Competition: [COU] Tipping Point: Evade and Resist (Fiction)

[COU] Tipping Point: Evade and Resist (Fiction)


The Kiast system has erupted into a state of civil war, with you and many others caught in the middle. As the blaster bolts start flying, how do you react?

  • You were surrounded by Vatali citizens—nobles, Quorahi, or perhaps a mixture—when the Dominion’s mercenaries showed up with ‘arrest warrants.’ How did you lead the civilians to safety? You did lead them to safety, right?

  • Sky Breach Base and Trepus Mine are defended by the Jedi and the O.E.F. Only a fool would attack such a well-defended installation. Of course, fools or not, someone’s doing it. Describe your contributions to repelling the attacks, whether through force, cunning, or diplomacy.

  • Say what you will about the Sephi, but even their prisons are pretty. Well, for prisons. You’ve been captured by the Vauzem Dominion somehow. Describe your attempts to resist interrogation or escape confinement.

Submissions and Grading

  • Write a fiction at least 500 words in length with no maximum.
  • Your story should be centered on your Main or Alternative character. Slotted NPCs, Wikipedia NPCs, or other characters that you create or invent to tell your story are not only allowed, but encouraged. However, your narrative should focus around either your Main or Alternative character.
  • Snapshots are not required but are recommended for featured characters with full Character Sheets.
  • Preferred submission format is pdf. Anything in a Google Doc must be exported as a pdf for submission.
  • Grading will be based on the Voice Fiction Rubric.
  • Always ask permission before using someone else's character.
  • Explicit content is allowed, but be absolutely sure to uncheck the Publish Your Submission box if your fiction includes non-PG-13 content.

This competition is in the Fiction Bin. Participating in a competition in this bin for the first time awards 4 points from participation to you and your house. Tipping Point: Fight Night and Tipping Point: No Such Thing As Luck are also in this bin. Participating in at least one competition in each bin will earn a a bonus of 3 points. See the parent competition for detailed rules.

This competition is worth a relatively high proportion of placement points. Cumulatively, the placements in this competition are worth 10% of placement points.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[COU] Tipping Point
Organized by
Augur Vez Hirundo, Warden Aurora "Aura" Ta'var
Running time
2018-07-29 until 2018-08-27 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Odan-Urr
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
10 subscribers, of which 6 have participated.
Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane
Lieutenant Colonel Essik Lyccane opted out of publishing his submission.
1st place
Lieutenant Colonel Len Iode
File submission
2nd place
Seer Tybalt Ma'jahirr Rawioni
File submission
3rd place
Savant Ethan Martes
File submission
Textual submission

Word Count: 1383

4th place
Reaver Yuki Suoh
File submission
5th place
Reaver Mauro Wynter
File submission
No placement