Competition: At The Tip Of The Sword And Barrel Of A Blaster

At The Tip Of The Sword And Barrel Of A Blaster

The intel speaks for itself: the Collective troops are trying to get offworld and back to their forces. From there, they’ll be able to relay any information that they learned while they were planetside, and reinforce the main bulk for the next inevitable attack. We can’t let that happen. Choose your mission(s) and gear up for a tough fight; a cornered animal is often considered the most dangerous. For these missions, we’ve allocated various military units to assist in completing your mission; see operation dossiers for further details, and don’t waste it. Additionally, in an effort to bolster the currently waning popular opinion, we acquired a local newscaster to join the missions and report on our progress. Be careful out there, and may the Force be with you.

Operation Rancor

DIA operatives have identified a small abandoned town south of Estle City occupied by Collective forces, consisting of a repair station, several large homes, and a small school. This is believed to be the vanguard of the main body of troops trying to infiltrate Estle before securing an escape. For this mission, you’ll have access to a line company from the Selen Legion and a LAAT/i platoon for transport. Your primary objective is to secure the village and destroy or capture the Collective threat therein. If things go bad — their position is too strong or they are reinforced by the main body — delay their progress toward the city.

Operation Vornskr

Aerial reconnaissance has located an assembly area of over a dozen transports in the polar region around Zainab, along with a substantial humanoid presence that are assumed to be pilots and crew. It is believed this is the collection point for the Collective’s escape craft, gathered together for a mass exodus to occur sometime in the near future. Due to its proximity to Zainab, there may also be a risk of sabotage to the energy production complex prior to their departure. You are to destroy their evacuation capability and prevent any damage to the Zainab works at all cost. A platoon from the line companies on Selen is already standing by in Zainab, and Darkwing Squadron stands ready to assist on request.

Details and Grading

  • In a minimum of 500 words, write a story of how your character tackles one (or both) of these objectives, successfully or unsuccessfully.
  • Preferred submission is PDF format, but Word docs and text-box submissions will also be accepted. Google Doc links will NOT be accepted.
  • Grading will be done in accordance with the Fiction Grading Rubric.
  • Use of other people’s characters is permitted, but make sure you have their permission to do so.
  • Adult content is permitted, but do NOT publish the submission if it includes such content.
  • Fourth Level Crescents will be available to the top three placements, and Clusters of Ice will be applied in accordance with individual word counts.
Competition Information
Parent Competition
House Galeres: Collective Clearance
Organized by
Reaver Qyreia Arronen, Battlelord Rrogon Skar Agrona
Running time
2018-06-08 until 2018-07-08 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
House Galeres
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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