Archived Character Sheet for DarkHawk Sadow

Adept DarkHawk Sadow, Overlord

Equite 4, Equite tier, Clan Naga Sadow
Male Shaevalian, Sith, Shadow, Sith Eternal
Height: 1.99 m / 6'6" - Weight: 120.0 kg / 265 lbs
Age: 32 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

DarkHawk is a genetically designed assassin created under secrecy, a product resulting from gene augmentation utilizing the DNA of his Shaevalian heritage, harvested donor samplings and Sith Alchemy. At 6'5 and 250 pounds, the hulking Shaevalian figure stands apart from other Humans. Proud of his heritage, DarkHawk always carries his muscular frame with wide, confidently drawn-back soldiers and an erect posture. He has shoulder-length, auburn hair, normally kept straight.

A pair of deep, steady brown eyes once softened his imposing figure, accentuating his semi-caramel colored skin. Now, after many years of embracing the darkness, an eerie yellow tint burns just below their surface, signifying his corruption to the Dark side of the Force.

Sith and Shaevalian tribal markings dominate most of his body, with several markings paying homage to the archaic lineage which adorn his body. Some are ceremonial in nature and ancient in their meaning, his body art depicts a scrapbook of DarkHawk's various exploits and accomplishments. New tattoos are added after a milestone has been reached. At first glance, his tattoos look to be one piece of full-body art, though, on closer observation, it becomes clear that the Shaevalian's body art has deep significance towards the Shaevalian and Sith religion he strictly follows.

Character Image

Born of Ghosts (General Aspect)

Darkhawk has no family, no mother but a laboratory, no people to speak of, making him a man without a past. As such, he is at ease assuming new identities as situations require. Sometimes these roles are mirrors of people he has met in the past, sometimes they are complete fabrications, but often they are some amalgamation of the many ghosts he has left in his wake. Although, this comes at a cost to Takagari as it leaves him debilitated from the mental strain of his ruse. His ability to throw away pretense, ego and any shaping of self to accomplish his goals makes him an extremely effective infiltrator, but at the cost of a well-formed sense of self identity.

Know your Enemy (General Aspect)

DarkHawk has an intense discipline towards his studies, physical conditioning and finishing what he starts. DarkHawk doesn’t just rely on skill to complete a job. He does his research. He studies blueprints, surveils locations, and creates timelines. This sometimes loses him commissions, because DarkHawk refuses to just jump into situations that are not meticulously planned out. This has given him a reputation as having an impeccable work ethic and man of his word. However, DarkHawk's inability to violate his covenants, has had him carefully choosing what he will commit to while maintaining his inflexibility around the code he tirelessly follows favors the Clan.

Sleep Now in the Fire (Personality Aspect)

Dark science, cloning, secrets only the Sith knew, and they all had some place in DarkHawk's birth. Burning from within with the desire to know more about how he came to be has driven him to mercilessly seek out the Dark Side's occult methodology and practices of the Ancient Sith. His thirst for more knowledge has led him into perilous scenarios, bringing him to the cusp of sanity and death on myriad occasions, a price that DarkHawk long ago decided was worth it.

Calm like a Bomb (Personality Aspect)

DarkHawk, despite his reserved loner nature, has a cunning side that is always vigilant. Many Sith are loud and bombastic. But DarkHawk is a quiet professional. Even while in the middle of combat or executing a target, he seems dispassionate up until the point of the kill. Then a more appeasing demeanor is sometimes portrayed. This sometimes causes others to assume he is assailable, which necessitates that he prove he is not. He spends his time observing small details about what’s going on around him and picks up on subtle facts others may miss, giving him time to assess situations and get at true intentions. It assists him in achieving his goals, though some are uncomfortable in his presence finding him too sly and calculating at times.

Fistful of Steel (Combat Aspect)

Silent and violent, Darkhawk prefers to dispatch his targets suddenly and at close range. Often stalking his prey from the shadows, he will quickly close the gap at the most opportune time, overwhelming them with surprise and brutality. Relishing the hunt and sudden nature of his precise strikes, Darkhawk will oftentimes forego easier avenues of dispatching his prey, prolonging the mission so that he can enjoy the moment where he falls upon an unsuspecting enemy with a fistful of steel. Takagari often finds himself at a disadvantage when stalking alerted target(s) especially at a ranged distance.

How I Could Just Kill a Man (Combat Aspect)

DarkHawk possesses little conscience, and he does not hesitate. Killing is second nature to him. In some way, execution has been the only constant in his life. Admiring the passion behind the killing and martial combat, DarkHawk displays no morals on how he kills, it's the mission that must be coveted. Rarely backing away from the opportunity, Darkhawk finds pleasure in imposing his combative forte onto an adversary. DarkHawk, trained in many disciplines, mercy and remorse was not among those traits.

Skill Feats
Jar'Kai Parkour! Won't Attract The Worm Second Skin I Poison Weapons
Force Feats
Telekinetic Strike III
Granted Feats
Ghosting II Faceless II Order Feat: Sith Steel Curtain Shaevalian: Tough Mudders Shaevalian: Not Our Problem
  • Ancient Sith
  • Basic
  • Huttese
  • Thyrsian
  • Knowledge of Nueroscience, Toxicology and Botany
  • Knowledge of Sith Alchemy and Dark Magic Rituals
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Shadow Step
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Lightsaber Form Form VII (Juyo)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form III (Soresu)