Competition: [Taldryan] Relic of the Past - Fiction

[Taldryan] Relic of the Past - Fiction

On the frozen world of Kalus, the once a secret base of operations of Clan Taldryan that holds the mystical Orb of Pomojema has been uncovered by the Collective. Knowing about the usability of Kyber crystals for augmenting advanced weapons the Collective raiding team immediately began breaking up the giant orb in order to take it off planet.

Unknowing that their operation was watched by the prying eyes of the Taldryan Lorekeeper, informations were spread over the Clan's Intelligence Network and the Clan Summit immediately began formulating a plan to secure the Orb before it can be removed from its hidden resting place.

Time is of crucial matter when the combined fleets of the Clan and its two Houses leave for the Rybanloth System, knowing that they have to stop the Collective before they escape with the Shards of the Orb or manage to call for reinforcements.


Your entry has the opportunity to shape the storyline of Clan Taldryan.

  • Prompt 1 – Battle of Kalus Following the Orders of the Consul, both Strike Force Valiant and Vanguard are attacking the Collcetive Operation in the Rybanloth System, with you being tasked to lead the assault team meant to retrieve the remains of the Orb before Transport can leave the system and deliver it into the hands of the Collective. Given that in this scenario the Orb is already in enemy hand, it is your choice whether this is a ground operation or if you are going to raid the Transport in space. Though there is a fierce battle going on around Kalus, it is possible to receive reinforcements from the House and Clan assets you have access to aiding you in your task to fulfill the prompt. Chosing this promp will be granting each participant a total of 5 participation points toward the overall scoring of the Relic of the Past Event.

  • Prompt 2 - Operation Swift Strike Knowing that time is a crucial factor in this operation, your House Summit has decided to forgoe the official orders of the Consul tasking you with spearheading the attack on the former Taldryan Stronghold on Kalus hoping to catch the Collectives's extraction team before it can remove what is left of the Orb from the Stronghold and transfer it out of the Clan's reach.
    Attention, this prompt is meant to be significantly more difficult to fulfill, while you may bring in any assets of your House or the Clan that you have access to, NO further assistance can be provided for your mission outside your dossier related possessions and characters. Choosing this prompt will grant each participant with 7 participation points toward the overall scoring of the Relic of the Past Event.

Rules & Grading

Third Level Crescents are up for grab and Grading will be done using the Voice Fiction Rubric. Submissions will be accepted in Text Box, Word, or PDF format. No links to external documents, please. Either type on the site or upload to the website. The winner will be chosen based on factors listed in the above rubric.

In order to qualify for placing your fiction should at least be at least of 500 words in length, no maximum.


As this is a Clan-wide competition, Third Level Crescents will be awarded to the Top Three Placements as will Clusters of Ice be awarded under the current policy.

Also participating in this competition as part of the Relic of the Past Event will earn each participant 5-7 points for you and your House along Bonus Points for placement that count toward the overall scoring of the event.

Relic of the Past - Fiction: Participation: 5-7 Points (depending on chosen Prompt) Third Place: 1 Point Second Place: 2 Points First Place: 3 Points

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[Taldryan] Relic of the Past
Organized by
Adept Rian Taldrya
Running time
2019-03-14 until 2019-04-06 (24 days)
Target Unit
Clan Taldryan
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
10 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Warlord Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj
File submission
1st place
Battlemaster Aldaric
File submission
2nd place
Sergeant Vor'en Drakar Santorini
File submission
3rd place
Captain Purren Strost
Textual submission

A single Delta-class T-3c Shuttle descended through the atmosphere of Kalus aided by the darkness of night. All of the ship’s exterior lights had been turned off for this flight as it entered hostile territory undetected. Inside the ship were only three individuals, and a Viper Probe droid, two men sat in the pilot and co-pilot’s seats while the third man stood in the back, his elite Mandalorian armor making him nearly invisible in the darkness as its matte black paint blended with the surrounding area.

As the ship approached the planet’s surface, the soldier did a final check of his gear. He activated the scan pulse on the inside of his left forearm, the device feeding into the HUD in his helmet gave him a smile as it identified him and the pilots. His scout pack had been stripped of most of its standard equipment other than the long-range communications array and instead carried additional ammo for the F-11D blaster rifle he carried, and the MM9 wrist rocket launcher that was strapped to his right forearm. A slight smirk crossed his lips as he thought to the special surprise that launcher carried for his targets. The hatch of the shuttle lowered to the open position just before the ship made contact with the ground, the mandalorian and his droid offloading quickly before he radioed to the pilots speaking with his deep, gravely voice, “All clear, take off, I’ll make contact when I’m ready for extract.” The soldiers boots dug into the frozen planet’s surface as he began to close the distance between his landing site and the former stronghold he had been tasked to invade.

It was a cold night, even for the planet Kalus and the Collective members that had been left on the surface had gathered in a central room in the stronghold with their heaters running in an attempt to keep everyone warm, the engineers and few soldiers among them hadn’t noticed the faint sound of a ship landing not too far from the stronghold. On such a cold night, they neither expected nor prepared for an attack as they struggled for warmth and cursed their leaders for leaving them with the remains of that old orb.

As Purren approached the old stronghold his gaze glanced to where his scan pulse radar showed on his HUD, he had expected some resistance at this place, The summit told him that the Collective were supposed to be here, along with the remains of some ancient orb. The cold had yet to seep into his hermetically sealed armor as he walked up to the front door of the stronghold and slowly pushed it open enough for his droid to move in with him just behind the quiet robot. He pressed the door silently shut as his scan pulse finally began to show other life forms within the building, a couple dozen or so life signatures all grouped together which made him think to himself, Perfect. He worked his way through the corridors of the stronghold with his silenced F-11D raised and ready to fire. His movements were deliberate and as quiet as possible as he approached where the scan pulse had identified other beings. He had been fortunate that the summit had a blueprint of the stronghold that he had loaded into his suit and now had overlayed with the scan pulse, showing him the team that was here had taken some care in selecting their room for the night, it was interior, which meant no windows, and it had only one door, easy to guard and defend from within. If only the poor souls inside knew what was coming. The Mandalorian lowered his F-11D, letting it hang from its sling as he grasped the handle of the door with his left hand and raised his right arm, preparing to fire his MM9.
The heads of a couple half away Collective soldiers raised in confusion as the door to the room that their group was huddled in began to open unexpectedly. A rocket flew into the room just before the door was quickly shut, the warhead slamming into the floor in the middle of the room with an anti-climatic ‘thud’ as the few soldiers that were awake jumped up just before the hissing began. A thick, hazy vapor sprayed from all sides of the rocket while Purren held the door shut, letting the Dioxis gas fill the room, the men that were awake ran toward the door as the gas filled their lungs, only to collapse before they could even get to the exit. The Mandalorian waited for a minute, ensuring that the gas had adequate time to do its job before he reopened the door, the gas escaping but doing nothing to him with his sealed suit. The soldier stepped into the room kicking a couple lifeless bodies out of his way as his scanner was once again empty He moved up to a table where he found the disassembled orb, packaged and ready for transport. “Pity, one more day and they’d have had it.” He mumbled to himself as he put his pack on the table, loading what he could fit into it as he activated the long range communications array,

“Purifier to Expedition one requesting exfil at stronghold main entrance. Over.”

A few moments later a voice responded back, “Copy, Purifier, Expedition one is enroute. ETA five minutes. Over.”

With his transport called, the Mandalorian closed his pack and slipped it onto his back once more. The soldier collected the remaining pieces of the orb in his arms to carry outside as the T-3c landed a few minutes later. Purren loaded the packaged pieces of the orb into the back of the ship, along with himself and his droid before speaking to the pilots, “Let's get going.” Having the ship fly him off the planet to return to where the house summit awaited him after the successful mission.

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