Archived Character Sheet for Tytus O'Baieron

Professional Tytus O'Baieron

Journeyman, Unaffiliated
Male Duros, Mercenary, Ace
Height: 182.0 m / 597'1" - Weight: 95.0 kg / 209 lbs
Age: 29 years - Right Handed
Physical Description

Tytus is of very fit and muscular build for a Duros. He stands 6ft. tall and weighs in at 210 lbs. He has blue-green skin with red eyes, lipless mouth and long thin noseless face.

Tytus has acquired a few battle scars across his arms, his back and one on the left side of his head. He adorns many tattoos over his body which pay tribute to his conquests over the years as a scandal.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrel (General Aspect)

Tytus O'Baieron is a master of the 'tricks of the trade' - the cheating and stealing trade, that is. With a certain propensity and natural talent for stealth and thievery, Tytus O'Baieron is a professional when it comes to crimes, from minor to major. Sometimes it is as simple as a few more favorable cards in a hand to a set of sticky fingers to something as big as a heist. Either way, Tytus O'Baieron knows his way around a job. However, everyone is bound to get caught eventually, and reputations have a way of finding a way to bite you in the rear. . . not to mention those looking to extract a little vengeance.

I Can Fix That (General Aspect)

If it has an electronic circuit or gears,Tytus O'Baieron thinks he can fix it; everything from holopads to starships. To Tytus O'Baieron, even the most random assortment of scraps from a junkyard can be used to create something useful. he has a knack for fixing things that are broken, and his confidence in this ability borders on arrogance, and if he fails to fix something, he is prone to fits of anger and annoyance.

Wise Guy (Personality Aspect)

Despite an aversion for physical confrontation, Tytus O'Baieron has a quick-witted and sharp sense of humour, and never passes up the opportunity to make a quip or jibe about his situation, or to taunt his enemies. While some find Tytus O'Baieron to be funny and likeable, others do not always respond so warmly, and occasionally Tytus O'Baieron will get himself into more trouble than he thought when someone takes a joke the wrong way.

Universal Soldier (Personality Aspect)

Tytus O'Baieron has a military background, and draws upon his experience to tackle the obstacles in his life. This makes him decisive, efficient, and fearless; provides him with a strong sense of duty and strength; which tends to influence his ability to fight and lead. However, a rigid mind is less compassionate towards individuals and less imaginative, and Tytus O'Baieron sometimes risks appearing callous, relatable, or incapable of compromising.

Adaptive Combat (Combat Aspect)

Without the gift of the Force, Tytus O'Baieron has trained rigorously with a wide range of melee weaponry and technology to better handle opponents that are able to harness the mythical power. Tytus O'Baieron has been conditioned to fight against foes that are Force-sensitive and are able to compensate against fighting an adversary wielding something as deadly as a lightsaber. While this adaptive combat training makes him lethal in close quarters combat against any kind of threat, they are still at the mercy of a long ranged fighter, assailant or Force user that prefers to attack the mind instead of the body.

Dirty Fighter (Combat Aspect)

When it comes to a fight, some like to posture, some like to act tough, some like to dance around and go through all sorts of fancy footwork. Tytus O'Baieron? Tytus O'Baieron doesn't bother with exotic battle stances, intricate maneuvers, or super-secret tactics. Tytus O'Baieron, when cornered into a fight, prefers the ancient technique of a good kick to the nuts. And if that won't work, either because the enemy is a woman or has balls of steel, Tytus O'Baieron isn't beyond pulling a few more cheap tricks out of the bag. Granted, Tytus O'Baieron won't be winning any medals for nobility or any prestige for a unique fighting style or a superb maneuver, but Tytus O'Baieron will still be winning, the best and most dirty way he knows how.

Skill Feats
Run And Gun Active Reload Order Feat: Mercenary Elusive Prey Assess The Situation Down Scope Do A Barrel Roll! Smooth Operator I I Can Fix That I
Force Feats
General Feats
Duros: Duro the Explorer Duros: Adventure Time!
  • Ancient Sith
  • Basic
  • Durese
  • Lore and History of the Brotherhood
  • Starship Recognition and Characteristics
  • The history of the Galactic Civil War including the Alliance to Restore the Republic and the Galactic Empire
  • The history of the modern era including the New Republic and post-Galactic Concordance conflicts
Primary Martial Art Mandalorian Core
Secondary Martial Art None
Primary Weapon Specialization None