Competition: The Great Heirloom Dagger of My Ancestors


The Great Heirloom Dagger of My Ancestors



This run-on competition isn't about you, or your character! Well, not quite anyway. The story we will weave throughout the month of September is about a weapon as it goes through its own unique lifetime.

Everything has a beginning. Everything ages. Everything eventually falls to dust. But for a weapon, the time between its creation and its destruction can be a long and complicated journey. In its lifetime, this particular weapon could have touched every one of your characters in some way, but the weapon is soon parted and finds a new owner. Maybe one of your old characters used it to get out of a tense situation, only to have lost it during one of their more daring escapes. It might later have fallen in their enemy's hands as they pursued your character through the night. The decision is entirely yours.


Rules and Guidelines

The competition will be judged on the Run-On Fiction Rubric, and will be held in this Run-On Thread, it will include the background story to start us off.

As usual, double posting is not allowed, and participants may not edit a post after another team member has subsequently posted.

  • Minimum word count: 250 words
  • Maximum word count: None
  • Minimum post count for individual qualification: 2 posts
  • Team qualification: None. There will be no teams as this is an individual run-on.
  • Maximum post count: None

  • For clarity and grading purposes, _you must link the character sheet you are using_ to your post (instructions will be provided in the subscriber details)!

  • For continuity’s sake, you can reserve a post, just don’t hold up the story more than 24 hours!


Linking old Character Sheets

This is your chance to dust off some of those old characters that have been gathering dust for a while! If you want to include them into your post, simply link your old character sheet by using Markdown the first time you name your character in your Run-on Post.

For example, typing the following at the beginning of your post:


And then using the tag in your text as follows:

[Calindra] was a nervous Neophyte, and newly indoctrinated into the Brotherhood (...)

Will link up your old character sheet so that we can go back and look up its powers and skills (which is important for grading purposes). If you did it correctly, it should show up like this:

Calindra was a nervous Neophyte, and newly indoctrinated into the Brotherhood (...)

Competition Information

Organized by
Battlemaster Calindra Hejaran
Running time
2017-08-09 until 2017-11-21 (4 months)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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