Competition: [SCOURGE] Main Event: For the Dread Throne (Multiobjective Fiction)

[SCOURGE] Main Event: For the Dread Throne (Multiobjective Fiction)

The Phantom Assembly, cloaked by both distraction and by a helping hand, has sent a nest of Killiks to attack the Valneikian Hive. Meanwhile, however, the Anchorage is detecting strange activity surrounding the asteroid belt in the Aliso system. You have multiple options on how to assist Plagueis: which will you choose?

Winning entries to this competition will affect the fictional outcome of the event.

Participants must use one of the following three prompts to craft their entry:

Objective 1: Protect the Valneikian Spire

The Geonosians situated at the Valneikian Spire are unprepared for the sudden attack by the Killik nest. Your main/alt character has decided to work with agents of Opress and the Ascendant Legion to help defend the Queen and the hive from the oncoming attack. The Killiks themselves are armed with blaster rifles and staffs, and they are more than capable of imposing their hive mind on their assailants, transforming them into Joiners. Will your main/alt be able to protect the Spire and avoid having their brain chemistry altered?

Objective 2: Investigate the Asteroid Belt

While the Ascendant Legion is engaging the Killik nest on the ground, your main/alt character is working with the Ascendant Fleet to investigate other disturbances in the system. Scouting space for more Killiks has resulted in a detection of life forces and ships close to the asteroid belt, where the Circle is located. Your main/alt flies their ship over to the belt to see what's going on - what do they find?

Objective 3: Free Reign

Amidst the chaos and the attempts by the Plagueis ruling council to quell the Killik insurgency, there is quite an opportunity to get away with murder - literally or figuratively. Your main/alt character has decided to take advantage of the discord and seek out assignments, activities, or adventures for personal gain. What do they decide to do, and will it take them out of the Aliso system?


Participants must submit entries in .pdf, .doc, or .docx format, or use the submission text field (markdown capable). Entries must be a minimum of 500 words. Any entries that are under 500 words will be Disqualified and ineligible for participation or placement. There is no maximum word cap. Your story should be centered on your Main or Alternative character as allowed by the Objective you choose.

Slotted NPCs, Wikipedia NPCs, or other characters that you create or invent to tell your story are allowed and encouraged. However, your narrative should focus around either your Main or Alternative character. If writing from the perspective of your main character or alternative character, a snapshot of your Main or Alternative character loadout must be selected and submitted with your entry. Failure to attach a snapshot will prevent you from placing.

The fictions shall be graded using the Fiction Rubric.

Competition Information
Parent Competition
[PLA] Inevitable, Chapter One: The Scourge
Organized by
Warlord Ronovi Tavisaen
Running time
2020-10-12 until 2020-11-02 (22 days)
Target Unit
Clan Plagueis
Competition Type
Third Level Crescents and Clusters of Ice as per VOICE guidelines
7 subscribers, of which 3 have participated.
Warrior Khryso Mallus
File submission
For the Dread Throne.pdf
1st place
Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa
Colonel Liandry Lhucci Cataa opted out of publishing her submission.
3rd place