Competition: No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Die

No Mr. Bond, I Expect You To Die

No plan survives contact with the enemy, so the question is what happens next? Your character's attempt to infiltrate and then escape from the installation of a rival clan or Brotherhood enemy has backfired horribly, and you are now being held captive. Stripped of your equipment and closely guarded, you are now undergoing an interrogation which will likely be followed by an unceremonious execution. Can your character use their wits, guile or skill to survive? Do you fight your way clear through sheer martial skill? Or is your capture some part of a greater gambit at work? The choice is yours.

Instructions: You are to submit a fiction that will be graded with the Fiction Rubric. Clusters of Ice will be awarded for word count and Cresents will be awarded for the top three placements.

• Entries must be a minimum of 500 words. Any entries that are under 500 words will be marked as Disqualified. There is no maximum word cap.

• Should you use other member's characters in your story, please add a link and name to their most recent character sheet either in the submissions box or at the top of the story.

• Submissions should be made as PDF files, submission box entries or Word Documents.

Competition Information
Organized by
Commander Essik Lyccane
Running time
2019-02-10 until 2019-02-24 (15 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
9 subscribers, of which 1 has participated.
Augur Celevon Edraven Erinos
Augur Celevon Edraven Erinos opted out of publishing his submission.
1st place