Competition: CDW:AUT 2017 - Character Sheets II - Disciplines

CDW:AUT 2017 - Character Sheets II - Disciplines

Prompt - As noted in the article on Disciplines found in the wiki:, Discplines are a representation of how a character to to use their Force Powers and/or their Skills. I am sure some of us jump in and pick whatever we think sounds the coolest… right? That tends to be the case, resulting often in mismatched skills, or even feats that just clash with what the character’s original intent was supposed to be. Why is this a problem…? Well, it makes the character hard to write, and not just that, but often unbelievable or broken.

You are tasked with selecting a two Disciplines and analyzing the why of your selections. How does it fit into your character concept. If you’ve already done a character sheet in the past, you are still tasked with explaining your choice in Discipline, and selecting a second one to better analyze how it work with your concept.

Note - Recommended you use the Character Sheet Sandbox

Specifications -

  • Minimum 200 words, no maximum.
  • Submit via .doc, .docx, or through the site; no Google Drive links accepted

Grading Criteria -

  • Creativity (30%)
  • Realism (30%)
  • Spelling/Grammar (15%)
  • Adherence to Prompt (25%)
Competition Information
Parent Competition
Character Development Workshop: Autumn/Winter 2017 Series
Organized by
Augur Mune Cinteroph
Running time
2017-09-24 until 2017-10-07 (14 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
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Raider Ala'ar Rinn
Textual submission


For the longest time, I've been using the Shadow Discipline to describe how Calindra operates. She's discrete, quiet, efficient, likes to plan, strike quickly and disappear.

It was a way for her as a new member of the brotherhood to survive. She didn't feel ready to openly challenge anyone. She was new, afraid, and wanted very much to survive. She also had no qualms about knifing someone in the back since it's usually safer for the less powerful to do so, so she made extensive use of the shadow's skills in hiding her approach, and striking out of nowhere. It helped that it felt like a cat and mouse game.

It ensured her survival as she rose through the ranks of novicehood into knighthood. However, I've recently changed her discipline because she's evolved into something darker. Her thirst for power has grown, and she's now more prone to taking risks. She is now more certain of her path, more hungry for power and has consciously sacrificed / gambled a piece of herself in order to access a source of ancient Force knowledge.


In allowing a Force spirit within her mind, she's unwittingly allowed something else to transform her. Psychologically, she's subtly different, and she's starting to realize that she can no longer Ghost about as she used to. It's suddenly dawning on her that something has changed, as she can no longer call the Force to hide from her enemies.

As she walks down the dark path she's trodden onto, she is slowly learning about her new powers, the ones that have come with the Force spirit who is slowly taking over, but who she isn't yet aware of. Her friends will notice the changes however. She is slowly becoming battle aware, and new possibilities are now open to her, but at what cost?

That's what this next chapter is all about.

1st place
Augur Alara Deathbane
Textual submission

1st and actual Discipline~ Marauder:
How does it fit into your character concept?

As most marauders do, Alara utilizes her emotion and raw energy to fight in battle. Without emotion, her strength means nothing. Her amplification, which is already spiked, is further increased by *Haste*. She also is given *Battlefield Awareness* through being a Marauder, which aids her well and goes hand-in-hand with her *Sense* power. She has utilized these feats in many battles, especially in ACC-ing.

2nd Choice Juggernaut:
How does it fit into your character concept?

The first line of the wiki implies the Juggernaut as being an 'unstoppable force'. This is exactly what Alara is. Were it not for her crazy slashing skills and acrobatic athletics, this would help her due to the endurance feats it offers in *Surge*, and the feat *Iron Skin*. This would help her take more damage and last longer in battle.

I have also wanted to include Disciplines which would **not** work for my character:

Alara could never be a character that fights in the sidelines. She is the girl that wants to fight right in the front, and will not wait for anything she doesn't have to. She doesn't have the patience to watch someone else do the dirty work. She'll get it done herself.

2nd place
Warlord Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Textual submission

Well, Shadow already has Shadow for her discipline (not cause of the name of course). I chose this discipline because of her identity and position as an assassin of the Sith Order. As an assassin, her focus is on stealth, cunning, and quick reflexes. The Shadow discipline grants the feats of Ghosting and Faceless. Both are very important as Ghosting modifies Shadow's Force Cloak ability to where she can use it while slowly moving; and Faceless helps Shadow to be able to create an illusion of different facial features to mask her own when she needs to avoid recognition.
The second discipline, which I used for Shadow back when the DJB used the older CS system, would be Marauder. As much as Shadow is an assassin, she doesn't hold back from open confrontation on a mission or in war should she find herself in that situation. Just as it states that "A good defense is a good offense" for Marauders, that goes together with Shadow's lightsaber style of Jar'Kai. Using both of her sabers to fight while defending herself at the same time, Shadow unleashes powerful, responsive attacks that she can quickly change to adapt to counter changes her opponents make. The Marauder feat, Battle Haste, would allow Shadow's cyclonic attacks to become more powerful and overwhelming while not penalizing accuracy. Battlefield Awareness would pay off for when Shadow is both on the battlefield and on an assassin mission. I say this, because sometimes when an assassin is focused on their target, they may lose track of what's going on around them. Though that is more of a rookie mistake, a boost to precognition would keep her aware of when a potential threat enters the environment. It would also allow her to track her target better as well when on the move or amidst a large crowd of people.

3rd place