Archived Character Sheet for Rhylance

Colonel Rhylance

Equite, Clan Arcona
Male Chiss, Loyalist, Field Medic
Height: 1.88 m / 6'2" - Weight: 85.73 kg / 189 lbs
Age: 29 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Rhylance is a silver-blue hued Chiss who stands taller than most of those around him. He has a toned build and a well proportioned body. His intense red eyes glow brightly and adorn his soft and narrow face. With his high cheekbones and clean features, his appearance holds charm and attractiveness for those who do not know better.

Rhylance's dark black hair is always slicked back and kept just long enough for the highlights to be visible. Lines of blue and silver streak throughout the black locks, adding a depth and richness to the otherwise unremarkable hair On his chest are several tattoos that symbolize the sciences he feels he has mastered. He wears a pair of glasses with non-corrective lenses.

Uninhibited Progress (General Aspect)

Rhylance has only one goal; advancement. His knowledge of the sciences are ever growing through endless studies, and experiments. He sees his place on the “totem pole” as halting his advance. While he holds no wanting to lead others, he'll plot and plan ways to attain a higher position of power. The higher his position, the more freedom he perceives is allotted to him to continue his never ending research.

While he has no training in leadership, he has learned to mimic others' natural charisma. This allows him to be perceived as a more effective leader than he truly is. The possibility of being discovered a fraud and sabotaging his command is ever present, but he believes he will simply figure out a new path to take around his shortcomings. Advancement and growth are the only way towards achieving connection to all that the galaxy has to offer through science.

Science Over Gods (General Aspect)

First and foremost, Rhylance is a scientist before anything else. The concepts of Good and Evil, in his mind, are antiquated terms that do more harm than good. Science is the only absolute truth in the universe that trust can be placed in. As a result, he views society at large as lesser to his ascended intellect. This fact alone puts Rhylance on a separate plateau, in his mind, from others. Rhylance also has a negative view on Force users. He feel's they waste this connection he wishes he possessed. Science will deliver the power to him.

Exhibiting sociopathic traits, he has difficulty bringing himself to care for others. At the same time, he has absolutely no qualms engaging in acts that are considered unethical or wrong by the galaxy at large. Rhylance's methods do not go unnoticed by others, furthering the gap between them and perpetuating his 'otherness'.

The (Not So) Good Doctor (Personality Aspect)

Rhylance is a medical professional. His skill in medicine is widely known, as is his unbearable demeanor. Having a very different view of what actions are proper in any given circumstance, Rhylance has terrible bedside manner. While he has a friendly smile on his face, he is also brutally honest, and has no tact when dealing with patients. While most incoming patients outright refuse to be treated by him, he doesn’t care.

Outside of the hospital, Rhylance’s demeanor changes drastically. Gone is the friendly expression, replaced by a stone-faced stare. His only real interaction with those he deems beneath his intellect are when the need to suits his purposes. He values sentient life less than any other, as they are responsible for all the galaxy's failings

Veiled Condescension (Personality Aspect)

Rhylance is very aware of his intelligence, and because of how he views himself, he views all others as less intelligent sentient beings. Because of this he sees no issue in using others as tools to further his purposes. Rhylance places himself above all others, as he views them as if they are insignificant lesser beings. This narcissistic causes him to have some trouble relating to others. Any show of shared feeling he normally shows, is probably a manipulation tactic.

Because he views all others as trivial, Rhylance has grown to be a loner. He prefers silent solitude, to the loud interactions that society tends to put him through. Rhylance’s sense of self is so overwhelming that when he has met his match, he cannot cope with the truth. There are most certainly beings smarter, more advanced than he is, and when faced with this he will fall apart.

Sharp As My Mind (Combat Aspect)

Rhylance detests fighting. Trading blows for the sole purpose of damaging the opponent's body is an uncivilized, and unnecessary, course of action in his mind. Unfortunately, there are those times when there remains no other recourse but to engage in combat. When such a time comes, Rhylance will rely upon his smarts and his cunning as tools to be brought to bear. He will maintain the guile of a non-combatant for as long as he is able, before the act gives way to action.

When the opponent least expects an attack, or the moment is most opportune, Rhylance will lash out using his scalpels as weapons. With or without poison at the ready, Rhylance strikes with the intent of ending a fight before it can begin by debilitating his target. This reluctance for combat can put him into a less than favorable situation if the moment never presents itself.

The Science Of Battle (Combat Aspect)

Rhylance has studied the "Scientific Arts", as he refers to them, and he makes it his own personal mission to involve science in every aspect of his life. A fight is no exception. Rhylance melds his knowledge of science and medicine into his fighting, and keeps a cool, calculating head. While maintaining cognitive focus, he analyzes the physical and mental state of his opponent, seeking cracks in their armor or psyche.

It is this clinical approach that is his greatest strength, able to tailor his approach to the "subject". However, he can become lost in that mindset, or even pushed to the point he cannot maintain his composure. The conflict itself becomes an experiment to Rhylance, and he may not be able to determine when that experiment should end, having been known to perform 'living autopsies' on paralyzed foes.

Skill Feats
I See What You Did There Classic Misdirection Trick Shots Linguistic Liar To The Pain La Resistance Poison Weapons Go Ahead, Make My Day Steady Hands II Xenobiology II
Force Feats
General Feats
Chiss: Sore Thumbs Chiss: Wise Beyond Years Order Feat: Loyalist Steel Curtain Disarming Smile
  • Basic
  • Cheunh
  • Cellular and Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Cognitive and Behavioral Psychology
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Poisons and Toxins of the Galaxy
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Mandalorian Core
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization Bladed
(Only applies to the Weapon Specialist Discipline)
Secondary Weapon Specialization Blasters
(Only applies to the Weapon Specialist Discipline)