Competition: Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, far away....We Freaked Out!

Long Ago in a Galaxy Far, far away....We Freaked Out!


Create a graphic depicting a scene in Star Wars that hooked you into the Star Wars Universe and never let go. We all have these scenes. The ones that made us make strange noises, dance up and down, rewatch them relentlessly and urged us to make horribly awesome real-life replicas (I had so many lightsaber cardboard tube battles, which shouldn't surprise anyone.) This moment was special and may have even made you join a Star Wars club. :D

Share that child-like joy with us in a picture. Feel free to add porgs to it if you want. You can even add a depiction to how you reacted. Here is some inspiration for you below, please give it a watch. It's rather short, I promise.

Inner Star Wars Child

Optionally, some artists like to give a short blurb to pair with their art piece. This gives the viewer a background to the piece or why they chose to draw it. You don't have to do it and it has no bearing on grading, but if you don't mind sharing I'd also love to read the personal stories behind these exact moments in time. Whatever you want to share, feel free to put it in the submission box as well. And as always, don’t let skill hold you back as the main point of this competition is to share your love for Star Wars! I encourage everyone to participate, regardless of skill level, and I promise you'll make everyone think fondly back to that magical moment you knew you loved Star Wars.

How to Submit:

Submit through the site. Formats: .png, .jpg. I’d also appreciate you telling me what you drew, to include movie and scene. This can be added via the submission box.


The Herald Graphics Grading Rubric will be used.

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Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
Running time
2018-01-07 until 2018-02-04 (29 days)
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Entire DJB
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Difficulty Class
Second Level Crescents and 3 Clusters of Graphite as per Herald guidelines
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Warlord Bentre Sadow
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Yeah this is not the greatest representation. However, the trench run was oddly enough my favorite bit of Star Wars. This was the scene that I anticipated through pretty much the entirety of A New Hope for much of my younger years. The high speed run down the trench, the fighting and of course that moment of "use the Force" where Luke deactivates his targeting computer and lets go of the bounds of technology to trust the mystical elements of his existence. It was a moment of triumph to the movie that set so much mystery, mystique and dread. The lack of detail was also a bit of a nod to the sheer speed of running down the trench. Well, that or I am a little lazy.

The WW2 style of the X-Wing attack evoked so much of the adventure that stretches beyond the mere heroes journey covered by the original trilogy. It was a moment in which we see the bravery of the everyman- if you want to call Red Squadron that- as well as that of the hero. More than just Luke, it was a victory won by the sacrifices of his fellow pilots as well. It is because of this scene I believe that my heart thrills every time I see a proper starfighter battle, ie that of Rogue One or the bits seen in the Last Jedi.


1st place
Knight Nijalah
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This is the opening shot of Episode 4. The reason I chose this scene is because for me it was the perfect opening to the movie. It represented the huge epic scope of the movie and the series as a whole.

2nd place
Colonel Mauro Wynter
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3rd place