Some of these will be dossier-based, some will utilize the forthcoming possessions system. We also have been kicking around ideas to add some Fiction Society-specific Feats to the CS, as our focus is on writing. I'll be going through the rewards the other societies offer and figuring out what would work best for the Fiction Society. Needless to say, expect some cool stuff to unlock.

Path to Launch -- Unfortunately, unlike the GMRG which had CFs being regularly awarded for over a decade, the Cluster of Ice is a relatively new award and has been awarded sparingly in the past. This means figuring out how to advance in the Fiction Society is a little tricky. At the suggestion of Yacks, I plan to beta launch of the Society with CI numbers skewed rather high. We'll then gather metrics for a couple months to see how many CIs members can earn and then break down advancement with that info. I'll be working with James in the near future to implement this.


Fictional Status of the Brotherhood

The Dark Crusade is over. The Great Jedi War has ended. Two years' worth of Brotherhood plotline has ended in a climax that saw a radical in character and out of character shift in the status quo. When I first got the position of Voice, I had many members come to me asking for clarification on several fictional matters—things that weren't explained in the plot updates, or things that clashed with what we had assumed was DB canon.

Working with Sarin and Mav, I've compiled a list of facts that make up the Brotherhood's Current Fictional Status. This, I hope, will address the major issues people had with the Crusade's resolution. If you have questions, or concerns, please feel free to email me and I'll work to sort them out.

Antei -- In the aftermath of the ritual gone out of control, all Brotherhood structures on Antei have been destroyed. Pravus has decided to abandon Antei for the time being and is currently stationed on the SSD Suffering.

DC Whereabouts -- The Dark Council is, like Pravus, on board various capital ships of the DC Fleet, which are all currently massing together. In character, if you wanted to have an audience with a DC member or communicate with them, you would be limited to shuttling to the capital ship or using holo-communications. DC members themselves will, if they decide to do so, expand on their current fictional whereabouts (report fictions and whatnot).

Shadow Academy -- With Antei abandoned, the Shadow Academy will once again be mobile. I'll work with Bubba to determine how he wants to fictionally handle that, but I presume it will be much like the last time we had to abandon Antei, and one of the DC ships will serve as a mobile base.

Fleets -- Sarin already touched on this in his report. The Crusade and GJW saw some fictional damage to our fleets, but it was never properly recorded or determined with the Clans. As he already mentioned, any changes to the Fleets has been frozen for the time being. Clans have access to the exact same ships they had before going into the Great Jedi War.

Sith Worlds -- The Brotherhood spent the better part of two years battling to acquire the various Sith Worlds, though we later learned this was all a scam. Given how the GJW ended, the Clans themselves have pulled back from the Sith Worlds, but we still hold some dominion over them. They will likely have a role to play in future storylines.

One Sith -- This was a big issue with certain members. In the two years building up towards the Great Jedi War, most of us held the belief that the Brotherhood was actually fighting the One Sith, a precursor at least, based on the One Sith of the Legacy Comics. However, this turned out to be an illusion. The problem was that many of us had based our characters (and made Clan decisions) around the actual One Sith.

To deal with this, Mav and I discussed it with some of the affected and came up with this compromise:

"That the One Sith weren't a fabrication at all, but that they were real and they were present but that the majority of their threat they posed to the Brotherhood was a fabrication. Nix and Pravus had so thoroughly infiltrated their organization that they were being misled and used, much as the DB as a whole was, to advance Nix/Pravus's agenda (not Krayt's). Pravus and Nix then also utilized Muz's drive for the ritual artifacts in order to pit the DB and the One Sith against one another - but the One Sith were never a true threat to the DB, as evidenced by running across their worlds with ease."

Hopefully, this will allow members who based their characters on EU One Sith lore to keep their established history with only a few minor tweaks. The One Sith of the EU (at this time) are a thing, so if your character had any ties with Krayt and his early Sith Lords, you may continue to keep that part of your back story.


Future Fictional Status

Expanded Universe

Sarin, Mav, and I have hinted at this already, but the Brotherhood is on course for a massive change to our unique "canon". The relaunch of the Star Wars expanded universe, one currently based on the two trilogies, the Clone Wars and Rebels cartoons, and all the newly released Disney products is something the Brotherhood cannot ignore if it's to survive and prosper. Our goal, as always, is the betterment of the Brotherhood as a whole. With these new movies and games on the horizon, the Brotherhood will be much better served with a connection to this new EU so that potential new members can feel at home.

What will this mean for everyone? Truly, I can't say with any certainty. We just don't have enough information yet… but Disney has announced a slate of releases to fill the gap between Return of the Jedi and The Force Within. These will help us shape the future of the Brotherhood.

Not everything will change of course. In fact, my understanding is we'll be able to keep a lot of our personal storylines and character details. Things will need to be tweaked, of course, to fit this new EU. For example, it sounds like the New Jedi Order, Galactic Alliance/New Republic, and even Imperial Remnant may not exist as we knew them. This means if your character grew up and attended the NJO, you'd have to retcon that. Same if you were an Admiral in the Imperial Remnant. I'm sure there were will entities analogous to the old ones. I feel the new EU will pull a lot from the old, just with new twists (think new Star Trek canon).

Path Forward

As I mentioned above, none of us know what's to come… yet. Until such time that we do know, things will continue as they left off after the Great Jedi War. The Clans all have their own projects and stories to tell after two years of following the Crusade. This is a chance for everyone to stretch their legs a bit.

It's my wish to lead towards the new canon by slowly ramping up for one final, blowout event utilizing the current Brotherhood and the "old" expanded universe. Something to officially tie off our Legends storyline. I'm currently working out a presentation for Mav and Sarin that will eventually make its way (with their approval) to the rest of the Council and then the rest of the Brotherhood. Nothing has been officially locked down yet, but once more is known it will be shared so that everyone knows what's going on behind the scenes.

I'll also soon be creating a Feedback/Discussion Discourse thread, so everyone can weigh in on potential changes and their ramifications. We'll try to make this discussion as open as possible, but realize that not everyone will get what they want. The SW universe is changing, and the Brotherhood needs to adapt to survive. Expect more news posts about this as we move forward.


Character Development

Clan and Order Powers

Clan and Order Powers were something introduced long ago in the Brotherhood. However, since the release of the current Character Sheets, these powers have been noticeably absent. The problem is that most of these Clan powers were useless or ridiculously overpowered, and we couldn't figure out a fair way to include them in the new system. What that means, and I'm not sure if it was officially announced in the past, is that Clan and Order Powers are not acceptable for use in official fiction events or ACC matches. Really, any Force Power not listed on the Character Sheet should not be used, or you'll suffer Realism penalties.

While Wally and his CS 2.0 team are working on improvements and enhancements to the Character Sheet, Clan and Order Powers are something that will be worked on later. Until such time as you see these powers on the CS, understand that they are unofficial.

Custom Species

Once upon a time, in the long, long ago, the Brotherhood allowed its members to create Custom Species to use for their characters. That practice died off quite a while ago, but certain members were allowed to "grandfather" their custom species into newer systems. This has not been the case with the new Character Sheet.

Let it be known that Custom Species will no longer be accepted in the Brotherhood. Anyone who still "plays" a character with a custom species should think about switching to one of the approved DB species. Aside from balance issues, most custom species were just rip-offs of species from other sci-fi universes, or were humans from a specific planet. Either way, as part of the Brotherhood's transition to official SW canon, we're eliminating custom species completely.

Character Sheet Tidbits

Just a few things I wanted to mention based on the last month of Character Sheet approving. Think of these as small reminders.

Custom Aspects -- Remember when designing your Custom Aspect(s) that they are not meant to describe how strong or amazing you are with any given skill. Aspects should describe how you utilize your skills and powers, or explain something relevant (useful for others to know) about who your character is or how he/she/it acts. If I see any Custom Aspects that say, "Guy1 uses his super powerful Lightning to kill anyone that gets in his way", I will remand it. For the most part, I will try to explain the reasons and offer alternatives.

Linguistics/Languages -- Every character in the Brotherhood can freely list "Basic" as a language they know. Non-Human species can also list their species main language (one, based on wookieepedia info) for free. Anything after that will require points invested in the Linguistics skill at a 1:1 ratio. That means for every extra language you want to know, you must spend one more point in Linguistics. Please note that Hybrid characters do not get a free species language. Just Basic.

Given the limitations of this system, and the fact that most in-universe characters can understand (but not speak) multiple languages, I'll be looking into an alternate way of handling languages in the future.

Lore -- Aside from "common knowledge", when you list a topic of Lore, you need to have invested points in the Lore skill. As with languages, Lore works on a 1:1 ratio. So for every topic you want to list, make sure to spend a point in Lore.

Feats and Powers -- Currently, all Force Feats are tied to a specific Force Power. That means you need to have invested points in the Power to benefit from the Feat. As an example, the telekinesis-based "Hammer Time" Feat will be utterly useless if you have no points in Telekinesis. I try to catch all of these that I can (it's one of the most common mistakes), but try to make sure you read the descriptions of the Feats. Usually, the Force Power related to the Feat will be mentioned in bold.



Story Events/Crossover Events

As part of the Brotherhood's fictional path forward, I will occasionally be running competitions called "Story Events" that will allow your character and to play a role in the overarching Brotherhood story. These events will build off one another to tell a bigger story and will, hopefully, lead towards a future major event. (For those of you who were around, think Sarin's "Hunt a Killer" competition that tied into DC/FL/GJW). Some of these Event competitions will be "Crossover Events". I've stolen the premise from comics, but basically Crossover Events will be like Story Events except you will be able to partner up with other members of the Brotherhood—whether to write a single fiction, a cooperative ACC story, or a small team RO—to expand the Brotherhood's storyline.

Expect the first Story Event sometime in April, and it will help bridge the fictional gap between the ending of the Great Jedi War and the new story Sarin, Mav, and I will be working on.

Current Competitions

Star Wars v Game of Thrones – Caesar is running this competition that involves you writing about your DB character in the Game of Thrones setting. Knowledge of Westeros isn't necessary (though I'll assume it helps), as the competition will be judged based on originality and Star Wars theme. This event has a 1000 word maximum, so make sure you stay below it.

Star Wars v Game of Thrones ends April 22.

Finished Competitions

The two competitions I mentioned in my last report have ended. A big thanks to all participants and the organizers, and congratulations to the winners!

It's My First Day… — This is a competition being run by Andrelious (Mark) for Second Level Crescents (will be first soon based on the number of participants already). The prompt involves you writing about your character's first day in the Brotherhood.

Winners: Celevon, Saskia, and Kordath

The War Is Over! — This competition is being run by Darkblade with help from Chizz. The prompt involves you detailing how your character deals with the aftermath of the Great Jedi War.

Winners: K'tana, Mirus, Robert, Revs

Fiction Competition Adminstration

Requirements -- Remember, when creating a new Fiction competition always include a set of judging criteria—some explanation as to how entries will be graded and placed.

DB-Wide Competitions -- I'm going to start being a little pickier about what I let people run for DB-wide Fiction competitions. The reason for this is most seem geared towards an individual unit or Clan, but are set to DB-wide for the increased reward. If your competition is designed more for your own unit than the entire Brotherhood, please change the target unit appropriately.

Organizers who do get approved for a DB-wide competition will also be scrutinized more when it comes to determining winners. This is especially noted when all placings go to members of your own Clan. Be prepared to back up your decisions with reasons and details to support how you came to your judgments.

Clusters of Ice

Running a Fiction competition? Want your members to be awarded Clusters of Ice? You should, since the future Fiction Society will be utilizing the CI for advancement! Once your competition has ended, make sure to record the PINs and wordcounts of all participants and email them to me. Once I have the information, I can input the word counts into the site and it will (eventually) spit out Clusters of Ice.

When submitting word counts, please try to use the following format: PIN#wordcount (ex: 84#1000 – The pin followed by the total number of words. The # symbol is used as a separator.)

If you're submitting for a Run On, use this format: PIN#wordcount#postcount (ex: 84#3500#5 – pin, followed by the total number of words, followed by the total number of posts. The # symbol is just a separator).

This makes it easy for me to input into the site. Also, at minimum, a Fiction Competition must have a 500 word minimum to count for Clusters of Ice (500 words = 1 CI)



Expect to see some news posts from me in the coming weeks to expand on some of the topics I mentioned. If you ever have questions or concerns, about anything Fiction-related, please feel free to email me directly.



voice report star wars the force within

Another long report. Contained within are some of my thoughts on Gaming, ROC Gaming Ban Clarification, and updates on many other projects. There's also some followup information on the hotly debated D3 CF change I mentioned in my last report....

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Another long report. Contained within are some of my thoughts on Gaming, ROC Gaming Ban Clarification, and updates on many other projects. There's also some followup information on the hotly debated D3 CF change I mentioned in my last report. And the first of the Tier 2 Platforms to hit the retirement chopping block. Standard Competition Listings and Results as always!

Some of my Random Thoughts on Gaming

I posted this in a recent thread related to the new Dark Sage degrees, but thought the first part of the writeup gave some insight into how I view gaming within the Club so I figured I would repost it here.

I agree that large quantities of CFs are generally gained through PVE, instead of PVP. I think part of this is because the general mindset of the club at this time is more in favor of PVE games than 1v1 PVP battles. Newer games tend to provide more incentive to play co-operative PVP Battles when they are implemented (Warzones). Consider TOR, is there any real in game incentive to dueling? What about Diablo 3 Brawling? So the only reason a person would duel is either for bragging rights or they really enjoy it. Chances are the battles will end up pretty one sided and there will be no gear / exp gained from them to advance your character, so how many people would duel for 4 or 5 hours if caps were even removed for matches? Groups will often play for that long when facing PVE content together though. There's generally no in game carrot for 1v1 Dueling, the only thing is CFs and the weekly PoB.

My honest opinion as a gamer is that 1v1 dueling is slowly fading away. Team PVP is where its at now, what games typically reward, and where games will continue to move as they are developed, Destiny doesn't even have a dueling mechanic. With current game Matchmaking set the way it is (you can only organize your Team, not pick the Team you face) the vast majority of new games do not support Team PVP in a way that the Club traditionally views it. That creates a problem for us.

I also think the popularity of PVE over 1v1 PVP right now is because our most prolific PVP Platform (JA) is 10 years old. Unfortunately I can't design a "Next Gen" Lightsaber Dueling game for us. I hope that Battlefront 3 will bring us something, or anything, that will fill this gap for 1v1 duels or organized Team battles. My fear is that even if it does the system requirement and pricetag on Battlefront 3 will be set at a place which make it unrealistic to expect to replace JA within the Club, as basically any computer can run JA right now and $10 price won't be beat.

Projects Update

ROC Gaming Ban Clarification

The ROC refers to a Gaming Ban on several topics, this is a fairly simple concept related to how we do Club PVP Gaming however it hadn't been defined how a Gaming Ban would impact PVE Gaming. So, after gaining alignment with the Justicar and Hands, the following explanation will be added to the ROC:

Gaming Ban Definition
  • PVP Gaming (i.e. Club Member Duels) - No PVP Gaming will be permitted for the duration of the Gaming Ban.
  • PVE Gaming - No CFs will be earned for the duration of the Gaming Ban. The member who has been banned will not count as a second member for others to earn CF with when grouped. Examples follow:
    • DJK Joe is banned. DJK Joe and JH Tom complete a TOR Flashpoint. Neither of them can earn CFs from this activity.
    • DJK Joe is banned. DJK Joe, JH Tom, and DA Slick complete a TOR Warzone. JH Tom and DA Slick will earn CFs from this activity.

The simple version is that for purposes of earning CFs the banned member should be considered as if they were not a DB Club member while gaming in PVE.

DBGaming, Gaming Nights, and Dbb0t

Coding is underway for improved Dbb0t. As all of his systems come online I have a change to the way Gaming Night PoBs will work until he is fully operational.

Starting today the Weekly PoB will be awarded for matches from Sunday to Friday. A second PoB will be awarded for Saturday matches, consider this a "Gaming Day". Time will be based on GMT just like competitions, so Friday at 7pm EST the "Gaming Day" will begin and conclude at 7pm EST Saturday.

The requirement for at least 5 members to compete on Saturday for a PoB to be rewarded will remain though, if it's not met the matches will be rolled into the rest of the week.

ROC Rule Clarification (aka Operation "Play JST 4 Fun")

We have focused around clarifying and providing examples around the Unsportsmanlike Conduct section of the ROC to accomplish this project. As the CoJ's case load is atypically high this project is taking a bit of a back seat until things calm a bit. More updates to follow in the coming weeks.

Non-GJW Games/Platforms during a GJW

The most popular suggestion on the Forum thread was to create a new IRC Channel specifically for Vendettas. I'll be pursueing this option as we move forward, and clearing up some of the GJW / Vendetta sections of the ROC to reflect that once we have an established channel.

Diablo 3 CF Table Review

This was a hotly debated topic last report. After some discussion and testing (details follow) it looks like we need to take a much different approach here.

There were concerns that my numbers were based on a highly geared minority of Club members in Diablo 3. They absolutely were, frankly my main goal was to nerf myself to be in line with the CF rewards from other games. That had the unintentional side effect of crushing any normally geared person's CF earning potential. With TOR we've tried to normalize based on a character with a set of "Basic Commendation" gear. So between my last report and now I attempted this in Diablo 3.

My "Basic" gear was defined as a full class set of lvl 70 gear, with non-ideal rolls on it. Luckily I have a Crusader who is geared exactly like that. After some testing I found some surprising results. Torment 6 Bounties destroyed me, Torment 6 Rifts were impossible, and I was able to run solo up to Greater Rift 14 or 15. Compare this to my Demon Hunter who can clear a Torment 6 Rift in 3-4 minutes, the gear disparity is huge in Diablo 3.

Ideas were proposed around new Soft Caps for CFs. Where the number of elites killed gave diminishing returns on CFs. I've considered this, but ultimately this will just create a higher cap for geared characters than ungeared. My Demon Hunter will be able to maintain a faster CF generation rate for longer than my Crusader, allowing him to earn more time viable CFs than a ungeared character.

I heard ideas related to modifying the amount of CFs earned based on the Paragon Level of a person, with higher Paragon earning less CF per elite. That focused around the assumption that higher Paragon meant better gear and that a person would never switch characters and need to re-gear.

Ultimately I ended up in a place where I've been thinking about lowering the 210 CF Weekly Hard Cap for Diablo 3. I'm yet to find a way to keep CF earning even between moderate and high geared characters. I honestly am fairly certain it doesn't exist. By lowering the Hard Cap it creates a more attainable number for moderately geared folks, and keeps highly geared folks from crushing their way to a very high cap like 210 CF.

As of now I'm thinking about a 33% to 50% drop in the cap, so between 105 CF and 140 CF as the new cap. I'm open to other ideas, but right now I'm planning for this to be implemented on April 1st. If we can find a better way to even rewards I'm all for it, but this will help to keep things from getting out of hand until we do, or in case we never find it.

February's Gaming Stats

  • Total PVE Activities Reviewed and Approved by Fist Staff: 111

    • Diablo 3: 41
    • Star Conflict: 32
    • TOR: 29
    • Destiny: 9
  • Total PVP Activities Reviewed and Approved by Fist Staff: 322

    • Pazaak: 300
    • Jedi Academy: 13
    • X-Wing: 8
    • Empire at War: 1

The Tier 2 Chopping Block Gaming Platforms

As a refresher, for anyone who's missed it: Any Tier 2 Game (except Star Wars Games) which has no matches submitted in a 12 month period may be removed after notification of this game's "Near Retirement" status in a Fist Report and no earlier than one month after the Report is published.

As of today Alien vs Predator and Path of Exile are on the Near Retirement chopping block. If there are no matches played on either of them within the next month they will be retired.

March Gaming Competitions

MOAR Gorefest!

Due to the GJW taking up most of January and February I postponed some Gorefest Events. Now we're playing catch up. There is one Gorefest left in March (for February) and two in April (for March and April). Dates are as follows:

  • Friday 27Mar2015 - Sunday 29Mar2015: February Gorefest
  • Friday 10Apr2015 - Sunday 12Apr2015: March Gorefest
  • Friday 24Apr2015 - Sunday 26Apr2015: April Gorefest

Gaming Competition Results

GMRG Gorefest: January 2015 (in March)
  • 1st Place - JH Artorias
  • 2nd Place - DJK Drake Starfire
  • 3rd Place - DJK Anahorn Dempsey
Mobile Gaming: Ice Rage
  • 1st Place - PAD Justin Wayne
  • 2nd Place - GRD Chrome
  • 3rd Place - DA Strategos
Star Wars Commander: Secret Alliances
  • 1st Place - DJK Ulfsark
  • 2nd Place - SW Misium
  • 3rd Place - SBM Evant
Star Wars Commander: Galactic War Tournament 5
  • 1st Place - DJK Ra'gnar
  • 2nd Place - OT Talon Drear
  • 3rd Place - DJK Aule Jr
Star Wars Galactic Defense: Legends of Endor
  • 1st Place - SBL Montressor
  • 2nd Place - SR Seraphol Ceartas
  • 3rd Place - SBL Raiju Kang
Star Wars Galactic Defense: Fierce Enemies
  • 1st Place - SBL Montressor
  • 2nd Place - SW Kenath Zoron
  • 3rd Place - SW Misium
Star Wars Galactic Defense: Jedi Hunt
  • 1st Place - SBL Montressor
  • 2nd Place - PAD Jabis Ravenhawk
  • 3rd Place - SBL Raiju Kang
Star Wars Commander: Roolan's Wrath
  • 1st Place - OT Talon Drear
  • 2nd Place - DJK Ulfsark
  • 3rd Place - SW Misium
Star Wars Commander: Galactic War Tournament 6
  • 1st Place - DP Telaris "Mav" Taldrya Cantor
  • 2nd Place - DJK Aule Jr
  • 3rd Place - DJK Landon Cruise

Pendants of Blood

  • 01Mar2015 - 07Mar2015: OE Frosty Romanae Tarentae of Clan Tarentum, PVP Score of 30.63 (49 Matches Played, 39 Matches Won)
  • 08Mar2015 - 14Mar2015: JH Artorias of Clan Taldryan, PVP Score of 41 (41 Matches Played, 41 Matches Won)


star wars commander star wars star wars galactic defense roc

Greetings everyone and welcome to my #36th report as Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. This report will cover a few quick updates on Grand Master policies, Fleet Points, and gaming for fun. Administrative Changes 1) The Justicar has recently...

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Greetings everyone and welcome to my #36th report as Grand Master of the Dark Brotherhood. This report will cover a few quick updates on Grand Master policies, Fleet Points, and gaming for fun.


Administrative Changes

1) The Justicar has recently released results of several trials that were long overdue. Unfortunately, the results led to several demotions and the establishment of several probationary periods for our members. Over the past several years we have accepted these penalties and our members have continued serving in positions that they may have held at the time of their conviction. I have decided to return to a policy that I used in 2007 and my predecessors used before me. This policy will see the removal of members from their leadership positions if they are convicted and I will not consider those members for additional positions until their probationary periods have concluded. I have discussed this policy in depth with Jac and even dusted Firefox off to gain his opinion. We all agreed that this was a fair course of action and set a standard for our leaders moving forward.

I'd also like to thank Jac, Monty, and Halc for handling these older cases in a timely and extremely professional manner. I thought their work and the cooperation of the defendants was exceptionally well done and I am greatly appreciative the cases remained civil in their tone.

2) Aabs has updated the Legacy Title policy for our members and our DAs can now establish their own legacy. In just a few hours we have had some extremely interesting submissions. Rather than smack them down with the standard ball of hate from the MAA, we have decided to allow everyone to have their fun. Keep in mind that we are reviewing all of our policies on a continuous basis and that "Bassmaster 74000 Lasersauce PWN Sith Juggernaut" could lead us to think about placing more restrictions on the titles. Don't ruin it for everyone :p



1) Slags has been appointed as the new QUA of Ajunta Pall. Everyone take the time give Slags a congratulatory slap on the back.

2) Ji has been selected as the QUA of Satele Shan. I have no idea what species he is and how to congratulate him. Maybe feed him a cracker. Regardless, congrats Ji and welcome back to DJB leadership.


Where are my Fleet Points?!? Great question! I have decided to freeze fleet points at their current rate and not award new points for the GJW results due to several reasons.

1) All DJB systems moving forward are going to be synchronized. This means that possessions, fleets, fictional way ahead, and a host of other small systems need to work together. Rather than adhoc fleet points and then crush everyone's dreams in a few weeks with a new system, I've decided to pause with what we have now.

2) A series of club wide decisions and discussions are rapidly approaching us over the next few months. Those discussions will provide us a more holistic look at how we implement new systems and how those systems will work together. Be on the look out.

3) As mentioned above, our fictional universe remains a concern on my part and I want to ensure that our fleets mirror our current or fictional reality. Shad + Mav + I have a working document that spells out some of the events over the next few months and our plans for (re)shaping the DJB Universe. This isn't some super secret ninja stuff, it is a large group of us leaning towards the Canon Universe as our way ahead. This is something that is open for discussion and as mentioned in #2, that discussion is coming.

Gaming: For Fun

If you have not had the chance to check out Bubbas recent news post concerning CFs and degrees, please take the time to look it over. There is a lot of good conversation on that news post relating to what is and what is not fair concerning CF requirements.

Many of you know that I am an avid gamer and play across the Xbone, PS4, and PC. My weapon of choice depends on the game that I am most interested in at the time. I like to think that I am one of our better gamers or at the very least, one of the most prolific: My Clusters.

So, as always I'd like everyone to know that they are more than welcome to play with me in D3 (Pravus#1986) where I and a select few others are nearing the top 1000 players in the world in our respective classes. I play D3 multiple times a week and have enough knowledge to help any newb/medium level Barbarian out. Grab me in game.

I'd also like to invite everyone with an XBONE to play in the DJB Grand Theft Auto V Online Crew. We have 0.0% intention of making this game a Cluster Earning Game, but it is fun. A lot of fun. I'm always interested in gaming with our members inside and outside of supported platforms and quite frankly, we need a few more crew members to pull off successful heists. My Xbox Gamer Tag remains the original GM Sarin.

I encourage everyone to remember that the point of gaming in this club is fellowship and community, not Cluster of Fire farming (That is a side effect and easy for me to say...because I have a swimming pool filled with them).



I like to end my reports on a positive note, but there is one quick thing I'd like to address. I hate nonsense. What is nonsense? Nonsense is sending emails to a large group of people and complaining about the rewards you have not received, yet you have never engaged me on the topic. People forward me emails like that all the time and I end up finding out anyway. Trust me friends, just send me an email and explain your concerns. I'll respond in a timely manner and tell you my side of the story. Don't back door things because it just results in wasted time.

Nonsense is also being overly combative for no reason at all. Check it out, this is a Star Wars club for people who want to write, game, and hang out. If you are negative and combative, please evaluate why you are here. Typically, if you contact the DC with a request and ask to work through any issues you may have, we are going to be exceptionally receptive. We talked about this several months ago and the "Good Dude Rule" was quoted. Just try to be a good dude and your experience in this club will generally be much much better.

And on a super positive, note, we have a lot of things in the hopper and coming soon. I'm working to ensure everyone is aware of those things and look forward to all of your feedback. The DC and the Clan Leaders are doing a fine job right now and the club is in a solid position for improving over the next year. Optimism!

Have a great week!

Grand Master Pravus


jedi lightsaber grand master star wars sith

Hello all, After serving in the position of Clan Rollmaster, it has come time for Teu to step down from the position and move into a member role. She has helped the Clan and been a key person inside of Naga Sadow, helping new members and helping...

Read More …


Hello all,

After serving in the position of Clan Rollmaster, it has come time for Teu to step down from the position and move into a member role. She has helped the Clan and been a key person inside of Naga Sadow, helping new members and helping drive Naga Sadow. We would like to personally thank her for all of her hard work and devotion inside of the Clan and club.

This means that we have a void that needs to be filled. This opening is a demanding one, but if you feel that you can fulfill all of the duties and expectations for the job then please put an application in. That being said, we expect the following of a Clan Rollmaster:

The person who fills this position must:

  • Interact with new members of the club and guide them towards Knighthood
  • Have an email turnaround time of 24 Hours
  • Have an active presence on IRC
  • Have patience in dealing with new members
  • Be at least Dark Jedi Knight
  • Plan organize, and manage the Master and Student Program
  • Have experience and knowledge of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood's systems, especially concerning the Journeymen promotion requirements.
  • Be willing to work with the House summits and Clan Summit
  • Maintain working and social relationship with members of the House
  • Be able to reward members with either medals or promotions

Tell us why you are the best candidate for the position and include any plans that you have for it. Rollmaster is a key position and can greatly impact a Clan's success. As such, there is much potential for reward with this position. Applications will close on the 28th of March at 11:59pm EST. Please email applications to myself: ( and Cethgus: (

Locke Sonjie
Consul of Clan Naga Sadow


Greetings all, Earlier today, the Grand Master, Master at Arms, and myself decided to adjust the policy on Legacy Titles. Previously, these titles were reserved only for Dark Jedi Masters/Jedi Masters. These titles have now been lowered one rank,...

Read More …


Greetings all,

Earlier today, the Grand Master, Master at Arms, and myself decided to adjust the policy on Legacy Titles. Previously, these titles were reserved only for Dark Jedi Masters/Jedi Masters. These titles have now been lowered one rank, to Dark Adept/Force Adept. Any Elder has undoubtedly left quite the extensive legacy in our organization, and now that can be recognized in a title. This change may not yet be updated on the site, but will go live soon. The Wiki already reflects this change.

Telaris "Mav" Cantor
Deputy Grand Master


star wars dark jedi

Today: One Year I'll keep this part fairly short, but I wanted to thank my staff and Muz for their assistance in making my first year as Herald a very fulfilling and excellent one. I didn't fully expect to expand the office's role as...

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Herald Report Header

Today: One Year

I'll keep this part fairly short, but I wanted to thank my staff and Muz for their assistance in making my first year as Herald a very fulfilling and excellent one. I didn't fully expect to expand the office's role as much as I did and it really wouldn't have been possible without their support and hard work. Some of my initiatives became projects and some didn't make it but it was good to learn our capabilities and at some points, our bandwidths. I had plans to make the office more transparent and I think we've succeeded in that, at least a bit. Most of what we do isn't really secret, unless I want to withhold some surprises like a few I list below.

I want to thank the membership too, for supporting the Herald staff, either through your emails, irc comments, even news and report comments. Volunteer work is much more fulfilling when you know the work is being appreciated. So thank you for that, and we never get tired of hearing it. :)

On the first day of Spring, my true love gave to meeee...

Three Herald office compe-ti-tions!

It sure wasn't warm weather and flowers... >:(

Today the Herald Staff has launched a small series of competitions where members get to graphically design (all mediums) their own lightsaber, robes, and medal, and not only will Staff judge entries, but will also create the winning designs for winners or for future use! Feel free to go nuts, but try to maintain some realism so that it can actually be made (unless you want to waive that right then go for it!)

These comps run for 2 weeks to give everyone time to work on all 3. Good luck!



With the downsizing of the DC office staffs, V'yr/Echo is our senior artist and once again my Praetor. V'yr does pretty much everything from lightsabers to logos to robes (and is amazeballs at shadows). He's able to take some of my ideas and make them better as well as execute them, which is a feat in and of itself. A'lora is mainly on lightsabers and Rhiann works on a variety of things as well but takes care of our warbanners and will be putting those purdy crusade ribbons on your dossiers. Both of them have talents well beyond that as seen in HSH and the Alchemy guide so sabers and banners aren't usually the only projects they're on. Baxir/Orv is my predecessor and a self-taught digital artist that has come back to lend some of those skills in a few areas. He is working with the war placement units for their unit rewards and will be working on a new Herald project that I'll dive into below. For my part, I do a lot of the organization required to keep us on track (the forms I go on about, they help tremendously), make sure staff and non staff projects are being worked on, brainstorming new stuff to kick around and see what would make good additions (some you'll see below). I pick up various miscellaneous things that need to be done or I just happen to have the files for, most of which are usually listed in the "Misc" list we publish. I'm also on some slow burning projects like the Badges page and likely Possessions.

That's the Herald staff in a nutshell. We're all a bit looney on some days, but it can't always be srs bizness around here!


I've been debating holding off announcing this but I think members will understand (I hope!). The Herald staff is going to start drawing Avatars for DJK+/JK+ on a trial basis. For the most part this is Orv's corner. Unfortunately he is temporarily predisposed due to RL circumstances. However, eventually we all would like to learn and do them. To that end we've put together a YAF/yet another form that allows you to give us details on the type of character you would like to have made.

Did I say this is a trial? Yes, yes I did. :)

These are very basic character images just to give everyone an idea of what your character looks like. Everyone is still more than welcome to search out other artists for commissions for something more polished or full bodied, etc. Journeymen can still request permission from other artists to use their images and then request a Herald staff avatar once they have reached the rank of DJK.

It is a perk that the Herald staff will be providing on a trial basis and could be pulled at any time before or after it has run through. It will have a slow start as we have several items on our plates and we are still refining the skill to do it (and Orv is temp afk). Please be patient as we start up this new service and get the hang of it. I do not have a timeframe of when to expect an avatar to be finished as we have not had a queue yet. :)

We have a good number of members that change characters so I am going to limit it to one avatar for the duration of the trial. It'll keep the work down, make sure they're used, and I'll also get to see just how many members will use the service so we'll know what kind of bandwidth we'll need.

Rally the Bannermen!

The Warbanner form has been updated with the images from the wiki so members don't have to keep referencing the website as they are choosing the design of their banners. Now for the goodies:

We are releasing some huge warbanner updates today:


  • Unit logos can no longer be requested as personal crests
  • Members are now able to request Clan logos as background patterns
  • If a unit logo is the BG pattern, it is in lieu of the warbanner medallion
  • Warbanner medallion, if qualified, replaces a unit logo as pattern
  • Background patterns still replace a stripe until custom stripes at EQ4

Other nifty stuff:

  • Brand new shapes with stripes based on rank


  • New "sashes": DC & Assistants (including Society Leaders, CM & Tribunes) will be able to earn these after 6 months in position (past or present)


  • DC and Assistants are able to use their respective DC office logo as their medallion logo

  • Personal logos in medallions are DC only plus their designates with approval

  • New Fabric texture: Satin. Hemp = standard

New Fabric texture

These all should be accessible in the warbanner form now... in theory! It was a lot of updates, so don't kill the Emissary (haha, get it?) if there's an error somewhere. Just send me an email and I'll get to work right away, same with any wiki errors. All of these were a labor of love and everyone pitched in in some way, either with ideas, making ideas better, putting prototypes together, and of course, making final products. So as it was with HSH, we hope you enjoy!

Crusade Ribbons

Now that the war is over and the dust is settled, we are going to start rolling out the Ribbons. For an example of how they will look, my dossier has a sample uploaded to my Accessory slot where they will go and Rhiann and Mirus have put together the wiki to better explain their specific details.

Second Sons Volunteers

Unfortunately this initiative fell to the wayside, which is ultimately my responsibility and disappointment. Instead of trying to revive the egroup or disbanding it, I've decided to use the Second Sons to put together a master list of our volunteer artists and their skills. We have numerous projects in the DB that need graphics in some form or another and I am asked for help on a semi regular basis. Having been one of the judges in the war, I know we have some greatly talented members in the DB, some that were lurking in the shadows all this time! I want to use this opportunity to invite folks to come and share their skills to help out the club.

To that end I've put together a YAF/yet another form where you can sign up. Some tasks are low stress, like once in a while we might need logo ideas. Once in a while I need someone to do paperwork. Some are a lot more involved like the Lightsaber or Alchemy guides. Ultimately it is up to you how much time you would like to commit and what it is that you'd like to do. At the end of the day we are all volunteers and I strive to make sure both my staff and the extra hands are enjoying their time while working on various projects, and of course, are rewarded for their work.

Unit and Position Requests:

We have a YAF that units should begin using for report header, logo, etc. requests. Staff can answer questions via email of course, but with the influx of new units (and even DC members) needing work, we need to begin tracking them for the same reasons as those above, so that we can make sure they are not only completed but that we know whom did what, when, etc. This is already in use and we have a good sized queue, which I thank everyone for, because it's no longer being buried in our inboxes!


...of Care

The Herald staff makes a lot of graphics for members. In all of them we strive to make them both look good according to our standards and of course look good to the member. I am CC'd on all emails and know the lengths that my staff go to in this endeavor. Sometimes the requests are beyond our skills, and even then we still make a good faith attempt to come up with something. And then sometimes they go through several revisions beyond normal. We like to make members happy with their items. But ultimately there's a lot of them to do and we need to move on at some point. If I need to step in and say enough is enough, then that is that. The above may need to be said, but members can expect professionalism from us regardless. In return I would hope for the same of the membership.

...of Excellence

While the Herald office creates graphics for the Brotherhood, it does not regulate report headers and such. Units are free to go outside of the office for their requests if they would like. We do like to know about them though; we like to see what work others have done!

The Herald office does, however, retain the rights to all House- and Clan-level logos. These may not be modified, added, or removed without herald approval.

...of Regulation

Lastly, while we may not regulate the artists for the various graphics on the site, we do require a standard of quality to be maintained. To that end, we may request an image be modified or removed if deemed inappropriate. It doesn't happen often but I wanted to put out the reminder that still still falls under the Herald's jurisdiction.

Finally...The Pixels You're Looking for

Today some lucky EQ2s get this:

Animus Lightsaber by A'lora


Today some lucky EQ4s get this:

"Thoroughgauge" Hybrid Lightsaber by Mirado

Mirado Lightsaber

And this!

”Elder Wand” Hybrid Lightsaber by Mirado

Mirado Lightsaber

(May not be uploaded yet, but will be very shortly)

Some recent graphics:

GJWXI Seal by Socks



By Aidan Kincaid & Vyr/Echo-1

  • Aidan Kincaid

By A’lora

  • Mako Henymory

By Vyr/Echo-1

  • Vyr/Echo-1


By Rhiann, since January 1st:

  • Shirai Dupar
  • Drake Starfire
  • Celevon Edraven
  • Landon Cruise
  • Ra'gnar
  • Aule Jr
  • Galleros Sjl
  • Aeson Rhys
  • Ulfsark
  • Nicolai "Rod" Rodell
  • K'tana
  • Junazee
  • Talis
  • Dracaryis
  • Bobecc Varga
  • Dek Rott
  • Rulvak Qurroc
  • Koryn Thraagus
  • Arcia Cortel
  • Kenath Zoron
  • Revak Kur
  • Daedric Turelles
  • Salbecca

By Vyr:

  • Echo-1



  • Landon Cruise
  • Nathan Deciarus
  • Achilleus


  • K'tana
  • Terran Koul
  • Soccora
  • Lexiconus
  • Mako
  • Arcia
  • Ernordeth
  • Atyiru
  • Saskia
  • Montresor
  • Rrogan Skar


  • Esoteric! (who won the guess comp anyway?)

Miscellaneous Tasks:

  • Muz - GJW11 call to action banner
  • Socks - Esoteric avatar
  • Vyr - Landon Cruise (13876) Character image
  • Vyr - Nathan Deciarus (307) Character image
  • Vyr - Achilleus (13033) Character image
  • Baxir Vol - CON/PCON headers for CNS
  • Baxir Vol - News header for Mav Baxir Vol - Created avatar for K'tana
  • Baxir Vol - Created avatar for Terran Koul
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Soccora
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Lexiconus
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Mako
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Arcia
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Ernordeth
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Atyiru
  • Baxir Vol - News header for Socorra
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Saskia
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Montresor
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Rrogan Skar
  • Vyr - Report Banners for A'lora Kituri
  • Vyr - Tales of New tython logo and teaser
  • Vyr - Devil's Shroud battleteam header
  • Vyr - GMRG Accessory - Voice - Shad
  • Vyr - GMRG Accessory - JST - Jac
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar for Armags
  • Socks - Changed warbanner form to reflect BTL/RMs medallion
  • Socks - Created Avatar request form
  • Socks - Created Unit gfx request form
  • Socks - Changed WB form to add images for each category
  • Muz - Modified Cethgus Lightsabers and Banner for CNS logo
  • Baxir Vol - Tarentum Under Renovations logo for Raiju
  • Baxir Vol - Avatar request form example images
  • Baxir Vol - Tarentum Consul report header & dividers
  • Socks - Updated Pravus lightsaber for Montresor
  • Socks - Updated warbanner for Montresor
  • Vyr - Pravus report header (GM)
  • Vyr - Pravus report section breakers (GM)
  • Vyr - Socks report header (HRLD)
  • Socks - Changed WB form to reflect new updates (all shapes, rail colors, patterns, etc)
  • Vyr - Updated WB wiki page for new updates
  • Mirus/Rhiann Baenre - Updated Crusade Ribbons wiki page
  • Socks - Created Second Sons volunteer form

Last Words

Special thanks to Cethgus for testing out the warbanner form after all of the updates and finding a couple errors that would have really sucked. Much love to V'yr for doublechecking this long report. He is the wind beneath my wings (not really, his character is a frikkin Prometheus giant).

If you've done something Herald related for the DB, or even unrelated to DB, give us a shout as we would love to see it, and also reward any club work done. Don't forget to post it on DA and the forum, or just email us a link so we can showcase it!

There's a Form for That

Since January 1st:

  • 24 warbanners
  • 3 lightsabers
  • 40 miscellaneous
  • 15 avatars


  • Graphics Competitions
  • Tons of warbanner updates
  • A few goodies!
  • Ribbons rolling out
  • Staff changes
  • Need more artists!


lightsaber herald robes graphics warbanner report star wars medal

Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood - The Chamber of Justice has convened in seven matters, having brought charges against members and completed the process of adjudication for each case. The Chamber has issued detailed verdicts and Justicar...

Read More …


Members of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood -

The Chamber of Justice has convened in seven matters, having brought charges against members and completed the process of adjudication for each case. The Chamber has issued detailed verdicts and Justicar Opinions for each case which can be found in the PDF files linked below. The primary opinion, which was incorporated by reference into other opinions due to overlapping issues, is the DB v. Delak Krennel opinion. I direct you attention to that opinion first. Please note that the written opinion is generally found on the second page of the following documents, after announcement of the verdict.

The cases and verdicts are summarized as follows:

Case # 42 - DB v. Delak Krennel - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Cheating - GUILTY by plea
  • Count 2 - Falsifying Matches - GUILTY by plea
  • Punishment - Two-grade Demotion, LoR, Strict Probation w/Gaming Ban

Case # 43 - DB v. Rayna Krennel - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Cheating - GUILTY by plea
  • Punishment - Two-grade Demotion, LoR, Strict Probation

Case # 44 - DB v. Darkblade - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Cheating - GUILTY by plea
  • Punishment - Two-grade Demotion, LoR, Strict Probation

Case # 45 - DB v. Chizz - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Cheating - GUILTY through Trial by Justicar. No plea entered.
  • Punishment - Two-grade Demotion, LoR, Strict Probation

Case # 46 - DB v. Shorurra - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Falsifying Matches - GUILTY through Trial by Justicar. No plea entered.
  • Punishment - LoR, Strict Probation w/Gaming Ban

Case # 47 - DB v. Turel Sorenn - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Falsifying Matches - GUILTY by plea
  • Punishment - LoR, General Probation

Case # 48 - DB v. Nicolai "Rod" Rodell - Opinion PDF

  • Count 1 - Falsifying Matches - GUILTY by plea
  • Punishment - LoR, Strict Probation w/Gaming Ban

It brings me no joy to issue these opinions, but it is necessary. These members have each made mistakes, and have now paid for their mistakes. Let us now forgive and move on.

Signed and sealed in Justice,

Jac Ae-Sequiera Cotelin

Justicar and High Protector of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood


star wars verdict chamber of justice justicar cheating falsifying matches

As previously mentioned there will be a series of novels and comics released in the run-up to Episode VII. While we had only vague details, we did know that these publications would be dealing with what occurred after Episode VI. We now have...

Read More …


Star Wars: Aftermath

As previously mentioned there will be a series of novels and comics released in the run-up to Episode VII. While we had only vague details, we did know that these publications would be dealing with what occurred after Episode VI.

We now have information on one of the first full-length novels relating to this time period, aptly named Star Wars: Aftermath. As the title itself alludes to, this novel will deal with the aftermath of the second Death Star blowing up and just how the rest of the galaxy dealt with the consequences of that action.

This novel is actually the first in a trilogy that will help bridge the divide between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens. It will be written by Chuck Wending, and I would be happy to hear thoughts from others on this author. I personally have not heard of him before, but he does seem to have a number of books and guides under his belt. September 4th appears to be the tentative release date for this novel, and I'll assume the other novels in the trilogy will come out soon after.

I honestly can't wait for these books to finally come out as I really want to see what direction they have "officially" taken, and maybe it will also help us in our own fictional direction?


jedi episode vii star wars the force awakens aftermath del ray

Star Wars Battlefront has been one of the most hotly anticipated titles in the Video Gaming world since the announcement that Electronic Arts would be taking over the gaming responsibilities from the now defunct LucasArts studios. Admittedly there...

Read More …



Star Wars Battlefront has been one of the most hotly anticipated titles in the Video Gaming world since the announcement that Electronic Arts would be taking over the gaming responsibilities from the now defunct LucasArts studios. Admittedly there has been very little concrete information since the Official E3 Trailer that was released last year.

Now, we haven't been without news on the (Battle)front concerning this game, a massive list of rumours was leaked last month, and as always the eagle eyed people on the internet have been scouring for more information every day. Thankfully, EA has made it easier on us this time around...

Star Wars Battlefront is officially confirmed to debut at Star Wars Celebration this year, meaning we're one short month away from seeing the first official news about the game in a long, long while!

This, along with all of the other amazing things happening at Celebration this year make me super sad I'm going to miss out, but I hear a couple of guys are going to be there, so I'll be sure to try to press gang them into sharing all the news and highlights as the event rolls on!

Just The Seal


battlefront ea celebration gaming episode vii star wars disney lucasarts dice