Competition: Internal Conflict: CSP Consul Monthly Topic Feb 2019

Internal Conflict: CSP Consul Monthly Topic Feb 2019

At some point in our lives, we come across a situation that forces us to question everything we thought we knew. This can come in many forms, whether it forces us to question ourselves as people, or question our beliefs about an organisation, ideal, or person.

Explore a time in which your character was forced to question one of their core values. We encourage depth in this fiction and something that can explore what made your character who they are today. This could take any form from an interaction that turned friend to foe or forced your character to reflect inwards on what they thought they knew about themselves.

Hard minimum 500 words. No hard maximum. Grading according to the Voice fiction rubric.

Competition Information
Organized by
Adept Elincia Rei
Running time
2019-02-03 until 2019-02-28 (26 days)
Target Unit
Clan Scholae Palatinae
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
7 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Warlord Rasilvenaira Isatri'Zara StormRaven
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2nd place
Warlord Shadow Palpatine Nighthunter
Textual submission

This is shortly after Feanor's step-mother delivered him a recording from his now deceased mother. I had originally written this part in his backstory fiction, so I went and rewrote it from a more in-depth angle while using the same dialogue. Note: he has had training in the Force. In the backstory, his father had found him a mentor to train him since he first discovered he could use his abilities.

3rd place
4th place
Augur Xantros