Competition: Conspiracy Theories

Conspiracy Theories

Everyone's read the Grand Master's news about the Great Jedi War being delayed. If you haven't read his report:

Please write a short 'in character' fiction (min 500 words, no max) about your best theory as to what events could have transpired to have the Grand Master delay the war. Did someone bribe Wally with Pizza to drag his feet? Is the GJW conflicting with something in Mav's calendar? Was one of the clans responsible, or did your character plot a secret mission to buy your clan more time so that it could prepare?

I will be using the fiction grading rubric to mark these so keep it real, but I will be giving points (up to 10) for how hilarious your story gets.

Fiction rubric:

Subscribe to the competition and submit either a .doc, .docx, .pdf or in the text box. No Google Drive Links will be accepted.

Good luck!

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Raider Ala'ar Rinn
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2017-07-21 until 2017-08-26 (about 1 month)
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Entire DJB
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Second Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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Augur Alara Deathbane
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Tee hee ;D

In all seriousness though, I'll tell the story...

**Tipoca II Medical Outpost **
*Excidium Summit Chambers*

"Rumors of a war have been spreading, but apparently the newest rumor includes information on the Grand Master pushing off attempting to find us." Braecen Kaeth sighed. He placed his fists on the metallic long boardroom table ahead of him and shook his head. He lifted his eyes to see the newly named Quaestor, his apprentice, biting her lip at the information she was just given.

Alara couldn't help but copy his imagery and shake her head as well. "What do you think caused this? Last I checked, he was absolutely riveting at us. He destroyed our entire system for Palpatine's sake. Why would he put off our impending doom and dare to give us extra time to gather resources to fight back?"

"Could be literally anything. Maybe they're making clones, and ran out of DNA. Or perhaps they needed to stop for fuel." Braecen chuckled slightly in attempts to lighten the situation. "Either way, it is troubling. We need to take advantage of this time and ready our forces. I will get to work on preparing our fleet. But I want *you* to figure out what is going on." The Proconsul pointed across the table and turned to leave the room.

"You're sending **me** for a scout's mission? What of my new House? Shouldn't I be at the helm with them?" Alara scoffed and stood up from her chair. "Are you really audacious enough to put one of our best fighters on a Neophyte's mission?"

The Elder turned around and glared at his apprentice in frustration. "The reason I am sending *you* after the Grand Master is exactly as you stated. You are one of our best fighters. If the Grand Master were to discover our plans and your snooping, I know you'd make it home faster than a Neophyte would. Get your ass into your ship and take a look."

Alara gulped her frustration, paused for a moment, and nodded. "Aye. Understood, m'Lord."

Braecen's shoulders raised in a sigh and he turned to the Battlemaster once more, "My apologies. The rapid changes appear to be getting to me. I want to keep an eye on you in your new position, but I also need your skill. You served the Battle Team Tacitus Athanasius for many moons. We need that skill and your survival instincts on this."

Alara raised her head to meet eye contact with her Proconsul and smiled slightly. "Thank you, M'lord. I'll not fail you."

"I know you won't. You have a whole House depending on your success." Braecen returned the smile. "Congratulations."

"I'm here because of you, ya know. Because of that, I'll bring them success they deserve. I'll be back in a few hours." Alara assured him. The Elder nodded in return, and headed out the door. Her eyes immediately went to her datapad sitting on her left wrist and the Sith began sending off requests for her ship and droid to be ready. Before she could think or speak another word aloud, she headed towards the transport bay.

**Amongst Space**
*Below the Grandmaster's Major Starship*

Alara's ARC-170 Starfighter hung low underneath the Grandmaster's starship, ready to allow its owner to reach the garbage chute.

*It's just after 19:00 hours, here's hoping the dinner rush is over and there aren't any dianogas to deal with,* she scoffed to herself.

"You're not going to need my assistance, are you Lady Deathbane?" her assassin droid, nicknamed as Baxter, spoke with a hint of dread.

"No, Baxter. You're only a droid equipped for perfect situations like this, so you're *obviously* not eligible for such a mission." Alara rolled her eyes and began to prepare herself to enter the garbage chute.

"Okay perfect! I'll go sit over here and keep watch then." Baxter indicated a sound of joy in his vocal components and clapped his hands while returning to his co-pilot seat.

"You're so helpful, you know that?" Alara called from the starfighter's top exit.

"I'm programmed to know of my capability, yes! I'll keep watch and ensure the baddies don't find us here." he answered and clicked in his seat belt as if sealing Alara's lonesome fate.

The Battlemaster let out a sigh and made her way up the garbage chute, dreading what may be ahead of her. The half-Sephi remembered to incorporate traction soles and gloves into her costume to ensure that she would not slip too far down the piping to her doom. She climbed in successfully, closed the latch, and let out a gulp as she made her way up the tunnel, dodging a few times due to quick supper dishes and wrappers. Once she made it to a horizontal surface, her legs were much relieved. The Quaestor couldn't help but wipe off her brow with an elbow as she checked her datapad. Braecen was supposed to upload the starship's blueprints. A slight moment of anxiety sucked the air out of her lungs, but released when she realized she did indeed receive the message.

*Path says go left at the fork. Let's do this, 'Lara."

She headed down the path as directed and ended up at the Grand Master's garbage chute after several twists and turns within the chutes. She could already hear his voice from behind the walls as she drew closer.

"... You know what, Marick? I gotta say. That was the best night I've had in a long time. Thank you for convincing me to go." Pravus laughed and flopped into what must have been his desk chair. Alara peered through a small corner that was curled in the metal chute door and listened carefully. She could see Wally leaning on a sofa, laughing and looking directly at his superior. When Alara turned her eyes to his left, she spotted someone that made her heart sink. Wyndel: Her first love, and the Voice's younger brother.

*What is this pathetic no-callin-back-two-timing-fwecball doing here?* Alara growled in the precincts of her mind.

"I'm glad to hear it, my Lord! When Wyndel told me of this place, I knew I had to bring you there myself. It may be a bar of... the unusual sort... but it's so much fun and the waitresses know how to treat you right." The Voice laughed with a hearty laugh and patted his brother on the back.

*That better not be the place I think it is...*

"Where did you learn about such a place anyway, brother?" Marick asked his younger sibling.

"Well... I came upon it on one of my... how you put it, excursions. A friendly blonde brought me there on accident in her attempts to encourage me to a one night stand." Wyndel spoke earnestly. He smiled slightly, but his eyes told the tale that he felt a sting of nostalgia at his words that left his lips.

*Damn it. It is the place I'm thinking of. So this idiot still has feelings for me then.* Alara smiled to herself mischeviously, then shook it off to continue listening.

"Oh my... Was she any good at least?" Pravus chuckled as he took a sip of Corellian wine that was sitting at the desk before him. With a quick laugh, he took a swig, threw his empty glass, and chugged from the bottle instead.

"You know what they say about blondes. It's always good." Wyndel chuckled. He opened his jacket to pull out his own swig of whiskey in a can.

"Well I for one would like to find Mr. Grand Master here a blonde to try for himself! What say you, Pravus? Shall we continue the gallavanting?!" Marick giggled and stepped towards Pravus with his eyebrow pointing to the ceiling.

Pravus finished chugging his wine, sighed in refreshment, and smirked up at his fellow Dark Council member. "And put off the war any longer?"

Marick hesitated, then nodded. "Well I know my wife might be angry, but it's none of her business when it comes to matters with the Grand---"

"OF COURSE we shall! Where are we in the galaxy right now? Let's head to one with more and more babes! I'm tired of war planning, and this exhaustion won't leave me for another few evenings with blondes and Twi'leks! Let's go now!"

*I think I've heard enough of this.* Alara quickly swung around and headed back to her starfighter. As she slid down the tunnels and chute paths to return to her ship, she quickly typed on her datapad to her Proconsul:

"No need to worry about Pravus. He's busy hunting for the next Miss Grand Master for the night. And the next. And the next. It's time to get our forces ready.


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This should just push it over :) thanks again for the heads up!

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