Competition: The First Plaguiean-Valneikian Festival

The First Plaguiean-Valneikian Festival

As the Valneikian hive continues to grow and prosper under Clan Plagueis’ rule, they have decided to pay tribute to their overlords. The Geonosians have organized a variety of events and activities for the hive and Plagueis to participate in together, celebrating their partnership. You have been invited to the First Plagueian-Valneikian Festival, so please partake of what the hive has prepared for your enjoyment.

Within this competition are 4 competitions of various types, including a Fiction Competition, a Graphics Competition, a flash game, and a puzzle. By participating in any of the sub-competitions here, you will qualify for this competition, which will be handing out Second-level Crescents to those who place. The scoring for this competition will be based on a points method determined by participation and placement in the sub-competitions.

Participating in a sub-competition will earn you 5 points.
Placing third in a sub-competition will earn you 6 points.
Placing second in a sub-competition will earn you 7 points.
Placing first in a sub-competition will earn you 8 points.

Any ties will be broken by highest number of placements. For example, if two members have the same amount of points, but one has 2 firsts and 1 second and the other has 1 first and 2 seconds, the former would place ahead of the latter.

Please, partake in the provided festivities and enjoy!

Competition Information
Organized by
Knight Khryso Mallus
Running time
2019-11-22 until 2019-12-08 (17 days)
Ends in
3 days (2019-12-08 23:59:59 UTC/18:59:59 EST)
Target Unit
Clan Plagueis
Competition Type
Second Level Crescents
0 subscribers, of which 0 have already participated.
The First Plaguiean-Valneikian Festival has 4 sub-competitions
Title Status Running time Competition Type
Seeing the Sights Running 2019-11-22 - 2019-12-08 (16 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
Enter the Arena Running 2019-11-22 - 2019-12-08 (16 days) Flash Gaming/Puzzles
The Beast Parade Running 2019-11-22 - 2019-12-08 (16 days) Graphics/Multimedia
Beast Combat Exhibition Matches Running 2019-11-22 - 2019-12-08 (16 days) Fiction