Competition: [FIST] GMRG: PVP for All Platforms

[FIST] GMRG: PVP for All Platforms

This month’s PVP focused event will be centered around all PvP platforms. Placement in this competition will involve the PvP score and will be included in the GMRG score calculation for members that are Rank X and above.

As with all gaming competitions, you must follow the Rites of Combat. As such, all matches must be set up via the Fist Bot in the DB Gaming Telegram channel, but do not announce that you are in or joining the queue. Any matches determined to be arranged via other means will be declined and will not count for this event.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[FIST] February 2020 GMRG Competitions
Organized by
Seer Tybalt Ma'jahirr Rawioni
Running time
2020-02-01 until 2020-02-22 (22 days)
Target Unit
Entire DJB
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
First Level Crescents
9 subscribers, of which 5 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Augur Alaris Jinn PVP score 15.04 (19 wins, 5 losses, 24 matches)
2nd Augur Aiden Lee Deshra PVP score 14.22 (16 wins, 2 losses, 18 matches)
3rd Augur Xantros PVP score 7.36 (18 wins, 26 losses, 44 matches)
4th Warlord Bentre Sadow PVP score 0.25 (1 wins, 3 losses, 4 matches)
5th Warrior Karran Val'teo PVP score 0.0 (0 wins, 12 losses, 12 matches)