Competition: [Art 4 Arx] Continent I: Elos Vrai


[Art 4 Arx] Continent I: Elos Vrai


A single freshwater great lake is carved into the center of Arx’s largest continent, with smaller pools scattered throughout. One main river carries the freshwater gathered in the great lake and ferries it into the ocean. A second river branches off and heads inland, providing fresh water and irrigation to the rest of the continent. To the east, a long mountain range acts as a wall between the colder northern drifts, capping the far side of the mountains in snow while remaining craggy on the near side. One large mountain within the range looms ominously over a city built in its shadow. Sustained with freshwater from the lakes, the Brotherhood has developed their largest cities on the continent. After several decades of infrastructure development, roads leading from the shore’s causeways have connected Eos City, among others, to the vast network of industry that is spread across the continent.


A rough map of Elos Vrai


Create a piece of artwork that represents a location or landmark found on the continent of Elos Vrai.

Suggested topics:

  • The Dark Ascent

  • Throne Room

  • Eos City

  • Iron Legion Headquarters

  • Military Academy

  • Spaceport

  • Mountain Range

  • Great Lake

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[DC Event] Art 4 Arx
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Adept Morgan B. Sorenn, Adept Marick Tyris
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2017-08-07 until 2017-08-28 (22 days)
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Entire DJB
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Second Level Crescents and 3 Clusters of Graphite as per Herald guidelines
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