Competition: [Taldryan] Things that have been left behind

[Taldryan] Things that have been left behind


The Paragon, Taldryan's former flagship, went down after receiving a crippling blow from within delivered by fanatics that tried to take over the Caelus System during their last stand. Having crashed somewhere in the badlands known as Dark Sector between the two major city plates of Chyron. Since then, the wreckage has become home to fugitives who can't make their living in the colonized sectors.

Just now as the dust has settled and Taldryan has assumed its position as official protectors of the Caelus System, the time has come to retrieve what you had to leave behind before the Paragon was downed during the conflict.


In a story of at least five-hundred (500) words detail the events in which you return to the wreckage of the Paragon to retrieve whatever is of personal value that you had to leave behind.

Alternatively, you can write yourself to have been ordered by your Consul (Rian Taldrya) to retrieve a certain item of value to him.

Be aware that those who are now living in the Paragon represent the bottom line of the civilization on Chyron and while most of them just want to live their lives, others see those who have a better life as the ones responsible for their suffering. No matter whom of them you encounter, the way you are interacting with them will have a direct impact on how they will react to members of Taldryan in the future though as a matter of advice.

Rules & Grading

Third Level Crescents are up for grab and Grading will be done using the Voice Fiction Rubric. Submissions will be accepted in Text Box, Word, or PDF format. No links to external documents, please. Either type on the site or upload it to the website. The winner will be chosen based on factors listed in the above rubric.

Competition Information
Organized by
Adept Rian Taldrya
Running time
2019-05-15 until 2019-06-15 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Taldryan
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
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