Competition: The Gizka Mystery

The Gizka Mystery

While aboard Excidium’s flagship to review mission reports and attend planning meetings, Aedile Rasilvenaira StormRaven returns to her quarters on the ship only to find that the unthinkable has happened. Her most beloved pet gizka, Tiska, is missing. The Battlelord conducted a very thorough investigation of her quarters but could find no clue or hint as to the whereabouts of her favorite pet.

That is where you come in. You must solve the mystery of the missing gizka. Has Tiska been stolen? If so, by whom, and why? Did the curious gizka just find some way to escape the room and subsequently get lost aboard ship? Tell the story of what happened, and what becomes of Tiska the wayward gizka.

Rules: .doc .rtf .odt submissions only. No gdoc’s. No pdf’s. No docx’s Minimum word count of 500 words, maximum 2500

Grading based on the Fiction Rubric

Competition Information
Organized by
Warlord Rasilvenaira StormRaven, Mystic Angel Snow
Running time
2017-09-26 until 2017-10-13 (18 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
10 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Warlord Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
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Tarsus made ms xD

1st place
Augur Alara Deathbane
Textual submission

**Excidiac Mess Hall**
*Sinagra Villa, Ulr Uvi of Ulress*

"Look, Excidiacs," Alara paced the hall with her arms crossed behind her back in a solemn posture, "This is a serious endeavor. We need our best troops for the job. Who is willing to hone all their skills and effort into finishing this mission?"

"Meee! Let me!"

"Shaddap, Kat! It's obviously going to be me!" Levi knocked his comrade's arm down and raised his own in its place.

"You two quit your bickering! Alara will pick who she likes!" Shadow growled at her subordinates who immediately shrunk against a wall and hung their heads in shame.

"Aye, lassie. I'll do yehr job." A husky, elder sounding brogue came from the mess hall entrance. Members' heads began to turn and then cough to cover up their snickering as a nearly four foot flurry bear entered the room. His tabby-like fur practically sparkled in the hall chandeliers' light, though his eyes remained dull, as if uninterested with the scenario that he found himself in. He leaned on his staff, covered a quick yawn with his free hand, and hobbled over to the Quaestor, who evidently, was smiling widely at the sight of his presence.

"Ahh! My old friend! You came!" Alara ran up to her comrade and knelt down to give the Ewok a huge hug. Some Excidiacs gasped and even giggled at the sight. Gregryck frowned in their direction and hugged the half-Sephi back while whispering something in her ear. Whatever it was, it shot her back up in solemn stance like a rocket with her ears flickering with embarrassment in all directions.

"Right. Anyways. Gregryck, Thunderbreath is an old friend. And I think he would be wonderful for the job."

Rasilvenaira, who was sitting in the back of the room at this time with her feet up, finished chewing off a bone and placed it on her plate while she threw her feet down to get up and observe the fellow. "You think a teddy bear can take on such a serious job? I can't afford to lose this precious possession thanks to a midget mammal." The assassin circled the Ewok with tense frustration. Gregryck frowned back at the woman and bit his lip, as if holding back from saying something he would regret later.

"I trust Gregryck with my life. He's much more powerful than he looks." Alara placed her pale hand on his shoulder and looked to her Aedile. "If you allow me, I'll appoint him to be sure the job is done. You won't have to worry much longer. Your gizka will be safe."

Without a word, Rasilvenaira nodded and pivoted to return to her seat. "Aye. See that it is. I want it returned by tonight."

The crowd disbanded, though busting with murmuring and harsh looks towards the bear. Gregryck and Alara turned to eachother once more, gave another brisk hug, and saluted. The Ewok began to speak some sort of ancient Sith dialect in his lilt, clapped his staff down on the ground which illuminated the kyber crystal mounted on its sceptor, and took off through the doors.

Within a matter of minutes, the Ewok was back holding a purring, rather comfortable-looking gizka in his arms. At the sight, Rasilvenaira jumped out of her seat and ran, rather out-of-character, towards the gizka. She threw her arms towards it in an excited fashion and began to thank the Ewok over and over for returning her precious pet. "How ever did you manage to find him?! I searched everywhere!" Rasilvenaira hugged tightly to her pet which was still struggling to awaken from its previous slumber.

"Aye lassie, I've been a tracker for many years under many moons of our galaxies." Gregryck spoke with an air of mystery as he waved his hands wooingly to the chandelier lights. "I studied under many h'aahh Jedi and Sith alike to get to where I h'am todaayye." Suddenly he turned to face the Quaestor, who was sitting next to her Aedile and smiling yet again at the sight of her friend. "For I 'add to in h'order to keep up with a wee little 'Lara."

"Wait... He ... Raised you?" Shadow stepped forward out of the crowd that was previously playing Pazaak and dropped her cards on the table in shock.

"Someone had to, Shads. It wasn't just my rupings that helped me find my way." Alara grinned even wider at her sister.

"Aye. The little 'un was h'aa 'andful, but she's turned out good if I do say so meself." Gregryck held a fraction of his cloak with pride as he looked over his youngling.

"Huh. Well who'da thunk. No wonder she's got such a temper." Jorm grinned and looked back and forth from Quaestor to Master.

"AYEE WATCH YOUR MOUTH!" Gregryck and Alara suddenly bellowed at the same time.

2nd place
Professional Brandon Tarsus
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3rd place
Augur Xantros
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