Competition: CDW:AUT/WIN 2017 - Character History IV - Adulthood

CDW:AUT/WIN 2017 - Character History IV - Adulthood

Prompt - * It is not just a character’s personality that make them up… but those things they have been through. Their experiences. Their memories.

Your task is to write a character fiction that explores your character’s adulthood so far. Adult in this sense defined as twenty and onwards. Your character is a fully developed adult. Upon them is imprinted the events of their childhood and adolescence. The weight of those memories and experiences weigh upon them and guide their actions and attitudes in the present. The current puzzle piece that is yet in the making.

Specifications - Min. 1000 words, no maximum. Downloadable file types: *.xdoc, *.doc, *.pdf.

Grading Criteria - Official Fiction Grading Rubric:

Competition Information
Parent Competition
Character Development Workshop: Autumn/Winter 2017 Series
Organized by
Augur Mune Cinteroph, Corsair Aylin Sajark
Running time
2017-12-22 until 2018-01-11 (21 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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