Competition: Hard Target ( in the Brotherhood, Weapons and Armor Loadout)

Hard Target ( in the Brotherhood, Weapons and Armor Loadout)

The Great Jedi War is over, and the Brotherhood is starting to rebuild. Having fought and survived the Great Jedi War. Your clan turns to you for new ideas to improve the survival of others who have followed and will follow a similar path as you.

In this competition, you need to come up with what would be the best weapons armor and items loadout for your character class. If you want to make a descriptive loadout style, All right! Go for it! Or if you want to make your own weapons and armor, By all means, do it! But, there are some caveats,

1: The loadout has to follow your chosen path, discipline, skills and feats.
For example, my Character is a Force Discipline Shadow, that has a preference for close quarters combat, and the weapons and armor for the example that I use as an example, reflects all of those requirements. Under normal circumstances, you wouldn't see a light side Jedi carting around poison based weaponry, but if fits your character, go for it.

2: The weapons and armor have to be generally based within current level of tech within the Brotherhood. With that being stated, if you want to make a new weapons and armor that is not listed in the Brotherhood stores, go for it! This rule only applies to the level of tech. Not what you can use. As an example, the Ghost Armor that I use as an example, uses electro magnetics, chain weapons, and mimetic tech, some of which, is not normally found weapons and armor but the tech is used in other things.

3: Within reasonable expectations, there is no limit on what and how much your character carries.
With that being stated, that doesn't mean your character loadout should be loaded with hundreds of items, or weapons, and be using heavy armor. But if your character is capable of carrying and using heavy weapons and armor, who am I to stop you.

4: There has to be some kind of weakness, either in the weapons or in the armor. While super weapons and armor are fun to play around with. Everyone knows, that even in science fiction, weapons and armor have their limits. And your loadout will need to reflect that.

Grading will be based on accuracy of a character loadout within the following criteria: Class, Species, Alignment, Skills, Feats, Aspects. and the general utility of the loadout choice based on the previously stated criteria. And how closely each entry falls within the specifics set before them.

Here is an example of my custom weapons and armor loadout. You don't need to be this detailed. But if you want to, by all means, go for it!
Ghost Armor: The armor starts out with a waterproof form-fitting body glove, that protects the wearer EM radiation and is fitted with a neural impulse actuation system to engage and disengage to the various micro electromagnets that are layered in the suit and armor. The suit's main armor coverage is across the pectoral and abdominal region. But it also has armored gloves, boots, and vambraces. Also contained in the suit and the armor is a color spectrum shifting system that is connected to the neural impulse system, which uses the wearer's eyes as the optical input. The helmet is equipped with an advanced targeting and imaging system, and a microcomputer to help with various details. The helmet can be sealed, and a recirculating air system will engage, allowing the wearer to venture into a hostile atmosphere for a short time. The suit is also kinetically charged by the wearer's movement, and is uses a EM radiation damping field to cut down the EM signature.

The suit also is equipped with two 16 cm x 6 cm drones, which can act as a second and third set of eyes. The drones can be used to hack into the local security force databases and communication systems. The drones are attached to the back underneath a set sword scabbards and act as additional armor for the trooper's back. The utility belt pouches contain various items such as smoke, flash-bang, and tear gas pellets and tools, larger tools would be stored in pouches on the legs of the suit. All items are locked in place by the electromagnets in the suit so that no other person can steal or knock the items out of the hands or off the body of the wearer.
The suit's weaponry includes; two katanas in retractable scabbards carried on the back, a set of custom miniaturized fletchette launchers located on the underside of the vambraces, each launcher carries a magazine 15-30 paper-thin shurikens. Set on the outside of each arm of the suit is a retractable 50 cm chain blade katana. On both sides of each of the wrists are two 30-meter line launchers, the heads on the launchers can be changed out to be used as tasers, grappling lines or as a delivery system for various incapacitating drugs. There are 16 kunais, eight to each side located along the ribcage under the arms, which also act as rib armor. The final weapon is located on the top side of each forearm, which is a micro EMP launcher generator.

While in a metal laden environment, the electromagnets in the suit can be used to climb buildings, increase running speed, enhance punching and kicking power, and increasing the height the wearer can jump.

The downsides to the suit, is the incredibly high cost of the suit; as in relation to obtaining new parts, maintenance and repair. The suit only offers minimal armor protection to a small portion of the wearer, and will only protect the them against poison (limited time), kinetic, electrical energy. Another downside is, the suit gives off a contained trace amount of EM radiation, which can be picked up by sensitive scanners.

Please do not subscribe until you are ready! If you have any the questions or problems, please email me and I will try to get back to you. Good luck to all! And may the force be with you and serve you well.

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Knight Xendar Thendaris
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2020-08-01 until 2020-08-15 (15 days)
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Entire DJB
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Third Level Crescents
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