Competition: You Can't Handle the Truth!


You Can't Handle the Truth!

Your character has woken up in a cell (on Arx or your Clan's capital) and been informed by the guard that they will stand trial tomorrow for crimes against the Brotherhood before the Justicar or for crimes against your Clan before your Consul. You have a day to prepare your defense and select someone to serve as your representative (or defend yourself).

  • Depict a story of no less than 500 words involving your character (primary, alternate or NPC with valid CSs) with any other DB characters with valid CSs you choose facing trial by Justicar or your Consul. The story can cover the circumstances leading to the charges but the focus of the story should be on the trial itself. Your character can be the defendant or a representative defending or prosecuting another character. Is the accused innocent of the charges? Why are they being charged? What do they argue? Do they call any witnesses? Is this a kangaroo court or the trial of the century?

  • If any content which goes beyond a "PG-13" or "safe for work" level is included please do not publish your submission (uncheck the publish submission box when you submit)

  • CIs will be awarded in accordance with Voice policy

  • Entries will be graded using the standard Voice rubric. Entries can be comedy focused or serious, the choice is yours.

  • Ask permission before using someone else's character

  • Submit entries in any standard word processing format (PDF, word, text, etc.). Googledoc links are not permitted.

Competition Information

Organized by
Reaver Luna Okami
Running time
2018-01-01 until 2018-01-22 (22 days)
Ends in
3 days (2018-01-22 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
19 subscribers, of which 1 has already participated.