Archived Character Sheet for Bentre Kairn'tel Sadow

Warlord Bentre Kairn'tel Sadow

Equite, Clan Naga Sadow
Male Human, Sith, Shadow, Obelisk Adherent
Height: 1.79 m / 5'10" - Weight: 71.0 kg / 157 lbs
Age: 34 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

Bentre keeps his dark hair trimmed to just a finger or two below his jawline. Normally he keeps his hair brushed in such a way to hide his left eye, an oddity borne out of habit over the years. While it does serve to mask his left eye, it also draws attention to the streaks of dark gray that have started to appear in his hair.

Clawing scars can be seen running over the flesh above and below both eyes, the souvenirs of an old battle. If one were to watch the eyes themselves, they would see how often Bentre appears to be watching his surroundings as his eyes flit about with a manic purpose. The right eye is a rich hazel, while the left eye actually glows red akin to that of a Tukatan beast. As one's gaze travels down, you can also observe that both arms are metallic cybernetics, save for the barest stump of scar tissue where they meet with the shoulder. These prosthetics are not particularly hidden from view.

The Masquerade (General Aspect)

Bentre believes there is an underlying danger in everything. People are easily one of the most dangerous unknowns in the galaxy, and the less people know about you the better off you are. To this end, this Sith prefers to keep layers of deception around himself. He believes that scars and injuries tell stories, so he keeps his left eye hidden under a Force illusion. He believes that care is a weakness that can be exploited, so he appears aloof in everyday dealings. He believes that mercy can be seen as a crutch, so he works through others. Though he may act in some higher profile positions, Bentre always has an ulterior motives. Rather than act overtly, he prefers to exert his will through second and third parties thus keeping his hand in events well hidden. His mask of cool indifference can be broken, however, if an immediate threat to his family or Clan arises when he is not expecting it.

Too Close To The Sun (General Aspect)

Bentre has been able to tap into the Force more easily since his experience on Dentaavi Prime. Since leaving the asteroid, his application of the Force is no stronger than before, As time carried on, the Corellian noticed that when he accesses the Force, he experiences pain. The sensation is similar to that of an electric shock, increasing with each consecutive tap into the Force. Given an extended rest during which he does not tap into the Force directly , the pain level will become gradually decreased to the point of being nearly minimal. Still, this fact has made him less keen to tap into the Force for frivolous purposes.

Hunter, Not Prey (Personality Aspect)

As Bentre Stahoes has been touched and twisted by the Dark Side, he has lost his feelings of being chased. Whereas on Nar Shadda he had been hunted, he has in turn come to view himself as a predator in his own right. He prides himself on his prowess in combat, and sees himself as the ruin of both warriors and Force Users of lesser skill. Sometimes he will even liken himself to a wolf on the prowl as he gloats. His hubris can often lead to him underestimating a challenge or confronting an obstacle he would have avoided in the past.

Twisted by Darkness (Personality Aspect)

Bentre no longer retains a steady grip on his sanity. After being subjected to Sith Alchemy and the ravages of the shard artifacts, the Corellian hears voices and suffers irregular periods of rage, aggression, and schizophrenia. The madness drives the Shadow between euphoria and despair, making him a greater conduit for the Dark Side to further twist and distort. Stahoes cannot deny that he still cares for the well-being of his Clan, House and comrades but he will not allow these feelings to completely halt his own pursuits of power and glory.

"She Let Him Pontificate..." (Combat Aspect)

Bentre Stahoes really just loves the sound of his own voice too much. He often boasts about his prowess in battle and enjoys taunting his opponent. This more often than not continues through the course of a battle while the man believes he holds some sort of an advantage. Thankfully, when the battles get more intense, he will shut his mouth and knuckle down. However, this will not stop him from making the occasional verbal jab. Above all, Bentre considers himself a skilled warrior, taking great pride in this fact. This only serves to further reinforce his already swollen ego.

"...a trusty blaster at your side" (Combat Aspect)

Bentre Stahoes may wear a lightsaber at his waist, but he prefers to go for his trusty blaster instead, preferring to shoot it out from range rather than trying to get in up-close and personal. He is not opposed to be using his lightsaber, but is not averse to sticking with his blaster when matters of pride are not at risk.

Skill Feats
Lightning Reflexes You Can't Stop The Signal
Force Feats
Disjunction Ghosting II Faceless II Reflexive Counter Saber Throw
General Feats
Human: Just Another Face Human: Eye Of The Tiger Order Feat: Sith Steel Curtain Won't Attract The Worm
  • Basic
  • Twi'leki
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Sith Alchemy
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Shii-Cho
Secondary Lightsaber Form None