Competition: [Voice Workshop] Dialogue I

[Voice Workshop] Dialogue I

The challenge here is to step outside your comfort zone while learning more about the other characters that make up the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Even if you never write a fiction for a competition in this manner or format, the exercise in and of itself is designed to help you grow more comfortable with speech patterns and having an “ear” for dialogue between characters.


Write a fictional "scene" that is solely composed of dialogue and transpires between 2 characters in the Brotherhood. These characters can be your Main, Alternative, or NPC characters. These characters could also be another member's Main, Alternative, or NPC characters.

There is no unit restriction on your choice of character for the purpose of this competition other than that they must have a valid Character Sheet. They can be anything from a member of your unit to a Dark Councilor or even a rogue, as long as they have an approved Character Sheet that can be referenced for realism.

Please Note: You may ask and are encouraged to talk about your entry with another member’s character(s).

The Prompt

Select one of the following prompts to serve as the basis of your scene.

Disagreement - *The two characters you’ve selected have reached a disagreement of some kind. This could be as simple as a difference in taste for holonet media, or as complex as galactic or Brotherhood politics.

Awkward Encounter - *The two characters you've selected have found themselves in an awkward situation. This feeling can be represented by either or both characters, with the reasoning behind said awkwardness up to you as the writer.

The Challenge

As a reminder, "dialogue" is defined as a conversation between two or more people. This is different from a "monologue", which is considered to be one person talking alone (the root "mono" often meaning "one, only, single").

  • Entries must be no less than 250 Words, and there is (wince) no word cap.
  • Entries must strictly feature dialogue writing between (2) characters.
  • Entries may contain action or description, but are limited to one action per dialogue, such as:

"Shut up," he yelled as he slammed his fist onto the table. "No, you shut up," she yelled back as she crossed her arms. "No you!" he huffed as he stormed off to the other side of the cabin.


Grading will be done in accordance with the official Fiction Rubric, with individual feedback provided by the Voice of the Brotherhood as the sole judge.

  • Entries that fail to meet the guidelines of the challenge will be graded down in accordance to the rubric and may place lower than other entries that adhere to them.
  • The characters that are used must be identified (and optionally linked to) at the beginning of the entry or in the submission text to be counted as a valid entry.

Markdown Template

1. [Character 1](
2. [Character 2](

**Prompt: <Prompt chosen>**

Example Entry:

  1. Marick Tyris
  2. Atra Ventus

Prompt: Disagreement


“Are you sure?”


“Ventus, I do not have time for games,” Marick Tyris sighed. “Just answer my question, please.”

“I did,” Atra Ventus replied evenly.

“Did you, or did you not, rearrange the assets and contents of my desk?” Marick asked one more time.

“No. I did not. For the fifth time.”

“Alright. If you say so, I believe you.” Marick said as he turned to leave.

“I will investigate further—” the Voice stopped short, noticing something in the corner of the Combat Master’s office. “—Is that...why is C-D4WG laying in a heap in the corner?”

“It is? Funny, I did not notice any difference—” Atra replied flatly, the only hint of emotion in the lifting of his eyebrows.

“What did you do?” Marick asked, his lilted voice tightly clipped.

“The droid would not stop commenting on Operation: Tempered Iron. Members were displeased with the results. So, I put him to sleep. You know how I am with technology. I might have misplaced a wire.”

“That droid contained all of the data I compiled over the course of my tenure, including the salvaged files from the ruins of Antei,” Marick’s voice was colored with a rare fit of frustration.


“That’s the last straw, Ventus. You will answer for your transgressions, right here, right now,” the half-Hapan hissed as his ultraviolet lightsaber snapped to life.

Competition Information
Organized by
Master Marick Tyris
Running time
2019-01-07 until 2019-01-31 (25 days)
Ends in
15 days (2019-01-31 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
First Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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