Current Character Sheet for Son'El

Sentinel Watchman Son'El

Equite, Clan Odan-Urr
Male Anzat, Sentinel, Sorcerer
Height: 1.62 m / 5'4" - Weight: 194.0 kg / 428 lbs
Age: 508 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Son'El has shoulder-length black hair and pale grey skin. His eyes are black as the night and he has a bulbous nose. Like the rest of his species he has two tentacle-like proboscises that curl up into cheek pouches when they are not extended and feeding on the brains of their prey. When these tentacles are curled up within the cheek pouches, he is nearly indistinguishable from any other humanoid species.


Warden Son'El has not created any public loadouts yet.

Due Diligence (General Aspect)

When Son'El does things, he makes sure everything is done correctly, no matter how long it takes. This means there are frequent delays in Son'El's work, but it's usually done right, at least.

I'm Getting Too Old For This (General Aspect)

Son'El has both been there and done that. he thinks he has seen every imaginable scenario of war and battle and survived it all, and that nothing can phase him. The daily grind has almost become too intolerable for Son'El and they are prone to lash out at anyone who attempts to coerce them into another adventure.

Easy Going 'Till the Fight Starts (Personality Aspect)

While generally laid back and more than happy to offer a quip of sarcasm, Son'El's entire demeanor changes once combat begins. He becomes focused and quiet, with his smile replaced with a look of grim determination.

Feeding is necessary (Personality Aspect)

Son'El no longer enjoys killing or feeding on sentient life. He does it as it is necessary and only to those who don't deserve to live.

Once More Unto The Breach (Combat Aspect)

Born with an intractable will and limitless courage, Son'El will stand in the face of insurmountable odds and never retreat. Despite the fact that such acts of heedless bravery are inspiring and will sometimes result in victories worthy of song, just as often they result in his allies getting wounded or killed.

He's No Good To Me Dead (Combat Aspect)

Son'El doesn't like to kill people; instead he chooses to injure his opponent until that person is unable to fight back or is otherwise incapacitated.

Skill Feats
Lightning Reflexes
Force Feats
No Match for the Power of the Dark Side Channel II Lance II Accelerated Healing Saber Throw Hammer Time Aura Of Fear
General Feats
Anzat: ‘Soup’ For You
  • Anzat
  • Basic
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Teras Kasi
Secondary Martial Art Broken Gate
Primary Lightsaber Form Form II (Makashi)
Secondary Lightsaber Form Form III (Soresu)