Competition: Star Conflict - Cluster Race

Star Conflict - Cluster Race

Submit matches per the Tier 2 Game Rules Star Conflict Rules for Submission

The winner will be determined via the highest number of CE/CF's submitted!

Star Conflict Members IDs (Steam ID) must be listed on their Dossier.

Clusters are able to be earned by completing Star Conflict Mission Matches (PvE), PvP and PvO Matches with a total of two (2) or more DJB members together in the Match.

Screenshots are required to be submitted to earn Clusters

Star Conflict screenshots do not always show all participating members in a single screenshot. In order for a single submission to count, all members receiving credit for the event must have a screenshot showing their name. To simplify this process, when submitting multi-screen submissions for a single match, label them as 1a.jpg, 1b.jpg, 1c.jpg, and so on. If all members that played are visible on the screen, only one screenshot is required.

Example: Three DB members play a round of Star Conflict. Two members place high enough to display on a screenshot, with the third member's name requiring scroll-down. For this match, two screenshots must be submitted.

Competition Information
Organized by
Augur Kashiro
Running time
2017-05-08 until 2017-05-31 (24 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Second Level Crescents
8 subscribers, of which 6 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Augur Edgar Drachen Submitted activity worth 26.0 points
2nd Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode Submitted activity worth 16.0 points
3rd Battlelord Tasha'Vel Versea Submitted activity worth 10.0 points
3rd Warlord Bentre Sadow Submitted activity worth 10.0 points
5th Warlord Rulvak Qurroc Submitted activity worth 2.75 points
Augur Kashiro Submitted activity worth 2.75 points - Organizer