Competition: [SCOURGE] Main Event: Guns Blazing (Cluster Race)

[SCOURGE] Main Event: Guns Blazing (Cluster Race)

Adapt. Ascend. Avail. And kick some Phantom Assembly butts.

For this competition, participants will earn as many Clusters in PvE/PvO/PvP as possible from any supported platform.

Clusters of Fire are worth 2 Clusters of Earth.

Any submitted screenshot from something other than these games will be declined. You are allowed to play with members outside Plagueis, but you must announce that you are playing in the DJB Gaming Channel.

Reminder - All participants must have valid username information on their dossier.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[PLA] Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge
Organized by
Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
Running time
2020-10-12 until 2020-11-02 (22 days)
Target Unit
Clan Plagueis
Competition Type
Multiplayer Gaming
Third Level Crescents
3 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
Place Name Score
1st Warlord Andrelious J. Inahj Submitted activity worth 34.0 points
2nd Battlemaster Shimura Keibatsu Submitted activity worth 12.0 points
3rd Warrior Khryso Mallus Submitted activity worth 1.0 points