Competition: Great Jedi War 12 : The Movie

Great Jedi War 12 : The Movie

We all know wars make a great subject for a movie. Great Jedi Wars are no exception. The objective of this competition is to put together a pitch for a movie based on Great Jedi War 12. This can focus on the larger plot, a unit, or whatever else would make for good cinema. Submissions must include the following:

  • Title of the film
  • Type of film (action comedy, buddy movie, etc.)
  • Casting suggestions for 5-7 main characters using living real world actors (assume cost is no object, it's Disney after all...)
  • A 100 to 300 word description of the film
  • 1-3 suggestions for merchandising

Submissions will be judged on grammar, presentation, and how much I/ the world would want to see the movie.

Competition Information
Organized by
Warlord Arden Karn di Plagia
Running time
2017-12-09 until 2017-12-23 (15 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents
17 subscribers, of which 6 have participated.
Knight Tyraal Bitshiver
File submission
Textual submission

FYI : Alan Rickman is no longer alive, and Alaa Wardi is a musician NOT an actor

1st place
A deleted dossier
Textual submission

Title: " ", Directed by Quentin Tarantino
Type of Film: Neo-noir, black comedy
Casting Suggestions:

1. Darth Pravus - Samuel L. Jackson
2. Mav - John Travolta
3. Rath Oligard - Josh Brolin
4. Drac - Bruce Willis
5. Marick Tyris - Christian Bale
6. Selika Roh - Marion Cotillard
7. Daggo Mouk - Toby Jones

Description: In a galaxy far, far away, the lives of two Sith Lords and a Gray Jedi intertwine in numerous tales of violence and vengeance around a dinner table on Nancora. Pravus (Samuel L. Jackson), with his sidekick Mav (John Travolta) in tow, are interrupted during a planned meeting with the ominous Marick Tyris (Christian Bale). The odd Sith duo must face off against the mysterious and unyielding Collective, lead by the relentless Rath Oligard (Josh Brolin), who wants nothing more than to destroy Pravus and his kin. What began as a simple lunch becomes a race against time, as Pravus and Mav attempt to make contact with Dracaryis (Bruce Willis) and his ally, Selika Roh (Marion Cotillard), before their lives - and the lives of the entire Brotherhood - are cut short like their own meal.


PravusPoints: a Cryptocurrency tied to the success or failure of the film. An easy sell, of course, if you can sell the film. The key is to invest in it ourselves before it's released so we make the most profit. That's how it works, right?

My Size Mav: A Barbie-esque doll featuring Mav, comes complete with a fully activated lightsaber and force powers. Hint: it's actually just Mav cloned into miniature form and inserted with a control chip.

LegoGJWXII, Battle of Nancora: A massive planet and lego set depicting the land and space battles. Perfect for kids 0 - 300.

2nd place
Seer Lexiconus Qor
File submission
3rd place
Ranger Justinios Taldrya Drake
Textual submission

Drake: A Star Wars Story

Justinios Drake – voice – Jim Parsons
K1-L0 aka “Kilo” – voice – Steve Carrell
Roweena Nelwyn – Gal Gadot
Rhylance – Robert Carlyle
Kendra Icasta – Zoe Saldana

Drake: A Star Wars Story is the tale of an Aleena Jedi who has one goal in the war with the Collective,
don’t die. The problem for Justinios is that the inept forces that surround him continue to do their best
to prevent him from succeeding in that goal. Even worse, as he attempts to extricate himself from the
battle zone the same inept fools continue to look to Justinios as a savior. Whether it is saving the
trapped girlfriend of an adulterous Fleet Admiral or fighting technologically enhanced super soldiers in
order to recover an unencrypted datapad Justinios, his anxiety ridden droid Kilo and his overprotective
bodyguard Roweena Nelwyn repeatedly find themselves acting as accidental heroes while their only
goal is to escape Nancora as quickly as possible. Along the way Justinios finds his unintentional heroics
get him and his team captured further cementing his believe that the world around him is full of nothing
more than braindead sacks of biochemistry leading him to a final showdown where he literally chastises
the commander of the enemy Huntresses to death before returning to the fleet and eating all of
Rhylance’s dinner that evening simply out of spite.

Merch Ideas:
1. Talking Kilo action figure. Says phrases like “No don’t worry about me, I’ll just wait here until my
power reserves run out.” Or “If that is how you feel I guess I’ll throw myself into the nearest
trash compactor.”
2. Official Justinios Drake science kit. Everything causes a major chemical reaction and is actually
extremely dangerous unless the directions are followed to extreme precision. Adult supervision
is required, or at least witnesses.
3. Talking Roweena Nelwyn Kaleesh battle mask. Doesn’t actually say any real words and mostly
just growls menacingly even when turned off and left by itself in the corner.

4th place
Raider TuQ'uan Varick
Textual submission

Name: The Little Space Tug That Could… Kill

Type: Action-spy-thriller

Staring: Nicolas Cage as Rayf, Jennifer Love Hewitt as Nima, with Tommy Wiseau as Rin and featuring Gary Oldman as Rath Oligard.

Description: All out war has broken out between the Brotherhood and the Collective in one of the first confrontations of the war it is discovered that Rath Oligard has developed a devoted following willing to end their life in the name of the cause. Shortly after this, Private Rayf, a mechanic Loyal to the Iron Throne is recruited by Special Agent Nima of the Inquisitorious to infiltrate a recently discovered Collective ship building yard that has been converting Quadrijets into suicide bombers and destroy the whole operation. Unfortunately for our unlikely hero, Rath Oligard has smelt something fishy and put chief of security at the facility, Rin Ofthal, on high alert. Can our heros stop the dastardly plan before more people are hurt?

1) An Exploding Quadrijet Space Tug firecracker. Sold in packs of four, have fun lighting these up or use these in conjunction with a Star Wars(™) miniature cruiser for added realism in your space battles.
2) A pull string Rin Ofthal action figure featuring some of the more memorable quotes such as: “Oh hi, Rath.” “You are blowing us apart Rayf!” and “Grrargh!!”
3) A Private Rayth action figure with 4 points of articulation and a screwdriver accessory.*

*Please note action figure cannot hold screwdriver without the help of a strong adhesive.

5th place
Battlelord Azmodius Equesinfernum
Textual submission


A Bromantic Comedy Starring:

Jason Mewes as Azmodius
Samuel L. Jackson as Furios
Mel Brooks as TuQ’uan
Billy Bob Thorton as Abadeer
Keanu Reeves as Tra’an
Whoopi Goldberg as Kelly
Meatloaf as Rath Oligard

Rath Oligard threatens the Dark Brotherhood’s existence with his highly trained and well equipped army of technologically enhanced warriors. Fearing the worst, the Ascendant Clan sends a team of space wizards along with a skillful, trigger-happy, privateer in hopes of defeating Rath and his minions. When the ancient scrolls belonging to Darth Plagueis are uncovered, Az must choose to side with his boss, who wants them for herself, or his best friend who wants to take them for the clan. Tensions run high as the team is faced with ridiculous and outlandish obstacles at every step of their journey. The story that can only be described as Director Quentin Tarantino’s greatest masterpiece will have you somewhat confused until the very end.

Head on over to Https// for officially licensed merchandise such as the soundtrack cassete tape, Furri-Azz scented clothespins, limited edition Furri-Azz fax machine, and much, much more!

No placement
Colonel Mauro Wynter
File submission
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