Archived Character Sheet for Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae

Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae

Elder, Clan Arcona
Female Miraluka, Force Disciple, Defender, Krath Adherent
Height: 1.83 m / 6'0" - Weight: 60.78 kg / 134 lbs
Age: 31 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Character Images

With an always smiling mouth, Atyiru is of fair height and willowy, lean frame. Her body shape is something of a thin hourglass, lithely muscled, with elegant shoulders swaying over a thin waist and smooth hips. Pointed, playful ears indicate a splash of Sephi blood somewhere in her ancestry.

Atyiru's freckled skin is the dark, soft copper of sun-warmed earth, unnaturally smooth and without any of the farmhand callouses or combat medic's scarring that once told her stories. The new synthflesh over the cybernetics that replaced all her limbs and much of her body merges seamlessly with what remains of the original skin, grown from her own cells to match, just as richly brown and just as warm to the touch. Her silver brows are set over an eyeless countenance that is covered in bright cloth wraps which cradle a pixie-like nose and happy, blushing, speckled cheeks. She is covered in riots of freckles that splatter over her frame like paint. Her wild, wavy hair is a shining shade of platinum, shorn short and curling in spritely carelessness around her cheeks and chin, an inch or so above her shoulders, accentuated with a few small braids overtop or hanging free, decorated with jewels or combs.

Though her scars have gone, she has replaced all four of her previous tattoos: the poisonous symbol of a di Tenebris Arconae on her stomach; a tiny red woman on her right upper thigh: a small block of four horizontal bars with Basic text reading "Bold Beyond Fury, Brave Beyond Pain" on the outside of her upper left thigh; and half of a delicate knot of thorned vines with the words "And Proud" in its tangles, the completed tattoo, shared with her apprentice, Zujenia, reading "Hybrid And Proud." Occasionally, the bioorganic cybernetics of Technocratic design under her skin will shine through, as if she is made of living light housed only by bones and smiles.

The Brightest Light Casts the Darkest Shadow (General Aspect)

Though often called a “Jedi” by comrades and enemies alike, Atyiru holds both sides of the Force in religious regard: to her, light and dark are as her gods, Ashla and Bogan, two equal aspects of a greater whole, both deserving of love and dedication. She feels no fear in embracing the Dark Side, but her compassionate nature has always held her closer to the Light.

Despite her disposition, only fools would allow Atyiru’s radiance to blind them to the shadows inside. While she is one of the most merciful souls in all the galaxy, when she commits to fight, everything changes. She will let nothing stand in her way until the wrong she seeks to right is corrected as she sees fit, a reckoner and redeemer both. However, even frigid and determined wearing Bogan's mantel, warmth comes from the earth, and somewhere deep within that mountain, the Ashla remains.

From This Smiling Mouth These Words Fall (General Aspect)

Atyiru has sworn by several creeds in her lifetime, but their core has always remained the same: to protect life. ”I will protect those who cannot protect themselves. I will protect even those who do wrong so long as it is right. I will protect the smile on every face.”

While she has walked between mercy and justice in following these ideals, she remains steadfast in her refusal of ruthlessness. To Atyiru, life is paramount and there is nothing more sorrowing than taking it. While she will always do what she must to protect what and who she stands for, Atyiru will only kill as a last resort. Offering asylum or aid, no matter the cost to herself or the greater good, is always preferable.

Love and Ardor (Personality Aspect)

Regardless of what someone is, where they come from, or who they are, Atyiru will be kind to them, focus on their better qualities, and try to be their friend. A person could be anything from an innocent child to a sadistic murder and she would still appreciate them for any decent aspect of their character; even a quality they might not know they have. She will show everyone she meets an endless supply of optimism, humor, care, kindness, and good cheer in any and every attempt to let them know they are loved. This is perhaps her defining characteristic in its most basic sense: she cares about people and will always try to save them, even from themselves. They mean absolutely everything to her, and that, more than anything else, is what makes her so passionate...and so critical in the face of disregard for others.

Do Not Stand at My Grave and Cry; I Am Not There, I Did Not Die (Personality Aspect)

After spending years as a Force Spirit separated from both her body and the very fabric of her world, her friend's presences, Atyiru had become unhinged. Returning to the galaxy was no easy thing; she had to remember how to smile, to walk and to fight; had to wrestle with her loneliness and anger and abandonment clashing with the joy of reunion. Recovery is not a straight line; she has setbacks even as she strives forward. Mentally connected to the minds and emotions of others, she clings to them more than ever before to remind herself that she is a person, that she is alive. She often behaves manically cheerful and tries to encourage the same in others, but also displays erratic depressive moods and neglects personal boundaries. While she still holds her ideals of altruism and good living, she has become more fragile, even as she braves her pain.

Alternative Medicine (Combat Aspect)

On the battlefield, Atyiru’s medical prowess and defensive Force mastery frequently land her in a supportive or protective role. Combined with her aversion to killing, this often keeps her from spearheading the front lines. When forced into direct combat, however, Atyiru can apply her knowledge of medicine itself as a weapon along with her training as a saberist. She focuses on when, where, and how hard to strike her opponents for maximum damage, exploiting weak points in their anatomy instead of trying to out-muscle or out-think them. She employs eclectic methods to stun or incapacitate her enemies. However, she can still be quickly overwhelmed by physically superior foes and does her best to avoid prolonged duels. While she will not hesitate to harm an opponent, ally or otherwise, knowing she will heal them afterwards, she still prefers not to kill outright, leaving her vulnerable.

Smile, Jessica (Combat Aspect)

Just because Atyiru is blind does not mean she cannot see. At their core, all living beings are motivated by emotion and Atyiru’s uncanny Empathy combines with her Telepathy and Mind Trick to allow her to read those feelings like an open book, then manipulate them, subtly shifting others' urges to ease their anxiety or riot their tempers — or, worse, discard delicacy entirely and attempt outright control of a target. Atyiru once masked the depth of her knowledge and ability, but has dropped all pretenses of such as the wars she has survived wore on. Consequently, her sometimes blatant displays of manipulation and violation of others' minds have left some of those around her considerably more uncomfortable and distrusting, and her efforts are not always successful against resolved opponents.

Skill Feats
Cry No More War Hero
Force Feats
Static Barrier I Know That Feel, Bro Field Triage Synergy III Force Pulse III Dominate Mind
General Feats
Miraluka: Sharing Is Caring Miraluka: Behind Blue Eyes True Colors Order Feat: Force Disciple (Gray) Steel Curtain
  • Basic
  • Miralukese
  • Diseases, poisons and toxins of the Galaxy
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Mysteries of the Living Force
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Sliding Hands
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form III (Soresu)
Secondary Lightsaber Form None