Current Character Sheet for Akaarn Tayl'cor

Neophyte Akaarn Tayl'cor

Journeyman, Clan Odan-Urr
Male Zabrak, Force Disciple, Arcanist
Height: 1.85 m / 6'1" - Weight: 85.3 kg / 188 lbs
Age: 28 years - Left Handed
Physical Description

Tall and lean muscled, Akaarn has a relaxed posture. His orange eyes burn with curiosity and impish humor.

Akaarn has skin the color of dark rust, his coming-of-age tattoos standing out starkly against his skin. His black hair is often pulled tightly back into a short tail to his shoulders, leaving the concentric crown made by his horns exposed.

He favors close fitting clothes in simple earth tones to compliment his skin tone. Its important to Akaarn that his clothing not only leave his movement unrestricted, but can hold up to rough treatment in the tunnels and crawl spaces he often finds himself in.


Hunter Akaarn Tayl'cor has not created any public loadouts yet.

Resourceful Researcher (General Aspect)

Akaarn Tayl'cor's life is filled with training and learning for all sorts of situations, from the mind-numbingly normal to the utterly bizarre. As such, Akaarn Tayl'cor has developed into a rather resourceful individual. This has made Akaarn Tayl'cor a mix of academic and scholar, always with something to offer to any discussion. However, knowledge and training does not always translate well to the tense environment of the battlefield, and no amount of textbooks can prepare one for reality...

How Hard Can It Be! (General Aspect)

Akaarn Tayl'cor always seems to underestimate the gravity of important situations or the difficulty of tasks by about a mile or ten.Akaarn Tayl'cor is a bit of a slacker, never really thinking things all the way through - and it usually comes back to bite him in a wildly comedic way. However, he also tends to not be deterred from things that would often scare others away.

Outside The Box (Personality Aspect)

Akaarn Tayl'cor is a lateral thinker, and when he encounters problems or dilemmas, he is very good at improvising and coming up with alternative solutions. This allows Akaarn Tayl'cor to find ways out of situations others might give up on. While these solutions are often not so obvious to others, Akaarn Tayl'cor can typically explain and lead others through his long as they are patient and willing enough to trust him outside thinking.

Easy Going 'Till the Fight Starts (Personality Aspect)

While generally laid back and more than happy to offer a quip of sarcasm, Akaarn Tayl'cor's entire demeanor changes once combat begins. he becomes focused and quiet, with his smile replaced with a look of grim determination.

Dirty Fighter (Combat Aspect)

When it comes to a fight, some like to posture, some like to act tough, some like to dance around and go through all sorts of fancy footwork. Akaarn Tayl'cor? Akaarn Tayl'cor doesn't bother with exotic battle stances, intricate maneuvers, or super-secret tactics. Akaarn Tayl'cor, when cornered into a fight, prefers the ancient technique of a good kick to the nuts. And if that won't work, either because the enemy is a woman or has balls of steel, Akaarn Tayl'cor isn't beyond pulling a few more cheap tricks out of the bag. Granted, Akaarn Tayl'cor won't be winning any medals for nobility or any prestige for a unique fighting style or a superb maneuver, but Akaarn Tayl'cor will still be winning, the best and most dirty way he knows how.

It's A Trap (Combat Aspect)

Akaarn Tayl'cor has an uncanny knack for identifying traps and alerting others to them. Now, if only he could consistently do it BEFORE the trap goes off...

Skill Feats
Lightning Reflexes Stay A While And Listen
Force Feats
Dowsing I Channel I
General Feats
Order Feat: Force Disciple (Gray) Zabrak: Didn't Hurt! Zabrak: I Always Know Better
  • Basic
  • Bocce
  • Durese
  • Zabraki
  • Defensive Architecture
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Miscellaneous galactic folklore
  • Snivvian Literature
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art K'thri
Secondary Martial Art Mandalorian Core
Primary Lightsaber Form Form 0