Competition: [Clan Vizsla] Bounty #1: Nnelg Nosliw

[Clan Vizsla] Bounty #1: Nnelg Nosliw

Prompt: Clan Vizsla has received it's first Bounty. Nnelg Nosliw is a scumbag murderer hailing from the planet of Zsoldos. He has committed an unforgivable crime near Clan Vizsla's preferred drinking hole and must be brought to justice. Use the modified Nnelg Nosliw Character Sheet and Bounty Prompt to serve as the prompt for your entry.

Rules Entries must be a minimum of 500 words. Any entries that are under 500 words will be marked as Disqualified. There is no maximum word cap. Your story should be about your character (and friends if you want) that is active in Clan Vizsla. Slotted NPCs, Wikipedia NPCs, or other characters that you create or invent to tell your story are allowed and encouraged.

Grading Grading will be done utilizing the Fiction Rubric.

All entries will be eligible for grading feedback unless explicitly instructed otherwise.

Competition Information
Organized by
Grand Master Declan Roark, Eminent Val Cole
Running time
2019-06-05 until 2019-06-30 (26 days)
Target Unit
Clan Vizsla
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
11 subscribers, of which 4 have participated.
Eminent Idris Adenn
File submission
1st place
Mystic Appius Wight
File submission
2nd place
Reaver Yuki Suoh
File submission
3rd place
Raider Kano Tor Tydex
Textual submission

It had been years since Kano stepped foot on a planet occupied by any forces connected to the brotherhood he was once bonded so tightly with. His connection with the Force was a thing of the past but all of his other senses told him this was one of theirs. He sat in a dark corner of a grand drinking hall sipping at his drink with his familiar helmet on the table in front of him, the ominous T shaped visor staring into his soul. The only thought running through the Mandalorian bounty hunter’s mind was the fact that when he was on the other side of that visor people would soon be dead. It wasn't a scary or even a somber thought for him, in fact it was an exciting thought. Adrenaline began to flow softly as he thought of all the men he had left at his feet over the years.

Kano's thoughts were interrupted as a waitress placed another drink in front of him and smiled softly before walking away. He picked up the cup and quickly consumed the contents. It was time to hunt and he was unsure how long it would be before he could enjoy another drink. He wiped some dribble from his beard then grabbed his helmet and started towards the main door.

As Kano stepped outside he placed the helmet on his head concealing his face and reintroducing himself to the world of death. The Mandalorian walked North through the village of Saga, down a dirt path to a small shack he had rented upon his arrival. He had been living in the shack for several weeks now waiting for his mark to arrive. Kano knew it wouldn't be long now as the murder that earned the bounty on his head had happened nearly 3 months ago and the killer had not been seen in town since then. Supplies would be running dangerously low at this point and this town was his only source for the necessities required to live off in the wilderness.

The Mandalorian sat with his helmet on peering out of the shacks only window towards the Northern woods waiting for any signs of life coming into town. Hours passed and nothing happened. Slowly Kano began to drift off into a deep sleep.

Boom. Boom. Boom. The three loud bangs on the door jerked Kano awake and his hand was instinctively on his Westar-35. He unholstered the weapon and opened the door to see a small boy standing there.

"Sir, he is here. The man you were asking about. He is at the shop buying rations."

Kano holstered his weapon,"Is he armed?"

"He had a pistol on his hip. Can I get the credits? You said first to tell you got credits."

This was a resource Kano always relied on. Children were brutally honest creatures when credits were on the line and they had never given him bad information.

"Sure thing kid. Once Nnelg takes his last breath."

Kano quickly gathered his gear and headed out the door. The sun was just starting to rise and the village had an orange glow to it. Moving as fast as he could without drawing any attention to himself Kano twisted and turned between wooden buildings until he was at the backdoor to the local supply vendor.

The mercenary cycled his visor into the thermal spectrum and peered towards the back of the building. He could see two heat sources inside. One was standing with what appeared to be a warm beverage in his hand and the second was hastily moving about doing what Kano could only assume was jamming supplies into a satchel.

Kano ran the layout on the building through his mind quickly. One room. A large counter centered in the rook and off slightly to the right. Several tables and shelves filled with supplies. A large window on the front wall with a door lined up with the counter.

Without any hesitation the Mandalorian cycled his visor back to standard view and kicked the backdoor in. The figure that had been moving around quickly spun around to face the door. The split second look was all Kano needed to confirm his mark and begin his attack.

The Z-6 jetpack on Kano's back fired to life and in a blur the Mandalorian crashed into Nnelg Nosliw slightly lifting the large mans feet from the ground as the two went crashing through the shop's window and into the dusty street. As the engine to the jetpack died out the two men rolled several feet kicking up a cloud of dust.

Nnelg showed no hesitation and began swinging his fist at the Mandalorian's helmet slightly throwing off Kano's view of the target for a second. Kano began his own barrage of fist and the two men exchanged blows for a moment as the shopkeeper screamed about the damages in the background.

As the two exchanged solid shots the murderer showed no pain. Each hit seemed to just drive him more and more into a rage. Likewise each hit he landed on the Mandalorian did nothing more than produce a dull thud as his fist collided with the heavy Mandalorian armor.

Knowing this was a useless tactic Nnelg began trying to cram his left hand under the Mandalorian helmet and scraping at Kano's throat. While Kano grabbed at his hand around his throat the murderer slid his right hand down his side and unholstered his DX-2. He raised the weapon towards Kano's helmet but just as he squeezed the trigger the Mandalorian's elbow bumped the blaster to the side. A flash of light filled Kano's visor as the blast went past. Kano fired the jetpack in a quick burst causing the Mandalorian to break loose of Nnelg and roll through the dirt. As he righted himself and slid to a stop on his feet Kano drew his Westar-35 and fired four shots at his opponent.

Nnelg was already charging at the Mandalorian and the shots whizzed past him with one connecting with his right shoulder causing him to flinch at an angle and drop his pistol. Still charging, Nnelg's left shoulder crashed into Kano's chest plate jarring him and sending the Westar to the ground.

Nnelg then drove a powerful knee into Kano's groin. The Mandalorian codpiece absorbed most of the impact but it was still enough to cause Kano's knees to buckle and him lean hard against his opponent. Grabbing blindly Kano grasped a handful of Nnelg's beard and yanked down as hard as he could while lifting his knee with all the power he could muster.

The armor plate on Kano's knee connected firmly with Nnelg's nose. It shattered instantly causing blood to begin flowing. As Nnelg grabbed for his own blood soaked face Kano reached to the backside of his belt and grabbed an item he had been waiting a long time to test out.

Nnelg whipped his head in an upward motion with both hands holding his nose. This moment was all Kano needed.

The Mandalorian thrust his elite shock collar out and around his opponents neck. Before he could remove his hands from his nose the collar locked into place and Kano shoved him back.

There was a loud buzzing noise and Nnelg went stiff and fell to the ground convulsing. The buzzing stopped and Nnelg lay on the ground groaning. Kano activated the collar once more and the man went stiff again. His face locked in a position of pain and anger as a bit of spit bubbled at the corner of his mouth.

When the buzzing stopped this time Nnelg laid on the ground with a slight smile on his face.

"Go on." He coughed out, "Take me to whoever wants me."

Kano picked up his Westar and stepped up next to his opponent.

"They don't want you, just your corpse."

Nnelg's eyes grew wide as Kano pointed the pistol at his face. His mouth opened to either say something or let out a scream but a red blaster bolt ripped through his face leaving the gathering crowd wondering just what those final words would have been.

Kano knelt and began to empty the pockets of the dead man and rummaging through the contents. He looked at the crowd through his T shaped visor and saw the child that had awoken him earlier that morning.

"Here ya go kid." said Kano as he tossed the credits he removed from Nnelg's pockets in the kids' direction.

Kano then stood up while grabbing the corpse's boot and began to drag him down the dirt street.

"Now I have a bounty of my own to collect."

4th place