Competition: [Krennic] Motto

[Krennic] Motto

In the wake of the Great Jedi War, the Empress has asked for the stalwart Battle Teams of the Clan to record their history for preservation in the Clan archives. She has tasked the Battle Team Leaders to oversee the collection of information to data pads that will be transported to the new Imperial capital on the moon of Ragnath. Once here, it will be transcribed into immortality with the deeds of the other teams in their ascent to the title of Third Clan of the Brotherhood.

A motto is a sentence, phrase, or maxim expressing the spirit, or purpose, of an organization. It is most often inscribed on a badge or a banner in declaration of those ideals. It is your job to create a motto that encapsulates the beliefs of you and your fellow Battle Team Members to be proudly displayed on the Brotherhood website.

Krennic needs you! What's a BT without a motto? What is our rallying cry when we crush the enemies of House Imperium?

Entries will be graded based on creativity and adherence to the prompt. The deciding factor in the event of any split judgements will be at the Battle Team Leader’s discretion for what material best fits into the crafted legacy and lore of their respective Battle Team.

Competition Information
Organized by
Commander Wagglehorn
Running time
2018-01-06 until 2018-01-31 (26 days)
Target Unit
Battle Team Krennic
Competition Type
Fifth Level Crescents
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