Competition: Jawa Jail Break

Jawa Jail Break

You (and possibly a small team at your discretion) have been given a mission to breakout a high value prisoner from a remote prison. This facility was designed to defend against Force Sensitives and skilled operatives, and is heavily staffed with security.

For some reason the Warden hired on a largely Jawa mercenary force to defend the prison. As such many of the security systems have been salvaged, cobbled together, and some may act...oddly.

It should be assumed they are also heavily, if comically, armed.

In 500 words or more write up the mission, how it was accomplished or how it was completely screwed up.

This fiction will be graded based on the following, modified Voice rubric:

  • Spelling/Grammar: 0%, I'm more interested in you writing a good, entertaining story than if you're grammar is perfect. Note that there's a difference between your ability to spell and adhere to grammar and it being readable, if it doesn't make sense, that's points off on STORY in this case.
  • Creativity: 20%
  • Realism: 20%
  • Story: 30%
  • Entertainment Value: 30%

Please submit as a pdf or similar file format, no gdoc links.

Competition Information
Organized by
General Stres'tron'garmis
Running time
2016-03-01 until 2016-04-07 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
14 subscribers, of which 7 have participated.
Adept Atyiru Caesura Entar Arconae
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1st place
Corsair Larrik Dul'vak
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Textual submission

Word count: 707

2nd place
Savant Edema R'uh-Kalinor
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3rd place
Seer Lexiconus Qor
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Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj
Textual submission

The first light of Kr'tal broke through the bedroom window. Andrelious awoke as he felt his cheek beginning to warm in the sunlight. In the corner of his eye, he spotted that his datapad had recieved a commiunique.

The Warlord turned to check on his wife. He had little idea of how good Kooki's night had been; it depended entirely on how much of her milk that their twin daughters had required. Even now they were 18 months old and enjoying all kinds of solid food, they were showing no signs of wanting to stop.

"I'll have a caff!" Kooki stated in her most demonstrative tone. Andrelious frowned. She was only so pushy in the morning when the twins had been particularly hungry.

As he walked past their nursery, the Sith peeped into the room to check on his daughters. They were sat up and pulling faces at each other. On sensing their father's arrival, they quickly turned to greet him.

"Dad-dy!" the girls cooed in almost complete unison.

"Morning, girls. I'm guessing you're ready for some breakfast?" the Warlord asked, scooping each twin into one of his arms.

"Ber-ber!" Poppy demanded, followed by Etty making the exact same request. Andrelious knew exactly what they were after: a mix of wild berries that their mother had foraged the previous evening.

Sitting the twins into their high-chairs, Andrelious set to working making 2 berry mixes, a set of nunna bacon sandwiches for himself and Kooki, and two large mugs of strong caf. He had just got everything ready when his spouse arrived, glaring at him angrily.

"I *was* going to stay in bed for this after the night I had, but your frakking datapad won't shut up. Finish making my sandwich then go and deal with it!" the Battlemaster snapped.

"Whatever it is can wait until we've had our breakfast. The only person who can order me around is sat in the kitchen," Andrelious replied, daring to make his tone slightly flirtaious as he handed Kooki her sandwiches and caf.

The female managed a smile. "I'm glad to know you're starting to learn your place. Great bacon, by the way, babe! You really know your way around a kitchen!" Kooki replied, swatting her husband's posterior playfully.

Andrelious pretended not to hear as he sat down to tuck into his own breakfast. Poppy and Etty were already enjoying their berry mixes. Silence befell the Mimosa-Inahj household as the family ate their meals.

As usual, Kooki finished first, but made no attempt to clear away her plate. Instead, she waited for Andrelious to finish, and simply glanced at the Warlord to indicate what she wanted done.

"I'd better just go and check my datapad. Just in case it's some Jedi insurrection somewhere," the former Imperial stated as he placed the breakfast dishes into the sink, before heading back to the bedroom.

Andrelious checked his datapad, frowned, and erased the message. Kooki noticed him re-entering the kitchen seemingly moments after he had left.

"I'm ignoring it. Some kind of prison break. Sounds like it'd be easy enough that we could just send the girls," Andrelious explained.

"Nothing stopping you doing the dishes, then, babe!" Kooki teased.

No placement
Warlord Mauro Wynter
File submission
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Knight Quo-Wing-Tzun
Textual submission

His vantage point looked over the entrance of the jail building. Its massive walls sheer and standing at over five hundred meters in height. His field glasses took in the facade of the eastern side seeking out any weakness in the defences. There were none that he could make out from this distance, he would have to get closer.

Packing his gear into his belt pouches he worked his way down the escarpment, trying to be as stealthy as possible, using the twilight shadows as cover. Using the natural bracken and rocks he was a shadow morphing its way across the landscape. Like a finger of rock the ridge cut a line directly to the ground level of the jail, leaving a short sprint of about twenty meters to the wall itself. Within ten minutes Quo was crouching looking over the open area to the wall from the cover of an overhanging rock formation. Watching the ground around the base of the wall the only sound her could hear was the inlet and outlet valves on his breathing prosthetic pumping oxygen into his damaged lungs. It sounded like thunder to his ears. The only other sounds were the local wildlife, whistling and chirruping in prelude to their evening chorus. His eyes, never still, scanned the ground looking for any signs that there were alarms or detectors. In this light it would be difficult to ascertain.

Crouching low he moved quietly across the open ground, balanced on the balls of his feet as he moved fluidly through the night. Without warning beneath his right foot there was a click. Quo threw himself forwards, leaping a full three meters into the air, twisting and somersaulting as he flew. Landing gracefully he froze. Logically he knew he had just trodden on a mine, and should be picking bits of it out of his body, or bits of his body from the surrounding scenery, but nothing. Crouching low he waited. There was always a possibility that it was a delayed trigger, or a ‘jumping jack’. The three seconds he was waiting seemed like an eternity. A vibration from just below the surface briefly pre-empted the explosion of earth as the mine leapt from the ground. He dropped, flat to the ground, expecting the explosion and shrapnel impacts to hit him any second. Inside his head his brain counted the seconds....two......three.......four.... he risked a glance upwards from his prone position. Turning his head as his eyes scanned he watched the mine disappearing upwards, far more upwards than it should have done.

He watched as it cleared the height of the wall, exploding a split second later, murdering a small bird and approximately twenty roofing tiles. Standing and dusting himself down he started as a pin landed two inches in front of his feet. An eyebrow arched upward, the only sign that Quo had registered it at all. Well, he thought, there goes the element of surprise. Turning he craned his neck backwards, looking up, watching the falling masonry twisting and turning in the fading light. Moving across toward the wall he waited for the alarms to start. His cover had been blown, and there was now no way he would make it inside undetected.

The first impact from the roofing material hit the ground about thirty meters away from him. Bits of masonry and tiling struck in a staccato rhythm into the path that he had recently covered, the vibrations setting off several more of the mines buried beneath. The resulting volley erupted in all directions, some out to the surrounding country, a couple arrowing towards the jail wall, their journeys being marked by gouges in the brickwork, some of them even breaching the wall, disappearing inside. Again Quo hit the deck, narrowly being missed by another explosive device on its whirling track towards the young Zabrak. Shards of the masonry rattled down onto him, covering him in a light coloured dust. With a zinging noise it careened into the distance, rebounding away, further along the wall line, its impact setting off more of the over sprung devices.

The debris from the initial impact of the first land mine ever to achieve near orbit had registered on the automated laser defence system. Beams of white hot energy erupted from the batteries, their combined rate of fire lighting up the evening gloom. Quo watched as the evening erupted into a pyrotechnic display worthy of any provincial celebration. Laser bolts arrowed across the sky in all directions, with little or no directional control in evidence. Shots rained down in all directions as the blaster canons spun and danced on their mountings randomly. Quo pushed himself to his feet, and leapt fully thirty five meters to the cover of the rocky outcrop. Rolling into cover he watched as the pandemonium continued.

The more the mines erupted, the more the batteries fired, filling the space with smoke and debris, fragments and explosions rocking the outside of the wall as the bolts of light left scorched etchings along its surface. Several of the batteries momentarily concentrated their fire on a particularly vicious brick at the base of the wall, pulverising it into submission before it crumbled into dust. The sheer destructive force of the defensive barrage was wearing down the opposition of the stubborn invading jail with every volley. Quo could only watch in awe at the firepower amassed against the sedentary opposition.

A crack appeared at the point of the demolished brick, small at first, but growing with each passing second, creeping across the surface like a dark vine. Vibrations and impacts only hastened its course as it climbed aloft along the line of the wall following the line of least resistance. With every passing second the barrage inflicted further damage, the cumulative effect weakening the whole eastern wall at the point where Quo was watching. The ripple of destruction was spreading away from the epicentre, eruptions widening the area of damage. It was already halfway down the side, heading for the corner.

A crunch from above drew his attention. The crack had reached the top, and an offshoot had formed a pincer movement on the concrete of the wall at the top. Several laser bolts ricocheted against it rocking it forwards away from the jail building. With a roar it detached itself from the rest of the wall, the huge piece tumbling on its end as it fell. Twisting, seemingly in slow motion, it crashed back onto itself, fracture lines appearing in the face of the wall, dislodging several other large pieces which did their own damage on their plummet towards the ground. The blasters focussed on these large pieces, bolts rattling and shaking them as their energy dissipated through the jail.

Quo could feel the rumblings through his feet, the low growls of the tortured structure shaking his organs within his torso. Turning the ran, this muscles pumping as he put distance between himself and the impact site. He moved as a blur across the landscape, his only thought to get the frell out of there. His legs pounded, arms pumping, as he drove his body higher up the hillside. The only thing that was important now was getting himself a good distance away. Faster than seemed possible he was standing on the ridge overlooking the jail, looking dishevelled and more than a bit second hand.

The explosions continued for the next hour or so, the blasters continuing their tattoo on the structure, before they eventually toppled and fell into the growing rubble pile below. Ceilings of individual floors fell from above, crashing through the floors below, walls tumbled in all directions sweeping all before them. Eventually the dust began to settle, and the whole scene was revealed before Quo’s eyes. The whole jail had collapsed in on itself, aided and abetted by the defensive machinations of the weaponry. The survivors were scurrying backwards and forwards over the debris field, dazed and confused. He had been sent to infiltrate the place, and failed. He didn’t like failing, but at least another team wouldn’t required much help getting in. In his mind he was calling it a win, after all he had breached their defences.

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