Competition: Kiera Run: The Scoop

Kiera Run: The Scoop

Intuition and a trail of money has led Excidium to the Kiera Run.

It is a dead colony world, poisoned in the Clone Wars when several cruisers clashed and shot each other to pieces in the atmosphere. The only reliably habitable place is “Motherlode,” a Neimoidian bridge city left in a precariously derelict state. Brute force is a substantial risk to the city, and this risk keeps matters in a state of uneasy civility. No one's coming here who doesn't intend to be here, and nobody with any legal business intends to.

Smuggler crews in hazmat suits are going into the ground-hugging poison clouds below the city to get to their stores. Fair winds may even open passages, but likewise acid storms are a murderous reality. Expendable slaves might be abused for a few trips before they succumb to the residual poisons and just die by the wayside, only to be “cleaned up” by the weather in short order. It is a brutal world, governed by greed.

This is one of the if not the main supply route for Excidium’s rivals on Ulress. To secure their holdings in Caperion, the Underworld House has to take the Kiera Run out of the equation - an endeavor that begins with the acquisition of a base on site.

This is the parent competition, and will be judged by cumulative score in the sub-competitions in which a win will gain you 3 points, a second place 2 points, and a third place 1 point. In case of a tie, I'll have to award the win to the tying party who has submitted their entries first.

Competition Information
Organized by
Battlelord Jorm (The Jester) Na'trej
Running time
2019-02-04 until 2019-02-25 (22 days)
Target Unit
House Excidium
Competition Type
Fourth Level Crescents
2 subscribers, of which 2 have participated.
Kiera Run: The Scoop has 3 sub-competitions
Title Status Running time Competition Type
Proper Introductions Finished 2019-02-04 - 2019-02-25 (21 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
(Almost) Castle In The Sky Finished 2019-02-04 - 2019-02-25 (21 days) Graphics/Multimedia
Local Colors Finished 2019-02-04 - 2019-02-25 (21 days) Fiction
1st place
Augur Xantros
Augur Xantros
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1st place
Battlemaster Calindra Hejaran
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