Competition: Subterfuge: Rapture of Battle

Subterfuge: Rapture of Battle

This fiction has two prompts, one for Imperium, and one for Excidium. Only submit fictions based on the prompt for the house you are apart of.

Imperium: As the home of the firm footed traditional formed warriors, it is only natural for the members of Imperium to strike in broad and direct manner they have grown accustomed. The location of the central Excidium communication hub has been found on Ptolomea deep in one of the many derelict mines scattered around the Jormungand Quarry. Heavily defended, it is no easy target to bring down. However, without it, Excidium would be left crippled in ability to communicate. Their ability to network throughout the system is the system is one of the most highest importance for their ability to function. You have been selected to ensure this communication hub is destroyed.

Excidium: Excidium is home to the crafty, sneaky, and resourceful. While the long arm of House Imperium might hit hard, they know nothing of the more subtle arts. Utilizing black market contacts you now are smuggling yourself to the March Isles, seat of Imperium in the system. Utilizing your skills and contacts on the isle, you have been tasked with causing as much mayhem as possible for the unbending Imperium members. When there is enough chaos to move unhindered, you are to breach the inner databases of Imperium, and destroy them.

Scoring: Minimum 500 words, no maximum. Graded on based on the grading rubric and adherence to the given prompt. Must be submitted as an attached file format (.doc, .docx, .txt, .pdf). Shared Googledocs will not be accepted, please export them to a downloaded file format before submitting.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[CSP] Subterfuge
Organized by
Eminent Idris Adenn
Running time
2016-02-27 until 2016-03-19 (22 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
14 subscribers, of which 9 have participated.
Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
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1st place
Seer Lexiconus Qor
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Please accept my fiction piece for the competition mentioned above. Thank you.

2nd place
Commander Wagglehorn
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Hopefully this fits the bill. I went a bit different this time. Instead of some badass story about how I accomplished my mission objectives, I lost this round before it ever really began. Hope you enjoy, and am open to any feedback!

3rd place
Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej
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4th place
Corsair Kanal O'neill
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5th place
Battlelord Lucyeth
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No placement
Vanguard Maximus Alvinius
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Excidium Air Space Control

Landon Cruise:
Echo 3-7, this is Juliet 389 requesting permission to land for agricultural commerce drop at the Jormungand Quarry.

Excidium Control(Echo 3-7):
Juliet 389 your access to this area is not authorized. Please disengage and reroute course to capital city hangars.

Landon Cruise:
Echo 3-7, I have access codes that authorize me to this area for drop by way of the Emperor himself. Prepare to receive codes.

::Silence passes for 5 minutes::

Excidium Control:
Juliet 389, your access has been permitted, proceed to drop point.

::::::Entering Excidium Orbit::::::::

Dude that was so close, how freaking dumb can these Excidium guys be to take those fake coordinates? I should of poisoned the Blue Milk stalk, then we could of won this real quick. Drake Starfire said.

Brother, calm the hell down. I have a feeling they know we are here, but are following normal protocol to ensure we don’t catch on. Problem is we expected to hit them first and have prepared for their countermeasures. I just hope Delak and Blade make it to the drop. Landon Cruise responded.

What is our objective once we get down there. I fell asleep halfway through Lexic briefing dreaming of fairies and pixie dust, wait I didn’t mean to say that out loud. Drake responded.

We are merely a distraction so the rest of Imperium can make it into position and defeat these fools. I’m sure we will be spotted either in the Air or on the Ground, but thats the point. Distraction my friend, we are the bait! Landon yelled in excitement!

:::Warning, warning, missiles in bound, warning, warning, missiles in bound, evasive actions needed:::

Haha, I actually have the chance to kill the Landon Cruise, pet of the MAA, and puppet of the Clan. You made a bad choice by deciding to follow through with your leaders orders and attack us. I think you forget who won the last scuffle poor Mystic! Form said through the transmission.

OH snap, we have a fighter targeting us. Is that Jorm? Cruise, you better not get me killed before I get my chance to own a pink flamingo! I promised myself I would always have one! Drake shouted as the alarms sounded louder.

Chill out blue man, I got you. We will probably get shot out of the sky, but we should be positioned to land close to the other House members. So clam down bruh! I gotta come up with a awesome response to Jorm. Landon Shouted back at the man who's body was exhibiting a bright blue aura from the stress of the situation.

::Landon Clears his throat through the transmission:: Jorm, you are one funny dude. To think I would come here for any reason than diplomacy is unreal. You know me, I’m here to escape the traitors. Landon stated.

Fudge you Landon, I always wanted to knock you off, and Drake just make the price that much better, adios mother truckers!

::Missles launched and chase the scrambling fighter through the atmosphere before connecting to a wing::

Hold on Drake, we have lost comms, but he fell right into our trap. I knew his arrogance would ultimately be his down fall with attacking us. My calculations should land us 1 click away from Delak’s postion. Landon yelled.

Why do I always decided to fly with you! Yelled Drake.

Oh by the way, I hope you can swim! Landon yelled back!

No placement
Adept Kell Palpatine Dante
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Silent Death from Above
by Dante

Jormungand Quarry
MAAT Dropship

Darkness was their friend as the troop laden dropship flew at near ground level at high speed over the grassy terrain on Ptolomea.

As far as most combat drops went, this one was tame as no laser blasts or heat seeking projectiles shot up from the sky to greet them as they approached their target, but the team knew that they would be engaged with enough trouble in just a few minutes.

Each trooper went about their normal combat gear check as they approached their landing zone. Calm and collected, each of the members of the 90th Legion had been picked by their Field Marshal and former Quaestor for this mission.

The green light popped on, the ship slowed, and quickly flared to a near stop as it hovered above the ground. The doors on either side opened, and the door gunners brought their weapons up at the ready.

“GO! GO! GO!” yelled the dropmaster as the dozen troopers dressed in dark gray armor and one lone figure dressed in all black dove from the aircraft just as it began picking up speed again.

The last man out rolled as he hit the ground and brought his rifle up to his face searching for targets. “This is Shadowstalker Lead… On ground and moving to target,” said Dante as the group formed a column and headed out for the cave that held their target.

Looking at the HUD inside his helmet, Dante could see that they had landed in the correct LZ, and their main target was just 2 klicks away. Darkness shrouded them as they made their way to the communications station. The internal feuds that had occurred over the years in Scholae Palatinae were occasionally bloody, but this one was hopefully going to be over quickly. There were too many external threats with the rise of the New Order and the recent destruction of the capitol of the New Republic.

The forward air controller unpacked his gear and aimed the targeting beam on the door of the cave.

Suddenly, a heavy rocket appeared as if conjured from the shadow world and slammed through the heavily guarded blast doors. Penetrating down into the mine shaft before exploding, the large warhead decimated both the guards and the various remaining members of Excidium.

Dante and his men could hear the screams of the wounded, but these stopped as the area was bombarded with turbolaser fire from orbit. What was remaining of the area of the quarry had been reduced to pretty much slag.

The comms NCO looked over at the Field Marshal and said” Sir, what are we doing?"

“Time to bug out. Call in the dropship for a quick pickup, and let’s get the hell out of here,” said Dante as the smoke continued to rise from the enemy forces.

The MAAT came roaring across the plains of Ptolomea. A swath of enemy forces had been cut to provide a very narrow track through which the MAAT could safely grab the assault team from the primary LZ.

No placement
Reaver Mauro Wynter
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