Competition: Vizsla: Code Red

Vizsla: Code Red


Du Kang Island

Underneath the Vizsla Headquarters.

Two Vizsla night guards stood in front of the vast vault that contained the wealth and fortune the Clan amassed since its inception. In their T-shaped mandalorian visors and armor equipped with a baton and WESTAR 34 blaster they looked near identical to each other, except for one being slightly taller than the other.

This did not matter to the trained assassin in the room however as she clung to the shadows and creeped closer to her prey. She aimed a wrist launcher directly at the taller of the two guards and a tiny dart, no longer than five millimetres launched silently and embedded into the neck of the first guard. He clutched at his wound and dropped to the ground only to writhe in agony and suffocate until he drew his last breath.

The second guard tried to help his comrade, but it was during this distraction that the assassin launched herself out of the darkness like a hungry predator after prey. She used the guards distraction to jump at him and with all her might she twisted the man's neck. A violent snap echoed throughout the empty chamber as his lifeless body dropped to the ground.

"Excellent work! Your reputation precedes you, Liara Niquist."

A gruff voice penetrated the silence as an aged and scarred figure emerged from the darkness. He glanced at the black clad assassin. Her long black hair and amber eyes made the young Umbaran look like a feline in the dimly lit chamber.

"I expect to be well paid, Commander Kilrax." She responded with an almost uninterested tone to the man. He wore an old military uniform adorned with badges that held stories of his numerous successes in conflict. Though the scars on his face made the human man look horribly disfigured and disheveled.

"Oh you will, The Collective will be most pleased with your efforts and for that, you will get first pick out of the Vizsla credit vault." He smirked as he raised his left hand and snapped his fingers.

Out of the darkness a team of explosives experts decorated the walls with a myriad of explosives. Moments later an earth shattering explosion burst open the walls and revealed a vast hoard of credits and treasure collected by Clan Vizsla over the course of the recent war and just before.

"Be quick. It won't be long before they are here."

A few minutes later…

Declan Roark, Val Cole and Montresor stood among the debris inspecting the damage though both the Proconsul and Rollmaster kept their distance from the clearly visible anger boiling within the Vizsla Consul. The mandalorian turned to the two men with him.

"Get the Clan online immediately and bring me the security recording, this is a Code Red. We've been robbed."

The Vizsla Consul's eyes darted briefly around the carnage surrounding the vault.

"Tell them there's an extra reward for bringing me the heads of those responsible for this."

Prompt: Vizsla need you! The credit vault has been breached and drained empty. It is up to you to find those responsible, take them down and return Vizsla's plentiful bounty back where it belongs. In the hands of Clan Vizsla! You may use the characters present in the fiction above or not. It is up to you.

Rules: there is no max word limit though entries must be at least 500 words minimum. Your story should focus on your main or alternative character but NPC's and other characters you create to help tell the story are allowed and encouraged.

Grading: Grading will be done utilizing the Fiction Rubric.

Submissions: submissions should be done via gdoc, pdf or with the submit text field below.

Competition Information
Organized by
Mystic Appius Wight
Running time
2019-11-01 until 2019-12-05 (about 1 month)
Target Unit
Clan Vizsla
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
6 subscribers, of which 1 has participated.
Major Hector Ricmore
Textual submission

Clan Vizsla
3rd Strike Group
Immobilizer Class Heavy Cruiser

Hector Ricmore stood upon the bridge of the Immobilizer class capital ship, gazing intently at the surface of Zsoldos. After years of a migratory lifestyle it felt good to have a planet to call home, even if he preferred his boots on the deck of a spacefaring vessel. Zsoldos may be a hive of scum and villainy comparable to places like Nar Shadda or Tatooine, but it was his hive of scum and villainy. Hector’s musings were interrupted by the beeping of his com link.

“This is Hector.”

“Sir you have an incoming transmission in the com room from Appius Wight, says its urgent.”

“I should be sure to receive it then, thank you for informing me Captain.”

The Zygerrian turned away from the viewport and walked into the adjacent room which housed the ships holoprojector. The projector displayed a tall humanoid with short hair, typically brown, which appeared a shade of monochromatic blue with the rest of his figure due to the projection.

“Appius! It’s good to see you my friend. Got an adventure planned for the newly formed Battleteam Deathwatch?”

The figure chuckled. “Enthusiastic as ever I see. I do suppose that you could consider my news an adventure. Collective forces managed to infiltrate the clan vaults and make off with a significant portion of our clans valuables, escaping without a trace. Thankfully we do seem to have a lead from...a rather odd source.”

“Oh? What kind of odd source?”

“A Jedi of all things if you can believe it. He came to Zsoldos bearing information he claimed he saw through force visions.”

Hector blinked, visibly taken aback. “Uh Appius? I’m all for a grand adventure but I don’t know if rushing out into space on the words of a prophet will help us recover what was stolen.”

The human nodded. “The clan happens to share your sentiment, for that reason the strike groups will be acting independently. You are to take the 3rd strike group and investigate the Jedi’s visions while our other forces focus on other possible leads. I am sending you two people to help with your search; the Jedi will be present so you can hear about his visions first hand, and I am sending the newest member of our Battleteam Kano Tor Tydex.”

The Zygerrian made a sound of affirmation. “I’ve never worked with Tydex before, what can you tell me about him?”

“He is a professional first and foremost; expensive but almost always delivers. He can be a bit standoffish but he is not a terrible person when you really get to know him.”

“Hmm doesn’t sound that bad”

“At least that's what I’ve heard, he seems like kind of a Shab.”

Hector paused. “Well that’s reassuring” he muttered sarcastically

“The pair should be arriving shortly. May the Force be with you.”

The hologram disappeared as the communication ended.

Beep beep beep. Hector activated his com link.

“There are two visitors requesting to see you sir.”

“Let me guess, a Jedi and a Mandalorian?”

“Yes sir”

“Send them up please.”

It was not long before the bridge doors opened admitting two figures into the room.

Hector turned to address the newcomers. “I’ve been expecting the two of you. My name is Hector Ricmore, Major in the Iron Legion, and the best pilot the unknown regions has ever seen.”

The Zygerrian moved to address the armored figure. “Kano Tydex I presume? I look forward to working with a man of your skill, you have quite a reputation after all.” He held out his hand for Kano to shake.

The mandalorian ignored the hand instead leaning backwards on the wall. While the figure had a relatively slouched posture he gave off a predatory vibe, a loth cat coiled and ready to leap at its prey.

“Appius has already briefed me on the job and taken care of payment. What needs to be done?”

Hector nodded. “That’s one less thing to do then. First we have to check with our Jedi friend, Mr?”

“Caldorous Syr. You may call me Cal.”

“Cal it is then. Appius told me that you had a vision or some hallucination?”

“A Force vision is no mere hallucination major. It is a prediction of what may occur, or a retelling of something long past. The Force grants us the ability to view events like the reflections on a river; distorted and muddled but visible nonetheless.”

“If these visions are distorted then how can they possibly be of any help?”

“They would not be, not to me at least. But I am certain that a pilot of your skill will find this information useful.”

The miraluka pulled out a datapad from his robe, giving it to Hector.

The Major read over the data before smiling. “You’ve given us their fleet composition, 4 strike class cruisers, as well as a set of hyperspace coordinates. Let’s see...that puts us in the Orian system. Brotherhood records state that this is the Dentavii Asteroid abandoned refueling facility for the Dlarit Special Operations group? Yes I am certain they are there.”

Hector continued to mutter to himself as he walked into the communications room. Flipping on the holoprojector a model of the Dentavii asteroid belt appeared, surrounded by the 4 strike class cruisers.

“The ships themselves are more than a match for our strike group. They heavily outgun our Raider class vessels and only the Immobilizer can compete when it comes to turbolasers. To make matters worse each one of these ships can carry two squadrons of starfighters. While our Tie SF’s can take on a squadron of B wings and plow through their Z-95 headhunters there is no way we can manage another 6 squadrons of fighters.”

Cal chose that moment to interrupt. “So don’t bother fighting them.”

“What do you mean don’t bother fighting them? We can’t allow them to get away with Clan Vizsla’s resources and not deploying fighters is suicidal at best!”

“You are hearing the words that I am saying but you are not truly listening. If you are truly a great pilot prevent the enemy ships from ever taking off.”

“Oh...that might work. The strike class cruisers are quick to produce but have a modular design, the separate pieces have weak points where they connect. If we split our bombers with fighter escort into 2 groups we can take out half their fighters before they can launch, even more if we risk an in system jump to place the Immobilizer right next to the enemy fleet.”

“HA HA! Thank you for the suggestion Cal, this may be winnable after all.”

The jedi nodded his head in acknowledgement

“Kano, you are in charge of ground operations. Handpick a strike team from one of the special missions company and take control of the facility. The asteroid is not huge but I’ll send a titan dropship with an AT-M6 in case you need the fire power to enter the base.”

“Understood, consider the facility secured.”

“Alright people, we’ve got stolen goods to recover. Captain set course for the asteroid belt and give me access to the nav computer so I can plot the micro jump.”

“Of course sir.” the Captain replied

Course set, the Immobilizer jumped into hyperspace; followed by the rest of the strike group.

Some time later

Hector Ricmore watched the last of the pilots enter the hangar. All the pre flight checks on the Tie bombers and Tie SF starfighters were completed; they were ready for action.

Calenhad had taken the time to double check and fix Hector’s calculations, the microjump would be a risky maneuver, but it should work, emphasis on the should.

Hector’s commlink chirped. “Sir, we are coming out of hyperspace now and are prepared to make an immediate in system jump.”

“Thank you for Captain, all fighters are ready to launch.”

Hector switched his commlink frequency to one being used by the pilots. “Alright everyone, we are seconds away from dropping out of hyperspace and right into the action. Stick to the plan and watch the backs of your squad mates, as we will watch your back in turn. Stay alert, fly well and we will all get through this.”

Hector activated his life support, sealing the breath mask against his face. Climbing on top of a Tie SF he dropped down into the cockpit of the ship. Turning around he addressed the gunner of his vessel. “What’s your name kid?”

“I umm Wilson. My name is Wilson Smith sir.” The jittery human stated.

“Well Wilson, today you get to fly with the best pilot in the unknown regions, I give you my word we’ll make it out alive.”

Wilson gulped nervously. “If you say so sir.”

Beep beep beep. Hector activated his commlink. “Major Ricmore, the microjump was successful, no casualties but the hyperdrive is leaking and our engine has received extensive damage. Emergency thrusters have power but we will not be moving anywhere fast.”

“Excellent work Captain, don’t worry about the damages, I don’t intend for this battle to last long enough for it to matter.”

Switching his comm back to the pilots channel Hector called out “It’s time to move people, all fighters and bombers launch now!”

The ships flew out in 3 groups: the first was formed of transports carrying Kano Tydex and the ground forces. The other two groups were made up of Tie SF and Bombers, evenly split to hit separate targets. The ships flew in formation, taking advantage of the microjump that had placed them behind the enemy fleet. The 2 groups delivered their payloads, obliterating the hangars of the 2 closest Strike cruisers.

The Clan Vizsla forces had performed exemplary but battles were not won that easily.

“All Tie’s regroup on me, we’re going to rush that cruiser with everything we have left.”

The 2 groups reformed and advanced towards the cruiser. The time spent hitting the other targets gave the ship time to turn, which it used to promptly open fire on the advancing ships. The turbolasers took down 8 bombers and 4 fighters, with the rest of the vessels reaching the ship and once again destroying the hangar. Low on numbers and out of explosives the ships returned to the Immobilizer.

The last Strike cruiser released its B wings and Z 95 headhunters in pursuit. Hector and the 3rd strike group had planned for this. Instead of moving to engage the Strike class cruisers the Raider II class corvettes of the Vizsla 3rd Strike group had moved closer to the enemy fleet and angled themselves to intercept any fighters that escaped. The pursuing B wing and Z 95 squadron were shredded by the onslaught of turbolaser and blaster fire upon entering the kill zone.

The Raiders then proceeded to engage the Strike Class cruisers alongside the Immobilizer, which was finally able to face the enemy given their reduced state and reliance on thrusters. Given time to repair and rearm the Tie SF and Bombers were able to exploit the pressure on the Strike Class from their capital ships, and destroy them in subsequent bombing runs.

Ever a professional, Kano Tor Tydex secured the asteroid. Leading from the front, Kano lead a lightning fast assault utilizing Vizsla forces outfitted with Jetpacks. Breaching the enemy stronghold with the turbolaser present on the AT-M6, Kano managed a miraculous attack with zero casualties, likely owed to the speed of the assault and the terror inspired by an AT-M6 looming over the Collective forces.

‘All in all things went well’ Hector Ricmore reflected. There were funerals to plan, condolences to send and repairs to make; but Clan Vizsla had managed to recover their riches from a foe with surperior forces, with surprisingly few casualties.

Hector put down his pen and gathered his flimsiplast, having finished writing down the tale of the encounter. He placed the flimsiplast into a container, locking it for safekeeping. The Zygerrian could not keep the grin off of his face as he walked into the communications room. Booting up the holoprojector it was not long before the figure of Appius Wight appeared before him.

“We’ve done it Appius, mission accomplished.”

1st place