Current Character Sheet for Moira Ganimeed

Lieutenant Colonel Moira Ganimeed

Equite, Unaffiliated
Female Human Loyalist Director
Height: 1.7 m / 5'7" - Weight: 63.5 kg / 140 lbs
Age: 27 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Moria is of above average height, with a figure that remains curvy no matter how many hours she spends at the gym. The muscles beneath her sepia are well-toned, a testament to her strenuous work. Her cerulean eyes are deep and thoughtful, though they frequently burn with the light of fanaticism. Her skin is a rich, dark caramel brown, while her corded, long hair is a even darker, oaken shade.


Lieutenant Colonel Moira Ganimeed has not created any public loadouts yet.

Strategist (General Aspect)

Through a combination of preparing, studying, and analyzing, Moira Ganimeed creates detailed battle plans and tries to think two steps ahead of the enemy. At times, however, this can lead to Moira Ganimeed creating complicated schemes that can baffle less intelligent subordinates.

Prideful (General Aspect)

Despite whatever all her other characteristics may convey, Moira Ganimeed retains the air of a person that is confident, if not arrogant. Minor (and often, major) things in her body language - her walk, her stance, her expressions - reveal these feelings. At times, it seems she borders upon narcissism, especially judging from how much she enjoys her own company.

A Higher Understanding (Personality Aspect)

When Moria was young, she was stricken with a fever that nearly claimed her life. As her body burned and shivered, she had what she believed to be a vision granted to her by the Living Force itself! The vision granted her a greater understanding about the ways of the Force. Since then, she has dedicated her life to understanding what it was she saw, and bringing that understanding to the masses. Some might say she is merely envious of powers she does not have. Moira would say they simply need to learn.

The Fires of Fanaticism (Personality Aspect)

Moria trusts in her faith above all other things. When all other things in life remain uncertain, her faith is the guiding star that sees her through uncertainty and tumultuous times. Her zeal has amassed a significant number of followers who share her vision, and she treats them as brothers and sisters of the faith. Those who do not follow the tenants of her faith are met with scorn at best, and violence at worst.

At Arm's Length (Combat Aspect)

If she is unable to avoid combat, Moria will try to soften her enemies up with ranged attacks. Though she has no qualms about killing Force users, she will at least make an attempt to take Non-Force users alive, to later convert them to her faith. Both being in combat at all and this leniency with possible recruits leave her vulnerable.

Visionary (Combat Aspect)

Moria believes that she is the key to bringing about the manifestation of the Living Force. As such, she believes herself to be far too important to be sacrificed in any minor skirmish. If presented with overwhelming odds, she will send in any followers that happen to be close at hand to deal with the threat. Sure, it might cost her those particular followers, but at least she remains alive to convert others to her cause. This callousness sometimes costs her favor of her fellows, especially the less devout.

Skill Feats
'Two Hands' Run And Gun Classic Misdirection Sociopath Go Ahead, Make My Day Your Reputation Precedes You Checkmate II Silver Tongue II
Force Feats
General Feats
The Force is With Me Human: Just Another Face Human: Eye Of The Tiger True Colors Order Feat: Loyalist Disarming Smile Force Wielder Awareness Zealot
  • Basic
  • Huttese
  • Counter-Force User Tactics and Techniques
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Superstitions and religions of the Force across the galaxy
  • The Church of the Force
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art None
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None
Secondary Weapon Specialization None